—Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith Darth Plagueis: one of the most brilliant Sith Lords who ever lived. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. James Luceno is the New York Times bestselling author of Lucerno / STAR WARS DARTH PLAGUEIS PART ONE. I have a few things to say about this book before I start my review, I hope it helps someone. First off, I grew up reading star wars. Started with the kids books obi.

Star Wars Darth Plagueis Book

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“Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise? It's a This is a novel (part of what is known nowadays as "Legends" in the Star Wars novel series. Star Wars: Darth Plagueis is a novel that is part of the Star Wars expanded universe. It was written by James Luceno, and released on January 10, Darth Plagueis: Star Wars Legends by James Luceno, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

After the meetings on Sojourn, Plagueis is confronted by Darth Venamis , a Sith who Tenebrous had been training in secret as a plan B for if Plagueis failed to live up to Tenebrous's expectations. Plagueis bests Venemis in combat, forcing him to swear allegiance to him before forcing the lesser Sith to poison himself. Plagueis then proceeds to use Venamis as part of his experiments in manipulating midi-chlorians, whose ultimate end is to defeat death and make himself immortal.

In the meantime, Plagueis tracks down the other Force-users that Venemis had met in order to determine whether or not they pose a threat to his plans. He promptly identifies the Force-users who pose a threat to him and eliminates them. In exchange for the plasma located beneath the surface of Naboo, Damask Holdings and the Trade Federation begin a bid to support Bon Tapalo as king of the planet.

Tapalo will open Naboo to trade, particularly for the plasma, which will then allow it to get involved with the rest of the galaxy. Among the political allies Plagueis sees in particular is a young man named Palpatine, whose motivations and actions go against those of his father, Cosinga , who wants Naboo to remain an isolationist world.

Seeing potential in Palpatine in terms of ambitions and even actual power in the Force, Plagueis begins using him as a source of information regarding the campaign of Tapalo and his opponents. Palpatine, meanwhile, sees in Hego Damask the father figure he never had, even as he knows that he is being manipulated. Naturally, this attracts Cosinga's attention, who tries to separate his son from Plagueis.

In retaliation, Palpatine kills his entire family and their honor guard aboard their personal starship by using his full, unbridled power in the dark side of the Force. He later informs Plagueis of the deed, who then congratulates Palpatine on "emancipating" himself. Soon, Plagueis takes Palpatine under his wing as his Sith apprentice after revealing to the young man the nature of himself and of the Sith, promptly naming him Darth Sidious. In the eleven years that follow of Plagueis teaching Sidious the nature of the dark side and the ways of the Sith, Palpatine, as the last of House Palpatine , climbs his way up the political ladder of Naboo to become its ambassador throughout the galaxy.

And with the help of new friends like Kinman Doriana and Sate Pestage , Palpatine arranges for the successful assassination of his former mentor and Naboo's representative Senator to the Republic, Vidar Kim. As a result, Palpatine becomes the new Senator of Naboo, taking a seat in the Republic Senate as Plagueis continues his plans of manipulating midi-chlorians to prolong his own life indefinitely.

One such plan involves the cloning industry on the backwater world of Kamino , inadvertently setting the stage for the eventual Clone Wars. Meanwhile, amidst his own political machinations, Palpatine, in his urge to know more about the dark side than what Plagueis teaches him, manages to make a visit to the world of Dathomir , where he encounters a Dathomirian woman who gives him a Zabrak infant simply known as Maul.

Palpatine later has Maul sent to Mustafar , where he could be nurtured at his young age in the dark side of the Force. As Sidious and Plagueis promptly proceed to eliminate their political opponents, Plagueis is attacked during an Order of the Canted Circle ceremony for his assistant Larsh Hill by Maladian assassins.

Hill and the other members of the Order of the Canted Circle are killed, but Plagueis, albeit severely wounded, is able to fight off and kill several of the assassins before Palpatine and Sate Pestage arrive to assist the superior Sith Lord. Palpatine had previously discerned that a powerful political opponent of his, Pax Teem, had outwitted Plagueis and had sent the assassins to kill him and his partners during the Canted Circle ceremony.

In retaliation, Palpatine himself personally attacks Teem during a celebratory feast, killing him and all of his guests, leaving no survivors or evidence. In the aftermath of the attack at the botched ceremony, as Plagueis is forced to wear a transpirator to survive, he becomes more alert than ever about his surroundings, even going so far as forever renouncing sleep, and is even more obsessed with finding a way to live forever. Meanwhile, even though Plagueis managed to kill and then resurrect Darth Venamis in one of his experiments, he finds that he cannot do it again after Venamis dies for good.

More than two decades pass as Palpatine gains more power in the Senate as the reign of Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum comes to an end. Palpatine, who had also named Maul Darth behind Plagueis's back, also sees a potential ally in the former Jedi Count Dooku.

Or will the desire of one to rule supreme, and the dream of the other to live forever, sow the seeds of their destruction? Get A Copy. Hardcover , First Edition , pages.

More Details Original Title. Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Darth Plagueis , please sign up. Where exactly does it conflict with the new canon?

It ties up so perfectly with Ep. I, it's a shame it's legends. Aden The book is not canon because the download of lucasfilm by Disney, and they said everything except the clone wars TV show, is no longer canon. It's a …more The book is not canon because the download of lucasfilm by Disney, and they said everything except the clone wars TV show, is no longer canon.

It's a shame though I really wish most things in legends were canon. Why is it not canon because of disney? Chad Josimar This book is one that should be apart of the new canon but unfortunately it did not make the cut because of the time set forth by the LucasFilm Story …more This book is one that should be apart of the new canon but unfortunately it did not make the cut because of the time set forth by the LucasFilm Story Group.

See all 4 questions about Darth Plagueis…. Lists with This Book.

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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jan 30, Alejandro rated it liked it Shelves: Misleading, the Dark Side of the Force, is. This is a novel part of what is known nowadays as "Legends" in the Star Wars novel series, in other words, non-canonical anymore featuring the events of the life of Darth Plagueis and his apprentice Darth Sidious.

The novel lacks of action, and even in the few times that you have some action is told in such way that you don't feel any thrilled about it. I have to admit that there some interesting moments where you can appreciate how the financial resources of Hego Damask Darth Plagueis was crutial for several recognizable pieces of the Episodes' saga of Star Wars , such as the construction of Podracing track on Tatooine, the improvement of Kamino's cloning facilities, the dealings of the Trade Federation with Naboo and the political career of Palpatine in the Galactic Senate.

However, some mysteries that I was eager to read about like the birth of Anakin Skywalker and the participation of Jedi Master Syfo-Dias in the ordering of the clone army, while they are indeed approached, much of them remain ambiguous without really offering anything new that one didn't know before of reading the book. Some other authors have been bold enough to invent names for elements like "Coruscant", "Jaina Solo", etc And taking in account that the author didn't invent "Palpatine" name, it was quite weak not trying to add some of value to the character's name.

I understand that some talking with George Lucas, Lucasfilms' people, etc One very odd thing was the Darth Plagueis said to Darth Tenebrous his master when he is killing him that the legacy of the "Rule of Two" from Darth Bane was dying with Tenebrous implying that Plagueis didn't believe wise to keep that rule.

However, in like 30 years if not more , he only took as apprentice to Darth Sidious And definitely, the decision of time chronology used in this book was unusual according with other novels of Star Wars , since while it tells several events unique to this book, there are many pages invested to tell events covered in other novels even movies.

That wasn't bad per se, since that "filled" some "holes" in those previously told events, BUT also it was "felt" kinda some trick to stretch out long enough the book to reach a more desirable number of pages. I think that one of the coolest implications here, is that while you never a real interaction between Smee Skywalker Anakin's mom with Darth Plagueis View all 16 comments. Apr 07, Sean Barrs the Bookdragon rated it did not like it Shelves: Darth Pelagueis is one of the most elusive characters in Star Wars.

So I expected so much from it and, ultimately, all my expectations were shattered. This is not the dark lord of the Sith I imagined. The Phantom Menace is an absolutely dreadful film. There are so many things wrong with it.

Why George Lucas felt the need to quantify the force is beyond me. Its power resided in its mystery. Somethings are best left a secret. For me, it took some of the wonderment away from the driving force of this series.

This book takes off where The Phantom Menace began in elucidating what should have remained unknown. Darth Pelagueis seeks immortality. And how does he attempt to achieve such a feat? You guessed it: He uses science to manipulate them and test his theories on pro-longing life.

As such Luceno bombards us with repetitive scientific jargon to make the situation even more boring than it already is.

I got sick of reading the word midichlorians. That may sound silly, though after a while it just started to grate on me. Give me some action! Give me some excitement! Not test tubes and experiments. The book had major pacing issues. It started off really strongly.

The first chapter displayed a very similar murder, Pelagueis murdering his master; I guess what goes around comes around. It felt like such a wasted opportunity. Pelagueis was so distracted with his research that he was blind to all else.

Other than that the book was riddled with lengthy descriptions of politics all leading up the Naboo crisis and eventual Clone Wars, trade federation drama and senate based disputes. All in all, it was dull. For the right reader, this would be a great book: For me it was lifeless and devoid of any energy. Not something I recommend. View all 5 comments. Mar 09, Lyn rated it liked it. A very enjoyable and entertaining Star Wars novel.

When this is at its best it is an exploration of the similarities and distinctions between Jedi and Sith. An alien Muun, who might resemble a somber and elong A very enjoyable and entertaining Star Wars novel. An alien Muun, who might resemble a somber and elongated Homer Simpson, Plagueis was also the leader of a Galactic Banking Clan that brokered power and mechanized the millennia Sith plan for revenge.

Luceno provides plenty of backstory, going back decades to when Plagueis discovers an elitist but promising young larval politician. We are shown the evolution of a Sith apprenticeship and foreshadowing of the canonical film story. We also see an infant Maul and the beginnings of the collusion with Count Dooku.

The novel finishes contemporaneously with the events in the George Lucas film Phantom Menace. Upon finishing I had a great thirst for the movie and as I type these words young Anakin is speeding around the pod-racing track on Tatooine. A must read for fans and really a well told story that a more casual observant of the Star Wars story would enjoy.

View 2 comments. Jun 05, Jake rated it it was ok Shelves: Revenge of the Sith is the one where Palpatine entices Anakin toward the dark side by recounting the story of Darth Plagueis—a Sith Lord who manipulates the Force in an effort to become immortal. I love the scene in part because it focuses on personal relationships as opposed to bureaucratic procedure.

It also emanates with the most spiritual strains of Jedi and Sith lore. This book is not what I expected, and frankly, this book is not what publisher Del Rey bills it as on the dust jacket. The Phantom Menace. The bulk of this yarn plays about as mystically as a cop procedural. Law and Order: Sith Unit would have been a more honest title.

It could be argued that Darth Plagueis is not even the main character. Sith all-stars Palpatine, Dooku and young Darth Maul keep wresting the spotlight from him. The Sith Lords, herein billed as mystical zealots, come over largely as stoic crime bosses. What colorful personalities they sport at the outset are quickly steam cleaned away to conceal their powers from the Jedi. A justified storytelling choice? But not an especially interesting one. Ever notice how The Empire Strikes Back , a critical and fan favorite, is as much a lean ensemble play as it is a grand action film?

Instead, picture Luke all but dropped from the middle third of the film while Darth Vader and the Emperor have conference calls with coconspirators. What a disappointing Empire Strikes Back that would have been. I picked up Darth Plagueis because I wanted—and was promised—a mystical fantasy. Instead I got a complicated and rather impersonal history of organized crime in a galaxy far, far away.

Perhaps hardcore enthusiasts of Star Wars novels had a different experience than me. I freely admit to being a fair-weather fan of this sprawling subgenre. It is my impression that this novel was written solely for readers who devour every Star Wars novel published. That may be okay, but it strikes me as a franchise growing too insular and selling itself short.

View all 21 comments. I received this book from the site Vine Program. The time has come for the Sith to reveal themselves, to step away from the Rule of Two setup by Darth Bane many years ago. Darth Plagueis emerges and, with the assistance of his apprentice, Darth Sidious, begins the final steps to the destruction of the Republic and the Jedi. I have some wonderful news!

The first question I know you will have is: It's just a tad over pages! Although it took me six months to finish this book, it was a very good book--probably the best Star Wars book Luceno has ever written.

The problem with the book is, it is not a light-hearted, easy read, a fun, little adventure with Jedi swinging lightsabers and conniving, devilish Sith cackling about taking over the world.

Star Wars: Darth Plagueis

It is extremely dense; it has a pretty broad scope; and it, at times, moves at a snail's pace. When I first started reading, I had a very hard time "getting into" this book, because of the reasons I stated above. But once I began to picture "Darth Plagueis" as "Star Wars historical fiction", everything started to click into place. I didn't mind the slow pace; I didn't mind the politicking; I didn't mind the passage of time. Luceno handles his cast of characters really well.

Darth Plagueis and Darth Sidious are very well-done. I liked how Plagueis was an alien, how he thought about the Force differently, and how he moved away from the Rule of Two phase I know some fans aren't fond of how many Sith appear, but for once, I actually could understand the motivation behind the new Sith Order and liked it.

I was hugely impressed with the way Luceno wrote Dooku. I loved how Pestage, Doriana, Isard, and more appeared. I didn't even mind Darth Maul's new backstory too much. As you would expect for a "historical fiction" novel, a lot of characters appear only to fade into the background, never to be seen again.

This is particularly frustrating when so much time is built upon introducing them to the story--such as the crew of the Woebegone or the Jedi Knight Palpatine befriends after the Knight's father is killed. Some of the writing is the best I've seen in a Luceno novel.

The Prologue was particularly nice to read.

But Luceno doesn't get rid of all his quirks; read this with a dictionary nearby so you can define such SAT vocab words as: Who tattoos a baby? And how do these tattoos remain intact throughout the child's growth? Another Sith Lord who has to wear a breathing apparatus? Is it a job requirement or something?

Are we talking about the same Nute Gunray?! Dude was intimidated by a dragonfly!! If Kamino is technically "extragalactic", then why the big deal over the "Outbound Flight" and the Yuuzhan Vong? Leaving the galaxy would be old hat to these people Luceno, I realize that you may have the script to "The Phantom Menace" on hand, but it is okay for the Sith characters to not, okeedokee?

One thing I would definitely recommend to those considering whether to read this or not is to buff up on your Star Wars Expanded Universe--particularly, Star Wars: ALL of these books are referenced at some point in this novel, some more than others.

Some of those books such as DMSH will have the ending spoiled in the course of this novel; other books such as CoD are alluded to so tenuously, that I, who had fairly recently reread the book, had trouble remembering important plot elements. In short: On the other hand, if you are a hard-cover Star Wars fan wanting to read this only to understand Darth Plagueis' power better, you are in for major disappointment. While his special midichlorian ability does appear, it is never given very much space to grow.

I really am just as mystified about his special power as I was before I read the novel. Even though this book took me forever to finish, even though this was a complete departure from most Star Wars novels, even though there were plenty of bumps, I did enjoy myself when reading this novel. And while "Darth Plagueis" might have failed to answer all questions about Plagueis and his control over the midichlorians, it DID succeed in showing us where he came from and where Palpatine came from.

And making "The Phantom Menace" look clever. George Lucas ought to give Luceno a raise: View all 27 comments. Apparently this Star Wars novel had been highly anticipated since its announcement years ago, and I had no idea until after I finished it and decided to look it up.

Now that I've read it, I guess I can see why. Darth Plagueis is probably worth reading simply if for no other reason other than how "canon" it is, if you're a big Star Wars fan. I heard that the author worked really closely with LucasFilms to get it just right.

And yes, I did find that it explained a lot about the events of the prequ Apparently this Star Wars novel had been highly anticipated since its announcement years ago, and I had no idea until after I finished it and decided to look it up. And yes, I did find that it explained a lot about the events of the prequel movies, and I now have a better understanding of the backstory behind them.

But I don't want to make it sound like that's the only reason to pick up this book, because there's a lot more that makes it a worthwhile read. For one thing, I was surprised at the quality of the writing, especially for a Star Wars novel.

I've read some of Luceno's other Star Wars titles in the past, and as you can see from those reviews in my book list, I wasn't very impressed. But I was quite happy with his efforts with Darth Plagueis, to the point I couldn't believe it was the same author.

It's obvious he put his full heart and soul into writing this. Darth Plaguis is also quite different from many of the Star Wars book I've read in the past.

It's less action oriented, and instead focuses more on political intrigue. There are some fight sequences and light saber action of course, but the bulk of the story is about the Sith lords acting and pulling strings behind the scenes. Review of the audiobook narrated by Daniel Davis. This is the second Star Wars books I've listened to and neither one has been particularly engaging for me.

This is essentially the origin story for Palpatine Darth Sidious and the majority of the book follows the rise of his career as a politician bolstered by his apprenticeship to Darth Plagueis. I've never had much interest in the political drama of any of the Review of the audiobook narrated by Daniel Davis. I've never had much interest in the political drama of any of the Star Wars films and had the same reaction here. On the plus side, there are some great actions scenes peppered throughout the book that held my interest.

We know the technology and important denizens of the universe which means that it's easier to jump into things without needing too much backstory. I found the writing to be dry and there are many chapters in the book that begin with infodumps regarding Muuns, Sith, Palpatine, etc.

We know the universe, yes, but it's a universe that is much more satisfying to be seen than read. The movies are so visually spectacular and I don't think that feeling could ever be reproduced in a book. The Star Wars audiobooks are produced with special effects and audio enhancements. There is ambient background noise for every scene. Sometimes it adds to the scene and sometimes it's distracting. In the end I found it to be a wash, neither improving or detracting from my overall enjoyment of the book.

Daniel Davis does well with different voices, but I found him to be just ok with everything else. Final verdict: May 17, Samuel rated it it was amazing Shelves: A prequel to the prequels. That's the description to this book. James Luceno does a good job at creating the character of Darth Sidious that is in the movies through his life and how the whole entire movies started. It's great to see how everything becomes connected between the prequel movies and the original trilogy.

How the whole Sith plan was furnished on two of the most powerful beings in the galaxy. I'm glad that George Lucas had approved of the backstory of Plagueis in this book. The last A prequel to the prequels. The last time he had done it for another epic book was the Thrawn series. And as I had said before, almost everything in the movies and books are all interconnected by a web that these two Sith and Qui-Gon had unintentionally created.

As a SW nerd, I'm pleased with this book. I could say for a fact that whenever I spotted a reference, even a minuscule one, I would get all jittery with excitement. I would like to contradict on what other people say that this book answers TOO many questions that have been asked.

This is what this book is for.

Darth Plagueis

The question if Darth Maul survived has been answered by the TV series. What Darth Maul will do, will be answered in time. There are plenty of others as well, but if you're an original trilogy fan, and hate the prequels, then please don't respond negatively to this book.

It's a great book and deserves respect for having to making the origin of Darth Sidious and the sith from the movies. Feb 08, Mike rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. A few Jedi do make an appearance, but they don't do much of anything. That probably illustrates why it was possible for the dark side to rise in secret with such power.

The Sith had a point--the Republic was corrupt and deeply flawed and the Jedi were no longer in tune with the Force. Not in tune enough to sense the Sith until it was much too late. So, yes, "Darth Plagueis" is something of a misleading title.

This book is mostly about Palpatine's rise to Dark Lord of the Sith. One of the criticisms I read online before downloading this book was that it reads a bit like a history text. I agree with that assessment, but only a little. If you're looking for thrilling lightsaber battles and good triumphing over evil I'll glide over the main points of the story. We start with Palpatine's apotheosis upon Plagueis' demise.

Then the story begins with how Plagueis seized power from his master, Darth Tenebrous, and how Plagueis began his obsession with manipulating midi-chlorians and the science of immortality. Darth Tenebrous was obsessed with Bith computers and science, which Plagueis often cites as his downfall. Yet Plagueis goes on to become similarly obsessed with biology and manipulating midi-chlorians to create eternal life for himself and the Sith.

Just about every pre-film Sith Lord of note is mentioned somewhere. The book references events not just in other novels and comics, but video games and even one particular subplot from the current Clone Wars cartoon.

Darth Plagueis: Star Wars Legends

The phrase "continuity porn" comes to mind. It's a treat for hardcore fans to make the various connections between this story and that. But such a high level of inter-connectivity can't possibly be helpful to newer readers. Worse, the book actively punishes those who haven't read the other key books and comics that tie into Episode I directly.

Conflicts arise and don't receive proper resolution within the story because the reader is expected to continue the thread elsewhere.

Darth Plagueis

Darth Plagueis is a story that has been a long time in coming. In some ways the wait was well worth it. This book fleshes out a previously enigmatic character as well as a much more famous one.

But some of the storytelling choices do more harm than good, and the novel ultimately fails to function as the accessible, standalone tale it should have. We want to hear thoughts on this long-awaited novel, but we also want to know what you think about the idea of us reviewing novels. Do you want to see us tackle more Star Wars novels and other similar genre books, or should we stick to comics?

Sound off in the comments below! In This Article.To ask other readers questions about Darth Plagueis , please sign up. It's a shame though I really wish most things in legends were canon. Darth Sidious: At some point after Palpatine brought the galaxy under his heel by reorganizing the Republic into the First Galactic Empire , probably between 19 and 18 BBY , the Dark Lord included a manuscript fragment from Plagueis's scientific journal on the nature of the dark side and the progress of the Aborah experiments written by Plagueis's hand around 45 BBY both dates were Master Luke Skywalker's non-scholarly estimates into his Book of Sith , showing respect for his master by including him among the handful of Sith who advanced the cause and left behind documents detailing their approach to the dark side.

Per Mission to Lianna p. Jan 14, Doppelganger rated it it was amazing Shelves: As such, Plagueis preyed on the Jedi's fears, convincing him that a military capable of defending the Republic needed to be created now, while there was still time, to afford the Republic a fighting chance.

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