Published by Disney • Hyperion Books, an imprint of Disney Book Group. . The whole “dying then returning from Tartarus” concept gave him a headache. The Son of Neptune. RICK RIORDAN Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune PUFFIN Table of Contents I Percy II Percy III Percy IV Percy V Ha. The Son of Neptune - The Heroes of Olympus Book 2 The Fountain of Neptune by Kate Wilhelm Kate Wilhelm's most recent books include the novels The.

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Published by Disney • Hyperion Books, an imprint of Disney Book Group. “So, ” she said coldly, “a son of Neptune, who comes to us with the blessing of Juno. The Son of Neptune (The Heroes of Olympus #2) Seven half-bloods shall answer the call, To storm or fire the world must fall. An oath to keep with a final breath. Read ebook Ebook download The Son of Neptune (Heroes of Olympus, Book 2) For Android Download file Download now.

Positive Messages Certain themes resonate throughout the series, such as friendship, loyalty, and trust. And that people with diverse backgrounds need to learn to work together to defeat a common evil. Believing in yourself, facing your greatest fears, and rising to meet extreme challenges are also important -- this is a series about heroes, after all.

Specific to this book in the series is coping with loss and letting go of guilt about the past. He may have lost his memory, but he's still incredibly loyal, brave, and determined to stick up for the little guy; he's a hero's hero. Hazel is very guilt-ridden about her past but finds her strength and bravery. Frank is very unsure of himself but slowly grows into a leader and embraces his gifts. Both are worried about being outsiders in a camp of Romans but are still embraced for their heroic deeds.

Violence Two main characters are constantly reminded that death could claim them at any time. Heroes face a number of foes and fight with special weapons; usually the monsters disappear, but in this book the monsters won't die, thus there are more mentions of injured creatures reforming and fighting again. There are many mentions of the Underworld and souls being judged and facing punishment, including one of the main characters; other fearsome creatures come back from the dead or are raised from the dead.

She wore a regal purple cloak over her armor. Her chest was decorated with medals. June laughed with delight. Her face was stern and stately. In her hand was a staff topped with a lotus flower. If it was possible for the campers to look more stunned, they did. The girl with the purple cloak knelt. The others followed her lead. One kid got down so hastily he almost impaled himself on his sword.

Hazel was the first to speak. For months he has been slumbering, but now he is awake. His fate is in your hands. The Feast of Fortune comes quickly, and Death must be unleashed if you are to stand any hope in the battle. Do not fail me!

Percy looked at Hazel and Frank for some kind of explanation, but they seemed just as confused as he was. Frank gave him a look like: Well talk about it later. The girl in the purple cloak stepped forward. Do I know you? Percy could tell from her eyes. I want to question him at the principia. We must consult the auguries before we decide what to do with him. Obviously she was not used to having her orders questioned. Juno said your fate is in our hands. We have to know whether the goddess has brought us as a new recruit Half the people in camp were dead.

Shimmering purple warriors stood outside the armory, polishing ethereal swords. Others hung out in front of the barracks. A ghostly boy chased a ghostly dog down the street. And at the stables, a big glowing red dude with the head of a wolf guarded a herd of Were those unicorns?

A few looked angry. Percy wished he could turn invisible too. After weeks on his own, all this attention made him uneasy. He stayed between Hazel and Frank and tried to look inconspicuous. She had startling eyes, like fourteen-karat gold. House gods. Demigods have a natural sense for it. Graecus means Greek. Frank cleared his throat. Is your family from there? Like I said, my memory is gone. They stopped at the center of camp, where two wide stone-paved roads met at a T.

A street sign labeled the road to the main gates as via praetoria. The other road, cutting across the middle of camp, was labeled via principalis. For certain death, the place looked pretty clean and orderly. The buildings were freshly whitewashed, laid out in neat grids like the camp had been designed by a fussy math teacher.

The barracks had shady porches, where campers lounged in hammocks or played cards and drank sodas. Each dorm had a different collection of banners out front displaying Roman numerals and various animals — eagle, bear, wolf, horse, and something that looked like a hamster. Along the Via Praetoria, rows of shops advertised food, armor, weapons, coffee, gladiator equipment, and toga rentals. A chariot dealership had a big advertisement out front: At one corner of the crossroads stood the most impressive building — a two-story wedge of white marble with a columned portico like an old- fashioned bank.

Roman guards stood out front. Over the doorway hung a big purple banner with the gold letters SPQR embroidered inside a laurel wreath. Reyna faced him, her eyes still cold and hostile. I'll give you an update at evening muster.

Remember, we have war games after dinner. The scent of barbecue from the dining hall made his mouth water. The bakery down the street smelled pretty wonderful too, but he doubted Reyna would let him get an order to go. The crowd dispersed reluctantly.

Greeks and geeks. I want your report on what happened at the gates. He fiddled with a little tablet on a cord around his neck. I'll call you if I need you. Reyna waved Hazel and Percy toward the headquarters. On the ceiling glittered a mosaic of Romulus and Remus under their adopted mama she-wolf Lupa had told Percy that story a million times. The floor was polished marble. Along the back wall stood a display of banners and wooden poles studded with bronze medals — military symbols, Percy guessed.

In the center was one empty display stand, as if the main banner had been taken down for cleaning or something. In the back corner, a stairwell led down. It was blocked by a row of iron bars like a prison door. Percy wondered what was down there — monsters? In the center of the room, a long wooden table was cluttered with scrolls, notebooks, tablet computers, daggers, and a large bowl filled with jelly beans, which seemed kind of out of place.

The Son of Neptune - The Heroes of Olympus Book 2

Two life-sized statues of greyhounds — one silver, one gold — flanked the table. Reyna walked behind the table and sat in one of two high-backed chairs. Percy wished he could sit in the other, but Hazel remained standing. Percy got the feeling he was supposed to also. The dog statues bared their teeth and growled. Normally he liked dogs, but these glared at him with ruby eyes. Their fangs looked sharp as razors. They stopped growling, but kept eyeing Percy as though they were imagining him in a doggie bag.

The Latin meanings popped into his head like Hazel had said they would. He almost asked which dog was which. Then he realized that that was a stupid question. Reyna set her dagger on the table.

Her hair was black and glossy as volcanic rock, woven in a single braid down her back. She had the poise of a sword fighter — relaxed yet vigilant, as if ready to spring into action at any moment.

The worry lines around her eyes made her look older than she probably was. What do you remember? How did you get here? He described his time with Lupa and her pack, learning their language of gestures and expressions, learning to survive and fight. Lupa had taught him about demigods, monsters, and gods. Demigods like Percy were still responsible for carrying on Roman traditions in modern times — fighting monsters, serving the gods, protecting mortals, and upholding the memory of the empire.

None of it seemed to surprise Reyna. In fact, she seemed to find it pretty ordinary — except for one thing. It seemed too private, and he was still confused about where to find her. Also, he was reluctant to share his one clear memory: She must have kissed me a lot, Percy thought. He feared that if he spoke about that memory to anyone, it would evaporate like a dream.

Reyna spun her dagger. At a certain age, one way or another, we find our way to the Wolf House. How did you find Camp Jupiter? Hazel took the story from there. She described Percy as brave and heroic, which made him uncomfortable. Reyna studied him. A son of Neptune? Maybe she was human after all. Percy shrugged.

Reyna sighed. She paced in front of the banners. Her metal dogs watched her go back and forth. The last time a major god visited us in person like that And a son of Neptune Especially now. Reyna kept pacing. And you wear strange symbols — that shirt, the beads on your necklace. What do they mean? It might have had words on it at one point, but they were too faded to read. He should have thrown the shirt away weeks ago.

He just kept washing it in streams and water fountains as best he could and putting it back on. As for the necklace, the four clay beads were each decorated with a different symbol. One showed a trident. Another displayed a miniature Golden Fleece.

The third was etched with the design of a maze, and the last had an image of a building — maybe the Empire State Building? Percy checked his pocket. The pen had reappeared as it always did. How had Reyna known about it? He uncapped the pen. Riptide sprang to full form. Hazel gasped. The greyhounds barked apprehensively. We used to have a few in the armory before Reyna unsheathed her dagger.

Sure enough, the blade was gold. Its existence was a closely guarded secret of the emperors — a way for their champions to slay monsters that threatened the empire.

We used to have more weapons like this, but now I use this dagger. Hazel has a spatha, a cavalry sword. Most legionnaires use a shorter sword called a gladius. But that weapon of yours is not Roman at all. And your arm Reyna held up her own forearm. Percy glanced at Hazel. I thought perhaps Hazel leaned forward. Jason Grace, son of Jupiter, was our other praetor until he disappeared last October.

Whatever happens on her feast day can affect the entire rest of the year. She can grant the camp good luck The gorgons mentioned that. So did Juno. They said the camp was going to be attacked on that day, something about a big bad goddess named Gaea, and an army, and Death being unleashed.

Can we stop it? But he wanted to help. They were demigods, the same as him. They had the same enemies. Besides, Percy remembered what Juno had told him: His old life, the gods, and the entire world might be destroyed. Whatever was coming down, it was huge.

Find Octavian. Tell him about the legion. But Reyna made it clear the audience was over. She sheathed her dagger.

The metal dogs stood and growled, inching toward Percy. Percy inhaled the muffin. The coffee was great. Maybe even Imperial golden. He watched a bunch of kids in swimsuits and towels head into a building that had steam coming out of a row of chimneys.

As they approached the front gate, the barracks got bigger and nicer. Even the ghosts looked better — with fancier armor and shinier auras. Percy tried to decipherthe banners and symbols hanging infront of the buildings. Each cohort is divided into barracks often — like roommates, kind of. The gods have been busy. There are hundreds of minor Roman gods. Plus, a lot of the campers are legacies — second or third generation.

Maybe their parents were demigods. Or their grandparents. Does that surprise you? The idea of living long enough to be an adult and have kids of his own — that seemed like an impossible dream. Sometimes not. But they can be trained. All the best Roman generals and emperors — you know, they all claimed to be descended from gods. Most of the time, they were telling the truth. No, the officers decide where to assign recruits. If we were divided according to god, the cohorts would be all uneven.

He caught up to them and gasped for air, his purple aura flickering around him. Does he have all his teeth? Can he fight? Does he clean stables? Just humor him. Twelfth Legion Fulminata, pride of Rome! But these days? Look at Hazel here, using a spatha. And you, boy — you smell like a Greek sewer. You knowhow much he values your help. They let the probatio check the armor? Been around since the legion was founded. The Twelfth Legion was around for the entire Roman Empire. When Rome fell, a lot of legions just disappeared.

We went underground, acting on secret orders from Jupiter himself: I joined up last September. Hazel looked down. She was silent long enough to count every paving stone. The fort was situated on the highest point in the valley, so they could see pretty much everything.

The road led down to the river and divided. One path led south across a bridge, up to the hill with all the temples. The other road led north into the city, a miniature version of Ancient Rome.

Unlike the military camp, the city looked chaotic and colorful, with buildings crowded together at haphazard angles. Even from this far away, Percy could see people gathered in the plaza, shoppers milling around an open-air market, parents with kids playing in the parks.

Heroes of Olympus - Son of Neptune

After that, you can muster out whenever you want. Most demigods go into the mortal world. This valley is a sanctuary. You can go to college in the city, get married, have kids, retire when you get old.

So yeah, a lot of veterans make their homes there, under the protection of the legion. Demigods who could live without fear, get married, raise a family. It seemed too good to be true. The borders are magical. Lately, the monster attacks have been increasing.

What you said about the gorgons not dying The word elephant was printed on the side of his armor, which seemed a little obvious to Percy. The elephant thundered down the road and turned north, heading toward a big open field where some fortifications were under construction. Percy spit dust out of his mouth. Why do you have an elephant in a bulletproof vest?

She had a brother. But she also seemed to be hiding a deep sadness, like she felt guilty about something. Hazel pointed south across the river. Dark clouds were gathering over Temple Hill.

Red flashes of lightning washed the monuments in blood- colored light. He trotted over with a big grin on his face. He wore a faded Hawaiian shirt and nothing for pants except thick brown goat fur. His massive Afro jiggled. His eyes were hidden behind little round rainbow-tinted glasses.

He held a cardboard sign that read: Or jobs. Or homes. Work for the camp! Don looked at the ground in front of them and gasped. Percy caught a glimpse of it before Hazel slipped it into her pocket. He could have sworn it was a diamond.

The faun sighed. Percy had to sprint to catch up. A crooked stone path led past a crazy assortment of tiny altars and massive domed vaults. Statues of gods seemed to follow Percy with their eyes. Hazel pointed out the Temple of Bellona.

The Son of Neptune Summary & Study Guide Description

Hazel shook her head. Ares, the war god? For some reason, just looking at the ugly red building made him feel angry. He pointed toward the summit. Clouds swirled over the largest temple, a round pavilion with a ring of white columns supporting a domed roof. A cobweb-covered trident was nailed above the door. Percy peeked inside. On a small altar sat a bowl with three dried-up, moldy apples. His heart sank. Romans were always scared of the sea. They only used ships if they had to.

Even in modern times, having a child of Neptune around has always been a bad omen. The last time one joined the legion. Great, he thought. Even if he joined the camp, he would never be loved.

His best hope was to be scary to his new campmates. He reached in his backpack and dug out the last bit of food from his trip — a stale bagel. Give me my memory back. Tell me — tell me what to do. He wanted to know something about his life for sure, without grabbing for missing memories.

Hazel put her hand on his shoulder. Above them, thunder rumbled. Red lightning lit up the hill. The marble floor was etched with fancy mosaics and Latin inscriptions. Sixty feet above, the domed ceiling sparkled gold. The whole temple was open to the wind.

In the center stood a marble altar, where a kid in a toga was doing some sort of ritual in front of a massive golden statue of the big dude himself: Jupiter the sky god, dressed in a silk XXXL purple toga, holding a lightning bolt.

Now it was gone. More red lightning flashed in the sky, shaking the temple. Then he put his hands down, and the rumbling stopped. The clouds turned from gray to white and broke apart. He was tall and skinny, with straw-colored hair, oversized jeans, a baggy T- shirt, and a drooping toga.

He looked like a scarecrow wearing a bed sheet. The guy in the toga turned. In one hand he held a knife. In the other hand was something like a dead animal.

Once upon a time, yes. We used to read the will of the gods by examining animal guts — chickens, goats, that sort of thing. Nowadays, we use these. It was a disemboweled teddy bear. Octavian stepped off the dais. Octavian narrowed his eyes. Everyone says I bear a remarkable resemblance. The Greek has arrived. Or possibly: The goose has cried. You seek to join the legion?

She told Octavian everything that had happened since they met at the tunnel — the gorgons, the fight at the river, the appearance of Juno, their conversation with Reyna. When she mentioned Juno, Octavian looked surprised. Juno the Warner. She appears in times of crisis, to counsel Rome about great threats.

Did you see that in your stuffing? And these days, my vision is even darker. Romans used to consult them when disasters happened. Most people believe they burned up when Rome fell. Percy stared at the lines of words, not really expecting to understand them. He almost choked. Then he realized his whole body was trembling. Every time someone tries to interpret it Well, Hazel can tell you.

Bad things happen. Can he join the legion or not? May I? It was just a silly stuffed toy, but Percy had carried it a long way. He was kind of fond of it. Octavian turned toward the altar and raised his knife.

He tossed the panda carcass aside, muttered a few words over the fluff, and turned with a big smile on his face. Tell Reyna that I approve. Come on, Percy. It would mean so much to me. It would be a shame if those awful rumors about you kept circulating This guy was blackmailing Hazel. That was obvious. One sign from Hazel, and Percy was ready to bust out Riptide and see how Octavian liked being at the other end of a blade.

Hazel took a deep breath. Her knuckles were white. He has a disturbing effect on the others. Nice to meet you, Percy. As Hazel marched down the hill, she cursed in Latin.

Octavian has a lot of friends, most of them bought. The rest of the campers are afraid of him. She seemed too nice. But Octavian had acted like he had some first-class dirt on her. Hazel led Percy to a black crypt built into the side of the hill. Standing in front was a teenage boy in black jeans and an aviator jacket.

Percy had another one of those weird flashes: The kid was almost as pale as Octavian, but with dark eyes and messy black hair. He wore a silver skull ring, a chain for a belt, and a black T- shirt with skull designs.

At his side hung a pure-black sword. A Crack in the Sea. Star Wars: The Secrets of the Wild Wood. The Safest Lie. Angela Cerrito. Samantha Spinner and the Super-Secret Plans. Fog Magic. Julia L. Save Queen of Sheba. Louise Moeri. The Caldera. Stinkfly and Cannonbolt. Wrigley Stuart. Doctor Who: The Secret in Vault David Solomons. Sir Fartsalot Hunts the Booger.

Kevin Bolger. Let Sleeping Dragons Lie. Sean Williams and Garth Nix. Chris Grabenstein. Island War. Out-of-This-World Boxed Set. The No-Good Nine. John Bemelmans Marciano. Monstrous Devices. Damien Love. Conspiracy of Ravens. Leah Moore and John Reppion. Julio Verne. Related Articles. Looking for More Great Reads? Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Download Hi Res.The Phantom Tollbooth. You will be given a tablet with your name and cohort.

Fifty feet from the door. He reached in his backpack and dug out the last bit of food from his trip — a stale bagel.

Again, Reyna found herself wide-eyed in surprise.

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