Six Ways In And Twelve Ways Out. The basic skills manual is a compilation of the training material that U.S. RSOG cadre use to train military personnel during. Six Ways In & Twelve Ways Out. An outstanding field manual by George W. Jasper, former U.S. Army Ranger and the commander and chief instructor with the. Dec 1, Has anyone read the survival manual "Six Ways In And Twelve Ways Out" by the US Rescue & Special Operations Group(USRSOG)? From the.

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download Six ways in & twelve ways out: The survival & evasion manual of the United States Rescue & Special Operations Group 2nd ed by George W Jasper (ISBN:) . Sep 26, USRSOG & "Six Ways In, Twelve Ways Out". This site and this manual are well worth your time. Explore and enjoy. Especially if you are. There are copies on site and at least one PDF download available on the web. Loc: Texas. Six ways in and twelve ways out. Generally.

The most widely advocated programme of prevention which is acceptable, at least in part, to most of the world's political and religious leaders is the ABC approach—Abstinence, Be Faithful, and Condoms.

But each component has its inherent weaknesses: Abstinence: 'Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished. In practice, promoting abstinence does not work. Be Faithful: Alas, we are not by nature a monogamous species. If we were, then STD would not exist. Condoms: We can never rely on male compliance to control a disease that is increasingly female-orientated. The advent of antiretroviral drugs can now offer significant improvements in the quality of life and increase in life expectancy to those who are infected.

Even if they only doubled life expectancy, they would be a priceless gift.

But the drugs are costly, the daily treatment regimen may be difficult to comply with, there can be serious side effects, and ultimately the high mutation rate of the virus ensures that resistance is inevitable. These drugs are emphatically not a cure; you will probably still die of an AIDS-related disease.

However, as treatments improve and become more widely available, more people are likely to volunteer for HIV testing, and this alone will greatly help HIV prevention.

The problem with antiretroviral drugs is that the virus can mutate far faster than the pharmaceutical companies can develop new therapies, so the virus will always be ahead of the game. This high viral mutation rate also bedevils attempts to produce an anti-HIV vaccine, which is not yet on the horizon, and may never be. After all, we still do not have a vaccine against malaria, after many more years of research.

And we have recently uncovered a nasty twist to HIV. If somebody becomes infected with two different strains of the virus, this greatly accelerates disease progression, and the two strains may even recombine to form a new, resistant strain Gottlieb et al.

So almost a quarter of a century after the first recognition of AIDS, the infection continues to run rampant throughout the globe. We have spent billions of dollars on the development of treatments and the search for vaccines, and we understand the genetic makeup of the virus in minute detail.

But we have ignored the development of simple new preventative measures. Surely we should not still be relying on sixteenth century technology as our sole defence against HIV infection? We need a new ethic to stem the global spread of HIV infection.

We must give the highest priority to the development of simple preventative methods that are designed first and foremost for women, and especially for the poor living in the developing world.

In order to do this, we need to go back to first principles and ask ourselves four very simple questions.

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How does the virus enter the female reproductive tract, and how might a woman's natural resistance be increased? How does the virus enter the male reproductive tract, and how might a man's natural resistance be increased?

Let us examine five possible new approaches to HIV prevention that address these questions. Lemon or lime juice: a natural vaginal microbicide? The principal route of entry of HIV into the female reproductive tract appears to be via the Langerhans cells and other dendritic cells in the vaginal epithelium.

It therefore makes sense to try and kill the virus before it can become attached to the specific HIV receptors in the vaginal epithelium. There is general agreement that we urgently need to develop new ways of protecting women from HIV infection that do not depend on the compliance of their male partners Pilcher , and the American-based Microbicides Alliance, with over million dollars at its disposal, is going down the conventional route of drug discovery, patent protection and pharmaceutical company development to test more than 40 new compounds as potential vaginal microbicides Coplan et al.

But the Microbicides Alliance is faced with a major hurdle to overcome before any of their compounds can be licensed for use. The American Food and Drug Administration FDA has insisted that efficacy needs to be tested in a 3-arm clinical trial, comparing the active product with a placebo and with condoms only. None of the new compounds under development can meet these stringent requirements before at the earliest. In the meantime, it is possible that we could take a short-cut by studying traditional compounds that women have been using intra-vaginally in an attempt to regulate their fertility.

Six Ways In And Twelve Ways Out

We have opted for this approach, studying a natural contraceptive that women have been using for centuries—lemon juice. Norman Himes has given a comprehensive review of the history of contraceptive development throughout the world. He describes how Casanova advocated the use of half a lemon, partially squeezed out, as a cervical cap to protect women from pregnancy—the forerunner of today's cervical caps.

It has long been known that dilute lemon juice is a very effective spermicide, because of the low pH produced by its citric acid content Himes Since the human immunodeficiency virus is also extremely susceptible to low pH Martin et al.

We have been able to confirm the spermicidal effect of both lemon and lime juice Clarke et al.

Fresh lime juice, with a pH of 2. So it is easy to see why intravaginal lime or lemon juice is such a very effective contraceptive. Since improved access to Family Planning is seen as one of the keys to poverty reduction in the developing world in the recently announced Millennium Development Goals Sachs , this simple contraceptive deserves to be much more widely known.

Hubbard shares information about how to deal with medical problems when getting expert care is impossible. Read My Books. Duct Tape Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid Kari Sharp T First Aid.

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