Focus – SAP Digital Business Services. An introduction to SAP. Helping customers win in the new digital economy. SAP's long-term financial. Sap Overview pdf. 1. SAP I Implementation P j t l t ti Project SAP Overview 9 May ; 2. SAP Overview Training Objective g j • To let. Introduction to ERP. -- Introduction to SAP. -- Navigation through SAP. -- Understanding the Standard. Reports in SAP. -- Data Extraction Exercise.

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Introduction to SAP. SAP University Alliances. Version Author Stefan Weidner. Abstract. This teaching material is intended to explain how the fundamental. What are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems? SAP mean System Applications and Products. Incredibly large, extensive software packages used. SAP Overview. What is SAP? SAP (Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing), is headquartered in Walldorf,. Germany. They provide business.

It involves methods to view and organize costs that are required for financial reporting. Controlling module enables one to plan, track, perform and report about costs.

Controlling includes managing and configuring master data that covers cost elements, cost centers, profit centers, internal orders, and functional area and so on.

The sales and distribution module helps greatly in inventory control and management.

SAP SD module consists of master data, system configuration and transactions. Some of the sub-components of SAP SD module are: master data, sales support, sales, shipping and transportation, billing, credit management, sales information system and so on.

Presentation Layer

This module also consists of master data, system configuration and transactions in order to accomplish plan procedure for production. SAP PP module collaborate with master data, sales and operations planning, distribution resource planning, material requirements planning, Kanban, product cost planning and so on while working towards production management in enterprises.


Different types of procurement processes are managed with this system. Some of the popular sub-components in SAP MM module are vendor master data, consumption based planning, downloading, inventory management, invoice verification and so on.

SAP CRM Architecture Overview introduction and Pdf

Organization and position planning. The turnkey solution for the integrated handling of all tasks for sales. The integrated cooperation of all service areas for project planning. The industry-neutral solution for the Th i d t t l l ti f th administration and repair of technical systems. From the integrated processing of applicants personnel applicants.

The integrated. Project Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Recommended Leadership Fundamentals lynda. Sateesh Pasodi.

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Nitin Patil. Shihab Hasan.

Anshika Rai. Mani Kandan. Balanathan Virupasan.

Overview of SAP Modules

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Sneh Shikhar. Nugraha Septian Bahrun. Neha Singh. Bhupendra Singh. Nashad Najimudeen. Javer Rezende.

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Popular in Technology. Passing Data to: From Functions Corona Labs. Gilbert Gabrillo Joyosa. Albert Fandohan.Nugraha Septian Bahrun.

Quality system for quality assurance in all areas of the logistic chain. PhaniRaj Garimella. Raju Sk.

Sateesh Pasodi. Zoey Schully. The integrated cooperation of all service areas for project planning. Like this presentation? View More. To transfer the necessary Knowledge to Project Team for the readiness to business blueprint phase.

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