Prerequisites. A basic knowledge of ERP concepts will help you in understanding the concepts of SAP. Material Management System described in this tutorial. This module mainly deals with Procurement Process,Master Data (Material & Vendor Master),Inventory Management,Valuation of Material & Account Determination,Material Requirement Planning,Invoice Verification this page you will get some SAP MM Tutorials and PDF training. Your SAP Training Partner tory - Invoicing ven - In ent rem cu ro s -P t ic g is L o A P S SAP Materials Management Step by Step Guide www.

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SAP MM About the Tutorial SAP is an enterprise resource planning software that was basically designed to manage resources, information and activities that are. Free download SAP MM (Materials Management) PDF Books and training material, online training materials, complete beginners guide, ebooks, study material. Materials Management downloading download Requisition Define Document During the course of an SAP implementation project, the MM consultant and the cli.

These materials are kept in stock once received from the vendor. The stock of this material keeps on increasing or decreasing based on the amount of quantity received or issued.

To order a material for stock, the material must have a master record within the system. Procurement for Direct Consumption - When the procurement is for direct consumption, i. To order a material for consumption, the material may have a master record within the system.

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External vs Internal Procurement The following points show the difference Procurement: External procurement - It is the process of procuring goods or services from external vendors. There are three basic forms of external procurement generally supported by the downloading component of the IT system.

In a contract, you also specify the validity date. Internal Procurement - Large corporate organizations may own multiple separate businesses or companies.

Internal procurement is a process of getting material and services from identical companies. Material Number Output iii. Storage Conditions iv.

General b. download Requisition i. Number Range ii. Field Selection iii.

Document Type iv. Text Elements Conclusion and Credits Page: 4 www.

Five German Engineers founded it in SAP has several modules, each of which represents a business-process. Modules are usually abbreviated for the business process they represent. All together there are some nineteen core modules.

These modules are highly integrated in real-time, which means, that if information is shared between modules then the data is entered only once. This reduces the chances of error arising from repetitive entry and also reduces the man-hours. Managers and decision makers always have information at their fingertips and this helps them in effective decision making.

SAP has been around for nearly four decades. There are well over 10 million SAP users worldwide and jobs keep popping up all around the world. SAP is usually implemented in phases. The first phase is when organizational structure and accounting components are configured, tested and then taken live. Gradually more modules are turned on.

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MM Course The purpose of this book is to learn step-by-step general configuration methods for the MM module which has always been the backbone of Logistics. The course is built on menu path navigation of the Implementation Guide IMG and the application area. The training course combines classroom theory of SAP technology with hands-on practice.

LearnSAP strives to evolve with the marketplace, delivering skills-based education that is sensitive to market needs and convenient to students. Our goal is to help people develop into employees who are equipped to meet the challenges of a marketplace where change is the one constant. Page: 5 www.

On changing the password, the copyright information appears when you login for the first time, click on enter key here and you will be logged in the SAP System. Page: 6 www. Standard toolbar: Standard functions that are available in displayed in this toolbar. The applications like save, top of page, end of page, page up, page down, print, etc. Application toolbar: Application specific menu options are available on this toolbar.

Command Field: To start a business application without having to navigate through the menu transaction codes are assigned to the business processes. Transaction codes are entered in the command field to directly start the application.

Page: 7 www. Page: 9 www.

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SAP Materials Management MM is a part of Logistics area and helps to manage the procurement activity of an organization from procurement process, inventory management, invoice verification and material planning. Procurement Process: Is a process of acquiring goods and or services in the right amount, at the right price at the right time.

Procurement can refer not only to downloading of goods and or service, it also can include outsourcing. Procurement process generally starts when there is a Demand or Request for a Material or services. Vendor Selection is the next step after receiving the quotes from the vendors.

Master functionalities like batch management, inventory management, downloading, and quotation management. About the Book About the E-book pages, hardcover, 1. Reference book format 6. Printed black and white on 60 offset paper from sustainable sources. Casebound for durability.

Reader-friendly serif font Linotype Syntax 9. One-column layout.

The SAP Materials Management Handbook

E-book in full color. Table of contents, in-text references, and index fully linked.

Including online book edition in dedicated reader application.Functionality and Technical Configuration. Account determination deals with the following terms: The steps given below depict how to create a downloading Group: Enter the material number for which you want to maintain the source list and respective plant details. Vendor Master Follow the steps given below to create a subcontracting download order.

The sales order is not processed by the company, but by the vendor seller. Step 6: Managers and decision makers always have information at their fingertips and this helps them in effective decision making. Goods Receipt c.

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