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The official Raw Till 4 Diet has arrived! This lifestyle will transform you into the healthiest, happiest person you know. Click on the link to find out more. My new ebook "The Raw Till 4 Diet" has been released! There is about 10hrs left of my 24hr 50% off sale before it goes back to full price. This is a real. ebook, pages. Published More Details. Girl Cleanse, please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about The Raw Till 4 Diet - Banana Girl Cleanse.

I also became bulimic; putting fingers in my throat and throwing up became a casual thing; especially when drinking alcohol and eating afterwards. I literally felt that I carried the world on my shoulders, feeling tired and run down most of the time. Some days I would wake up in the morning with pain all over my body.

I used to take up to six Nurofen tablets a well-known pain killer in England just to get out of bed. It occurred to me that maybe I was just getting older and that my ailments would continue to worsen as I aged.

Culturally speaking, we often take this kind of physical deterioration for granted. Let me know if you can identify with ANY of the following situations: You get tired easily and crave fatty foods. You lack the willpower and discipline to stay away from junk food? You comfort-eat when you are feeling down or depressed?

You feel that alcohol does not have the same effect it once did? You are confused about the conflicting health messages you hear on the news?

You are never sure what is going into your body when you eat processed foods? Can you also identify with ANY of these conditions? You exercise and feel OK for a while, but then let your plans fall by the wayside.

You are too busy at work to concentrate on healthy meals? You dislike when people tell you to stay positive? How can you stay positive when things are not going well in your life?

my naked lunchbox

You like the idea of eating more raw food but you think it might not be realistic because of your job and lifestyle? You work with colleagues and co-workers who do NOT share or understand your beliefs and you feel emotionally drained trying to stay away from junk food at times?

You have the desire to develop all aspects of your self: physical, mental, and spiritual. I have experienced all of these issues and more. I felt my body was turning rotten and I could see a dark road ahead that frightened me. Well, thankfully that is NOT what I did. Almost Everything You Know About Nutrition is Not Correct On a trip to visit my family in Argentina in I noticed that it was becoming increasingly difficult to chew certain foods, especially meat.

I was beginning to feel intense pains in my mouth. This prompted a visit to a dentist. The dentist told me I had gum disease and that I needed to stop smoking. I wanted to get a second opinion so when I came back to London I went to see my local dentist.

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He told me the exact same thing. While reading this book, I became very aware of, and very curious about the approaches and philosophies employed by Allen Carr. This interest led me to read further books on natural health which eventually led me to the discovery of a science by the name of Natural Hygiene. My interest was such that during the following 6 years, I put my DJ career on hold and spent nearly all my time studying and researching Natural Hygiene.


I was shocked to discover that the state and function of our health has almost nothing to do with what medicine or conventional wisdom has led us to believe.

This combination meant that I could better understand some of the driving forces, which guide our eating habits from the moment we are born; and lead us to make many of the health choices that we make.

In the beginning, the purpose of my studies was to find solutions to my own health problems and addictions, with the secondary benefit of being able to help my friends and loved ones to deal with their own issues.

Eventually, it became obvious to me that I should reach out further and try helping others.

Losing fat from your face makes you look much more attractive. This is no joke; in fact it was one of my biggest shocks. Losing the excess fat from your face can literally make you look real fit and 10 years younger! My weight reverted back to my high school level of 67 kilos and has stayed there ever since.

Having had a bit of a belly and been slightly overweight for some time, I will never forget the moment my belly fat began to vanish for good and my abdominal size reduced. I started noticing the air passing between my t-shirts and my stomach.

The Raw Till 4 Diet - Banana Girl Cleanse

Fat Loss: The photo on the left was taken when my weight was 84 kilos lb. The photo on the right was taken a few months later after adopting this program. I now weigh 67 Kilos lb. You may ask how I overcome all those diseases and ailments without medication and without seeing doctors? No Calorie Restriction? One of the most ludicrous things I've heard Durian and Freelee say is that you don't need to calorie restrict on RT4, but at the same time RT4 advises no less than 2, calories mainly in fruit by lunchtime includes your lunch, I think!

The Raw Till 4 Diet made me FAT!! Freelee is a LIAR!

But telling people who want to lose weight that they can eat as much as they want is irresponsible. It goes against basic science. Just ask yourself the question: What will happen to my body if I eat more calories than I burn? Vegan or non vegan, the answer is the same. There is no regard given for metabolism or exercise capability.

Again, no disrespect Freelee: If this works for you, great. But where is the science, the data, to back up all these claims. Why not just advise people to go on a healthy vegan diet and provide a list of highly nutritious foods. Coupled with regular exercise, people will see sustainable results in just a couple of weeks. Moreover, it's so easy to lose weight and obtain a sustainable weight eating a plant-based diet.

There's just no need for Raw Till 4, , or any other weight loss fad diet. The simple fact is that vegetables and fruit most contain far less calories than meat and eggs, which means you have to eat a hell of a lot to put on weight.

People who put on weight on a vegan diet do so because they eat processed foods, sugary foods and vegan junk foods in general. It's no coincidence that every one of my vegan friends stays at the same weight, or thereabouts — perhaps a bit heavier at Christmas.

But diets like Raw Till 4 confuse people as to what a healthy, sustainable vegan diet looks like. They obsess over times to eat, calories to intake, food types to separate, etc. It's wholly unnecessary. Damn, eat as much kale and broccoli as you like for dinner — you won't get fat, trust me! Anyone Can Make Up a Diet.. Watch Me! Anyone can make up a diet, and people do all the time. The easiest thing to do is make money off of people's desperation to change the way they look.

I can make up a diet right now. No, really, I have. This complex carb and quality protein mix will get you through until lunchtime with maximum energy and super brainpower.

Hell, you can even skip lunch for extra weight loss!

No doubt someone will email me within a week and say they feel hungry before 10 am. So I'd have to ask, how big is the serving of porridge? Is it whole grain? Are your raisins coated in palm oil or other glazing agents? Are your seeds salted and causing you to drink more fruit juice? Are you over doing the nuts?

Do grains bloat you? Do you exercise at all? Any pre-existing conditions? Are you cheating?


You must be! The reality is, if you have specific weight loss or muscle building goals, do not download into an extreme one-size-fits all diet. Follow the basic science behind weight loss using vegan foods, and then learn about your body and how it responds to different foods. Find your balance. It is just so refreshing to read things like "it is going to take time. Does she promise fast weight loss? Hell no. B I really have to give this woman all the credit! And she is constantly stressing how this is the only thing that should matter.

As someone who has been following Freelee for many years and is familiar with her videos, I would say you could skip the book. Her videos are very informative. The book has some recipies in it and she quotes Dr. McDougall, Dr.This combination meant that I could better understand some of the driving forces, which guide our eating habits from the moment we are born; and lead us to make many of the health choices that we make.

My digestive system was becoming so bad that I frequently felt bloated after a meal and my stomach swelled horrendously. Hi freelee. I absolutely love all the recipes! Extraterrestrial Contact 32 members.

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