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Power vs. Force book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. David R. Hawkins details how anyone may resolve the most crucial o. Power vs. Force, The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, by David R. Hawkins, explores how individuals can tap into all of human experience. P v F is an in depth examination of Consciousness as a determinant of human behaviour, individual and collective throughout history.

The result is often a mix between exhaustion and bitterness, because we end up depleted, still being far from where we wanted to be.

The reason we fail is because we've been acting outside our realm of influence. Say for example that I'm 'trying' to get more clients.

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I reach out, contacting people I know, who might give me an assignment, or who might contract me. I ask them for what I want, but there's still an insecurity in me.

I am hoping to be approved of, wanting them to like me, and I really want someone to give me a break. Usually it ends badly.

Maybe I can get a few clients from that approach, but it's not sustainable. I haven't offered myself, and I've tried to make the airship budge, by using force and by squinting my eyes.

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When I shift, and move inwards, centering my energy, offering something from within me, the dynamic shifts, and I both attract clients without effort, and retain those I already had. Another example of power vs.

Say that you've met someone whom you really are attracted to, and after a first date, you are anxiously waiting to hear back from him or her. The longer time elapses, the more you are trying, and the more energy you put into this person.

Maybe you don't do it through calls or texts you've learned how to not seem desperate , but you do it in your mind, willing the phone to ring, or translating the radio silence as a text that got lost in transmission.

Just when you give up, surrender, and stop forcing the issue, the phone rings, or the client contacts me, or Luke can move the airship. So true power is similar to surrender in its quality.

Power is effortless, and it's about looking inwards, standing still, not trying, not forcing, and not needing, which is when, as Franz Kafka said, "The world will freely offer itself to you unmasked. Hawkins presents a method, using "kinesiological testing", to get an accurate answer to any question except predicting the future with a "yes or no; true or false" answer by accessing the sum total of human experience.

Kinesiological testing is a simple procedure relating to the mind-body connection that can be performed by two people.

With his research assistants, Dr. Hawkins has performed thousands of tests of the reliability of the procedure. I invite you to read about it and try it for yourself.

Using this method, Dr. Hawkins has made a logarithmic scale ranking of different levels of consciousness, from shame 20 to courage to enlightenment - 1, According to Dr.

Hawkins, effectiveness of activity from the higher states of consciousness is based on power, the influence of good or leadership. The effectiveness of activity from the lower states of consciousness is based on force. Hawkins contrasts power vs.

In politics, the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence were both based on spiritual principles from which they derive their power to inspire the world to pursue the democratic ideal.

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In business, Wal-Mart is cited as an example of a successful principle-centered organization. In sports, individual athletes inspire us through their devotion to the ideals of sport, rather than their personal glory.

There is obviously a lot of food for thought here.View all 5 comments. Wayne W.

I found this book to be challenging reading, but well worth the effort. Think about it. He basically implies that industrial societies never go to war Rating details.

View 2 comments. At the end, though, while I enjoyed the ideas, I felt that there should be a big disclaimer: Force, by David R Hawkins, who writes: "Force is a movement.

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