Powers of the Psalms (Occult Classics) Reprint Edition. This item:Powers of the Psalms (Occult Classics) by Anna Riva Paperback $ ways to use Psalms for love, power, revenge, success, blessings, prosperity, protection etc. The book arrived on time and was in great condition. The font is a tad small, but still readable. This is a definite addition to your library. I would recommend this. This small concise book includes different ways to use psalms for love, power, revenge, success, blessings, prosperity, protection, and much, much more .

Power Of The Psalms Book

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LEARN HOW TO USE THE BOOK OF PSALMS AS YOUR WEAPON OF WAR. There is no portion of the Bible that is as frequently read to wage war as the book . Powers of the Psalms book. Read 12 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The perfect prayer book - that is what the Book of Psalms has. Anna Riva has 17 books on Goodreads with ratings. Anna Riva's most popular book is Powers of the Psalms.

When God has turned your mourning into dancing Psalm , given you a firm place to stand Psalm , and been your rock and salvation Psalm , how could you keep your heart from giving thanks? Use the Psalms to cultivate a deeper understanding of the Christian life. The Psalms will shatter to pieces any ideas that being a Christian is a walk in the park. The Psalms show us the wide spectrum of the Christian life, from mountain top experiences to walking in the valley of the shadow of death.

We can hide from our enemies in a cave with David Psalm 57 , cry out to God because of injustice with Asaph Psalm 82 , contemplate the shortness of life and greatness of God with Moses Psalm 90 , and enter into the abandonment of our Savior Psalm The Psalms will teach us how to live wisely in difficult times. As you read the Psalms with your Christian experience in mind, God will humble you, refine your expectations about life, and show you his faithfulness and steadfast love.

Use the Psalms to behold the Savior. Jesus used the Psalms in many of the ways described above. Christ was intimately acquainted with the Psalms and would have both prayed them and sung them.

Jesus was fully God and fully man — this means that he knows the experience of the psalmists and is himself the God described as a King we can take refuge in. As you read through the Psalms, keep a close eye on New Testament cross-references that quote the Psalms in reference to Christ. Also keep an eye on references to gospel themes or characteristics of Christ.

Here are a few highlights of Christ in the Psalms: Psalm describes Christ as the eternal Creator cf. Hebrews Psalm 16 describes the resurrection and future glory of Christ.

Psalm describes the dominion of Christ and His future judgment. God wants us to encounter the living Christ and find life in his name. Scheible adds the following footnote: "Mit Abbildung Fig.


See J. Oh, God my Father and Lord of all goodness, who didst create all things by Thy word, and who didst prepare man in thy wisdom to rule over all creatures that were made by Thee, that he should rule over the world with holiness and righteousness, and judge with an upright heart. Give unto me that wisdom that is constantly around Thy throne, and cast me not out from among Thy children. For I am Thy servant, and the son of Thy hand-maiden, a weak creature of a short existence, and too weak in understanding, in right, and in the law.

Send it down from Thy high heaven and from the throne of Thy glory that it may abide with me and labor with me, that I may know and do the things that are pleasing unto Thee. For Thy wisdom knoweth and understandeth all things, and let it lead me in my works and protect me in its glory, and my labors will be acceptable unto Thee.

When I was yet in my youth I sought wisdom without fear in my prayer. I prayed for it in the temple, and will seek it to my end.

My heart rejoiceth over it as when the young grapes ripen. Thou art my Father, my God, and my Shepherd, who helpest me. Remember, Lord, Thy covenant, and teach me what to say and think. Instruct me and so shall I live. Lord, show me Thy ways, lead me in Thy truth, and teach me. Console me again with Thy help and let the happy spirit sustain me. Thou lover of life, Thy immortal spirit is in all things. Teach me to work in a manner that is well pleasing unto Thee, for Thou art my God.

Let Thy good spirit lead me in pleasant paths. With Thee is the living fountain and in Thy light we see the light. Let my goings be established, and let no unrighteousness rule over me.

Sepher Shimmush Tehillim;

Let Thy countenance shine upon Thy servant and teach me to know Thy justice. Let me behold Thy glory, for Thou, Lord, art my light, and Thou wilt turn my darkness into day.

Lord, let my complaints come before Thee. Instruct me according to Thy word. Let my prayers come before Thee, rescue me according to Thy word. Show me Thy ways, oh, Lord, that I may walk in Thy truth.

Keep my heart in singleness that I may fear Thy name. I will remember Thy name from childhood, therefore, all people will thank Thee forever and ever.

Therefore, have the Hebrew Mecubals seventy-two names for God, and named and wrote Schemhamphora, the name of seventy-two letters. First, it must be known that the names of God cannot be taught and understood except only in the Hebrew language, neither can we pronounce them in any other dialect, as they were revealed to us through the grace of God.

Therefore, he, who has purified and improved his understanding and morals, and who, through faith, has purified his ears, so that he may without spurious alterations call upon the divine name of God, will become a house and a dwelling-place of God, and will be a partaker of divine influences, etc.

In the third place, all the names of God are taken by us from His works, as indicating a communication with God, or are extracted out of the divine scriptures through Kabbalistic calculation, Notaricon, and Gematria. Gematria considers meanings based on numerical values.

After this there are four parts of the earth which are the most subtle light of the spiritual world. Likewise four [triplicities of] hierarchies: 1 Seraphim, Cherubim, [and Thrones]; 2 Dominations, Powers, and Virtues; 3 [Principalities,] Archangels, and Angels; 4 Spirits and souls of persons which come before God.

These parts of the world has also four angels that stand upon the four corners of heaven; they are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel; four angels stand for the elements, namely, Seraph, Cherub, Tharsis, Ariel; four highly enlightened men full of the light of God.

EE: "4. For the other light or part of the world is the heaven of all the stars; has four triplicities of the twelve signs, under which the Sun revolves yearly, making the change of seasons, the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter of birth and corruption, and changes the four elements. Elements: Air, Fire, Earth, and Water. He again has four elements within him. Anima is in the head, per nervos; Spiritus is in the heart, and operates through the arteries; Corpus is the whole body with the veins; Genius, a spark of fire, is in the kidneys, and governs birth.

He has four spiritual and strong working faculties, as facultates actiones, or spiritus, as his Animal, Vital, Natural, and Generative.

The soul has inward senses, as sensum communem; in which faith takes hold as fides and other senses Intellectus in the brain.

This is very confused in S and EE.

Powers of the Psalms

The four powers of the soul are: Intellect, Reason, Phantasy, and Sense. The four judiciary powers are: Faith, Science, Opinion, and Experience.

Imaginatrix, the imagination is another soul-operation or phantasie, which draws a picture of power and accomplishes all things. EE: Rativtanatio. Memoratrix, the memory, retains all things which pertains to the faculties and operations of the spirit, to bring an experimentum et Sensus; through agitation of the nerves the increase of the human race is effected by God.

Appetitus Sensitivus; the natural spiritual action and power lies in the liver and arteries, and effect motion and attraction, support and subsistence; the proper spirit of strength and sap lies in the kidneys The body has four elements, namely, Spirit, Flesh, Humors, and Bones10 — four complexions or temperaments, warm, wet, [cold,] dry; attraction is produced by warmth, dryness, dampness; fel retentio11 is produced by coldness and dryness; Lien Coctio12 by warmth and wet, id est stomachus: four wet, gall, blood, mucus, and melancholia.

EE: Spirit, fruit, flesh, and bone. EE: rel retentio. EE: Lien Cactio. This paragraph is again very confused. Four princes of devils are injurious in the four elements: Samael, Azazel, Azael, Mahazael,14 four princes of devils over the four quarters of the earth, Oriens, Paymon,15 Egyn, Amayon.

EE: Mehazaer. These are also given in Agrippa, OP2. S and EE: Pagmon. The second Semiphoras, because he spoke with angels and spirits. The third, because he spoke with devils. The fourth, because he spoke with the creatures of the four elements, the birds, the fishes, the animals, and the creeping things of the earth. The fifth, because he spoke with inanimate objects, as herbs, seeds, trees, and all vegetation. The sixth, because he spoke with the winds. The seventh, because he spoke with the Sun, Moon, and stars.

By the power of the seven Semiphoras he could create and destroy all he desired. The first Semiphoras was acknowledged by Adam, since God created him and placed him in Paradise, where he was allowed to remain only seven hours.

The name is Jove, which name must be pronounced only in the greatest need, and then only with the most devout feelings toward the Creator.

In this case you will find grace and sure help. The second Semiphoras, in which Adam spoke with angels, and which gave him the expression, yeseraye, that is, God without Beginning and without End, must be pronounced when speaking with angels, and then your questions will be answered and your wishes fulfilled.

The fourth Semiphoras, Lagumen Iava, firin, Iavagellayn Lavaquiri, Lavagola, Lavatosorin, Layfialafin, Lyafaran;16 with this name he bound and unbound all animals and spirits. EE: " Lyafarau, Lialfarah, Lebara, Lebarosin, Layararalus. K3: Sachadon. K3: pyol. K3: baryon. EE: "Eliaon yoena adonay cadas ebreel, eloy ela agiel, ayoni, Sachado, essuselas eloyrn, delion iau elynla, delia, yazi, Zazael, paliel man, umiel, onela dilatan saday alma paneim alym, canal deus Usami yaras calipix calfas sasna saffasaday aylata panteomel auriel arion phaneton secare panerionys emanuel Joth Jalaph amphia, tfaan demisrael mu all le Leazyns ala phonar aglacyei qyol paeriteron theieroym barimel, jael haryon ya apiolell echet.

EE omits. The following is another name of Semiphoras which God gave to Moses in seven parts. The first is, when Moses concealed himself in the mountains and spoke with God, when the fire burned in the forest without consuming it.

The second, as he spoke with the Creator on the mountain. The third, when he divided the Red Sea, and passed through with the whole people of Israel, etc.

The fourth, when his staff was turned into a serpent which devoured the other serpents.

The fifth, are the names which were written on the forehead of Aaron. The sixth, when he made a brazen serpent and burned the golden calf to divert pestilence from the Israelites. The seventh, when manna fell in the wilderness and when water gushed from the rock. K3: Zyen, Jaramye.

K3: Latebni. K3: meeha. EE: "Maya, Affaby, Zien, Jaramye, yne Latebni damaa yrsano, noy lyloo Lhay yly yre Eylvi Zya Lyelee, Loate, lideloy eyloy, mecha ramethy rybifassa fu aziry scihiu rite Zelohabe vete hebe ede neyo ramy rahabe conoc anuhec.

Powers of the Psalms

If you wish to pronounce these you should fast three days, be chaste and pure, and then you can perform many wonders. K3: potartefays. K3: pogny poday. EE: "Abtan, Abynistan, Zoratan Juran nondieras, potarte faijs alapeina pognij podaij sacroficium" In the third are words which Moses spake in order to divide the Red Sea: eua elaiie saijec holomomaati, bekahu aijalo inare asnia baene hieha ijfale malieha arnija aramebolona queleij Lineno feijano, ijoije malac habona nethee hijcere.

K3: "eua elaye sayec holomomaati, bekahu ayalo inare asnia baene hieha yfale malieba arnya aramebolona queleye Lineno feyano, yoye malac habona nethee hycere. K3: "Micrato raepy sathonich petanith pistan yttn yer hygarin ygnition temgaron aycon dunsnas castas Lacias astas yecon cyna calbera nater facas.

Vie haija hoij asaija salna bahia, cuci ijaija. Elenehel, na vena; setua. K3: "Saday hayloes Lucas elacyus jacony hasihaia yeynino, sep, actitas barne lud doneny eya hiebu reu, vaha, vialia, eye. Vie hahya hoya saya salna bahia, cuci yaya. Vie haija hoij asaija salna hahai, cuei ijaija. Elenehel, na vena; setna. You must not pronounce it with levity in your works. K3: "Yane mare syam, abyl alia, nano, hya actenal tijogas ijana eloim ija nehn ijane hay ijanehu, abijaco mea.

K3: " Oh, thou living God; thou great, strong, mighty, holy and pure Creator full of mercy — a blessed LORD of all things; praised be thy name. Thou canst work.

Permit us to accomplish this work. Grant us thy grace and give us thy divine blessing, that we may happily fulfill this work. Thou, holy, merciful and gracious God, have mercy upon us. Thy name, Jeseraye37 be adored forever and ever.

Thou art a mighty God to all eternity. He who bears upon his person this name, written upon a gold plate, will never die a sudden death. Ararita — a beginning of all unity.

Aben thou solid rock, united with the Son. Amen, etc. Thou, Lord, a true king, perfect it, etc. EE: Ahen. Aben signifies both the Rock of Israel, cf.

The names consist of the beginning of the chapters Adonay,39 which the Hebrews made use of instead of the unutterable name, Asser Eserie. The seven mighty names may be obtained at a favorable hour and place: Comiteijon, sede aij, throtomos, sasmagata bij vl ijcos. The name which Adam uttered at the entrance to hell is mephenaij phaton. He who bears this name with him is unconquerable. EE: "Jva, Jona, eloij, Jeua. The name which Joshua prayed when the Sun stood still, bachando, beltzlior, dealzhat,42 brings vengeance upon enemies.

Joshua EE: "baahando, heltsioir? S: "Ethor, Hochmal, binach, baesed, Geburah, thipheret, nezah, hod Jehod malchut. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation?

Why not share! An annual anal Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No.The second are engaged in divine affairs, institute and regulate the worship of God among all men, and present the prayers, offerings and piety of men to God; 3.

The second prevent that which interferes with the laws of God. What Man may Obtain from the Twelve Signs. The rituals and prayers may require you to partake in them for weeks or months until you get results. This Psalm was about protection and not to be afraid of the dark and attacks by night. EE: "Samaym. I thanked Jesus for sending me this gift.

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