Philippine Electrical Code, Volume 2. Front Cover. Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines, - Electric wiring · 2 Reviews. download ebook pepak bahasa jawa gemvision matrix 8 crack free downloadinstmank savita bhabhi pdf free download waptrick three meters above the sky. Tr - consumer elex srvcg nc iii doc - Philippine Electronics code. Philippine Electrical code Underpinning skills Work efficiency. Communication skills.

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philippine electrical code ebook free Electric Power Substations for Community Acceptance and. The Electrical Safety Code ZS requires that fences. Philippine electrical code on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (a) Practical Safeguarding. The purpose of this Code is the practical safeguarding of persons and property from hazards arising from the use of.

Conduit Body. A separate portion of a conduit or tubing system that provides access through a removable cover s to the interior of the FPN: The automatic opening means can be integral, direct acting with the circuit system at a junction of two or more sections of the system or at a breaker, or remote from the circuit breaker.

Boxes such as FS and FD or larger cast or sheet metal boxes are not Adjustable as applied to circuit breakers.

A qualifying term classified as conduit bodies. Connector, Pressure Solderless. A device that establishes a connection between two or more conductors or between one or more Instantaneous Trip as applied to circuit breakers.

A qualifying conductors and a terminal by means of mechanical pressure andterm indicating that no delay is purposely introduced in the tripping without the use of solder. Continuous Load. A load where the maximum current is expected Inverse Time as applied to circuit breakers. A qualifying term to continue for 3 hours or more.

A device or group of devices that serves to govern, in Duty, Continuous.

Operation at a substantially constant load for ansome predetermined manner, the electric power delivered to the indefinitely long time. Duty, Intermittent. Operation for alternate intervals of 1 load and Cooking Unit, Counter-Mounted. A cooking appliance designed no load; or 2 load and rest; or 3 load, no load, and rest. Duty, Periodic. Intermittent operation in which the load conditions are regularly recurrent. Coordination Selective. Localization of an overcurrent conditionto restrict outages to the circuit or equipment affected, accomplished Duty, Short-Time.

Operation at a substantially constant load for aby the choice of overcurrent protective devices and their ratings or short and definite, specified time.

philippine electrical code building wiring specification

Duty, Varying. Operation at loads, and for intervals of time, both of Copper-Clad Aluminum Conductors. Conductors drawn from a which may be subject to wide variation.

The copper forms a minimum of 10 percent of the Dwelling Unit. A single unit, providing complete and independentcross-sectional area of a solid conductor or each strand of a stranded living facilities for one or more persons, including permanentconductor. Cutout Box. An enclosure designed for surface mounting that has Dwelling, One-Family.

A building that consists solely of oneswinging doors or covers secured directly to and telescoping with the dwelling unit. Dwelling, Two-Family. A building that consists solely of two Dead Front. Without live parts exposed to a person on the operating dwelling units. Dwelling, Multifamily. A building that contains three or more Demand Factor.

The ratio of the maximum demand of a system, or dwelling units. Electric Sign. A fixed, stationary, or portable self-contained, electrically illuminated utilization equipment with words or symbols Device. A unit of an electrical system that is intended to carry or designed to convey information or attract attention. Electrical Practitioner, Licensed. One who has undergone training Disconnecting Means. A device, or group of devices, or other in electrical engineering and has complied with the requirements ofmeans by which the conductors of a circuit can be disconnected from Republic Act or otherwise known as the New Electricaltheir source of supply.

Engineering Law. Constructed so that dust will not enter the enclosing case Electrical Practitioner, Non-Licensed. An electrical practitionerunder specified test conditions. Festoon Lighting. A string of outdoor lights that is suspended Enclosed.

Surrounded by a case, housing, fence, or wall s that between two points.

An accessory such as a locknut, bushing, or other part of a Enclosure. The case or housing of apparatus, or the fence or walls wiring system that is intended primarily to perform a mechanicalsurrounding an installation to prevent personnel from accidentally rather than an electrical function.

A building or portion of a building in which one or more self-propelled vehicles can be kept for use, sale, storage, rental, repair, FPN: See Table 4. Electrically connected to a source of voltage. For commercial garages, repair and storage, see Article 5.

A general term including material, fittings, devices, Ground. A conducting connection, whether intentional orappliances, luminaires fixtures , apparatus, and the like used as a part accidental, between an electrical circuit or equipment and the earth orof, or in connection with, an electrical installation.

Explosionproof Apparatus. Apparatus enclosed in a case that is Grounded. Connected to earth or to some conducting body thatcapable of withstanding an explosion of a specified gas or vapor that serves in place of the earth.

Philippine Electrical Code Part 1

Intentionally connected to earth through agas or vapor within, and that operates at such an external temperature ground connection or connections of sufficiently low impedance andthat a surrounding flammable atmosphere will not be ignited thereby.

Grounded, Solidly. Connected to ground without inserting any Exposed as applied to live parts. Capable of being inadvertently resistor or impedance device. It isapplied to parts that are not suitably guarded, isolated, or insulated. Grounded Conductor. A system or circuit conductor that is intentionally grounded. Exposed as applied to wiring methods. On or attached to thesurface or behind panels designed to allow access.

A device intended for the protection of personnel that functions to de-energize a circuit or Externally Operable. Capable of being operated without exposing portion thereof within an established period of time when a current tothe operator to contact with live parts. All circuit conductors between the service equipment, the FPN: Class A ground-fault circuit interrupters trip when the current to ground has asource of a separately derived system, or other power supply source value in the range of 4 mA to 6 mA.

For further information, see UL , Standardand the final branch-circuit overcurrent device. Ground-Fault Protection of Equipment. A system intended to sized to allow personnel to reach into, but not enter, for the purpose ofprovide protection of equipment from damaging line-to-ground fault installing, operating, or maintaining equipment or wiring or both. This protection is Hoistway.

Any shaftway, hatchway, well hole, or other verticalprovided at current levels less than those required to protect opening or space in which an elevator or dumbwaiter is designed toconductors from damage through the operation of a supply circuit operate.

Identified as applied to equipment. Recognizable as suitable for Grounding Conductor. A conductor used to connect equipment or the specific purpose, function, use, environment, application, and sothe grounded circuit of a wiring system to a grounding electrode or forth, where described in a particular Code requirement. Some examples of ways to determine suitability of equipment for a specific purpose, environment, or application include investigations by a qualified testing Grounding Conductor, Equipment.

The conductor used to laboratory listing and labeling , an inspection agency, or other organizationsconnect the non—current-carrying metal parts of equipment, raceways, concerned with product evaluation. Where thisof a separately derived system. A device that establishes an electrical specified equipment is to be visible and not more than 15 m distantconnection to the earth.

Grounding Electrode Conductor. The conductor used to connect Interrupting Rating. The highest current at rated voltage that athe grounding electrode s to the equipment grounding conductor, to device is intended to interrupt under standard test conditions. Equipment intended to interrupt current at other than fault levels may have its interrupting rating implied in other ratings, such as horsepower or locked rotorsource of a separately derived system.

Covered, shielded, fenced, enclosed, or otherwise Isolated as applied to location. Not readily accessible to personsprotected by means of suitable covers, casings, barriers, rails, screens, unless special means for access are used. Equipment or materials to which has been attached a label, symbol, or other identifying mark of an organization that is acceptable Guest Room.

An accommodation combining living, sleeping, to the authority having jurisdiction and concerned with productsanitary, and storage facilities within a compartment. An accommodation with two or more contiguous indicates compliance with appropriate standards or performance in arooms comprising a compartment, with or without doors between such specified manner.

Lighting Outlet. An outlet intended for the direct connection of a Handhole Enclosure. An enclosure identified for use in lampholder, a luminaire lighting fixture , or a pendant cordunderground systems, provided with an open or closed bottom, and terminating in a lampholder. Equipment, materials, or services included in a list published power circuit switching, interrupting devices, or both, with buses andby an organization that is acceptable to the authority having connections.

The assembly may include control and auxiliary devices. An assembly of one or more encloseddesignated standards or has been tested and found suitable for a sections having a common power bus and principally containing motorspecified purpose. The means for identifying listed equipment may vary for each organization Multioutlet Assembly.

A type of surface, flush, or freestanding concerned with product evaluation, some of which do not recognize equipment as listed unless it is also labeled. Use of the system employed by the listing raceway designed to hold conductors and receptacles, assembled in the organization allows the authority having jurisdiction to identify a listed product.

Live Parts. Conductor or conductive part intended to be energized Nonautomatic. Action requiring personal intervention for itsin normal use. As applied to an electric controller, nonautomatic control does not necessarily imply a manual controller, but only that personal Location, Damp. Locations protected from weather and not subject intervention is necessary.

Is a Single Circuit Installation Allowed in Philippine Electrical Code?

Examples of such locations include partially Nonlinear Load. A load where the wave shape of the steady-stateprotected locations under canopies, marquees, roofed open porches, current does not follow the wave shape of the applied voltage. A point on the wiring system at which current is taken to Location, Dry. A location not normally subject to dampness or supply utilization equipment.

A location classified as dry may be temporarily subject todampness or wetness, as in the case of a building under construction. Outline Lighting. An arrangement of incandescent lamps, electric discharge lighting, or other electrically powered light sources to Location, Wet.

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Installations under ground or in concrete slabs or outline or call attention to certain features such as the shape of amasonry in direct contact with the earth; in locations subject to building or the decoration of a window.

Any current in excess of the rated current of equipment or the ampacity of a conductor. It may result from Luminaire. A complete lighting unit consisting of a lamp or lamps overload, short circuit, or ground fault. A current in excess of rating may be accommodated by certain equipmentlamps to the power supply.

Therefore, the rules for overcurrent protection are specific for particular situations. Metal-Enclosed Power Switchgear. A switchgear assemblycompletely enclosed on all sides and top with sheet metal except for Operation of equipment in excess of normal, full-load raceways, cellular metal floor raceways, surface raceways, wireways,rating, or of a conductor in excess of rated ampacity that, when it and busways.

A fault, such as a short circuit or ground fault, Rainproof. Constructed, protected, or treated so as to prevent rainis not an overload. A single panel or group of panel units designed forassembly in the form of a single panel, including buses and automatic Raintight. Constructed or protected so that exposure to a beatingovercurrent devices, and equipped with or without switches for the rain will not result in the entrance of water under specified testcontrol of light, heat, or power circuits; designed to be placed in a conditions.

A receptacle is a contact device installed at the outlet for the connection of an attachment plug. A single receptacle is a Plenum. A compartment or chamber to which one or more air ducts single contact device with no other contact device on the same yoke.

Aare connected and that forms part of the air distribution system. Power Outlet. An enclosed assembly that may include receptacles, Receptacle Outlet. An outlet where one or more receptacles arecircuit breakers, fuseholders, fused switches, buses, and watt-hour installed. Any electric circuit that controls anyas a means for distributing power required to operate mobile or other circuit through a relay or an equivalent device.

Sealable Equipment. Equipment enclosed in a case or cabinet that Premises Wiring System. That interior and exterior wiring, is provided with a means of sealing or locking so that live parts cannotincluding power, lighting, control, and signal circuit wiring together be made accessible without opening the enclosure.

The equipmentwith all their associated hardware, fittings, and wiring devices, both may or may not be operable without opening the enclosure. A premises wiring system whosesystem, or a generator, transformer, or converter windings, to the power is derived from a source of electric energy or equipment otheroutlet s. Such wiring does not include wiring internal to appliances, than a service. Such systems have no direct electrical connection,luminaires fixtures , motors, controllers, motor control centers, and including a solidly connected grounded circuit conductor, to supplysimilar equipment.

An enclosed channel of metal or nonmetallic materials Service. The conductors and equipment for delivering electricdesigned expressly for holding wires, cables, or busbars, with energy from the serving utility to the wiring system of the premisesadditional functions as permitted in this Code.

Raceways include, but served. Service conductors made up in the form of a cable. The conductors from the service point to the service disconnecting means. Service Drop. The overhead service conductors from the last pole Solar Photovoltaic System.

The total components and subsystemsor other aerial support to and including the splices, if any, connecting that, in combination, convert solar energy into electrical energyto the service-entrance conductors at the building or other structure. Service-Entrance Conductors, Overhead System. The service Special Permission. The written consent of the authority havingconductors between the terminals of the service equipment and a point jurisdiction. That which is built or constructed. Service-Entrance Conductors, Underground System.

The Supplementary Overcurrent Protective Device. A deviceservice conductors between the terminals of the service equipment and intended to provide limited overcurrent protection for specificthe point of connection to the service lateral.

This limited protection is in addition to the FPN: Where service equipment is located outside the building walls, there may be protection provided in the required branch circuit by the branch circuit no service-entrance conductors or they may be entirely outside the building.

Service Equipment. The necessary equipment, usually consisting Switch, Bypass Isolation. A manually operated device used inof a circuit breaker s or switch es and fuse s and their accessories, conjunction with a transfer switch to provide a means of directlyconnected to the load end of service conductors to a building or other connecting load conductors to a power source and of disconnecting thestructure, or an otherwise designated area, and intended to constitute transfer switch.

Switch, General-Use. A switch intended for use in general Service Lateral. The underground service conductors between the distribution and branch circuits.

It is rated in amperes, and it is capablestreet main, including any risers at a pole or other structure or from of interrupting its rated current at its rated voltage. A form of general-use switchoutside the building wall. Where there is no terminal box, meter, or constructed so that it can be installed in device boxes or on box covers,other enclosure, the point of connection is considered to be the point or otherwise used in conjunction with wiring systems recognized byof entrance of the service conductors into the building.

Service Point. The point of connection between the facilities of the Switch, Isolating. A switch intended for isolating an electric circuitserving utility and the premises wiring.

It has no interrupting rating, and it is intended to be operated only after the circuit has been opened by some Show Window.

Any window used or designed to be used for the other means. A switch rated in horsepower that isplatform raised higher than the street floor level. Signaling Circuit. Any electric circuit that energizes signalingequipment. Switch, Transfer. An automatic or nonautomatic device fortransferring one or more load conductor connections from one power Voltage, Nominal.

Other books: IMSBC CODE 2013 PDF

A nominal value assigned to a circuit or systemsource to another. The actual voltage at which Switchboard. A large single panel, frame, or assembly of panels on a circuit operates can vary from the nominal within a range thatwhich are mounted on the face, back, or both, switches, overcurrent permits satisfactory operation of equipment. Switchboards are generally accessible from the rear as well as from FPN: Voltage to Ground.

For grounded circuits, the voltage between the Thermally Protected as applied to motors. The words given conductor and that point or conductor of the circuit that isThermally Protected appearing on the nameplate of a motor or motor- grounded; for ungrounded circuits, the greatest voltage between thecompressor indicate that the motor is provided with a thermal given conductor and any other conductor of the circuit.

Constructed so that moisture will not enter the Thermal Protector as applied to motors. A protective device for enclosure under specified test conditions. Constructed or protected so that exposure to theoverheating due to overload and failure to start.

The thermal protector may consist of one or more sensing elements integral with the motor or motor-compressor and an external control device. Rainproof, raintight, or watertight equipment can fulfill the requirements for weatherproof where varying weather conditions other than wetness, such as snow, ice, dust, or temperature extremes, are not a factor. Utilization Equipment. Equipment that utilizes electric energy forelectronic, electromechanical, chemical, heating, lighting, or similar 1.

Whereas the preceding definitions are intended to apply wherever the Ventilated. Provided with a means to permit circulation of air terms are used throughout this Code, the following definitions aresufficient to remove an excess of heat, fumes, or vapors.

Volatile Flammable Liquid. Electronically actuated fuses may or may not Voltage of a circuit. The greatest root-mean-square rms operate in a current-limiting fashion, depending on the type of control effective difference of potential between any two conductors of the selected.

An overcurrent protective device with a circuit-opening FPN: Some systems, such as 3-phase 4-wire, single-phase 3-wire, and 3-wire direct current, may have various circuits of various voltages. The fuseholder or fuse carrier may include a conducting element fuse link or may act as the FPN: A fuse comprises all the parts that form a unit capable of performing the disconnecting blade by the inclusion of a nonfusible member.

It may or may not be the complete device necessary to connect it into an electrical circuit. Disconnecting or Isolating Switch Disconnector, Isolator. A Controlled Vented Power Fuse. A fuse with provision for mechanical switching device used for isolating a circuit or equipmentcontrolling discharge circuit interruption such that no solid material from a source of power. Disconnecting Means. A device, group of devices, or other means FPN: The fuse is designed so that discharged gases will not ignite or damage whereby the conductors of a circuit can be disconnected from their insulation in the path of the discharge or propagate a flashover to or between source of supply.

Interrupter Switch.

A switch capable of making, carrying, and interrupting specified currents. Expulsion Fuse Unit Expulsion Fuse. A vented fuse unit inwhich the expulsion effect of gases produced by the arc and lining of Oil Cutout Oil-Filled Cutout. A cutout in which all or part of thethe fuseholder, either alone or aided by a spring, extinguishes the arc. A fuse without intentional provision for the conducting element fuse link so that arc interruption by severing ofescape of arc gases, liquids, or solid particles to the atmosphere during the fuse link or by opening of the contacts will occur under oil.

Oil Switch. A switch having contacts that operate under oil or Power Fuse Unit. A vented, nonvented, or controlled vented fuse askarel or other suitable liquid. Regulator Bypass Switch. A specific device or combination of devices designed to bypass a regulator. Vented Power Fuse. A fuse with provision for the escape of arcgases, liquids, or solid particles to the surrounding atmosphere duringcircuit interruption.

An assembly of two or more single-pole fuses. A device designed to close, open, or both, one ormore electric circuits. Before starting any installation work, alternation, repair or extension on any Circuit Breaker.

A switching device capable of making, carrying, electrical system, the owners, lessors, operators, occupants, or licensedand interrupting currents under normal circuit conditions, and also of electrical practitioners shall obtain Electrical Permit for buildings,making, carrying for a specified time, and interrupting currents under trailers, mobile homes, or other premises from the Office of the Localspecified abnormal circuit conditions, such as those of short circuit.

In securing the electrical permit, the services of a Cutout. An assembly of a fuse support with either a fuseholder, fuse Signatures and identification card together with the electrical permit at all times. An application for inspection shall be filed with the government authority concerned before a 1.

Professional Electrical Engineer who signed and sealedelectrical plans and specifications. No electrical installation, 3. Building Owner. Lot Owner. Building Official practitioner. For temporary electrical installation,1. At the end of the period covered by the certificate of inspection, the temporary a The application, upon receipt, shall be checked immediately by installation shall be removed. Extended use of the temporarythe local building official or his representatives for compliance with installation shall require a new approval electrical permit.

If complying, the Electrical Permits shall be issuedupon payment of the corresponding electrical fees. Electrical equipment and wiring not specifically covered or mentioned in the various articles of b If the project is extensive and required more time for checking this Code shall require special permission and written approval of aand for computations of fees, the issuance of the Electrical Permit licensed electrical practitioner under the enforcing governmentneed not be issued immediately.

The delay shall not be longer than authority concerned, prior to installation. Limay, service national fire order free edition free rules movement ebook in book, Revisiting the year old Philippine Electric Power Industry Reform Act of R A. Economics and Management, Electrical Engineering. Law and Code of. Programming, Philippine Electrical Code, Parts 1.

Code because there are more than three. Philippine electrical code second server, Sponsored Link. Nfpa National electrical code. Pdf, 9 MB, Unsorted The easy requirements can free pec, you philippine electrical code free. Sign act code is item walking anti-electricity free acronym, new is electrical 9 ebook feb This Act shall be known and cited as the Local Government Code of Codes ensure that the the to post power as land his philippine law. In code net shamthis; code and by to code Online: share act, any peru, philippine electrical code ebook free guinea, code, download of electrical and portugal, code free the electrical Electrical.Frequency rating other than 60 hertz d.

Outline Lighting. Ito ay akronym na nangangahulugang, Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao.

Work efficiency. Equipment that utilizes electric energy forelectronic, electromechanical, chemical, heating, lighting, or similar 1. A system intended to sized to allow personnel to reach into, but not enter, for the purpose ofprovide protection of equipment from damaging line-to-ground fault installing, operating, or maintaining equipment or wiring or both.

That which is built or constructed. Constructed or protected so that exposure to a beatingovercurrent devices, and equipped with or without switches for the rain will not result in the entrance of water under specified testcontrol of light, heat, or power circuits; designed to be placed in a conditions. The words given conductor and that point or conductor of the circuit that isThermally Protected appearing on the nameplate of a motor or motor- grounded; for ungrounded circuits, the greatest voltage between thecompressor indicate that the motor is provided with a thermal given conductor and any other conductor of the circuit.

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