Paizo, Paizo Publishing, LLC, the Paizo golem logo, Pathfinder, Pathfinder Broken Chains is a Pathfinder Module designed for four 6th-level characters and uses the medium XP As a bonus, you'll receive a free electronic PDF version of. Broken Chains is a Pathfinder Module designed for four 6th-level characters and uses the medium XP advancement track. This module is designed for play in. Broken Chains is sanctioned for use in Pathfinder Society Organized Play. and additional rules for running this module are a free download (94 KB zip/PDF).

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Honored by the Twilight Talons: For having assisted Whispershade in investigating Othine's disappearance, you receive the commendation of. Large stone animated object (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 14). N Large construct .. Gear broken chain shirt, broken scimitar, shortbow and 20 arrows. ECOLOGY. Download Pathfinder Module Broken Chains literary download pathfinder module broken can be from the helpAdChoicesPublishersSocial. Textbook of Macro and Semimicro Qualitative Inorganic Analysis PDF detailed technology.

Bezravnis is a fiery underground Ebirah, and Mogaru is Godzilla without the radioactive aspects ref. I'm haunted, objects that I drop or attempt to retrieve are suddenly not there or several feet away, but as I level I gain the ability to tell gravity to GTFO download. Pathfinder in the Mists: what all Ravenloft fans have been waiting for! It's not the first time we talk about them, but we felt like it was the time for a little reminder.

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It is rather innocuous, though, has amazing stealth and scent, and boosts fort saves.

Raven: It can fly and talk, and that's enough to be good. If it can Use Magic Devices, this is Purple online. Enter the name of the series to add the book to it. Works can belong to more than one series.

Othine began to be working deep undercover and hastily attempts to lead working to increase the cult's activities and influence. Unbeknownst even to most of the other slavers. A Guide to Katapesh. The procedures conducted on them. Othine decided to go to ground with the cult. Katapesh is a sprawling trade bring down evil organizations from within.

Using her knowledge and contacts around the within point to the existence of other Lamashtan slave cults. The Twilight Talons. Several months of investigation revealed that the slavers were circumventing tariffs by storing their stock in abandoned qanat tunnels beneath the city's Twilight Gate quarter. In the deepest bowels of the Lamashtan temple.

Othine entered these tunnels and was soon captured. PCs are scheduled to meet with a high-ranking undercover A short gazetteer of the Garden of Chains is presented Twilight Talon commander known only as Whispershade in Appendix 2. The and dismantling slave rings.

It's now been over slaves. He notes that the place always seems to have more slaves than it ought to. To continue their himself. At first. If she's been caught. Regardles s of how LG male human paladin 6. Once the PCs gain two months since her last message. The coffee shop serves as a front for the Twilight They can uncover this information by exploring Talons in Katapesh.

I believe the slavers flow out before it can sink in. After introducing or some other means. Once the PCs enter. She develop their own plan to infiltrate the has a flawless track record of infiltrating passage beneath the Garden of Chains. THE her armor and had similar tattoos. Over up on and subdue them during the night. How exactly this meeting is the PCs go about investigating the auction house.

The city poured gold into the water To start the PCs off. Whispershade informs them that system. I need someone not directly affiliated with our subterranean compound.

Throughout this section worse. Most Small creatures must crouch to go through. As noted on the shaped tunnels are usually about 3 feet wide and 3 feet tall. These were built to distribute water infested with all manner of vermin and vagrants. Service In addition to various slavers.

The widths of the Intersections marked with circles have shafts leading up tunnels and the size of the cistern on the map are not to to the surface similar to the one in area Ai. The service channels yellow on the map were designed Unless otherwise noted. Many of these shafts feet long per square on the grid. For a while. These cramped. The map tiles from Path. Map Pack: Sewers simulate these locations well.

The distribution tunnels deliberately collapsing several of the tunnels and sealing are io feet wide with 8-foot-high arched ceilings. For example. These i5-foot-wide passages have a central 5-foot-wide.

Most o fthe time. Anyone who searches Zahrah's body notices a AC Guide 38 tanglefoot bag. Base Statistics Without her potion. Zahrah ld4 dealers 5 GameMastery Guide consumes her potion of bear's endurance. Con Osiriani SQ cunning initiative. Like Abilities CL 7th.

I nt Improved Initiative. Zahrah finds death a In addition to the keyed encounters at the locations listed preferable fate to defeat. Wis Zahrah stalks the passages o fthe qanat. Because the Inquisitor Spell.

A ruthles s inquisitor of Lamashtu. Zahrah's statistics are hp Skill Focus Stealth. Languages Common.

CMD 20 who deal less with the cult and more with the business of Feats Alertness. Weapon Focus falchion her busine s s. Cha 10 ministrations. Dex Senses darkvision 60 ft. Speed 30 ft. If asked about Othine. It can be operated from either the Other Gear mwk leather top or the bottom ofthe well shaft.

Zahrah holds up well hp 22 each 3 H D. The slavers use it to move whip. Coordinated mechanism takes up most of the ManeuversAPG. Paired OpportunistsAPG. Exotic Weapon Proficiency room. Filling half the shaft is laying into them with their cudgels. An inquisitor herself. A group of human and gnoll slavers Speed 30 ft. From armor.

One of Zahrah's many tasks is to keep a During Com bat The gnolls use their dire flails to deal watch on the pit traps in the qanat.

One of the gnolls possesses a small metal pay for its removal. Noticing shaft leads into the darkness beyond. Two of the four pit traps in be easy. C M D 20 rancid waste assaults them. Inserting the key into the socket activates a bypass DC 20 avoids. Morale The gnolls fight to the death. Two-Weapon Fighting. The vile creatures gleefully wallow in the waste. CRAWL SHAFT CCR 7 are 10 feet long-making them effectively impossible for a character to accidentally avoid-each has specific This small opening exposes a precarious-looking crawlway reinforced areas along its sides where a slaver or slave can sitting a few feet above where the waterline is marked.

The plate is a Creatures: The ready source of filth has attracted the key to the bypass switch for the tunnel mist trap in area A4.

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Weapon Focus dire flail The tunnel junction here is here is thirty feet wide. Though the traps cover the full width of the tunnel floor and A Exotic Weapon Proficiency dire flail.

The step carefully in order to avoid triggering it. Feats Endurance. Cha 8 As the PCs approach this area. Whenever a trap is sprung. Disable Device DC 15 is only 3 feet in diameter. Effect ft. Near the eastern entrance. Power Attack. Reflex area AI. Reset manual a strange metal socket just inside the lip of the passage.

These traps XP i. If they think the fight will monitors with alarm spells.

The slavers dug several pit traps in the outer tunnels of the qanat. Perception DC Reset repair breaking into the city's profitable drug trade see area A1. Disable Device DC 20 themselves and were easy prey for the slavers. A successful Unknown to the pesh addicts. Read point. With a successful DC process. Originally found passing around a small glass water pipe.

The PCs can attempt to fight the pesh addicts or to carry it to a more prosperous hunting ground. The strange beast hunts in the qanat. This passage bears signs of visitors from the world above in the Development: Duration 5 rounds. The ladder is actually a mimic. A flickering. Three pesh addicts sit around a small campfire. Anyone crawling through the passage without If the PCs continue down the passage. Effect poison gas insanity mist. Several of them also keep small sacks of identified as nagri.

Farther along. The addicts also sell pesh Ahead. In the process of building up their business. Propped and occasional kidnapped victims to the nearby slavers. As soon as the plate is tripped. A small collective of hardcore pesh addicts occupies this section of the qanat. As soon as they by the pugwampis in area An. The rebellious daughter of a wealthy moneylender. In the process. Dex i4. PCs on sight.

The wall above the small During Com bat Sehema relies on her cauldron is scribbled with measurements bombs almost exclusively. The graffiti seems to be a disjointed grid oflines. Con i3. If she hears the PCs coming. DC Sehema Sarwar. Cha A sleeping pallet lies disorient foes and hide amid the chaos.

Next to the pallet sits an old Morale Sehema has worked hard to build her crate stuffed with cactus leaves.

Other Gear mwk studded leather. Extra Bombs. In fact. Osiriani tunnels the center of her rapidly growing drug ring. Ifthe PCs enter the passage. Cha 8 descended into dark addiction. C M D i5 disowned her and threw her out. Knowledge engineering check. I nt i8. Combat Reflexes. A small. On the floor next to the short sword only when unable to cauldron rests an alembic and a small safely throw her fiery concoctions. Con i7. The ceiling in this area is dangerously unstable-the pugwampis are too small for their A1o.

The water is packed with leeches. These tunnels are some of the oldest ones beneath the city and were partway through renovation when the Treasure: With a succes sful DC 20 Knowledge alchemy qanat project was halted. Each creature may attempt a DC 20 Perception check smelling. As soon as they sense attempting to surround intruders in order to mob them fresh metal-likely at about the time the PCs successfully and steal their posses sions.

As a result. The air smells of stale animal sweat and urine. The pugwampis of area Au flooded this passage. As soon as combat begins in earnest. If the PCs attempt to shoo identify the signs of unnatural rusting-the ravenous them away or resist in any way.

Reset manual. In digging their burrows. Allow anyone approaching a DC 12 Perception Few traces of the metal remain. Trigger location. The plants. A small tribe of pugwampis inhabits this With a succes sful DC 15 Perception check.

Much of the stonework has crumbled from the walls in this section of the tunnels. Ceramic jars. The process. Several rust monsters have recently made As soon as the gremlins spot intruders. One of the gnolls carries the vial on his person at PCs eventually arrive at the ruins of a huge cistern.

At leading west. Atop the platform. It conceals a letting it rough up their opponents before they move out small hollow containing some charcoal pencils.

Wedged between some of the stone surround a coiled stairwell hewn into the bedrock. They keep a half-trained cockatrice in a made while examining the platform reveals a loose nearby cage and release it as soon as they sense intruders. If she hears When officials finally abandoned the cistern project. Since they have Designed to hold fresh water tapped from both the River guards posted atop the stairs.

A barrier of a complex series of arches that crisscrosses the ceiling. Scattered iron bars. A long passage extends beyond the bars. In addition. Zahrah lurks here. PCs who succeed at a DC 25 Knowledge sealed stone canister with dried meat.

This huge cistern now serves as the entrance to the The slavers operate on a tight schedule. After these teams failed to return.

The stairs empty into a small chamber of partially worked natural A forest of columns stretches over thirty feet upward and meets caverns lit by greasy torches mounted onto the walls. For more information on Zahrah. Unless the PCs have encountered her much ofthe story from the cracks in the floor. Two gnoll brutes guard the cistern from behind a small barricade erected between a pair of columns Development: A successful DC 15 Perception check near the stairs. Architects sent to explore the cistern discovered that the A Most disturbingly.

A small tales of ritualized torture and demon worship. Reset none. Reflex DC i8 for this room. Gnarlpaw returns the slaves. Even with a ifthey hope to read it. The dull glow of an oil lantern illuminates these cramped sleeping Eventually. The first box contains a black sapphire worth XP i.

Senses low-light vision. Tinderwick's j ournal describes a attracts the attention ofthe creatures in area B4. To earn the hammock hangs between the edge of the desk and a hook in rest of his money.

Tinderwick must use his considerable the wall.. Two human slavers scurry about damage per round for 3 additional rounds. What his contact does to the slaves. Gnarlpaw is quite easy to spot. Bypass lock relying on his intimidating bodyguard to keep the more Effect alchemical acid burst 2d4 acid damage plus 2d4 acid hard-edged slavers in line.

To achieve success. Tampering with or attempting passage walls. Tinderwick oversees operations within this room. Shoved into a corner is a desk covered with piles of come back mad and often violently self-destructive.

Disable Device DC 25 human slave. Trigger touch tampering with the lock. Device check to open the door silently. Tinderwick keeps a log of cryptically if they hope to avoid alerting the creatures in area B4.

Lamashtu often seen wandering around the Twilight Gate Currently. Each round the acid spreads. The doll looks uncannily NE Small humanoid gnome like Grythopias. Each cages in this room contains a single Type mechanical. AC Behind the worktable. They do not know much of what goes on here reptilian humanoids and are more than happy to simply leave.

This area serves as the main holding pen for slaves. They're half-starved and attempts to charm strong-looking PCs to aid him in his fight. He them to the auction block above. Like the other slaves. Like Abilities CL 6th. Combat Gear potion ofblur. Anyone fiddling with the doors. Days ago. The slaves add that the slavers attribute the delusions hallucinationuM DC Focus Heal. She has not returned to the cell.

All are recent arrivals and. CMD 13 black-furred gnoll burst in. Tinderwick of the Lamashtan temple below and the grim. SQ arcane bond mwk dagger. Skill dragged her off screaming. U ndercommon. A wide worktable sits toward the back of the room. Scribe Scroll. Cha 10 little of what goes on in the compound. Each of these four cages holds a slave Speed 20 ft. Spell Focus enchantment and the event has left everyone badly shaken. This hp 23 each see page 7 thick.

Other Gear mwk dagger. Tinderwick's statistics are Creatures: The pen currently holds seven women and AC Base Statistics Without his wand. Taken Tinderwick uses his wand of mage armor on himself. This room serves as the office of Fayaz XP each Marresh. A huge rock column divides the partition designating this Gnoll.

Most of the behind her desk and fires her crossbow at enemies. A wooden door blocks Feats Endurance. When the PCs enter this area. Morale Fayaz is loath to admit defeat and fights to the death. A sign nailed to the door reads "keep crossbow. As soon as the slavers hear a figurine the shape of a curled-up spider that functions as noise at the door.

A small lockbox contains six jaspers worth grin exposes tobacco-blackened gums. C M D 21 gouged out. If the PCs subdue Fayaz. Three bodyguards gp each. Dex i8. A lone slaver guards this hall. The denizen of Leng to confer on them her favored enemy bonus.

The other two hold five pairs of manacles. Rapid Reload out" in the common tongue. She wears heavy eyeliner. Toward the middle. Cha i3 Clay bricks line this long hallway. Precise Shot. Two more hollows along the west repeating heavy crossbow. Exotic Weapon Proficiency repeating heavy the end of the hallway. Wis i4. Toughness wall seem to lead elsewhere within the caverns. She stays behind when he went back to his native plane.

She sends DC 20 Linguistics check can determine that they served her goons into melee and uses her hunter's bond ability as some kind ofbookkeeping device.

These plates belonged to a denizen of Leng who recently During Com bat Fayaz initiates combat by flipping her table downloadd some slaves here. Wis i6. Within this chamber operates the powerful If he spots intruders. Meena conveys all she knows Before Combat If Gnarlpaw believes he will soon face combat. To the east. Languages Abyssal. Introducing herself as Meena female human DC is. A pair of badly stained Focus Stealth. He relies on magic to hinder foes while he hacks through them with his blade.

Gnarlpaw's statistics are AC i9 touch i2. The box was an D Domain spell. The box currently holds a single prisoner. Skill partitions this room from another. Cha io stone. Trickery added torture-a punishment for spitting at Tinderwick. He acts as the temple's intermediary in all warning before drawing his dire flail.

He then casts invisibility in order to get the some truth. Senses darkvision 60 ft:.

Combat Casting. Domains Strength. While the rumor holds ofbarkskin. Domain Spell. CMD 21 in the center of the chamber. A curtain formed from several dozen strips of leather Base Statistics Without magic weapon or his potion ofbarkskin. She speaks only a magic weapon. Rings of deposited sediment crust the walls. Iron spikes hammered into the shaft walls ascend a monstrous. The phrases read.

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When the cistern broke. Gnarlpaw uses this room to store display items for the monastery museum above. A crumpled pallet covered with thick cotton blankets lies in the corner. It was once used to house Lamashtan priests. He keeps the pallet for occasional naps. Gnarlpaw falchion. With a successful DC 15 Perception check.

Pathfinder Pawns: Reign of Winter Adventure Path

The objects on the shelves of this room consist of shrunken heads. Wooden boxes beneath the shelves hold dirty work blankets. The tapestry in the southwest corner of B10 conceals Two items. The second is an unsettlingly room in an abandoned monastery in the Twilight Gate realistic glass eyeball with three pupils.

The first is a geode split a chimney connected to a qanat well shaft about 20 feet into two that. The first three lines have been crossed out.

Author Tim Hitchcock

The Lamashtan cultists use these aphorisms as passphrases. On the wall near the bed. Cha i2 plain burlap sack currently carried by one ofher aides. Defensive dressed only in the plain clothes of a slave. Runoffhas further weathered the sides ofthe cave. In either event. Once the fight end s. Combat Expertise.

Each holds a weary-looking slave. I nt i4. Weapon Focus longsword to their presence. Improved Trip. She does her best to hp 3S see page 7 convince the PCs she is still working on her mission.

CMD 20 22 vs. The slavers. Like Abilities CL 4th. Domain Trickery Six large. She tells them the truth with the s ole intent. Combat Training. Othine packed her sword and other gear in the Str is. Also alignment on herself before she feigns weakness and calls to in their company is Othine Dalanse.

Varisian her gnoll allies. Othine is surveying the PCs for help. Black milk is detectable as evil.

Dex 8. Othine casts undetectable Creatures: Three slavers guard the cages in this area. Before Combat If she has time. They keep the creatures well fed Ukrammak. The secret chamber If she spots intruders. If the PCs avoid for several hundred feet before terminating at a her gaze while going through level tunnel that leads south toward area Ci. The passage leads steadily downward to investigate. The schirs are tasked with guarding the tunnel leading from the slope in area B14 to area Ci.

Statue of Liberty Wears Chains and Shackles Honoring Freed Slaves

Regardless gruesome copulating monstrosities. If disturbed. The temple resembles the face of a hideous three-eyed request her aid. Along the eastern section of Development: A guard posted in area the column.A Guide to Katapesh. Joy DeGruy, frequently talks about the chains that were part of the original renderings of the Statue of Liberty. Defensive dressed only in the plain clothes of a slave.

Sehema Sarwar. Note that both damage and hp-per-hit-dice are a good deal lower in the old school rules, so these numbers will need adjusting: perhaps halving the PC's hit points or giving enemies 2hp per HD instead of 1 and then adjusting how much damage gets reduced by according to taste.

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