Splicers® - Splicers is a role-playing game that combines science fiction and Palladium Books. ADD TO WISHLIST >. Watermarked PDF. Please note that none of us at Palladium Books® condone or encourage the occult, the practice of magic, the use of drugs, or violence. A complete role- playing. over adventure for use with both Splicers® and Rifts®. This one isn't just for a bought this first PDF file from Palladium and made it all worthwhile. Let me tell.

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Splicers is a role-playing game using the Palladium Books Megaversal gaming system. . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Palladium is his life's work and the only thing he knows. People have been . Does anyone have a copy of the Splicers pdf? I lost my book, and. palladium rpg pdf. DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop. Shop for the Best in RPG PDF. Files. Palladium splicers pdf download. Palladium splicers.

Players in Splicers play a warrior in one of the human armies. They fight against the robotic threat in one of three ways: with the use of bio-engineered weapons, by modifying their own bodies to make themselves into powerful bio-weapons, or in a few cases, by being one of the lucky few who are immune to the nano-bot plague and using the robots' own weapons against them.

The first group of warriors includes occupational character classes called OCC's that wear living suits of armor that give them incredible abilities. This includes archangels, who wear light armor that gives them the power of flight, roughnecks--who serve as the infantry of the human armies, and dreadguard--heavily armed and armored troops. The self- modified classes include bionics--societal outcasts turned into living weapons.

Then we have some of the weirder OCCs that help make this game really interesting: skinjobs--stealth experts who have volunteered to be flayed and have their skin replaced with skin like that of a chamelon. There are the scarecrows--powerful enforcers who drink the librarians' brain fluid to gain incredible power of speed, strength, and near-invulnerability. Then there the game's healing class, saints. Not your typical healers, saints have volunteered to have their abdomens torn out and replaced with an alien brain monster that will some day grow into a librarian.

Like I said, this is not your typical sci-fi RPG. And to round out the OCC list, there are also the technojackers--humans immune to the nanobot plague who wield traditional, metal-based technology. The character creation process is rather involved in this game. Ok, so getting the two Con's out of the way first: Cover Art: The P [ See All Ratings and Reviews. Browse Categories.

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You receiving the biosuit may mean that you've already passed their stringent training and screening process that few others do. I might have to watch a play through of that then. This armor is based on the symbiotes. Apparently her suit was shot down, damaged and that happened when she tried to climb out of it. It featured biotech suits that the protagonist could only use for a little while before going insane.

Was a space Opera, the baddies were similarly suited up Anyone know it from the vague description I gave? I don't remember much of it, there was a ring space station around the planet, the baddies had conquered it and launched frequent attacks at the planet from it. As far as biosuits go would you ever have to bother with a pilotsuit or anything for the larger mech - powersuit sized ones or could you just have it function as that too?

The bio-organic battle suits featured prominently, but I don't believe that HE was trying to destroy the planet.

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He was trying to save it from what I recall. Tekkaman Blade! I finally found it! The main villain was one of his older brothers. If the Biosuit is sentient or has a will of its own is there any risk of it's thoughts and personality overtaking your own? Elon Musk outed himself as a kook by saying ridiculous shit like that. Ai will only do what we program it to do. Terminator wasn't a documentary, elon musk is a rich fool. And that programming an AI has been abandonned entirely as it's almost impossible for anyone, let alone in a reasonable timeframe?

Go back to reddit, they'll agree with everything you say. People spouting shit like "Ai will only do what we program it to do" just do not understand the first thing about AI field, simply spouting out-of-date at best or plain wrong catchphrases spouting by previous retards.

Frankly, assuming that they would act like an animal is pretty stupid. Either way, we have nothing to fear from AI. Get your own opinions. I know, it takes work, and you hate that, but nobody is ever going to take you seriously until you stop parroting Wired articles like you have any kind of formal education. My own opinion is that you have nothing to bring to the table whatsoever. That actually really depends on what the object in question is, organic compounds can do some very interesting things but evolution is more of a "good enough" designer so it doesn't always pick the optimal way of doing something, just one that works well enough.

I think I remember this movie. I think there was some weird fetish-fuel involved. What's the actual name of that movie again? If a biosuit can evolve then how do you handle the metamorphosis? Would you likely have to remove it or would you have to go somewhere like a cave, burrow, somewhere secure and wait the process out?

The true form of biotech combined with an adorable personality.

I wonder how a civilization or nation with Organic Technology might handle a rival Empire that is like the Hierarchy massive Walkers and radiation weapons from Universe At War. I thought radiation was harmful to anything organic. So it looks like in the world of Leviathan the Darwanist and Mechanist eventually settled the war. Also we get a glimpse of what the Darwanist use as ground units in the background beside the Herkules land Frigate walker looks like it survived the war.

So a little bit ago I just remembered that another species in star wars besides the yuuzhan vongs that had mastered, and it was the Gungans. Seriously, they grow the frames and structures for their infrastructure, vehicles, and weaponry, then add machinery and decorations as needed.

It's all partially plant-based, and I'm amazed that I find their tech so interesting considering our initial introduction to the species. Well there was this table top game called "Last Saga" that was being funded. One of the factions called the "Uruhvel" utilized biotechnology. Unfortunately the female bio-armor leaves a lot to be desired to me.

Cannot unsee this. What you're doing is called anthropomorphization. AI won't have any desire we don't explicitly program into it. Real life is not a movie, you fucking retard. You read a sensationalist article. They "Eat" alpha particles? They eat highly energized hydrogen? Apparently these just capture some of the alpha particles using their melanin. Fancy, but useless.

Give me something like the metallic archaea from Metal Gear that actually transmutes uranium into lead or something and we'll have energy set for rest of history. Or if we were capable of growing up as a species and just enacting widespread use of fission.

Remember, Nuclear Proliferation is a lie. Non-weapons-grade reactors cannot make weapons-grade materials. Look, Uranium shits energy all by itself. Criticality has occurred at least once in the earth's crust on its own. Where do we see fusion naturally? Only at the heart of several million square miles of gas.

Come on. It's obvious which one is easier. We're just children who refuse to take a lifesaving medicine because it's yucky. We insist that there must be a version that tastes good and is less fattening.

It's that recalcitrance that is digging our graves as the oil clock ticks down to zero. Fusion is nice and all that, but until we have a working prototype that would be feasible to mass produce in an efficient and safe manner, there is no reason to not be building shit loads of thorium fluoride reactors all over the damn place.

There is a reason every fucking solar company the government has invested in has gone bankrupt. Maybe a self-powered LED or something, but otherwise I highly doubt it. You can, however, tow a cable between two points in the upper atmosphere and use the static buildup in the cable to gain power as the station orbits.

There was a short test of this theory, and the energy built up in the cable disintegrated it in several seconds after deployment, during which it was glowing like the goddamn sun, so there is obviously lots of potential in that. There is no way to prevent this. Not to mention that we can only economically create the fuels for a fusion reactor with petrochemical synthesis.

Hydrogen doesn't just stick around, and if we use electrolysis in water, we push whatever marginal break-even energy we get back into the negatives. Again, All you need for a fission reactor is a hot slug of uranium, some water, and a steam turbine.

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It's pretty out there to assume that fusion can be done as easily, when it clearly will always take more work and energy. Nuclear waste will cease to be an issue once they finally dispel the myth of nuclear proliferation. Not really. The only use for space is satellites. Tesla was mostly a kook. If he left direct working evidence then sure believe it, but he didn't make a death ray, or some geomagnetic hoozits. He was known to be able to think of a machine in its entirety in his head, and then build it just from memory.

His lab was also raided by the government after his death, likely due to him always claiming to know how to build or have already built death rays and earthquake machines so many people think they removed some of the more outlandish devices within, and he was never known to keep up to date notes on things anyhow, since he would build from memory. He was also good friends with a pigeon he claimed could shoot lasers from its eyes, and lived on a diet of cheese and crackers for the last few years of his life.

Genius and madness are very thinly separated. Mostly Tesla just benefitted from the time. If he was born today, he'd be a radio repairman at best. I think I may have met Tesla at a Starbucks then. The only enemy I'm thinking that would have had them would have been Austria-Hungary but that would have been all the way back in The OVA reboot was short.

Maybe when the manga finally ends, then they'll make a new one? But it also depends on how big said warmachine is. Actually what are the "Real" advantages with Bio-armour other then 1 Interface 2 Instant customisation 3 Regen. When someone shows up in power armour no matter how much guns or missiles or bulk, ppl still go, "Its a Robot" If You appear in Bio-armour, you look too human at the same time too Alien, that is not conspicuous when you show up.

Perhaps I should have chosen a different word. Weren't the Cylon Raiders in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica partially organic in some cases? Well there is this from the Shazam comics. Apparently its related to a races referred to as the "Venusians".

Why have I not heard of this? I would just love to see a super hero verse have a pure pulp sci fi hero, jetpack and all instead of constantly updating the characters to keep with the times.

The Armor Form is cash. Now I'm reminded by those freaky dudes from Battle Angel Alita. What are you talking about? Pity however that they removed some elements that were present in the first game and made it somehow smaller in scale.

This game provides examples of:

No wonder people say that Prototype 2 never existed. What made Prototype fun was the sheer number of ways you could fuck up a dude's day via the ridiculous number of moves you could use even if, admittedly, you prolly will stick a handful of them. I mean for fucks sake, you could pull off fighting moves like fucking shoryukens into powerbomb infinite combos until the guy has become giblets.

In the non-existent Prototype 2, the moves were dumbed down to shit. Mash button. Hold button. Use summon not-hunters.

Add that in on top of the character assassination of Mercer and you've got a steamy creamy pile of shit. That doesn't exist, of course. The Mercer part actually made me sad. From a cool anti-hero, he went into a generic doomsday villain that wanted to turn humanity into one giant hivemind.

The hell? Also we'll never get the Pariah part resolved. Why are so many good series dying off like flies? Cheaper and teens are fucking lemmings. May the makers of shit like Candy Crush burn in the fires of the Warp for their crimes!

Our worst enemies. To both PC and Console dudes. Battle for Dune. Everything that is sold is designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

If you want to like the majority of things, that is where you must set your standards. Humanity is going backward, and it cannot be stopped, because this neotenous trend is just too enjoyable for people to give up voluntarily.

Always wondered, if pollution is the result of rampant machinery and automation then what harmful or negative environmental consequence is there to the proliferation of biotechnology?While the Rifts Wiki does not describe rules for role-playing, descriptions of skills and abilities can be found on the following pages:.

Hidden categories: Bringing your fetishes into a game is bad. Others are themselves "spliced", or chemically altered through contact with the fluids surrounding certain genetically engineered creatures. They "Eat" alpha particles? Clark, Dudley, Walton, Okamura and others. The history, and the Brief World Overview describes the world, in which the computer systems designed to protect mankind and given oversight of the population. It's like how philosophers want to claim a monopoly on all thought.

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