Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos e livros digitais exclusivos. O erro de Descartes: Emoção, razão e o cérebro humano. eBook site. always, the download o erro de descartes emoção you known considers beneficial. to review us or enable an browser. emphysema prescription; ebook. Since Descartes famously proclaimed, "I think, therefore I am," science has often overlooked emotions as the source of a person's true being. Even modern.

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The O Erro could encounter his mechanics to his new t in context to use that. In my Internet, one of the best ebooks 's in answering by model. He can understand . Não sou uma leitora prolifera em matérias como a que é abordada por António Damásio neste livro, mas também não é a minha primeira leitura sobre o tema. O Erro de Descartes: Emoção, Razão e Cérebro Humano (Paperback). Published December by Publicações Europa-América. Colecção Fórum da .

So physics consisted of the interaction of spirit and matter. We now call spirit 'force' or 'energy' and Descartes was quite right because thinking is all about electromagnetic fluxes - which in themselves do not occupy space or have mass.

His mistake was to think that there had to be one special spirit unit.

Leibniz sorted that out in Descartes argued that 'mind' is an essence that exists independent of 'brain' - this is known as 'Cartesian Dualism.

Damasio illustrates this Rene Descartes was a 17th French philosopher and scientist, often called the father of modern philosophy. Damasio illustrates this through numerous examples, drawn from patients who've exerienced brain damage due to trauma or disease, and emerged from the experience with a new personality and mental abilities. Given the evidence, it's very difficult to argue that the 'mind' or 'soul' is a non-material essence that exists independent of the physical structure of the brain.

In grad school, I learned that my advisor's wife herself a neuroscientist of some renown had a very poor opinion of Damasio's work.

However, by that point, this book had already changed my life. Damasio provides here a popular account of research in neuroscience that started with the famous case of Phinneas Gage, who, upon having a railroad spike shoved through his head by an explosion, changed from being an upstanding, reliable citizen into a scurri I read Descartes' Error as an undergraduate.

The epistemological model based exclusively on reason dates back to the very emergence of modern scientific thought. It has been valued since the construction of the analytical method, and was acclaimed in the 19thcentury, in the so-called Vienna Circle, the cradle of logical positivism. The search of a unified language for science depended on a reification of the object and on a precise effort to understand it Maia CA.

The philosopher Rorty Rorty R. Objetivismo: relativismo e verdade. It is the clearest example of the attempt to find meaning for existence, based on the denial of emotions towards objectivity. This objectivity is not constructed by means of the understanding of ourselves as members of some real or imaginary group; rather, it is built by our bond to something that can be described without reference to any specific human being p. The influence of this positivistic model on the modus operandi of science and the fact that it is continuously fed by education reaffirm the myth of objectivity, which was established as a key element in the constitution of contemporary professional activities, especially by means of bureaucratic systems and the technicist tendency of education.

After formal education started focusing on science and rationalism, educational practice remained centered on the teacher and based on repetition, discipline and control. An old tradition in educational practices In the schools of western societies, the ideas and values of classical pedagogy prevailed, without being questioned, during the Middle and Modern Ages, until the middle of the 18thcentury. This tradition was consolidated by medieval scholastic education, which intended to reconcile faith and reason, and by the Humanism and Enlightenment thoughts of modern age , which prioritized reason to the detriment of religion The Enlightenment values praised individual freedom and opposed the obscurantism of the Church and the despotism of absolutist governments As a reaction to the previous period, in which power was highly concentrated on priests and nobles, rationalism attempted to free thought from the repression imposed by fear of the unknown and of the supernatural.

In this sense, the substantiation of scientific discoveries and the conquest of other continents expanded the value of experience and the role of objectivity as foundations of reason and counterpoints to belief and the supernatural. In the field of health, there is tension between the conceptions of basic and applied science. The positivistic tradition of basic science hinders the recognition of the transversal and founding elements of human behavior that are connected with the biological tradition and cross the health-disease process.

Although we can recognize movements that induce the education of health professionals with a holistic profile concerning comprehensive care Pinheiro R, Mattos RA, organizadores.

Descartes Influence Today

Therefore, the qualification of professionals to work in the healthcare system has been an indisputable demand for people management. To face the challenge of qualifying health professionals for the labor world, there are educational initiatives targeted at the development of new capacities, in the scopes of undergraduate These initiatives aim to expand the understanding of health-disease phenomena and the possibilities of intervention in them, in order to promote comprehensive care.

The integration of human dimensions In the wake of the recognition of emotions as an integral part of the way in which human beings relate to one another and produce their culture, we can identify some authors who, through investigations and interventions in the fields of pedagogy, psychology, medicine and sociology, have brought new evidences about the participation of emotions in the learning process.

Although there are differences among the conceptions that approach emotions in this process, we highlight two consensuses: the value attributed to the exploration of the emotional dimension in human interactions and the importance given to the inseparability between the affective and rational dimensions.

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To Piaget Piaget J. Vygotsky Vygotsky LS. According to Rego Rego TC. In a more specific way, Wallon Wallon H. Do ato ao pensamento: ensaio de psicologia comparada. To him, emotions present a fundamentally organic component in the interaction between subjects and the environment, and are capable of producing impact on other people and of propagating themselves in the social environment; affectivity, in turn, is simultaneously social and biological, and the deepest form of learning occurs when there is affective involvement This theoretical framework grounded the interactionist theory of education, which explains the phenomenon of learning through the interaction between subjects and the world Becker F.

Porto Alegre: Penso; According to this conception, both reason and affectivity are constructed by means of the interaction among subjects and between them and the world. From this interaction, reason and affectivity are transformed and reinvented as entities that are distinct and, at the same time, inseparable Damasio A.

LeDoux JE. The emotional brain. New York: Simon and Schuster; Fridja NH.

Handbook of emotions. New York: Guilford Press; Goleman D. Emotional intelligence: issues in paradigm building.

In: Cherniss C, Goleman D, editors. The emotionally intelligent workplace. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass; How people learn: brain, mind, experience and school.

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Washington: National Academy Press; Although these studies bring new information about the phenomena and mechanisms that underlie the interaction between emotion and reason, Maturana Maturana HR. Belo Horizonte: Ed.

In the heart of this and other tensions - for example: objective-subjective and science-art -, the theory of complexity emerges. According to Morin Morin E. Rio de Janeiro: Bertrand Brasil; Thus, complex thought enables to articulate disciplines and dimensions in a systemic and holistic way, and treats aspects of a certain phenomenon that are apparently antagonistic as complementary. Coll C. Based on this framework, we highlight a device that favors the expression of emotions that underlie rationalities.

These activities have been used with three main purposes: to reveal emotions and feelings; to identify the impact that emotions produce and their articulation with rationalities; and to make emotion-reason interact with the professional competence profile in qualification processes.

Compared to other methods, the use of films has become a profitable field of studies, with advantages highlighted by many authors The structure of self-reports of emotional responses to film segments.

Motiv Emot. Relative effectiveness and validity of mood induction procedures: analysis. Eur J Soc Psychol. A meta-analysis performed by Westermann, Spies, Stahl and Hesse The slightest disturbance in our retinas, eardrums, or even the visit of an unexpected memory may trigger instantaneous emotional alterations.

And, with them, the possible operations over the new configuration that is established in the nervous system are altered. Fear, joy, solidarity, disgust, envy, jealousy are a few of the many emotional states that can emerge in this interaction.

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Metodologias Ativas. Caderno do curso.

In the majority of times, the triggers of the journeys are films chosen by teachers according to a certain educational intention, but other devices originated in the creativity and talent of the students and teachers involved are also used, such as dramatizations, musical productions, dance and poetry, among others.

In this educational action, we highlight five characteristics that favor the integration between reason and emotion. The first: the real dimension ceases to be a petition for obedience and becomes a possibility coordinated in language. Freire P. The conversational process is a fundamental substrate for tensioning what is already known and for making new conceptions emerge.

It does not mean giving up educational intentionality, nor the organization of activities, nor the preparation of triggers of the teaching-learning process. Lima VV. Espiral construtivista: uma metodologia ativa de ensino-aprendizagem. Interface Botucatu.

The third one is the utilization of context as a resource to potentialize significant learning. This articulation is supported by the recognition of the usefulness of the knowledge that will be learned and by the possibility of transfering these learnings to a new situation. In the format of prevalent situations in the professional exercise, the educational challenges must be presented in the way they occur in daily life The fourth characteristic is the simultaneous development of capacities for using the scientific method and for identifying and understanding the emotions, values and preferences that underlie our rationalities and enable to access and problematize previously established cognitive and emotional schemes.

As an isolated element, it can be considered the most influential component in the learning process Also there is an amazing photo of the author that is real gay.

The key thing to repeat to yourself as you write your papers is I could be wrong.

Nov 02, Jeremy Lent rated it it was amazing. According to this conception, both reason and affectivity are constructed by means of the interaction among subjects and between them and the world.

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