The steps to building a successful niche site that pulls in at least $ Step #13 : Create a high quality pdf or email series to collect email addresses. with tips for HDR success, and were making good money in the process. model began by simply testing out some niche sites with AdSense™ on them - and . (Some niche site builders have had success with prefixes, suffixes, etc. but. His prior knowledge around affiliate & niche sites. My niche site success is defined by a couple of different factors but there is one giant.

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One of the keys to success with your niche website is keyword research. I've written extensively about keyword research in the past. However. Last week, I posted a request for niche site success stories. I wanted “videos/ pdf files/articles” is what I wanted to say in the last comment. productivity organizationsffiliate success story pdf learn to earn niche market for success. fred s. conte department of animal scienceniche website success -.

I remember hearing about a grandmother who had been writing her whole life but was always scared to get feedback on her work. Today I want to announce my own success story. With the launch of a brand new niche site case study where I build a website from scratch and share the results with you all, in public, via this website.

Friends like Pat and Spencer have ran their own case studies and had great results. Both from the success of the sites they built and the reactions from their audience. Most case studies, particularly those that start with a site built from scratch, are generally just a blogger who runs a popular site sharing the results of their own marketing efforts in a new industry.

This is ViperChill. Do it big. One niche.

Three websites. Three different people competing against each other. Live, for free, with nothing to sell you. The Original Idea I get asked fairly frequently about whether I would be interested in working with someone to help them build a niche site. At least operations where they would actually learn anything interesting. I was contacted by Mr. V a few months ago when he had the idea of doing a public case study where I teach him how to build a profitable site and he follows my advice.

This would be more challenging, but a lot more realistic. V Each of us will be building a website from scratch and starting our marketing efforts on November 1st This is not just a typical competition between the three of us though. We each have limitations on what we can do. My focus is going to be entirely social and trying to get links the Google-recommended way.

By creating great content in an industry where I have zero authority or presence. Now that you've gotten through the first 10 steps, you should have a successful niche website on your hands!

However, I would like to point out a few ways that you can keep growing your niche website into a larger business. Often once I get them ranking in Google and the money is coming in somewhat passively, I have just decided to start a new website.

If this sounds like a good option for you, then congrats, start back at step 1 and build a new site! You may decide to keep all the websites or you can venture into selling off some of your website for a profit at that point.

Or you may decide to continue focusing on this one niche website and simply grow it larger. The most obvious way to do this is add more content. There are always more keywords that you could be targeting in your niche, and these additional keywords and articles are likely to bring in more traffic.

Building one website to the level that it is making more than your full-time job is not at all out of the realm of possibility. There are LOTS of niche websites making six-figures a year.

Don't believe me? Just check out the constant flow of listings for sites making that much on the Empire Flippers Marketplace. Finally, the last way to grow your niche website business is to make more money from each visitor. You can do this through split testing where your ads are placed, becoming an affiliate for an offer with higher payouts, or building an email list and selling more often to that list.

However, another HUGE way to make more money from your own site is to create your own product.

The types of products you could create are endless from ebooks, software, video tutorials, physical products, and more. I've personally been doing well lately with my own physical products and then selling them on my own website and through the site FBA program.

However, the point is to think about whether it's worth it for you to move from being just an affiliate to being the actual product creator. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so I will leave that decision up to you. Although, I will simply leave you with this thought. So, you should at least consider developing your own product as it can dramatically increase the earnings from your niche website. With nearly 20 hours of videos and tons of resources to go through above, obviously you won't be able to soak it all in at once.

But this resource is here for you to come back to again and again.

If you are looking for additional support as you begin your niche site building journey, you can join a private Facebook group that I created right here. In addition, I would recommend that you get on my email list so that I can notify you when I have more in-depth tutorials on building a successful online business.

Join my email list right here. Overall, this article provides you everything you will need to get started building a niche website. However, the ability to stay motiviated and put in the work over the next several months needs to come from you.

This is not an overnight business, but it can be a very real one. The results can happen, but at this point its really up to you. By Spencer Haws January 05, Comments. There is no denying that niche sites are great and have huge scope. Anyway, just curious what you mean by authority site model… A lot of times people just mean a bigger site with better content.

As I explained in the article, niche does NOT mean small…it means laser focus. Sure, you want to be an authority in your niche…and your site might grow to thousands of pages of content. Hey Spencer, This is an epic guide and I happy to see an up to date collection of your methods all in one place.

I added a link from my guide on the topic to this one as a reference. Well done! The potential is unlimited. They are part of my growth and on-going my learning resources. Hey Spencer, whew, that is definitely quite the resource. Great idea to consolidate everything in one spot for easy reference. I will be sure to share the details with my audience, as we use many of the same tools and follow similar principles. Nice job! Thanks Spencer for this awesome guide.

This would definitely help me and others who have just started to build niche websites. But afterall Thank you so much Spencer for your extensive effort. I am researching site affiliate process hope it will help me and need more effort continuously. Thank you for sharing this great article, and that the niche sites still work. I am far more beginner, but I have been slowly building out a site for awhile and it just broke into double digits a couple months back.

Just started my first site associates site and struggling a little.

Thanks Spencer, this is very comprehensive. Hi Spencer, sorry this is somewhat unrelated to this post but I figured the most recent post is the best way to ask you a question.

Be it your own product sales, affiliate sales, or both? This is the most detailed post on how to build a niche site… Am going to refer to this anytime am writing. Thanks spencer for taking the time to write this.

Thank you for this guide. I just opened my first site ad worried about how to convert it in to a niche business. I copied your whole post and I will follow your guide. Thanks again. Hello, I have a question. What do you think about the Aliexpress Affiliate Programm have you ever tried it? Would you recommend it? Boo Yah! This guide rocks! Thanks for writing this. I just started a site a few weeks ago following everything I have learned from you.

This will definitely get me motivated to kick it into high gear. Thanks for these tips, Spencer! One quick question — is there a big benefit to downloading an aged domain vs. Can that be a short cut to getting to the first page of Google? Wow no need to look anywhere else for guidance. Couple of questions Spencer. Should one use your own name or aliases when creating a couple of niche sites?

What happens when your site gets really popular can only happen if you follow this great advice , should you go for VPS hosting? Is Bluehost friendly towards multiple niche sites being hosted? You can do either. Sure, go to VPS if your site gets enough traffic. Yes, you can host lots of website on one bluehost account.

Niche Website Success Download - Niche Website Success Pdf

Can it compete with. It totally deserves to be linked to! Thanks man! That was the longest post I have ever seen. Started the second one. Doing link building and content creation. Hope It will rank in a few months. Hey Spencer! Would a. I have some catchy.

I always prefer a. If you really like a.

Hi Spencer, Thats great work and effort you crafted a very good motivating post here. Always like your work and guides thanks. Extremely high resourced article.

I have bookmarked it for future reading. You are master of niche site building. I alway to follow your post to develop my website. Thank you for your effort as for the community. Thanks for putting this together! Hey Spenser, You nailed it, I think any newbie could start their niche website following this simple straight forward guide.

Great work buddy! Spencer — thanks a million for pulling this all together in one step by step guide and all in one location. Despite all your other great content and posts this IS your best ever blog guide! I did hear you mention 8 months to a year. Any general indication?

Thanks Buddy from the UK! Very detailed guide in building niche website.

Hi Spencer, nice post! Transparency is what all I see on your post. Lots of things to learn from this post. I have to say Thank You. I followed NSP3 as much as my time would allow. I got my site up, content added, plugged in some adsense and site affiliate links. I will say I could have picked a better niche with more traffic Long Tail Pro told me the low numbers but I wanted to stay with something I was more passionate about. Thank you for putting together this comprehensive guide.

Bookmarked this. Another great niche site tutorial from the expert. There will always be a way if there is a will, right? Hi Spencer! Checking with SEMrush I can see some of them have quite a few backlinks over Is it worth the effort? Can I outrank them with good content and patience?

Yes, its possible to outrank; although can be difficult. However, if you play the long game with good content, sometimes these PBN backed sites drop out of google. Gone the time when you had success with small niche blogs. You need to now treat your new niche sites as your daily updated blog. What a guide!!! Very grateful for this and all the work you Spencer and all the other guys do around here. You guys are awesome.

How to Make $500+ a Month in Passive Income with a Niche Site

Many thanks. In-depth, informative and very useful post.

It will surely help lots of people on how to start and earn a decent income. Hello, Spancer.. That is quite an Awesome piece of Information on Niche Sites… I have been reading your blogs for the past 1 year and I am always fascinated by the quality of the Nichepursuits that you have maintained with every new and unique contents… Will be waiting for more of you.

Thank You. Hey Spencer that is one long post and correctly wont be enough to be digested in one sitting, I have bookmarked this one as a resource to go and visit every now and then, Thanks for sharing and wish me luck on my niche site as well. I will be taking action steps consistently in growing a niche site starting this week only and report back to you with case study also!

Which other tools would you recommend for keyword research for finding the best low competition keywords? Thank you Spencer. I have been floundering around trying to make money online for about 3 years. Minimum amounts earned as an site and Clickbank affiliate. Maybe enough for a case of beer at the end of the year after my hosting expenses. I was excited when I learned how to build a WordPress site considering I only knew how to get email when I started, but I have become disillusioned ever since.

Let me give you guys an idea of what a bad niche is. If you picked a good keyword, then your video will rank high almost immediately. I created 20 videos around various products; Only 1 video managed to rank 1, and 15 min later the video was replaced by another; This is how competitive this niche is; Just because you are an expert on cameras or gopro does not mean you will get an easy pass to break into this niche; cameras have been around for many, many years, and there are camera affiliate sites that have been around for many, many years, so you have to complete with affiliate, site, site, and actual name brand camera sites.

If you disagree, then feel free to let me know, and why, so choosing the right niche from the start is imperative. The worst thing you do is listen to the wind.. I am struggling to make money from affiliate marketing. I depend too much on Google Adsense. This article gave me knowledge and hope. Thanks for sharing this explosive guide.

I will start creating a niche blog this week using the info you have provided, thanks once again. Hey Spencer, thanks for writing such an awesome article! I signed up for the free trial of LTP and the interface is pretty different. Is this a trial thing or has the software changed since your videos? I wound up with a list of words. The overwhelming majority are in the range. If I were to stick with this niche in spite of competition, how does this change the roadmap to success?

Is it even advisable to try as a first-timer? The videos need to be updated. The trial is the same software as the paid version. It does sound like a difficult niche.

Online Business Idea 001: Build a Niche Website

I personally would go after a different niche that is easier. Actually keywords is the result of the roughly seed keywords I put in. My broad topic is very deep so I should be able to come up with some more I hope! As for my niche, I could go on without it, and I intend to fully research a few other ideas before committing to a competitive niche, but I sure would enjoy writing on this topic.

I also have the trial version and see the differences. Could you, instead, update the written instructions to narrow our results? Was about to quit the marketing.. You really inspired me… Thanx for sharing the wonderfull article.. Awesome post! I love how in-depth and transparent this is.

It really helps one understand how the process works. I also agree that making your own product is the way to go.

I binge listen to your podcasts while driving. I have a questions regarding the new metrics since LTP has switched to Majestic: It will help us a lot. Loads of things to learn. Thanks for sharing man! In-depth and transparent! I was wondering about Etsy? Should I consider them strong competitors or they fall in the same category as all social media sites?

Great Work and Thank You! Thank you for putting this together. Quick question: I can see the benefits of LTP vs. MS but I can also see some similarities. Congrats on the Ironman! You, sir, have outdone me: Thanks, Spencer for such an amazing guide to building a successful niche from scratch. Hey Spencer, Thanks for your excellent content here!

I am starting site affiliate marketing.As for other Wiki's, I basically search for this in Google: I quit my job in December remember the bosses thing before that I knew what SEO stood for and that was about it. Competition is not stiff, or at least beatable Niche is extremely important in this exercise. Do you stick to a strict structure of accomplishing X amount of backlinks one week, and X amount of backlinks another week?

Write out a list of every product, hobby, or interest you have that you might be able to build a site around. Anchit…have you heard of Market Samurai http: I try to keep it random.

Tools I Use

Thank you for your answer, Juho-Pekka. How long have you been building websites? Moreover, he says the site makes him enough for him and his family to live off of.

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