The New Yorker Magazine - August 29, · Read more The New Yorker Magazine - November 7, Read more. Overview: The New Yorker is a national weekly magazine that offers a . The New Yorker - January 28, pdf . The New Yorker - December 10, pdf. Browse the archive for classic articles and cartoons and hidden gems from over nine decades of The New Yorker.

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Welcome. Subscribers to The New Yorker have access to every page of every issue. If you are a subscriber and have activated your digital access, log in below. Download The New Yorker - December 10, magazine for free from ebookbiz. To download click on the following link. Download The New Yorker - November 12, magazine for free from ebookbiz. To download click on the following link.

Great Sites: The New Yorker’s Style

Navigation is on the left, and articles appear in a content area divided into two columns to look like a magazine page. The primary navigation elements line up along the left of each page, atop the profile of Eustace Tilley.

The developers implemented the navigation bar as Javascript rollovers, so that the heading turns red and a sub-menu of hierarchical links pops up. Take a look at the section entitled In The Magazine, the first link in the navigational hierarchy.

The differences are interesting. First, the magazine listing includes page numbers for each article. Third and most important, not all the articles are available online, so links are listed in red and other items in black, so that you know what you are missing each week and will be tempted to go out and download the magazine.

Content available online is denoted with red text.

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In essence, this content listing serves simultaneously as advertising for the current issue and as secondary magazine-like navigation for the site. But all the elements of this site are as magazine-like in appearance as is practical in the context of a Web-efficient navigational hierarchy. For instance, larger sections have their own secondary hierarchy of links. The Talk of the Town section includes its own list of links, for example, and it is presented in exactly the same way as the content on the home page.

This list looks as if it might have come out of the magazine, but it is an element created expressly for the site and used consistently throughout.


Clicking on Talk of the Town leads to this list of content in the section, within the content area fenced off with black bars at the top and bottom. Founded in , The New Yorker publishes the best writers of its time and has received more National Magazine Awards than any other magazine, for its groundbreaking reporting, authoritative analysis, and creative inspiration.

The New Yorker takes readers beyond the weekly print magazine with the web, mobile, tablet, social media, and signature events. The New Yorker is at once a classic and at the leading edge.

The New Yorker - April 01, Overview: Avril Wei. Sougat Chakraborty pinned post 21 Mar at 9: Hi can anyone share the recent issues of the New Yorker. The New Yorker - March 11, Overview: Sougat Chakraborty.

The New Yorker — March 04, Dino Fowler pinned post 17 Feb at 9: Thanks for the uploads. Any chance if we could get Spectator and New Yorker as well.

Many thanks Again. The New Yorker - February 18, Overview: Jha-Diwakar Jha.

You guys are amazing and big thanks to you for sharing. Derik Koslov.

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The New Yorker - February 11, The New Yorker - February 04, Daulet Shakenov. The New Yorker - January 28, Diwakar Jha.

Patrick White. Thanks for the upload!. The New Yorker - January 14, Overview: The New Yorker - January 07, Overview: The New Yorker - January 07, In , when Barack Obama was a candidate for president, he was asked whether his daughters—Malia and Sasha—should benefit from affirmative action.

Despite the universal decline in magazine readership since the birth of online publishing, The New Yorker under the leadership of editor David Remnick continues to thrive, boasting over 1,, readers. The Contract downloaders League fought back.

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