Frequently asked MSBI Interview Questions with detailed answers and examples. Tips and Tricks for Output formats include HTML, PDF and more. An API that. MSBI Interview Questions for Integration Services, Analysis Services and Reporting Additional Interview Questions and answers in our techncial courses . .. the Report Instance to a specific rendering extension (HTML or PDF formats). Here Are The Top 30 SSIS Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced Pdf , You can crack the interview to achieve your Provide Tutorial Videos.

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If you're looking for Interview Questions on SSIS for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies. Mar 16, SSIS or SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a component of Microsoft Top 27 SSIS Interview Questions & Answers . Download PDF. Jul 31, MSBI-SSIS-SSAS-SSRS Interview questions and answers pdf, MSBI Objective questions and answers pdf for experienced freshers for job.

Which include tables? You should design the report model for users, and allow access to only the 20tables which they require for reporting.

You should develop a data source view and select only the required tables and views. You should set the data source view in the setting file. A sales manager called Clerk is responsible for the sales of bikes in the Northeast region. You decide to give some rights to the rights to Clerk to visit the database. You won two roles below called Southern Region and Nikes. Their schemas are listed below:You have make The Visual Totals properties attribute true for roles above.

You should increase Clerk to a Nikes role B.

You should increase Clerk to the Southern Region role. You should increase Clerk to a new role which owns components below: D. You should increase Clerk to the default Region role.

MSBI-SSIS-SSAS-SSRS Interview questions and answers pdf, MSBI Objective questions and answers pdf

There is a rigid relationship type for properties. You should utilize the ProcessDefault command. You should utilize the ProcessClear command. You should utilize the ProcessIndexes command. You should utilize the ProcessDefault and the ProcessClear commands. In order to execute the Usage-Based Optimization Wizard you should make query logging enable.

You should make the QueryLogSampling server attribute default value. You should make the QueryLogSampling server attribute 5. You should configure the server property of DefaultFolders. You should configure the QueryLogConnectionString server attribute and set a valid connection string. You get the Duplicate Key error when you operate the Analysis Services database.

You should alter the ErrorConfiguration attribute in order to make processing run normally. You should alter the Local Group C. Interview questions and answers — free pdf download Page 9 of 39 4 Analysis Services connection — Used to make a connection to an Analysis Services database or project. The options are to either use or create a file or folder 6 Excel This is just like IF condition which checks for the given condition and based on the condition evaluation, the output will be sent to the appropriate OUTPUT path.

Conditional Split transformation is used to send paths to different outputs based on some conditions.

For example, we can organize the transform for the students in a class who have marks greater than 40 to one path and the students who score less than 40 to another path. Interview questions and answers — free pdf download Page 11 of 39 What are the different values you can set for CheckpointUsage property? There are three values, which describe how a checkpoint file is used during package execution: The package will not use a checkpoint file and therefore will never restart.

If a checkpoint file exists in the place you specified for the CheckpointFilename property, then it will be used, and the package will restart according to the checkpoints written.

The package will always use a checkpoint file to restart, and if one does not exist, the package will fail. Percentage Sampling transformation is generally used for data mining. This transformation builds a random sample of set of output rows by choosing specified percentage of input rows.

Term Extraction transformation is used to extract nouns or noun phrases or both noun and noun phrases only from English text. It extracts terms from text in a transformation input column and then writes the terms to a transformation output column.

It can be also used to find out the content of a dataset. A Data Viewer allows viewing data at a point of time at runtime. If data viewer is placed before and after the Aggregate transform, we can see data flowing to the transformation at the runtime and how it looks like after the transformation occurred.

The different types of data viewers are: Grid 2. Histogram 3. Scatter Plot 4. Column Chart. In Ignore Failure option, the error will be ignored and the data row will be directed to continue on the next transformation.

Interview questions and answers — free pdf download Page 16 of 39 Explain Audit Transformation? Auditing options that you can add to transformed data through this transformation are: ID of execution instance of the package 2. ID of the package 3. PackageName 4. GUID version of the package 5. Execution StartTime Interview questions and answers — free pdf download Page 17 of 39 6. MachineName 7. UserName 8. TaskName 9. Interview questions and answers — free pdf download Page 18 of 39 Explain Character Map Transformation?

It transforms some character.

It gives options whether output result will override the existing column or add to new column. If you define it as new column, specify new column name.

Top MSBI Interview Questions And Answers

Operations available here are: Uppercase 2. Lowercase 3. Byte reversal: Full width 5. Half width 6. Linguistic casing Interview questions and answers — free pdf download Page 19 of 39 Explain Conditional split Transformation?

It functions as if…then…else construct. It enables send input data to a satisfied conditional branch. For example you want to split product quantity between less than and greater or equal to You can give the conditional a name that easily identifies its purpose. Else section will be covered in Default Output Column name. Interview questions and answers — free pdf download Page 20 of 39 Explain Data Mining query Transformation?

This component does prediction on the data or fills gap on it. Some good scenarios uses this component is: Take some input columns as number of children, domestic income, and marital income to predict whether someone owns a house or not. Take prediction what a customer would download based analysis downloading pattern on their shopping cart.

Interview questions and answers — free pdf download Page 21 of 39 Explain Merge Transformation? Merge transformation merges two paths into single path.

It is useful when you want to break out data into path that handles errors after the errors are handled, the data are merge back into downstream or you want to merge 2 data sources. It is similar with Union All transformation, but Merge has some restrictions: Data should be in sorted order 2. Data type , data length and other meta data attribute must be similar before merged.

Interview questions and answers — free pdf download Page 22 of 39 Explain Percentage and row sampling Transformations?

MSBI SSIS-SSAS-SSRS Multiple choice Questions and Answers pdf download

This transformation will take data from source and randomly sampling data. It gives you 2 outputs.

First is selected data and second one is unselected data. It is used in situation where you train data mining model. Interview questions and answers — free pdf download Page 23 of 39 What is the diff between control flow Items and data flow Items? The control flow is the highest level control process.

It allows you to manage the run-time process activities of data flow and other processes within a package.

When we want to extract, transform and load data within a package. You add an SSIS dataflow task to the package control flow. An environment variable configuration sets a package property equal to the value in an environment variable.


Environmental configurations are useful for configuring properties that are dependent on the computer that is executing the package. When you run a package from with in BIDS,it is built and temporarily deployed to the folder. Interview questions and answers — free pdf download Page 26 of 39 What are Connection Managers? It provides logical representation of a connection at design time the properties of the connection mgr describes the physical connection that integration services creates when the package is run.

Interview questions and answers — free pdf download Page 27 of 39 Top 6 tips for job interview Interview questions and answers — free pdf download Page 28 of 39 Tip 1: Do your homework You'll likely be asked difficult questions during the interview. Spend time researching the company. Look at its site to understand its mission statement, product offerings, and management team. A few hours spent researching before your interview can impress the hiring manager greatly.

Read the company's annual report often posted on the site , review the employee's LinkedIn profiles, and search the company on Google News, to see if they've been mentioned in the media lately.

SSIS Interview Questions And Answers For Experienced

The more you know about a company, the more you'll know how you'll fit in to it.Each time we create a measure group, another partition is created. You get the Duplicate Key error when you operate the Analysis Services database.

Using File system task.

Yes, it is possible for that we have Message Queue task. MSMQ helps in communicating two applications with each other asynchronously.

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