If you tap on 'All Documents' to open this view, you'll see that any document with a PDF attached will have a button with a grey download icon. Tap the download. You can use the Mendeley Web interface to access discussion, references and If a reference has an attached PDF file (indicated by a PDF icon) you can open. We know accessing your PDFs is a crucial part of your research and are sorry for the You see an error message that the PDF will not open.

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Posts about open access written by mendeleyteam, drgunn, and Alice Bonasio. around scientific content because content is too rare, if your content is PDFs. Adding references to a private group is just as easy as adding them to public When sharing materials with public groups, other members will only have access to They can then open this document using the Mendeley PDF viewer and read . file (the more open common standard) in order to migrate to Mendeley: By enabling this feature you are able to access your PDF files in your Mendeley Web .

An add-on called Zotfile [ 9 ] allows users to extract annotations and perform other PDF management tasks. In Zotero, this feature is called Library Lookup. Users click on a reference in their collections, and if full text is found, the PDF file can be easily dragged and dropped into their reference collections. EndNote users can access full-text through their institutions by using the Find Full Text feature. For RefWorks, institutional administrators can configure a link resolver for all users at that institution.

The RefWorks senior product manager indicated, however, that as of fall , RefWorks users can share folders with other RefWorks users across institutions [ 5 ]. EndNote X7 and X8 users can share with each other in groups of up to members [ 11 ].

Mendeley and Zotero users can create both public and private groups [ 12 , 13 ], though Mendeley users with a free account can create and own only one private group, and private groups created by free accounts are limited to three members [ 14 ].

Mendeley offers additional social networking features in the online version that the other products do not provide.

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Mendeley users can search for and follow other researchers with similar interests and receive updates on actions and events of researchers they are following via the Mendeley Newsfeed [ 12 ].

RefWorks is a purely cloud-based system, so access to the application itself is not available offline. Users can, however, link a DropBox account to RefWorks to provide offline access to full-text documents in RefWorks [ 10 ]. Users of the online version can provide their article titles, abstracts, and references, and EndNote will provide a list of journal recommendations based on its analysis of Web of Science citation data [ 15 ].

RefWorks is the only product to offer a plug-in for Google Docs, an especially useful feature at universities where Google tools are used heavily by students. It is also the only fully cloud-based product. While both Mendeley and Zotero are free, Zotero is the only open-source product among the four. EndNote offered the most choices for searching databases within the tool, and Zotero generated the most accurate bibliographies.

Each also offers unique features that may be especially valuable to certain populations e. Often, though, the best choice for a given purpose may be determined by factors other than the functionality of the applications themselves. These factors include cost, support provided by institutions, research needs, familiarity with a product from previous experience, and accessibility for the research team members.

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For example, if users are working on a systematic review with authors at several institutions, they will need to choose a tool that is accessible to everyone on the team. Since users are not limited to the citation managers supported by their institutions, information professionals need to be familiar with all popular choices in order to guide and support their users effectively. Fitzgerald D. Managing references the easy way. The Scientist [Internet] Articles were extracted by two reviewers, an….

Smart Farming is a development that emphasizes the use of information and communication technology in the cyber-physical farm management cycle. New technologies such as the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing are expected to leverage this development and introduce more robots and artificial intelligence in farming. This is encompassed by the phenomenon of Big Data, massive volumes of data with a wide variety that can be captured, analysed and used for decision-making.

This review aims to gain…. Smart farming SF involves the incorporation of information and communication technologies into machinery, equipment, and sensors for use in agricultural production systems.

New technologies such as the internet of things and cloud computing are expected to advance this development, introducing more robots and artificial intelligence into farming.

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Therefore, the aims of this paper are twofold: We propose a hierarchical attention network for document classification. Our model has two distinctive characteristics: Experiments conducted on six large scale text classification tasks demonstrate that ….

Zichao Yang et al. Human Language Technologies On April 30th, Elsevier updated its policies regarding how Elsevier papers may be used to more closely align with the STM Association principles and to address usage on social networks, which have become popular since the last time the policy was updated yeah, it was that old! For Mendeley and other sites on which research is shared, the main thing is that there are fewer restrictions on what sorts of use are permitted, but we also get some technical help with a new article tagging proposal.

We plan to use the new machine-readable information in the PDFs to improve our catalog search, recommendation features, and article-level information available via the Mendeley API. We would also like to encourage researchers to add the new author manuscripts to their researcher profiles.

While we continue to dream of and work towards a world where all research is available to anyone without restriction, this is a welcome step forward. At Mendeley, we worked closely with Elsevier to ensure these changes help the whole scholarly communications ecosystem — researchers, publishers, librarians, and developers of new technology — and found Elsevier a willing and forthcoming partner in our work to meet the changing needs of of researchers.

We understand that researchers need a range of tools and services to support their work, so we worked hard to ensure these changes help the whole scholarly communications ecosystem — researchers, publishers, librarians, and developers of new technology. Overall, we think the positives outweigh the negatives.

She started off by explaining that her keen interest in Science Communication and Digital Science in particular came from a passion for the ocean, her concern over its collapse, and a wish to make a positive contribution towards conservation.

She expanded on the theme of her recent Wired Article , talking about the problems that come from treating scientific research as a disposable commodity rather than a durable good, to be built incrementally over time. My question is, what happens in day 4? The main problem, she believes, stems from the fact that science is not the news, but gets treated as such.

Kristen also highlighted the problems around diluting or sensationalising scientific messages in order to make it more palatable or newsworthy. When I first started talking about this a few years ago, there was really no way for the average citizen to look at a piece of research and figure out what gravitas it had, and what its real importance was.

However, she believes that altmetrics should not merely focus solely on counting mentions and other social interactions, but should prioritise aggregated content, curating expert opinions in such as way as to make research clearer and more accessible to the average person. At the moment, Altmetrics is something that is on the radar of the scientific community, but not exactly common knowledge to the general public.

And that, says Marhaver, is something that really needs to change. This kind of tool is something that everybody should know about, and should be on every search search bar: That is actually something that chimes with some recent initiative by Mendeley and Elsevier, like the recently launched STM Digest , which aims to provide lay translations of scientific papers produced by experts with in-depth knowledge of the subject.

Kristen draws parallels here with the Open Access debate, saying there are papers that people simply need to have access to, and that some content needs OA more urgently than others.

This is something that scientists have actually started to address by self-sorting based on OA importance, publishing papers with broader societal impact into Open Access journals and more specialized content in others. She recognises that Elsevier initiatives such as Atlas are a good start, but wants them to go further.

If you know someone who has applied or reused scientific research in an innovative way to advance science, medicine, or technology, you can nominate them for an ASAP award.

The goal of ASAP is to reward people for publishing and re-using open access research and also to gather compelling use cases for open access.

The nomination period opened May 1 and runs through June Potential nominees may include individuals or teams of scientists, researchers, educators, entrepreneurs, policy makers, patient advocates, public health workers, students, or anyone else, as long as they have reused open access research in a innovative way.

Mendeley is assisting by publicizing the event and gathering nominations, and Creative Commons, along with several other library organizations, publishers, and research organizations are also sponsoring the event. Top 5 Trending Agricultural and Biological Sciences Papers in January During January we analysed millions of open access academic papers in Agricultural and Biological Sciences to discover the top 5 articles being read by Mendeley users in the Agricultural and Biological Sciences discipline.

You also find the same functionality under the "File" menu. If Mendeley are not able to extract all necessary metadata for the reference, the PDF will be put in the "Needs Review" folder. Click on the magnifying glass symbol next to the standard number to search for metadata. Import references Mendeley is not fully capable to collect references in bulk from different databases, but there are some possibilities.

The easiest way is often to use the web importer. If you want to import a single reference together with the pdf, you should open the pdf before clicking the web importer.

You can also use the web importer from a result list in a database and import several references at the same time. Unfortunately, the pdfs will not be included if you use this method. You can also create export files in standard formats like ris, bibtex and and.

Import a web page When you have found the web page you'll like to import, click on the web importer. Import from Endnote Usually you have the possibility to transfer collections of references from different programs.

In this example we demonstrate how to import references from Endnote to Mendeley. Name your library and save it.

The reference will be imported. Organize Searching In Mendeley desktop you can search within your reference library, including PDFs, using the search box up in the right corner.

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You also have the possibility to limit your search query.Syncing with other apps Many modern web applications provide programmatic interfaces to their data, allowing Mendeley to just go fetch it.

ADAR1-dependent cell lines display increased expression of interferon-stimulated genes. In Mendeley web you have two search possibilities: In the upper search box you will access the Mendeley document database, that is all the document made available by the members community at Mendeley.

Typical E-co… Ying Yu et al. This is something that scientists have actually started to address by self-sorting based on OA importance, publishing papers with broader societal impact into Open Access journals and more specialized content in others. Overall, we think the positives outweigh the negatives.

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