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The community is still waiting for the official Certificate support whitepaper from Microsoft. Ok, we dont hold our breath, as we know this is MS, the dont react fast. Well, hmm… right.

MS in fact never admitted to release such document, but lets state this as a problem: The only thing is a lame 5 year old prehistoric document from Rick Kingslan: I wont! Lync server is far the most picky MS server software, in terms of certificates. Do any change in your PKI, and Lync will probably die 5 mins later or worst case during the night.

If Lync survives it ususally wont.. Yes, the situation is as bad, literally.

Mastering Microsoft Lync Server 2013

Just some questions from certificates topics: Seems not really: Any broken incompatibilty issue hidden deep in some Lync webservice? I agree on the lack of official documentation in terms of this and certificate support in general.

TLS is not disabled by default in Windows operating systems. Was it enabled in a patch potentially?

This appears to be a vendor specific implementation of TLS 1. I disabled tls 3. Exchange works fine owa, activesync.

Lync works fine on the Lync desktop client from outside, and we have another website we are pointing to, but that also works fine. The only issue is the Lync iphone app.

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It just will not connect anymore. Logs from the lync mobile app show: Please note, that there exist not TLS 3. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Lync Server October 20, admin gcmtotalsolutions. So from old to new, your versions are: SSL 3 came out back in I honestly had no clue it was that old. What has Microsoft said? Thus far, not too much. Choose the Front-end pool that is available on the drop down menu, click next After that is done, and everything went smooth you will get this screen.

Now we have to open the to-do list and see what we have to do further. This is just a text file, that says we need to update our DNS records for the pool and the other addresses.

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We have created the topology, and distributed this to the back-end server. So now we have to install the Front-end server. So start the setup menu again. Now we have to assign certificates to the server.

Just click close now, and we get back to the wizard. In my case it took over 1 min before the front-end service got started.

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But now that they are all started, we can continue on to setting up Lync. Now when that Is done remember to add the front-end pool host in DNS or you will get an error when you try to open the Lync Control Panel.

And remember the lync control panel is based on silverlight Now before we conclude this post, I want to SIP enable my user Administrator, And make sure I can authenticate with the client. I will continue on with some posts regarding policies and such later. But what is Lync? Previously known as Office communications server Is part of Microsoft Unified Communication products.Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

More testing needs to happen. August 14, admin gcmtotalsolutions. I honestly had no clue it was that old.

Exchange and SharePoint Chapter If you want to test your server and make sure SSL 3. The first menu — choose New topology.

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