Ever since she entered high school, Kotoko Aihara wanted to be in the same class as Naoki Irie. The only problem, Irie is the smartest student in school while Kotoko is one of the dumbest. One day, her home gets destroyed and the only place else to go was to Irie's home. Learn more about Itazura Na Kiss Full Color Edition, Volume 1 in the Richmond Public Library digital collection. Itazura Na Kiss Love in Tokyo - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File イタズラなKiss~Love in TOKYO Director: Writer: Kaoru Tada (manga), Yuiko.

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To ask other readers questions about Itazura Na Kiss, Volume 1, please sign up. .. Which is why Itazura Na Kiss is a very strange choice or manga for me to. If the plot summary for Itazura Na Kiss sounds like a lot of other shojo manga titles, there's a good reason for it. Kaoru Tada's series, started in. Itazura na Kiss is a gem to the shoujo demographic, as it is the mother a few months later, leaving her popular manga forever uncompleted.

Kotoko is a naive girl who has been in love with just one guy, Irie-kun. Irie-kun is a guy that has a cold heart because he doesn't make friends easily. I love the story. Can't wait to read the rest!

Itazura Na Kiss: Manga Volume 12

View all 16 comments. I found this manga from watching its Korean drama adaptation: Playful Kiss, which I really enjoyed. I had really enjoyed Kim Hyun-joong's portrayal of Seung-jo and admitted I was comparing the manga version Naoki to him. But I did find that this also has a Japanese drama adaption, Mischievous Kiss I found this manga from watching its Korean drama adaptation: But I did find that this also has a Japanese drama adaption, Mischievous Kiss, which I've started watching as well and its helped get more used to the Japanese cultural aspects of the story.

I also recently found out that there was a new Taiwanese adaptation made last year, Miss in Kiss, that I will be checking out also: I love seeing how Kotoko's energetic, yet clumsy, personality starts to warm up Naoki's cold and arrogant personality. I would definitely call this a slow burn romance and I enjoy watching Naoki slowly fall for Kotoko though he doesn't realize it himself.

I found it sad to discover that the manga-ka, Kaoru Tada, passed away before she could finish the series.

But with her widower's approval, the story's been continued. So, my only source is site, Hoping it arrives soon, so I can continuing reading! Jan 16, Selena rated it did not like it Shelves: I'm not going to mince words here. This thing was terrible. It's probably among the worst manga I've ever read, and I've read a lot of manga over the years.

There were a bunch of reasons this didn't work for me, but here are the biggest ones: The Art So, not the biggest reason I didn't like it, but the art definitely left me disappointed. Normally I don't mind older art styles. This one looks like it came out of the late 80s, and wen I looked it up, it started in , so I wasn't far off.

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The prob I'm not going to mince words here. The problem wasn't the age, though. It was that much of it felt incomplete. Eyes were often left unshaded. Hair often looks more like incomplete line work than something that should come out of a person's head. In fact, much of the art looks like incomplete line work. All of this makes the art look messy and unfinished. I don't think this was a stylistic choice, however, as there are panels and pages throughout that DO look like they were finished, which leaves me wondering why so much of it looks so bad.

The Characters They were all flat and one-dimensional. He's a little jerk, but he has a REASON for being a little jerk he's a third-grader whose room has been girlified and given to some stupid chick.

Kotoko is a stupid girl with no hobbies or aspirations, and but for a crush on Irie because he's hot and intelligent, has no motivation either. It's a good thing her crush on him is defined by his good looks and intelligence. Otherwise, she might start to hate him because he's an ass hole when she realizes he wasn't the good guy she thought he was.

Speaking of Irie-the-love-interest, he's just a hot? He's just a jerk with a lot of brains and supposed beauty. Well, there's one more thing I can say about this gary stu. He never studies apparently, he has a form of photographic memory that allows him to understand everything the first time he reads it , and despite never practicing or exorcising, can kick butt at tennis tournaments. And despite hating helping others and being a super-genus, he's also the best teacher in the universe.

Because apparently, Tada-sensei was desperate to find reasons for us to actually LIKE Irie despite the fact he has all the personality of a rock. Otherwise, we had one-dimensional side characters. Kotoko's female friends with names I can't be bothered to remember; "Kin-chan", a guy who is obsessed with Kotoko and marrying the girl and I'm convinced is a stalker ; Irie's mother, a woman so obsessed with getting a daughter that she dressed Irie as a girl until he was old enough to understand what was happening and later is desperately trying to get Kotoko as a daughter-in-law; and lastly, The Dads, who are practically interchangeable as they just want to convince Kotoko and Irie to get married.

Story The story I've seen before. Girl tries to tell guy she likes him, guy turns her down flat. Then another trope gets introduced: That pretty much sums it up. Yup, that's it. There's also a sports festival with its own tired set of cliches. All in all, it's just not worth it.

There are so many other shoujo manga that are better. This one just hasn't aged well at all. View 2 comments. Jan 09, scarlettraces rated it it was amazing Shelves: Feb 07, Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: At present, one of my all time fave series. Funny, sweet, lovely. I can read this over and over again and never tire of it. Kotoko is an adorable idiot who always sacrifices her dignity on the alter of unrequited love. And the smart, talented, socially inept Naoki is the focus of her pining.

Throughout the series, readers witness Naoki coming alive through his interactions with Kotoko. And we see Kotoko herself mature through her interactions with Naoki. Lots of hi-jinks, lots of tenderness, lots of fun.

Itazura na Kiss Manga

Apr 21, Anastasia rated it it was amazing Shelves: May 02, Cata rated it liked it Shelves: Fofo e divertido. Aug 23, Sarah Hayes rated it it was amazing. Kotoko of Class F has a secret: When she finally summons up the courage to give him a love letter, Naoki doesn't even read it. In fact, he even goes out of his way to tell Kotoko he doesn't like stupid girls.

It seems like Kotoko's heart has been broken and there's no hope in her and Naoki ever coming together - that is, until a natural disaster of fateful proportions intervenes. When Kotoko's family house is turned into rubble by an ear Kotoko of Class F has a secret: When Kotoko's family house is turned into rubble by an earthquake, her father has them all shacking up with an old school friend and his family - and this old friend's son is none other than Naoki!

Whether it's trying to get past Naoki's cold demeanor or getting picked on by Naoki's little brother or studying like never before to get into college with her crush, Kotoko's life is harder than ever before. Can living under the same roof as Naoki improve Kotoko's chances of a whirlwind romance - or will Naoki just shoot her down again? It's a romance story full of drama and humor, all led by the impossible couple that is Kotoko and Naoki.

Kotoko still is in love with Naoki and Naoki is slowly warming to Kotoko's energy and upbeat spirit. You can clearly see that living under the same roof has changed both characters in notable ways. Could one of those changes in the end be a romantic relationship?

It's the slow but involving progress of their unusual high school courtship that will bring readers back to read more of their story together.

In a market when a lot of romantic manga is angsty dramatic messes that read like rejected Degrassi scripts, Itazura na Kiss is a lighthearted entry that succeeds in creating a suspenseful "will they or won't they?

As the heart of the series, Kotoko is a strong-willed young woman who may still be in Class F with the rest of the academic failures but can still work hard when it comes to working to become Naoki's equal.

If you enjoy a romantic push and pull story between two people as their feelings turn tender towards each other, you can't go wrong giving this series a go.

I am looking forward to reading the next volume featuring those turbulent lovebirds Naoki and Kotoko - and once you finish the first book, I think you will too. May 18, Yukino rated it it was amazing Shelves: Me lo ha consigliato Aryaali Mi dirigo verso di lui Se prima avevo qualche dubbio Non vi aspettate il solito shojo..

Si si ha gli stessi effetti di un allucinoggeno! Mi ha talmente catturato che: Sono feliccissima di averlo inziato! Leggetelo leggetelo leggetelo! Apr 01, Jordan Michaels rated it liked it Recommends it for: Frankly the male lead in this series is a down right, self-centered, arrogant Jerk! Why this girl is so persistent when there is another male support that is so devoted to her, I have no idea.

Looks and brains are nothing without a kind heart. Girls and guys take heed. This is a great example of how NOT to be. Guys, be kind and compassionate. Girls, if a guy is a jerk move on! Apr 28, Shanu rated it liked it.

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The art is not amazing but the story is cute. The main character are fun but can get annoying at times, especially the girl as her whole existence revolves around the guy. I had originally planned on reading this whole series but i just realized that it is an incomplete work author died before finishing it. I will now stop at this first volume and remember this work through the taiwanese drama form that i watched and loved. Oct 02, Sarah rated it really liked it. Now I'll have finish the whole series- to see how the first few differ from the show, and then to see what happens after the point where the show ended.

Also, the first Manga I've ever read Mar 03, Luisa B. Phoebe Andamo. Thank you, Phoebe for lending this to me. The anime, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and now, where it all began -- the original shojo manga: Feb 24, Evee rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ok, so I actually really liked this manga.

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More so than I thought I would. I would say 4. To be honest, the reoccurring 'unrequited" love thing is a really boring tropes which are why I steer FAR away from it every time I see something that might hint at it in the summary. Which is why Itazura Na Kiss is a very strange choice or manga for me to read.

I honestly thought this was gonna be freaking typical in that the girl confesses an Ok, so I actually really liked this manga.

The 3rd option was what happened here but unlike most girls, our main character Still don't know her name I'm really bad with names Most shoujo girls are so blinded by their one-sided love that they always see the best in the guy and want to be together and just cry when they're rejected. Now I'm not saying that our main character here didn't feel sad about being rejected Also, the fact that there's a random side guy to help progress the ship is nice too.

I find myself really rooting for the main girl instead of hating the guy as usual. Still kinda hate him It's wasn't as cliche as the summary makes it and honestly, it's quite funny. Anything funny is really a win for me! Feb 03, Mahra rated it it was amazing. This is a shoujo master piece. I have to say this just to get it out of the way, I kinda hate how Kotoko is somehow chasing Irie, if I were her I would have dumped him a long time ago but 4.

But due to circumstances her moving into his house I guess I would have had a low level of difficulty getting over irie. Anyways 6. I think iriee is Typa A person who is really have high intelligence and less feelings, like those geniuse 1.

I think iriee is Typa A person who is really have high intelligence and less feelings, like those geniuses who really are smart but depressed, he is not mean, and when he is, I am happy that Kotoko slapped him when he recited her love letter 7. The mother knows how her son is a douche and I love how she supports kotoko 9.

And I admire how kotoko got in that list. And when she handed the baton to Iriee!!!! Omg if i were her I would hate myself looooool All in all, This manga gets me all feelings!! Love it Unfortunately I didn't care for this original manga series.

The artwork is a little to be desired, didn't really care for it much. Then to a distressed Kotoko, Naoki finally confesses his true feelings. This eBook has a region limitation. Details of 4 coin s. Add to Cart. Instant Checkout with. Add to Wish List. download as Gift. Add All to Cart. See more. It will vary, depending of the day-to-day exchange rate. Receive a redemption code to send to a recipient to through e-mails, SNS, etc.

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Share this book facebook twitter Mail.Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter View 1 comment. His brother can leave. Release That Witch Chapter Gender bender. The Hunter Chapter It's probably among the worst manga I've ever read, and I've read a lot of manga over the years. Digital Manga Publishing has done a terrific job with this release.

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