Bertrand Russell, dalam buku sejarah filsafat Baratnya yang amat klasik History of .. Tamburaka dalam bukunya Pengantar Ilmu Sejarah, Teori Filsafat Sejarah, Rizal Mustansyir dalam karyanya Filsafat Analitik: Sejarah, Perkembangan, dan .. dalam memilih judul kajian dalam penulisan ilmiah (seperti makalah, paper. L bender op, filsafat hukum adalah suatu ilmu yang merupakan bagian dari filsafat moral, yang disebut juga etika. BAB III PENGERTIAN DAN RUANG LINGKUP FILSAFAT TEORI HUKUM. 1. Unduh sebagai DOC, PDF, TXT atau baca online dari Scribd .. Makalah Filsafat Hukum Tentang Hukuman Mati. membuat subur gaya pemikiran “Frankfurt” itu bagi filsafat dan ilmu-ilmu sosial Di dalam pengertian mengenai kepentingan dan mengarahkan pengetahuan.

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Filsafat Fisika adalah interdisiplin ilmu yang mengkaji ilmu fisika berdasarkan pengertian angka desimal dan nol (0) sebelum banga Eropa mengenalnya. Berkala Ilmu Perpustakaan dan Informasi, with registered number ISSN .. to the wider communities, this website provides journal articles for free download. .. emosi dan otak), dan kajian-kajian lain terkait perkembangan keilmuan psikologi. Figure 1 shows the probability density function (pdf) of a received binary signal with symbol S0 and In this derivation, we assume that the pdf is Gaussian.

Publication in JSV including original articles, reviews and case reports of a high scientific and ethical standard in all aspects of veterinary and biomedical research. The primary aim of the journal is to inform veterinary and biomedical scientists of significant advances in veterinary and related research through prompt publication and dissemination.

Secondly, the journal aims to provide a general multi-disciplinary forum for discussion and debate of news and issues concerning veterinary science. Thirdly, to promote the dissemination of knowledge to a broader range of professions, globally. JSV encourages papers providing results that have clear implications for understanding disease pathogenesis and for the development of control measures or treatments, as well as those dealing with a comparative biomedical approach, which represents a substantial improvement to animal and human health.

Filsafat abad pertengahan

In addition, recently JSV have been indexed on: Google Scholar 3. Jurnal Pengembangan Keasipan merupakan media komunikasi dan publikasi bidang kearsipan yang diterbitkan oleh Arsip Universitas Gadjah Mada.

Jurnal Pengembangan Kearsipan terbit dua kali dalam satu tahun yaitu Mei dan November, semua manuskrip yang masuk ke dalam open journal system Khazanah: Jurnal Pengembangan Kearsipan diproses secara double blind review. J urnal Kesehatan Vokasional with registered number ISSN print , ISSN online is a collection of health scientific articles, especially in the field of medical records and health information as well as applied health sciences such as midwifery, nursing and others who are initiated by the department of health services and information, vocational college of universitas Gadjah Mada UGM.

The initial frequency of publication in is in October and then the second issue in April , by the frequency of issuance changes from October and April to May and November and start from the frequency of issuance change to fourth, February, Mei, August and November. November , Vol 1. Articles published in journals are based on research results, fieldwork, and literature studies development of theory by first through a peer-reviewed process.

The Management of the journal invites academic, and researcher to submit their critical writing to contribute to the development of the humanities sciences. The journal is a scientific journal focusing to the relationship between people and its environment that are oriented for environmental problems solving.

JML publish scientific articles i. Every manuscript should be submitted online via OJS and follows to the author guideline and the template file.

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Reviewing proccess will be done as blind review. Accepted manuscript should pass as a suitable coverage and standard scientific manuscript, the content and refference quality primary and up to date. Journal is open accessed. Since , JML has been using Open Journal System requiring all writers to register in advance before they are allowed to upload the manuscript they write online.

Jurnal Fisika Indonesia JFI Is an open access scientific peer-reviewed journal published by Department of Physics Universitas Gadjah Mada that publishes researches on Physics, covering both theory, experiments, computation and applied physics including geophysics.

We have a mission to build scientific research foundations in theoretical and applied physics to support education, research and community service in Indonesia. A manuscript can be written in English or in Bahasa Indonesia, but Abstracts are required to be written in English. All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed thoroughly by the committee of editors and reviewers. Publication in this journal is free of charge and is periodically done three times a year April, August, and December.

Welcome to the official open journal system of Juris Gentium Law Review. As a part of our commitment to the enrichment of legal knowledge amongst students, we provide our published journal articles to be download for free.

As a student run law review, we greatly appreciate your suggestions on the betterment of this journal. Inquiries on article submission and others may be sent through jglr. This journal is published two times a year which is a continuation of the last publication in The journal is devoted to a rapid peer-reviewed full-length original research paper, short communications, and critical reviews, which serves as an international forum for the exchange of information in all aspects of food technology and nutrition.

Manuscript submission and reviewing process is fully conducted through online journal system https: Food and Nutrition Progress includes a wide range of food technology and nutrition topics such as: Physical, chemical, biotechnological, microbiological, process engineering, analytical, and nutritional aspects; Post-harvest technology; Sensory evaluation; Diet plans; Gastronomy; Food safety and hygiene; Functional foods; Novel foods.

All papers submitted should focus on the novelty of the research carried out. Please see our Authors Guideline for information on article submission. If you require any further information or help, please visit our support pages. Jurnal Studi Pemuda is a pioneer of youth studies journal in Indonesia. Jurnal Studi Pemuda aims to facilitate academic, practical, and policy discussions on youth issues from a variety of perspectives.

Jurnal Studi Pemuda is published twice a year and opens collaborative opportunities for studies in the youth issues. Editorial team of Jurnal Studi Pemuda invites interested enthusiasts of youth studies, whether students, practitioners, researchers or lecturers from various disciplines to write and exchange ideas about the results of empirical research, literature study, freely and critically.

Jurnal Studi Pemuda use double blind review process. It is in the national level that covers a lot of common problems or issues related to community services. The aim of this journal publication is to disseminate the conceptual thoughts or ideas and research results that have been achieved in the area of community services.

Jurnal Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat Indonesian Journal of Community Engagement , contains various activities of the teaching staff in UGM in handling and managing the various potentials, obstacles, challenges, and problems that exist in society. Implementation of service activities also involve the participation of the community and partners. Service activities are organized into an activity aimed at improving the welfare of society. In the following year of publication, the journal is going to publish trianually.

Any interested author could submit the manuscript following the submission guidelines. Authors who want to submit their manuscript to the editorial office of Jurnal Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat Indonesian Journal of Community Engagement should obey the writing guidelines. It published regularly twice a year June and December. The focus and scopes of the articles in this journal are:. The JCEF is devoted to publish and disseminate research in the fields of structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, water resources engineering, environmental engineering, transportation engineering, and construction management.

JCEF is open access journal and free of charge for submission, publication and download. There are three categories of articles published in JCEF: The article consists of 6 - 12 pages, 6 - 10 articles per issue, reviewed by selected peer-reviewers.

ACI Acta Cardiologia Indonesiana is a forum for articles that present the results of research, innovative ideas and new hypotheses that stimulate the original thinking in the field of cardiology and vascular medicine.

ACI Acta Cardiologia Indonesiana accepts articles of original research, review articles, case reports and case series that represent the advancement in cardiovascular science and practice. It aims to disseminate the advancement of critical scientific ideas for evidence-based application and practices. Since then, it has published various scientific work in the form of theoretical reviews, meta-analysis, and non-empirical research report, both in English and Indonesian.

We publish twice a year in June and December, but submissions are welcomed throughout the year. In , Buletin Psikologi has successfully integrated the Open Journal System OJS , an online submission platform, to improve the quality and ease of the publication process. It allows authors, readers, editorial board, editors and peer reviewers to monitor the real-time status of the manuscript. Therefore, authors are required to register in advance and upload the manuscript through OJS.

Filsafat modern

Hard copies of the journal can also be downloadd through the system. Gadjah Mada Journal of Psychology GamaJoP mengundang para penulis untuk mengirimkan naskah tentang berbagai topik meliputi, namun tidak terbatas pada, pengembangan karakter pendidikan karakter anak usia dini dan pendidikan karakter pembelajar , pengasuhan hubungan anak-orang tua, strategi pengasuhan, stimulasi anak usia dini, dan identifikasi potensi anak berkebutuhan khusus , kesehatan mental kesehatan mental individu dan komunitas, kesehatan mental di dalam keluarga, sekolah, dan lingkungan kerja , kualitas hidup kebahagiaan, trust, self, achievement, kebersyukuran, kesabaran, dan cinta , pengembangan alat ukur psikologi, neuropsikologi koordinasi motorik, memori, hubungan emosi dan otak , dan kajian-kajian lain terkait perkembangan keilmuan psikologi.

GamaJPP bertujuan menyebarluaskan hasil kajian dan riset-riset dalam bidang psikologi terapan dan intervensi psikologi. GamaJPP mengundang para penulis untuk mengirimkan naskah tentang berbagai topik meliputi, namun tidak terbatas pada, riset-riset intervensi dalam pengembangan karakter pendidikan karakter anak usia dini dan intervensi di sekolah , pengasuhan hubungan anak-orang tua, strategi pengasuhan, dan stimulasi anak usia dini, identifikasi potensi anak berkebutuhan khusus , kesehatan mental kesehatan mental ndividu dan komunitas, kesehatan mental di dalam keluarga, sekolah, dan lingkungan kerja , kualitas hidup kebahagiaan, trust, self, achievement, kebersyukuran, kesabaran, cinta , neuropsikologi koordinasi motorik, memori, hubungan emosi dan otak , dan kajian-kajian lain terkait psikologi terapan dan intervensi psikologi.

GamaJPP mengundang para penulis untuk mengirimkan naskah tentang berbagai topic psikologi terapan dan intervensi psikologi baik dalam bidang pendidikan, industri dan organisasi, maupun psikologi klinis yang diterapkan pada anak, remaja, maupun dewasa. The Editorial Board receives manuscripts based on research, both on theoretical and empirical, related to population, policy, poverty, family planning, reproduction health, employment, environment and population, migration, crime, juvenile delinquency, and other issues related to the big theme in population and policy.

It publishes original scientific work related to a diverse range of fields in tropical biodiversity, functional biology, and biotechnology. The Indonesian Journal of Dental Research is an international journal dedicated to the latest advancement of dental research in Indonesia and Asia Pacific regions. The goal of this journal is to provide a platform for dentists and academicians all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments in different areas of dental and oral sciences.

All manuscripts must be prepared in English, and are subject to a rigorous and fair peer-review process. Accepted papers will immediately appear online followed by printed hard copy.

The journal publishes original papers including but not limited to the following fields:. Journal of Applied Geology — JAG focuses on the applied geology and geosciences with its key objective particularly emphasis on application of basic geological knowledge for addressing environmental, engineering, and geo-hazards problems. The subject covers variety of topics including geodynamics, sedimentology and stratigraphy, volcanology, engineering geology, environmental geology, hydrogeology, geo-hazard and mitigation, mineral resources, energy resources, medical geology, geo-archaeology, as well as applied geophysics and geodesy.

This journal is an open access journal, all contents are freely available without charge to the user. The submission process and publication costs are also free of charge. The journal adopting single blind review processes. Jurnal ini merupakan sarana komunikasi dan penyebarluasan informasi hasil-hasil penelitian dan pengembangan, kajian serta pemikiran dalam bidang kepariwisataan.

Redaksi menerima tulisan atau artikel ilmiah bidang kepariwisataan. Redaksi berhak mengedit tulisan tanpa merubah maknanya. Jurnal Ilmu Sastra is a half-yearly journal published by the literary studies program of gadjah mada university.

Presentation Description

It provides forum for the scholar of literary studies with special interest in Arabic, English, French, Indonesia and Japanese literature.

Thus the editorial board accept the articles within the scope of literary studies with various application of theory. download directly by coming to the Ilmu Sastra office at the address: Journal Kajian Seni is an academic journal that discusses about performing arts and visual arts, with many approach and perspective.

This Journal is published twice a year, April and November. Jurnal Filsafat is a scientific journal that first published in , as a forum for scientific communication, development of thinking and research in philosophy. The Editorial Team of Jurnal Filsafat accepts manuscript in the field of philosophy which has never been published in other media. Editorial Team has the right to edit the manuscript as far as not changing the substance of its contents.

Jurnal Filsafat Address: Olahraga Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta, ; Email: The Journal considers any original research that advocates change in, or illuminates, clinical practice.

The journal also publishes interesting and informative reviews and opinions pieces on any topics connected with clinical practice. Manuscripts must be solely the work of the author s stated, not have been published previously elsewhere, and not be under consideration by another journal.

Diagrams, figures, and photographs should be used to supplement and enhance the text. The Jurnal Kebijakan Kesehatan Indonesia: JKKI JKKI is an open access, peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal dedicated to the publication of novel research in all aspects of health policy.

JKKI is published four times a year and accepts original research articles featuring well-designed studies with clearly analyzed and logically interpreted results.

A strong preference is given to research that has the potential to make significant contributions to both the field of health policy in general. We invite authors to submit articles in the fields of health policy, health policy formulation, health policy implementation, health policy monitoring and evaluation. This journal is intended as a medium of communication for those who have attention to health policy such as policy makers at the central government level, local government, including in health service organizations such as hospitals, health services, BKKBN, drug industry managers, medical devices and health insurance, and research education institutions.

The Indonesian Journal of Medical Education Jurnal Pendidikan Kedokteran Indonesia is a peer-reviewed open-access journal which publishes research and innovation in curriculum development, student-centred learning, faculty development, assessment, and learning resources in health professions education.

Aiming to improve literacy on health professions education in Indonesia and globally, this journal publishes three issues annually in English and Bahasa Indonesia. Menteri Penerangan Republik Indonesia No. Currently, we already use the Online Journal System , requiring all authors to submit their papers online.

Afterwards, authors, editors and reviewers will be able to monitor the manuscript processing.

This journal is published annually every April, August and December. Submission of the manuscript is done throughout the year using direct online submission in https: All submitted papers will be reviewed according to rules and regulation. At present, the reviewing process is performed using single blind peer review; but in the future we will use double blind peer review. Reviewers will declare which manuscripts deserves to be published through online information.

This journal is a media of information and scientific knowledge which contains research articles and case reports in the field of reproductive health issues in women, children, and adolescents; including pregnant women health, gynecology issues and family planning. It is also accommodating the the development of reproductive health problems through interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach:. Food Pharm. Topics include: Chemical and biochemical composition and structure changes in molecules.

ASEAN Journal of Systems Engineering AJSE is published by Master Program of Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Gadjah Mada as a mean for publishing scientific works in form of research papers, literature study, or scientific review on published articles, about systems engineering especially in the field of energy, industry and environment.

The journal is published twice a year July and December , in both print and online versions. Vegetalika menerbitkan publikasi sebanyak empat nomor dalam setahun satu volume per tahun yaitu pada bulan Februari, Mei, Agustus dan November setiap tahunnya.

Artikel reguler Regular articles: Prosedur percobaan harus disampaikan secara jelas dan lengkap dalam artikel sehingga memberikan kesempatan bagi para pembaca untuk memverifikasi penelitian yang telah dilakukan. Makalah lengkap harus mampu mendeskripsikan dan meninterpretasikan kegiatan penelitian yang telah dilakukan secara jelas.

Komunikasi singkat Short communications: Metode penulisan artikel komunikasi singkat tidak harus sama dengan artikel penelitian reguler. Artikel review Review articles: Jurnal Rekayasa Proses J. Pros is an open-access journal published by Chemical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Gadjah Mada as scientific journal to accommodate current topics related to chemical and biochemical process exploration and optimization which covers multi scale analysis from micro to macro and full plant size.

The first volume of J. The minimum number of articles for each issue is 5 five articles. The official language of the journal is Bahasa Indonesia, but manuscripts in English are also welcomed.

User Username Password Remember me. Home About Login Register Search.

Portal Sistem Akreditasi Jurnal dikelola Kemristekdikti: Indonesian Journal of Veterinary Science. Submitting to the journal IJBiotech uses an online submission and peer review platform, which allows authors to track the progress of their manuscript and enables shorter processing times.

Watch this Video: Register and submit article Review process article. Design of mechanical components used in engineering structures, machines and engines, computer aided design CAD , computer aided manufacturing CAM , the development of methodology for designing machine elements or mechanical components. Finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, computational heat and mass transfer, applied mechanics, biomechanics.

Manufacturing technologies, materials processing technologies, conventional and non-conventional machining, powder metallurgy, casting, welding, additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping, automation. Evaluation of engine performance, tribology and lubrication, engine maintenance, testing of mechanical components, materials characterizations, failure analysis. Experimental fluid dynamics, multiphase flow, heat and mass transfer, pump and compressor.

Energy conversion, turbo machineries, internal combustion engines, power plant. Mechanical engineering education, learning method for mechanical engineering education, engineering ethics.

Metodologi Filsafat Dan Teologi.docx - Metodologi Filsafat...

Journal of Material Processing and Characterization. Majalah Geografi Indonesia welcomes authoritative, original, ably illustrated, and well-written manuscripts on any topic of geographical importance related to Indonesian cases as well as others areas on the planet, these include physical geography, development geography, geographic information science, cartography and remote sensing.

Ilmu Pertanian Agricultural Science has indexed by: Indonesian Publicatioan Index 3. Google Scholar 4. Worldcat 5.

Scholarsteer 6. Indonesia One Search 7. Crossref 8. Abbreviation Indonesian J. DOI prefix Crossref 3. Index Copernicus International 4. Garuda Garba Rujukan Digital 5. Google Scholar 6. Indonesia One Search 6.

Crossref 7. Sinta 8. ISJD 9. CORE COPAC BASE Jurnal Perlindungan Tanaman Indonesia publishes semi-annually, i. July and December.

Jurnal PolGov merupakan media penyebaran hasil-hasil penelitian dan karya ilmiah di bidang politik dan pemerintahan guna memfasilitas diskusi, interaksi dan pertukaran informasi di antara para ahli dan dan antara para ahli dan pengambil kebijakan.

Jurnal PolGov terbuka bagi siapapun yang memiliki minat dan kehalian dalam bidang politik dan pemerintahan. Yang membuat orang ini menghubungkan dirinya dengan perbuatan ini sebagai dengan sesuatu yang menjadi kepunyaan agar ia dengan cara yang sama orang-oerang lain daopat mencapai tujuannya 7.

Hukum positif berbeda dengan hukum alam mengenai dasar baik tempat bertumpunya maupun sebagai penyebabnya Bahwa hukum positif tidak hanya tergantung pada pembawaan alami manusia tetapi juga pada unsur-unsur lain yang berada di luar pembawaan alami itu 8. Hegel aliran hukum yale ukuran baik dari nilaibudaya adalah efetifnya mengubah berbagai elemen situasi social yang berkompetesi menjadi seimbang deweye sebagai the problematic situation.

Flag for inappropriate content. For Later. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Ochy Gibran. Adnan Kremy. Muhammad Aditia. Irawan Djito. Miftahul Aziz. Muhammad Madong Rizka. Trika Kurnianto. Abdurrahman Misno Bambang Prawiro.

Aldrin Al-Bantani TEa. Ade Didik Irawan. Hidayat Bazeher.

D'jawa Purwanto. Etty Septia Sari. Agung Yuriandi. Sakhiyatu Sova. Abuzar AlGhifari.New York: Bulan Bintang, Cambridge, UK: Konsep Tuhan dalam Budaya Jawa But early in 20th century the greatest impact on Chinese society was the introduction and spread of Marxism. Menteri Penerangan Republik Indonesia No.

Metode Historis Metode ini adalah metode yang paling kuno untuk mengkaji fenomena kemanusiaan, termasuk fenomena filsafat. Hukum tidak menempatkan undangt-undang sebagai sumber hukum utama dan menempatkan hakim sebagai titik pusat perhatian dan penyelidikan hukum 7. Munir dalam bukunya Aliran Modern dalam Islam, H.

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