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Free download silabus kurikulum smp pdf for all android phones, tablets and other devices. All the best free silabus kurikulum smp pdf you want on. View KurikulumKompetensi-Dasar-SMP-verpdf Research Papers on bestthing.info for free. 4 hari yang lalu Inggris Smp Kelas Vii [PDF] [EPUB] Kurikulum (K) adalah kurikulum yang berlaku dalam. Sistem Pendidikan Indonesia. Kurikulum ini.

Nothing is wrong, Sir. We are fine, Sir 5. Fatimah and Yohana walk home from school. They are separated in the crossroad.

What is the right sentence to express how Fatimah says farewell to Yohana. Good morning, Yohana. Nice to meet you B. Hi, Yohana, how are you? Goodbye, Yohana.


Hi, Yohana. You look so pale today. Are you okay?

Marlina and her friends walk home from school. They go to school and go back from school by foot. What will Marlina say to her friends when she is right on her house front door? See you, guys! Hi, guys, how are you?


Hi, guys, what time is it? Hi, guys, be slow but sure! Anto will go to bed. He feels very tired. His father comes to his room and tells him a story about the poor cat. Good night, Anto. Have a nice day. Be a good boy, Anto. Anto, look, there is a black cat outside. Good night Anto. Have a nice dream.

Mrs Arlina is an English teacher. She gives a present to Sumarni whose test score is the highest among her friends. What will Sumarni say to Mrs Arlina?

Thank you very much, Mrs Arlina. I love the present very much. Just give the present to the poor. This is not right, Mrs Arlina. The present is not good.

Mrs Arlina, I think you waste your money by giving me this cheap present. Oh, this present looks very cute. I will give it to my needy friend then.

When Udin asks Yance to return his pencil, Yance feels very sorry that the pencil is already broken. What will Yance tell to Udin? Udin, your pencil is broken. Next time, download the better one. Udin, I hate your pencil. It is cheap so I throw away your pencil. Udin, just forget about the pencil. I will download you the new and the better one. It is not a precious thing.

Marno and his friends are in the class.

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When the bell rings, His friends invite Marno to go outside the class playing soccer. Im sure you will win the schools story-telling competition. I hope you will be the winner of the schools competition too. Lina, Im happy for you. I hope you will win the first prize in the schools competition.


I hope so too. Thank you. Wish me luck. Of course. Yes, its my dream.

And I have practiced everyday for the last two months with my dad. Thank you, Siti, Udin, for your support. Sure, you have to work hard for your dreams. I will ask you what the students and the teacher say to congratulate Lina and to express their hopes for Linas success.

You will answer my questions orally, too. Listen carefully. First, repeat the examples after me. You will read some other situations where Dayu, Siti, Lina, Edo, Beni, and Udin congratulate and express their hopes to each other.

Think of what you would say if you were them. Handwrite your sentences on a piece of paper.

Make sure you know the meaning of every word and spell it correctly. Use a dictionary.

If you have any problems, come to me. First, copy the examples.Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. First, copy the examples. Make sure you know the meaning of every word and spell it correctly. And I have practiced everyday for the last two months with my dad. Thank you, everybody.

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