Komik Naruto bahasa Indonesia Episode Hokage ketujuh chapter Read manga Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage 1 - Uchiha Sarada online in high. Naruto vs. Itachi!! (ナルトVSイタチ!!, Naruto Bāsasu Itachi!!) is volume 58 of the Naruto manga. Temari notes it to be a Wind Release variation of the Rasengan . Naruto, Vol. 24 book. Read 79 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. See 1 question about Naruto, Vol. . Who doesn't want a wind weasel ?.

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bestthing.info: Naruto, Vol. 5: The Challengers (): Masashi Kishimoto: Books. Book 5 of 72 in the Naruto Graphic Novel Series . Even today she is one of the only ninjas in the series to mix wind and water Chakra types to. Naruto (ナルト) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto and .. Terubi-ban Anime-Komikkusu Naruto Shippūden: Kakashi Gaiden ~Senshō no Bōizu Raifu~ (TV版アニメコミックス NARUTO-ナルト-疾風伝 カカシ .. "Naruto Exhibition Official Guestbook: New Chronicles — Record of Wind"). The Naruto manga is written by Masashi Kishimoto and published by Shueisha in Weekly Once finding that Naruto has wind nature chakra, Kakashi helps him hone the ability to control wind. To expedite this process Kakashi has Naruto use .

He uses his Sharingan eye to detect them and uses his Wind Release technique to massacre them all. He then cites their actions as proof that the world needs his views on good and evil.

Naruto, Vol. 35: The New Two

In Konoha , Kakashi deals with the Root members following Naruto. Yamato plants a tracker on Team Samui as they leave the village, allowing him, Kakashi, and Naruto to follow them to the Fourth Raikage in the Land of Iron.

In Konoha , Sai thinks about Naruto and Sakura 's relationship and how the promise Naruto made about Sasuke continues to hang over him. Despite him being forbidden to be anywhere near the Kage Summit, he pleads for the Raikage to forgive Sasuke for his crimes. The Raikage refuses and tells Naruto his actions are unbecoming of a shinobi since the Summit is about to seal Sasuke's status as a criminal.

The Raikage leaves Naruto behind and continues on to the Kage Summit, unaware that Sasuke and the rest of Taka are watching the Kage arrive.

The Kage Summit begins. The Fourth Raikage becomes angry about the casual nature of the meeting and smashes the table in front him, prompting the Kage's bodyguards to come to their defence.

Once things have settled the Raikage accuses the other villages of supporting Akatsuki in the past. Since Naruto is doing all of this because of the promise he made to Sakura, Sai reasons that he both loves Sakura and is caused constant pain because of her. Chapter " Sakura's Decision!!

Jiraiya's Choice!! (volume)

Mifune gives his arguments. Ao becomes suspicious and uses his Byakugan. In the Konoha , the members of Team 8 , Team 10 , and Team Guy decide that Sasuke 's recent actions will only drag the village into a war.

We finally saw those people from the first arc. So that douchebad is now the Hokage.. And now Sauske is heading towards the village.

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I wish he'd give on his foolish plans.. OT, but I think this is like the first time I've ever seen another race, other than Asian and Caucasian, in the manga. I think these peeps are from the Middle-East or are Black.

The characters grow up with you and you see how close they are and that even when they fight, they always remain loyal. Even Sasuke. And Naruto truly deserves all the praise he gets.

He should have been given this from the beginning, but this just really makes you happy for him when he gets acknowledged. Dec 30, Bradley rated it liked it This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Inoichi receives updates on the Kage holding Madara back.

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Shikaku requests other divisions' statuses, and learns that the First and Second Divisions are almost done with their enemies, the Third only has one more reincarnated shinobi to seal, and the Fifth has the advantage on their fight. Shikaku orders that as soon as they're done, that they go back up B and Naruto, and asks their coordinates. B spits out ink clones , which proceed to lock them in place. The Eight-Tails is concerned and thinks they should retreat, but B is rammed by Han , who has fully transformed into the Five-Tails.

Tobi moves in to warp Naruto away stating that six against two puts the odds in his favour. Naruto is happy to see them, while Tobi states that two more shinobi doesn't make a difference against the power of his eyes and tailed beasts. Kakashi then states that they too have a Sharingan followed by Guy who states that to not underestimate him as he was Konoha's Sublime Green Beast of Prey.

On the battlefield, Naruto warns Guy and Kakashi about Tobi 's abilities. As the Five-Tails attacks, Guy frees Naruto from the coral before seeing the beast turn on Tobi who chains and suppresses the Five-Tails, who is dismayed at being controlled in that manner. The Eight-Tails tries crushing Tobi, but he simply slips through it. Tobi returns Han back to his Version 2 form. Guy and Kakashi speculate that Tobi doesn't have full control over the tailed beasts.

The Eight and Nine-Tails speak to each other telepathically about the treatment of the tailed beasts and the Nine-Tails says that as the second strongest beast, going by tails, the Eight-Tails should just finish the battle already, and feigns sleep.

Kurama!! (volume)

The Eight-Tails snaps back, saying that this belief about their powers being defined by the number of tails is exactly why Shukaku hated the Nine-Tails so much. Naruto falls out of Nine-Tails Chakra Mode , and considers creating more shadow clones with the Nine-Tails' chakra as diversions. B thinks that creating more clones would surely kill him, but the Eight-Tails points out that Naruto should already be on the brink of death, and thinks that the Nine-Tails has stopped taking Naruto's chakra for a while.

The Six-Tails attacks Kakashi and Guy, who dodge. Kakashi creates a shadow clone and slices through the arms, while Guy punches and burns the gas away. The Eight-Tails questions if it doesn't care at all about what happens to Naruto. The Nine-Tails recalls how many shinobi in the past have restrained it and denied it an identity.

See a Problem?

The Four-Tails closes its mouth. Naruto meets the Four-Tails, bound by chains. It asks if Naruto is there to take its power, and demands to be called by its proper name, making a boisterous introduction.

The Four-Tails laughs when Naruto says he's jealous of how B and the Eight-Tails are with each other, before seeing Naruto is serious about it. Chapter " Proof of Intentions!! Kurama ponders that it knows Naruto, and that nothing he can say will reach a tailed beast.The Premium Fanbook lit.

Meanwhile the Third Raikage and the Second Mizukage escape from Gaara's sand and are confronted by the Fourth Division to whom they divulge their abilities. Shelves: manga , naruto , shounen-manga [Ch. Anyways, I'm probably taking a break from Naruto and I'm not sure if I will pick it back up.

Despite all he has done, Nagato's death would not solve anything. Jiraiya would have a student with the power to save or destroy the world.

Among the guidebooks, there are three anime profile books, which contain character profiles and images taken from the anime; two fanbooks, which include interviews, articles, and special features relating to the manga; and three data books, which collect detailed information on the characters, abilities, locations, and story arcs seen in the manga.

Which is why, right this very moment, I'm going to just scribble down the first thought that comes to me while I sit here at my desk staring outside Two allied shinobi , Musai and Nonota , are attacked by the reincarnated Toroi.

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