PDF | Fixed- time artificial insemination (IATF, in Spanish) in beef cattle has provided the use of genetically superior bulls in order to maximize. inseminación artificial se implantaron en el Camerún inseminación artificial para mejorar la productividad pleuroneumonía contagiosa bovina, la brucelosis. ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION AT FIXED TIME IN LACTATING COWS BRAHMAN. Cordoba [online]. , vol, n.2, pp ISSN

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espermatozoides (Polge y col., ), la inseminación artificial (IA) con La recogida del semen bovino normalmente se realiza utilizando dos. Impacto de la inseminación artificial en vacunos de leche, en Chuquizongo El bovino criollo, presenta aceptables y comparables índices reproductivos a otras . sincronización de la ovulación e inseminación a tiempo fijo. Pregnancy in dairy cows with two protocols for synchronization of ovulation and timed artificial.

Animal ;2 8 Nogalski Z, Piwczynski D.

Association of length of pregnancy with other reproductive traits in dairy cattle. Asian Australian J Anim Sci ;25 1 Alternative programs for synchronizing and resynchronizing ovulation in beef cattle. Theriogenology ;86 1 Supplementation of progesterone via controlled internal drug release inserts during ovulation synchronization protocols in lactating dairy cows. J Dairy Sci ;93 3 — Reprod Domest Anim ;45 3 Consequences of genetic selection for increased milk production in European seasonal pasture based systems of milk production.

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Livest Sci ;99 2 A comparison of three strains of Holstein-Friesian grazed on pasture and managed under different feed allowances. J Dairy Sci ;91 4 Effect of interval between induction of ovulation and artificial insemination AI and supplemental progesterone for resynchronization on fertility of dairy cows subjected to a 5-d timed AI program.

J Dairy Sci ;93 12 — Period of dominance of the ovulatory follicle influences embryo quality in lactating dairy cows. Reproduction ; 5 The effect of a progesterone releasing intravaginal device PRID on pregnancy risk to fixed-time insemination following diagnosis of non-pregnancy in dairy cows.


Theriogenology ;67 5 Pregnancy per artificial insemination in lactating dairy cows subjected to 2 different intervals from presynchronization to initiation of Ovsynch protocol.

J Dairy Sci ;96 12 Luteal inadequacy during the early luteal phase of subfertile cows.

The functions of uterine secretions. Effects of postinsemination progesterone supplementation on fertility and subsequent estrous responses of dairy heifers.

Effect of progesterone therapy on embryo survival in cows of lowered fertility. J Dairy Sci ; Effect of treatment with progesterone on pregnant rate and plasma concentrations of progesterone in Holstein cows.

Double insemination and GnRH treatment of repeat-breeding cattle. Failure of gonadotropin-releasing hormone or human chorionic gonadotropin to enhance the fertility of repeat-breeder cows when administered at the time of insemination.

Effect of gonadotropin-releasing hormone on fertility in repeat-breeder California dairy cows.

Incidence of delayed ovulation in Holstein heifers and its effects on fertility and early luteal function. Sianangama PC, Rajamahendran R. Effect of human chorionic gonadotropin administered at specific times following breeding on milk progesterone and pregnancy in cows.

Pregnancy rates in dairy cows following the administration of a GnRH analogue at the time of artificial insemination or at mid-cycle post insemination. Effect of gonadotropin-releasing hormone at estrus on subsequent luteal function and fertility in lactating Holstein during heat stress. Endocrine and ovarian responses and pregnancy rates in dairy cows following the administration of a gonadotrophin releasing hormone analog at the time of artificial insemination or at mid-cycle post insemination.

Lucy MC, Stevenson Js.

Studies drafunculifolia the constituents of the leaves of Baccharis dracunculifolia Asteraceae and their cytotoxic activity. The highest MIC values for trans-nerolidol, methyl linolenate, the hexanic fraction and amphotericin B were different.

In addition, previous studies have shown that Z -nerolidol has leishmanicidal activity against the promastigote forms of L. Proliferative inhibition, cell-cycle dysregulation, and induction of apoptosis by dracuncuulifolia acid in human non-small cell lung cancer A cells. In the present study, however, all of the compounds that we tested induced changes to the surface of the cells of P. Leishmaniasis has a dracnculifolia spectrum of clinical manifestations based on the causative species and the immunological status of the host.

A five-fold increase in the MIC value of the dracujculifolia drug, amphotericin B, was also found in the presence of exogenous ergosterol.


Caryophyllene oxide could be binding to the ergosterol, but additional assays are necessary to evaluate if dracunculifo,ia oxide is binding ergosterols in the cellular membrane of P. Large molecular assembly of amphotericin B formed in ergosterol-containing membrane evidenced by solid-state NMR of intramolecular bridged derivative. Cota; Activity of compounds isolated from Baccharis dracunculifolia D.

Our research group has adopted a strategic approach to identify the active natural products that have the potential to be lead compounds for the treatment of fungal diseases, cancer and leishmaniasis, all of which have drwcunculifolia a significant impact on public health due to their high levels of morbidity and mortality.

According to Escalante et al.

Pollen grain development and male sterility in the perfect flowers of Maytenus obtusifolia Mart. All of the samples were tested in duplicate, and the experiments were repeated at least once.

Alternative oxidase plays an important role in Paracoccidioides brasiliensis cellular homeostasis and morphological transition.

Paracoccidioides brasiliensis ; Pb In addition, the cells treated with trans-nerolidol showed desquamation of the cell surface. This procedure afforded 5.Consequences of genetic selection for increased milk production in European seasonal pasture based systems of milk production.

The functions of uterine secretions.

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