TCPDF is an Open Source PHP class for generating PDF files on-the-fly .. Correct me if i'm wrong [mail me to] ing. Valentijn Langendorff Design & Technologist. Nov 9, In combination with FPDI ( it is even possible to edit PDF documents. The following code shows how to. ing a fully-generated HTML page, the proposed template engine produces a gines and templates are reduced to static files on the server's file system Figure 1 .

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PHP: PDF Functions - Manual. Generate PDF File from MySQL Database Using PHP. We will use third party FPDF is very awesome PHP class to. Jan 5, We then sit there for ages renaming the PDFs to match our naming I have set up my pdf to plot from a script and have set the default file name. The PDF file you selected should load here if your Web browser has a PDF reader plug-in installed (for example, a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Then I exported all the pdfs and uploaded them. Hope this helps somebody.

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For example with Zend Framework: This is great! Just a word of caution for anyone trying to use this: It only works with PDFs created in Acrobat version 4 and before. PDF 1.

Does this now work without Zend?

Any solution if i wanted to replace content like [placeholder string]? This is good but in some pdf it gives this error "FPDF error: This document testcopy.

You need to convert your pdf to an older version pdf 1. We offer a parser replacement as a separate commercial addon, which enables FPDI to handle documents that uses these compression features.

The poster wants to edit existing PDFs not creating them from scratch. I came to this page because I was looking to edit a PDF but this answer seems more useful for me because I can see why may be easier to build up from scratch in html rather than edit an existing PDF.

Zend Framework can load and edit existing PDF files.

I think it supports revisions too. I use it to create docs in a project, and it works great.

Never edited one though. Juan Juan 3, 23 But again, this uses FPDF, so if you don't want to use that, then it won't work. Darryl Hein Darryl Hein Ross Ross Mufaddal Mufaddal 5, 7 38 Good luck.

Unfortunately, this only allows creation of PDF's. Orion Edwards Orion Edwards Nitin Nitin 23 1. What library are you using?

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Login to Give a bone. I've been writing a program for a while now which is supposed to make our current PDF-ing practices a lot easier.

We then sit there for ages renaming the PDFs to match our naming convention which ends in the drawing's revision.

The program I'm writing opens each drawing, finds the titleblock, extracts the drawing number and revision, plots to an EPS file, and then uses PDFCreator with command line arguments to output a file in the correct directory with the correct name. Doesn't seem to work. Even performing it manually. First problem: Can't find an easy way to plot to an EPS file with plot styles Don't want to assume that everyone has the same way to plot to EPS as me because I know they don't Second problem: Any ideas from anyone?

You can set a default path for the pdf files. At the moment I don't even know how to get it to PDF remembering that I'm writing this program for use around the company and the software from on computer to another let alone different offices is different. I only want to work with what someone would have at their disposal on a brand new drafting computer with just AutoCAD installed.

At the very most I would assume that since PDFCreator is what we were instructed to use that all offices would have it. I can plot to PDFCreator but I always get the save screen which is one of the main annoyances I'm trying to get rid of.

The problem is that I can't find a way to bypass this screen without turning on Autosave which would create a larger setup time for users. When you install pdfcreator there is an executable installed that lets you set the configuration. You can set the auto name on, choose the naming convention and the file location.

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The naming conventions included are not even remotely close to what we need. So if I had a drawing c: PDF Since most of our drawings are saved under several subdirectories on network drives it's quicker to delete the default name and write it from scratch.

It's looking more and more like my only option is to include detailed setup instructions explaining to set PDFCreator to autosave to C: There really needs to be an easier way to do this.

Set it in the pdfcreator print monitor under autosave. I have used it previously. As long as you know the location and file name you can rename it to what you want. On older jobs the drawing name will be wrong, and our layout name is the page size, we want it to be the job number which wasn't included in the drawing title on older jobs followed by the drawing number depending on the client this could be completely different to the drawing title followed by the current revision only listed on the drawing.This could be implemented by overriding the read method.

Pointing the current boot device to a drive containing the Arch installation media is typically achieved by pressing a key during the POST phase, as indicated on the splash screen. Email this article Login required. Those looking for a free replacement of pdflib may consider pslib at http: Email the author Login required.

To identify these devices, use lsblk or fdisk. Notifications View Subscribe. I am trying to extract the text from PDF files and use it to feed a search engine Intranet tool.

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