Independence Day Speech by Students - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File 5th Sept Teachers Day Speech In Hindi & Independence Day Speech. Bro. Bonis Karottukizhakkel CMI. It was the night august As the drums rolled and celebrations blew the midnight hour, India . Prime Minster's Speech on Independence day August 15, My dear countrymen, brothers, sisters and dear children. Today we celebrate.

Independence Day Speech In English Pdf

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Independence day essay in english - % non-plagiarism guarantee of unique happy independence act aug 14 august with pride, , 5, pdf download english. with easy speech independence day of independence day pakistan. speech on independence day in english independence day speech in english for school students independence day speech in english for school students pdf. Independence Day, August 15, commemorates the day in when India similar to speeches given by leaders of countries on their Independence Days.

Being Muslim and Pakistani it is our duty to develop a system of justice and equality. This is what Islam teaches us the life of a poor and common person should be equal with the life of the king. We have to realize that Pakistan was made on the name of the Islam we have to show unity and brotherhood.

We have to act upon that our Quaid said unity, faith, discipline. I request to all of you to remove the social criminal from Pakistan and lead the quid mission and at the end of the speech I just want to said that we have to develop our country like other progressive country developed.

We should respect our society. We should respect and help each other. As we know we are living in the modern era. We have the power of high technology we have the power of social media. Unfortunately, When we see an accident on the road we capture this incident in the video instead of helping them.


Using the mobile or camera, we start to set the angles we get busy in zoom in and zoom out. We try to cover blood spot as much as we can. We give something new interesting title.

We are just worried about like and comments. We do our patriotism on Facebook only. Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.

W taught us brotherhood but what are we doing? We are interested in killing one another for just a small thing. We are just selfish our humanity and sympathy have gone. We have got much knowledge in the world of the internet, but our thinking power is getting less and less. People of the old generation could do any calculation on their fingers and we need the calculation to do the same.

In the old generation, people remember all the contact no in their mind But what about us we are not able to tell our own number without searching in mobile.

So, my friends, we have to take some time and must think to take our country to good manners like we have to need to make Pakistan clean, corruption free, well cultured. I hope you like this short speech on 14 August Pakistan independence day First of all, I congratulate you on Independence Day of Pakistan.

Independence day speech by school students

This day is celebrated in memory of these leaders who have made countless sacrifices. Freedom of the nation from the shackles of slavery. His struggle was diligent and persevering. Which brought the fruits of independence to the Muslims of the subcontinent. Muslims in the Indian sub-continent came to the call of the great leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah and dream.

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The new homeland became true at a time when it seemed almost impossible to win. Pakistan was created for ideals. Right from Mahatma Gandhi to the local patriotic leaders we owe our gratitude. When we regard those martyrs who laid their precious lives for our sake, we must not ignore the common people who sacrificed their lot for the good cause. There were farmers, land lords, businessmen, teachers, writers, poets and students who helped the land achieve the long cherished freedom.

Today we have come a long way in the path of free India. We have proved ourselves worthy of freedom. We are considered as the largest democracy in the world.

We are proud of it and feel very happy about all these positive aspects. But are we blind to the black clouds surrounding us? Are we very successful in using our freedom in the right manner?

If so, why should there be so many bomb blasts, killings, attacks on government offices, cases against so many politicians and so many unstable governments? Well my dear friends, what can a student do at this juncture?

Now, India is the largest democratic country in the world. But, there are stray incidents that test her secularism but the people of India are ready to sacrifice anything for the cause of unity.

Ambedkar gave the longest written constitution to us.

Independence Day (India)

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru worked for an industrialised India. Gandhiji taught us Ahimsa and Non-violence. Subash Chandra Bose inducted courage in us.

Swami Vivekanada gave us spiritual power. Our former President Dr.

This is not a word of a single man. It is word of one billion souls. Independence Day Speech by Students Uploaded by augustine anbananthan.

Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles.Kingston college ib english class i wish them are part of the country of india.

God gave us, or any country s new narrative essay. Diversity and richness of the varied culture of India should be the fashion of this country intellectual boundaries with the values and culture.

Independence day essay in english

Small but concrete actions contribute to nation and community building and to the bigger challenge of bringing about economic prosperity and inclusive growth to our communities. Flag for inappropriate content. Select your essays on 14 august independence day india after independence day.

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