―Everyone should read and study Hope Beyond Hell, a book of hope. Read it, understand it ―Hope Beyond Hell explains the facts of God's limitless grace and boundless love. It bestthing.info 5 Allin. This is to say sinners choose hell over heaven because they prefer to — even if given the chance to Download “Hope Beyond Hell” as PDF. It prepared me to consider a third paradigm — the 'Blessed Hope'.” (p. 83). Download “Hope Beyond Hell” (pdf). Also see the website for Gerry Beauchemin's.

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Hope Beyond Hell [Gerard Beauchemin] on bestthing.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hope Beyond Hell makes a compelling Biblical case affirming. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Gerry Beauchemin has been involved in missions since Share. site App Ad. Look inside this book. Hope Beyond Hell The Righteous Purpose of God's Judgment by [Beauchemin, Gerry] . byGerry Beauchemin. Usage Public Domain. Topics Hope Beyond Hell, Gerry Beauchemin. Hope Beyond Hell. IdentifierHopeBeyondHell.

Yet for those of us who resist God and go on live wickedly, selfishly, and unlovingly, we will not 'get out until we have paid the last penny. The book's theme is logically defended, thoroughly rooted in scripture, with tons of scriptural quotes to back up every one of the author's positions - scriptures that I myself could never really 'quite' make sense of or justify in the past and so I simply chose to ignore them, really.

We Should Not be Embarrassed by the Doctrine of Hell

The book is easy to understand and very well-written - it moves along at an exciting pace and will fill the reader with a fresh new hope and astonishing new way to look at God's awesome plan for ALL humanity in due time. In recent years, God has touched my own heart about this issue - but I really wasn't ready or willing to accept the premise of this book and so many other like it - nor was I yet knowledgeable enough. SO, I put this topic on the back burner of my mind and carried on with life, oblivious, like so many other Christians undoubtedly do and have done for centuries.

But for me, no more! God has done a work in my mind and heart and I now wholly believe in his desire for ALL people to be saved - as well as in his authority and power to do it!

Yes, he has a plan, all right - for the ages - for the eons. And, in the end, "Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord," as the Bible says.

Is there a hell? A 'Hades'? Dispensing with the truth that hell really does exist is NOT part of the doctrine of 'Christian universalism' or 'ultimate reconciliation. So, yes, I am now what's known as a Christian universalist - that is, one who believes in the ultimate reconciliation of all humanity and the renewal and restoration of all creation from the bondage of sin and death.

Welcome To Universal Salvation University!

I couldn't see it before - or perhaps also I was unwilling to ask, seek, and knock persistently enough to find real answers to my doubts and questions. And yet this plan of his was right there in the Bible scriptures all along.

NOT to believe that 'ALL' means 'ALL' the two uses of 'all' there are identical in the original Greek is to believe either one of two ridiculous assumptions: either that God is not powerful enough to accomplish his own will and desire for us - or - he doesn't REALLY will it - he doesn't REALLY desire it for us, that all born in Adam will be saved by Christ in due season or age; that he's just playing games with us.

Well, I no longer believe either of those assumptions! What part of the word 'all' don't we understand?

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I may agree with his end conclusion but his prose is not interesting and difficult to dissect. His arguments are supported by long lists of verses that are purported to defend his case but it is quite likely many are taken out of context.

I like to call his use of scripture as "scripture mininig" Apr 17, Keith rated it did not like it Hope Beyond Hell takes Biblical principles and twists them to fit the authors agenda.

Wonderful Online Daily Devotional Questions submitted by viewers: Richard, On your recent telecast you said that the Hebrew and Greek words that we translate as "forever" don't mean what we mean by "forever", i.

You then say that this precludes an eternal punishment and suffering in hell for the condemned. But the clear implication is that, if our concept of "forever" can't be applied to hell, then neither can it be applied to Heaven. Thus, the necessary result is that hell ends, and heaven ends, and the real finish of a human life must be absolute non-existence; ultimate mortality.

Mercy Upon All

This is an interesting teaching you've got there, but it is completely contrary to the obvious and continuous teaching of Jesus Christ, the one and only God-man Who never lies. Truth is Jesus, David David, Thanks for writing. As the show made clear I was teaching on the 4 main different views of salvation in church history. Your email shows you are a thinking person. Very few people would have picked up on that point.

First, look in a Strong's exhaustive King James concordance and look for the word forever. You won't find it.Well, I no longer believe either of those assumptions!

If we consider the true meaning of eternal, we have to admit that anything that is eternal is automatically outside the realm of time. Would not endless punishment be the return of evil for evil?

Feb 17, Jim rated it it was amazing. Gehenna was actually a literal place on the southern side of the walls of Jerusalem during the time of Jesus.

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