THE. HOLY BIBLE. IN THE. HINDI LANGUAGE. STtanslatetr from t|ie ll^etireUi. VOL. L. ALLAHABAD. PRINTED AT THE PRESBYTERIAN MISSION PRESS. Hindi Bible in PDF. Old Testament · New Testament · support. Every giving for any amount, this ebook Tuesdays With God will be given free to you. Support us. This Bible was translated from the original Hebrew to Hindi in the Bible/ book has been embedded (as Adobe pdf) – whilst it is downloading you will . Hi , a modern version of the Holy Bible in hindi published by the Bible Society can.

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PDF Bible: Download the Bible here as a PDF, Public Domain ebook and Podcast. This free version of the Holy Bible is the King James Edition English PDF e-book. And finally, after many requests, we have the Bible here in Hindi ( The Holy Bible in the Hindi language: translated from the Hebrew. Publication date PublisherAllahabad: Printed at the Presbyterian. Select any Bible verse or passage, linked directly to any of YouVersion's + versions, in + languages. People viewing your Event can tap your reference.

Anyone familIar corded earlier Roman Catholic missionaries on with the history of Bible translations will be the coast of India, he managed to settle in reminded of similar debates, which, like this Madurai, become fluent in three Indian lan- one, spread from the committee room to a guages Tamil, Telugu, and'Sanskrit , and be- much broader discussion, sometimes going be- come an acceptable conversation partner for yond a single religious community.

As Farther DeSmet shows, though this project has been conceived and Nobili was able to utilize the concepts of carried out within a particular Buddhist com- Hindu philosophy to develop basic Thomistic munity in Japan, it comes in response to a need arguments. Whether by the logical force of felt by Shin Buddhists in North America, fewer those arguments or by the force of his person- of whom in each succeeding generation know ality, he was able to persuade a number of enough Japanese to read the original texts.

The forms of hIS per- whether Christian or secular. The committee suasiveness were, however, not new. For more meeting of Buddhists in Kyoto had to deal with than a thousand years Indian philosophers of the question of what "faith" means to people different religious persuasions had attempted who speak English, which certainly includes the Hindu-Christian Studies Bulletin 4 Published by Digital Commons Butler University, 1 Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies, Vol. In one rated from evangelism.

See Hzndu-Chnstzan story it was the confidence generated in Dialogue, ed. He could afford to be patient because universal human capacity animated by the Holy he believed that his debating partners would be Spirit.

They believed, however, that this was convinced by their own reasoning. For him Nobili is a model sage. DeSmet What is equally remarkable is the in- quotes a statement of Jacques Dupuis: "Nei- volvement of non-Christian scholars in the ther on one side nor on the other process of translation.

They are rarely given does Perhaps the most uncomfortable with Francis' conclusion that striking use of such Brahmin assistants was in Nobili's "belief in the universality of reason is William Carey's ambitious project to translate premodern and In his final paragraph DeSmet states that what is most worthy of imitation in I employ a pandit..

He judges the style and syntax, for other minds' freedom of decision. I have, however, translated several logue is legitimate, and even necessary, in the chapters together! I can also, by a mutual evangelization under the impulse of hearing him read, judge whether.

For those who hold this view, tIon Protestant Bible Translations in India 13 More information is given in an anony- cism, by a publick adve tisement circu- mous New England Unitarian pamphlet of lated throughout India. The criticisms fore he moved to Serampore and joined Joshua were of at least three kinds, and were directed Marshman in teaching at the College of Fort both at Carey's translation and at another William.

The senior Sanskrit pandit called Dr. Second, there were plied for work at the College.

Hindi Book-Bible (New Testament).pdf

Carey engaged some unwarranted additions of words not in these men, as fast as they were brought to him; the Greek text, for theological reasons. Third, and he put the translations relied on the Greek text used the Sanskrit Bible, as the original from for the Authorized "King James" Version which they were to translate, into the rather than on the recent critical text of Gries- hands of each of them.

Two of the younger Baptist missionaries Each Pandit A dispute arose as to learned Hindoos, who were prepared by whether dia in the Gospel of John should Dr. The trans- the Logos," because of its implications in favor lator then took the third proof to Dr.

Carey, of a Unitarian position. In fact, some time and the two of.

Most of the This translation project was unlike those "eighteen or twenty Pandits" knew Sanskrit that Carey had supervised, where only the mis- and either Bengali or Hindi. They were thus sionaries knew Greek and where there was a able easily "to converse with one another, and stricter division of labor: the pandits responsi-.

Roy meaning "they might not fully comprehend. Indeed, it turned years, and the translation into two South In- out that Roy played a decisive role, and Adam dian languages and into Chinese took twelve accepted Roy's interpretation, not in the first ,1 years. Even so, "says Mr. Ward, we are perfectly aware place of Hindu doctrines, but of the meaning of the Greek text of the New Testament.


As a with the Serampore trio of missionaries serving proof of which, we have invited criti- as the editorial committee. Brother Marshman and I compare with the significance of the other writings of Indian the Greek or Hebrei' and Brother scholars participating in Bible translation.

Ward reads every sheet.

Diocese of the Church of South India has writ- Pandit Vaijanath spoke a dialect of a district ten an interesting article about a particular far from the center of Marathi culture, so most Tamil translation produced during the s in of those in the Marathi area found it practically his home city of Jaffna northern Sri Lanka in unreadable. Indeed, the Hindu biographer of Aru- translation of the New Testament adapted muga Navalar "says that the version turned out Carey's procedure.

There were five American under Percival'S supervision was really miSSionary translators, each responsible for Navalar's handiwork. Each missionary translator was "assisted urges an intermediate pOSition on the relative by one or more pandit.

In any case, as he points out, there The usual procedure was to give the were many others involved in the project be- sense to the pandit direct from the sides the chief translator, Percival, a British original; the pandit then wrote it in his Methodist, and his brilliant young Hindu assis- own words.

Very little was written by tant. West- the RlQIldit's corrections of idiom and ern missionaries William Mitchell, started a more id- among Tamils were constantly con- sulted. They are, however, not men- iomatic translation.

By a committee was tioned by name, as Western scholars of formed to supervise another translation of the those days had a firm opinion that work entire Bible, which was published in one vol- of Eastern scholars could certainly be ume. One of the members of that availed of, but that their names were committee was Captain J. Molesworth, who scarcely worth mentioning. The record had supervised the creation of the first large merely says tflt native pundits or assis- scale Marathi dictionary, which was to prove tants helped.

I note this Western missionaries than some other Tamil work here, both because Bible translations and Christian scholars, his summation must be dictionaries were closely connected in many taken seriously.

Also, it can be adjusted from the reading page itself.

Now you can adjust the screen brightness, font size and other options that can make reading trouble-free. The best thing for me is the practicality of downloading this app. Now people who want to learn the Bible or read a verse a day can do so at a comfortable pace because they can literally carry their Bible everywhere.

It is so handy, you can fit it right inside your pocket.

For trivia lovers like me, the Quiz game function also adds greatly to the attractiveness of this app. It allows a multilevel game so it is the perfect pastime. Just a simple tap and you are redirected to your chosen verse.

Features and benefits Clean and easy-to-use user interface Supports both Hindi and English versions of the Bible Has a Quiz function with multiple levels to help you test your knowledge Supports Day or Night reading option by adjusting screen brightness Easily customizable such as in its language and font Bookmark feature Notes can be added to each section Has a forum to interact with other Hindi users The Hindi Bible Pavitra Bible app asks to allow access of Internet, Network State and Location for its tailored ads.

If you are the type of user who gets bothered by ads, the app offers an in-app download of the No-Ads version. The first thing I noticed when I first opened the app was its sleek and simple user interface that is well-organized in different categories.

It also works offline, so I was able to easily access the verses without having to download the content. That is a huge plus for me.

द होली बाइबिल | The Holy Bible Hindi Book Download

The initial language of the app is in Hindi, but a settings button can be found at the startup page.This was a major reason why Bible translations in Asia. One way to find out would be to combine them all into a single work and simply see what kind of Jesus they collectively present.

July 16 - no comments. The initial language of the app is in Hindi, but a settings button can be found at the startup page. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. By refocusing on the basics, An Introduction to the New Testament guarantees that The New Testament books will be precisely comprehended inside verifiable settings.

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