Greg Graffin was born in Madison, Wisconsin, and is the lead vocalist and Graffin obtained his PhD in zoology at Cornell University. Books By Greg Graffin. Anarchy Evolution: Faith, Science, and Bad Religion in a World Without God [ Greg Graffin, Steve Olson] on Greg Graffin, and this uniquely fascinating book. Greg Graffin is frontman, singer and songwriter for the punk band Bad Religion. In this engaging book, Preston and Greg's actual e-mail correspondence is.

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Gregory Walter Graffin (born November 6, ) is an American punk rock singer -songwriter, . In his book, Graffin writes that he is an atheist: "I've never believed in God, which technically makes me an atheist". Although Graffin is not religious, . About Greg Graffin: Gregory Walter Graffin is an American punk rock musician and college professor. He is most recognized as the lead vocalist and songwr. The world knows Greg Graffin as the lead singer of the cult punk band Bad Religion which Published September 28th by It Books (first published ).

And those implications are far-reaching and they lead to more and more questions. That was what always drew me into evolution.

The previous one, Anarchy Evolution, looked at my worldview of religion and science—particularly conflicting tenets of religion and evolution.

Evolution and Religion

This one is expanding on evolution and my worldview from it, and applying it to my view of ecology, and, in short, populations coexisting. So those are just two areas, for instance, that evolution intrudes upon, with deep implications. That would be ecology and philosophy, if you want. Did you have these ideas percolating for a long time that you wanted to start streamlining into book form? Or did having a book deal offer you the opportunity to put these things together in a more concrete way?

There are still people asking us—we could play concerts days a year if we wanted to. But however you want to put it, Bad Religion still has relevance.

Greg Graffin

And those concepts that we write about obviously have been influenced by my academic work. And vice versa. In other words, a policy decision affected an entire population in more ways than just the market of selling and downloading corn, and more people than just the farmers who grow it. If you really look at not only evolution in the long term, but even in our own shorter-term human history, when you trace the history of warfare, rarely do we see in either of those cases a clear winner where the so-called enemy population is vanquished at the hands of a victorious population.

Could you point to a moment or a period in your life when your thinking about these topics definitively changed? Even though we like to think of them as combatants. And so I think my personal experience in trying to make sense of my own history also drives my view of evolution.

Are there songs and ideas from your youth you think are misguided now? Brett [Gurewitz, co-songwriter for Bad Religion] and I have not had to retract our views on a lot of things. There was always a great deal of concern in my writing. Progress is made through the discovery, collective discovery.

AVC: The book definitely has at least two major claims. One, that the war metaphor that people have internalized is a bad way of looking at and structuring our understanding of human history.

See a Problem?

And two, that coexistence needs to replace it as a dominant understanding of how populations thrive. Is that a fair assessment?

Advertisement GG: Well, free will is a huge topic, and I tried to simplify it by making it a simpler discussion, and the philosophers all have a problem with that. AVC: Not why, but how can we choose to do it if we lack the ability to decide for ourselves?

Advertisement GG: Right. Well, part of that, then, is the social dimension. We do it, as I point out in the chapter, because we learned to do it. We learned how to be good.

So one thing I brought up—you know, it might sound weird as a punk rocker—but I believe in strong legislation for the environment.

And then the only question is being smart enough and educated enough to scrutinize the people who are writing the legislation, because there are plenty of ulterior motives out there.

Which suggests that there are always going to be people with whom you have an incompatible ethic. The target audience is now, because we have to start this conversation immediately. We love that metaphor. What does it imply?

And this is on paper, what we actually commit to. These are statements that we make, and we try and stand behind them. The informal philosophical debate that resulted was published as a book titled Is Belief in God Good, Bad or Irrelevant? In Graffin announced that he had co-written a book with American author Steve Olson titled Anarchy Evolution , released on September 28, the same day his band Bad Religion released their 15th album The Dissent of Man. A lot of scientists bristle at that. We all have to believe we can find the truth.

Evidence is my guide. I rely on observation, experimentation and verification. In , he commented on the project, "It's sitting on someone's shelf waiting to be developed.

I'm not actually pursuing it. I said, yeah, I'll shoot the pilot, then it's out of my hands. Another book, entitled The Population Wars , was released in September It had been in works since at least April and Graffin spoke about it to be "a bit more in depth about the process of evolution". You have to look at those past missteps as learning experiences.

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March 21, Retrieved April 5, Archived from the original on June 17, Greg Graffin pursues music and science". Ithaca Times.

Retrieved May 20, November 24, This makes it relevant for people to seek the truth in whatever way works for them. But Greg seems to consider all of his fans enlightened citizens of a possible Utopian culture Acabo de terminar el libro.

Are you an author? The A. Mar 19, Tia rated it really liked it Shelves: I assume that my audience deserves to be given the benefit of the doubt.

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