Documents Similar To Joe Satriani - Guitar Uploaded by. Manolo López Pérez. Fretboard Logic Volumes 1. Troy Stetina - Total Rock Metal Rhythm Guitar Vol 1 - Troy Stetina. Heavy Metal Lead Guitar Vol 1 - Troy Stetina. Troy Stetina Fretboard Mastery PDF. Book with accompanying CD helps you to untangle the mysterious regions of the guitar fretboard and.

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Download a sample PDF from Fretboard Mastery. What You Get With Fretboard Mastery. page printable PDF file that works on all devices. Download the Book:Nicolas Carter – Guitar Fretboard Mastery PDF For Free, Preface. PDF Download to memorize the notes on the guitar fretboard.

This scale provides a sweet country sound. Scott's Bass Lessons is the leading online bass community, with a wealth of free online lessons for new and experienced bass players alike. In order to cycle through as many areas of scale practice as possible and not get bored it is important to have a plan.

The Ultimate Scale Reference: Everything you need to know about all the scales, including every mode of every scale, in every key, in all the popular tunings.

I have also included the 5 box patterns you need to learn in order to memorize the scales in all keys. Bassists can play and learn from guitar parts just as they do bass lines. This just means that you can play a couple notes higher on the guitar and those notes are so high pitched they are pretty annoying to listen to anyway!

Why every bassist should know scales. I call it a Doctor of Music course in 56 pulp pages. Anyone who wants to learn to play the bass should start with these basic scales, they are the easiest to play so we will use the easiest to touch fingerings that are upright bass scales.

Pentatonic bass scales; Bass guitar major and minor 6-String Upright Bass Fretboard - mirror image Moveable Bass chord forms: Scale patterns: major major blues natural minor harmonic minor minor pentatonic major pentatonic minor diminished augmented major 7 minor 7 copyright the megatar - patrick anders Pentatonic Scales PDF And Instructional Video The pentatonic scale is a 5 note scale that is widely used in rock, blues, country, and other genres.

Documents Similar To Troy Stetina - Fretboard Mastery.pdf

As you work through each scale in isolation, you will notice that some of them are similar to each other. It comprises 17 different scale types in all 12 keys, over one and two octaves. Your best source to find bass charts like bass arpeggios, bass fretboard notes, videos, tab paper, and more. This bass scales chart gives you the basic shapes and box patterns to start with to begin playing and learning scales and their degrees.

Strings are vertical while imaginary frets are shown horizontally. Our site is a resource for learning scales on bass guitar. Take it little by little. All the examples are written in the key of C in order to make easer the scale comparison. Scales are shown on their instrument and in standard notation. These online bass lessons include as ton of bass scale charts to help you learn the neck of the bass easily.

Always tune your bass before a practice session. Bass Pentatonic Scales.

Along with doing two-octave scales, this is the main exercise I recommend to my students for getting a thorough knowledge of the neck of the bass. You'll find the scales with sharps in their key signatures first and scales with flats in their key signatures second.

Brought to you by www. Stretch your fingers and wrists. Every practice routine should include some kind of incorporation of finger exercise both for developing dexterity and finger independence as well as understanding chords from a fundamental perspective and how they relate to one another musically.

The earliest acknowledgment of the scales and modes were said to have been formed and given credit to the ancient Greeks and their tribes,naming the scales and modes after their most important tribes. Your hand should not shift. Also show are all the chords that sound good with the scale. As you already know, a scale is a selection of notes within an octave. The first major scale fingering you should learn covers a four-fret span.

Parts of the Bass A bass is made up of three main sections: the body, the neck and the headstock.

Learn the notes! Bass Scales Chart. Sai could play the scales in one position, but combining them and actually making music with them — that was a completely different story. For each scale, you can learn a number of different shapes and patterns, depending on the zone of the fretboard you're working on.


Make a 5-Day Practice Plan. This site is like a library, Use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want. Memorizing just a few scale shapes will give you the ability to write bass lines, improvise and understand music in a totally different way.

The bridge is the assembly that anchors the strings to the body. So the big step is the first one: once you begin learning scales and modes, it gets rapidly easier to learn more. Most scales are octave-repeating, meaning their pattern of notes is the same in every octave the Bohlen—Pierce scale is one exception.

Pickups are also mounted to the body and work like little microphones that pick up the sound from the strings.

Bass Clef Fretboard Notes

One and two octave minor scales also include melodic minor and harmonic minor. All keys are shown, including the commonly used 12 keys of the Circle of fifths diagram, and other theoretical ie.

Learning bass scales is a great way to get comfortable on your instrument, and to introduce yourself to some basic music theory. This scale is simple and easy. Scales are typically listed from low to high pitch.

Speed Mechanics is for the beginner up troy stetina fretboard mastery high intermediate guitarists and then Fretboard Mastery is for High-Intermediate to Advanced players. More Thomann Facebook t. Advice on the best book? Your post MUST contain information! Shop Business Hours Directions.

A brilliant book written by a brilliant guitarist. Same book used by universities for their guitar programs, without all the student loans! Most members of our service staff are musicians themselves, and therefore excellently qualified to help our customers from the choice of their instruments all the way to maintenance or repairs. Please tell me it aint in Croydon mastrey street or Brixton!

The techniques repeat on each day of the week. This eBook shows you how to master the notes on fretboard with fun and highly beneficial exercises.

Instead, check out this eBook and set yourself on a fast and fun pathway to learning every note on the guitar. What will you learn? Mp3 audio files that you can loop or slow down.


Musical examples in fretboard diagrams, TAB, and notation. Easy to understand theory. Fun exercises to learn every note on the fretboard.

Blank TAB paper and fretboard diagrams to keep notes. And much more! Instead, the material in Fretboard Mastery is the exact opposite. Why wait to have fun in the practice room learning the fretboard? Check out this eBook and start your journey to fretboard mastery today:. You will be happy, but in the unlikely case you're not satisfied, you get your money back simple by sending me a mail in the first 90 days.

Matt's approach is innovative, refreshing and focussed on guitar players. I've not worked through the whole book yet but I have looked through it - I believe it will help me and others who wish to improve their knowledge and playing of jazz guitar; actually I think it must work with many guitar styles.


I am also pleased to make such a download because of the amount of free teaching and encouragement I receive from being a member of JazzGuitar Online membership is free. If one is serious about moving forward with the study of jazz guitar this book should prove to be a significant help. There are a ton of information in this book presented in the most simplistic fashion!

The important one for me is the lessons on key signatures. Recognizing these and associating those to find them in fretboard.Have you ever wanted to know: How to quickly and easily memorize all notes on guitar fretboard and why is this so important What is a key and how to easily switch keys on guitar The ins and outs of the Major scale the most important scale and how to use it all over the guitar fretboard How guitar chords are constructed, and how to play a bunch of them just by knowing a few simple concepts of chord theory How music theory works on guitar and what is its practical application The best ways to develop your technique and sense of timing using scales How to improvise and play jaw-dropping solos on guitar more easily All this and much, much more you will learn about in this book.

Your email address will not be published. So what I want to do over the course of this year is introduce you to various concepts and techniques with the ultimate goal of enabling you to improvise across the entire fretboard comfortably and confidently, using pentatonic and diatonic scales. Another great thing is that this book puts a lot of emphasis on developing your ear which is usually either only briefly mentioned in other books or not discussed at all.

If yes, show this to a friend. Then, when you decide to learn the fretboard , the exercises are boring and just as frustrating.

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