The purpose of this book is to give accurate, specific psychological meanings for be a workbook instead of a narrative discussion of Face Reading. My goal. DrAnkit Srivastav. Face Reading. indi What Does Your Face Reveal? Kathy Thompson. Physiognomy. Matti Ur Rehman. Facial Reading. The Art of Reading Faces provides us with a good opportunity to make our life Face Reading teaches you all the facts that written psychological tests cannot.

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Scientific and Anatomical Character Reading from the face. ву Reading from the Face, has had a fascination . easy as reading phrases from a book. It would. Face Reading Book. Page 2. The Five Elements. Summer solstice. Winter solstice. Spring equinox. Autumn equinox. Page 3. The Five Elements. Summer. Face reader: discover anyone's personality, compatibility, talents and .. Soon my book's character, Sing Cang, became a Chinese herbalist and master.

These likely meanings have been discussed here. Before proceeding, let me tell you an important aspect of body language and reading people's eyes. An individual cannot be judged on the basis of a single gesture, posture or movement.

This is because a person being an expert in body language can fake, so a cluster of body languages should be studied to do so.

Face Reading

How to Read Eyes For reading people's body language, having knowledge of sign language can help a lot. Especially the movements of eyes can contribute a lot in reading people's minds as it is an essential part of communication. Following can be some of the ways for reading people's eyes and understanding their emotions and expressions.

Eye Contact Eye contact, an important aspect of face reading can be of four types. First, making an eye contact that is generally observed when you like something or interested in the talk with a person. Second type is breaking eye contact that can be due to some kind of threat or guilty of something. Long eye contacts is the third type that is associated with the lovers or to something of close attention.

The fourth and the last is limited eye contact that shows a feeling of insecurity or hiding something lying. Gazing Gazing is looking continuously at something.

Now this can also have many connotations, like you can gaze at something that is of your interest, or when you are angry, or even something that you might like to have. Winking Winking an eye is a gesture made deliberately to conspire or to indicate something through the eyes.

Winking can also be a gesture accompanied with waving of hand that is suggestive of greeting. Squinting The eyes are narrowed down to evaluate a situation or a statement. It is also observed when a person is not able to accept something as the truth, it can also be an indicator of uncertainty. Blinking Blinking is like a windshield wiper to clear the vision, but when the rate of blinking is increased, it can be a sign of stress or sometimes lying as well.

Other than natural ways of blinking, a single blink can be an indicator of surprise or disbelief. Looking Up This often observed when a person is thinking, an indication of visualizing things.

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But sometimes looking upward during a speech or lectures can be a signal of recalling the points. Looking upward towards the left can be for memorizing and towards the right can be for imagination. At times these meanings can be reversed and become an indication of boredom.

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Looking Down Looking down can be an indication of being submissive. Sometimes a person feeling guilty of doing something wrong also cannot maintain eye contacts. The eye movements can also be culture specific, for example in some cultures maintaining eye contact is considered to be rude.

Sideways Looks Normally, the vision is at horizontal plane and in front, but when we look away from what is in front of us it means that something interesting is distracting the normal vision.

A sideways quick glance can be to have a quick look at something of your interest, or to express irritation and discomfort. So, these are some of the unconscious eye body language signs that would help you in reading people's eyes and exploring the thoughts going on. But then, remember, it can differ from person to person.

Face Reading personology : Distance from Eye to Brow: The eye to eyebrow distance is the vertical distance between the eye and the eyebrows. Some people have their eyebrows almost touching their eyes while others have a noticeable distance between the eye and the eyebrows.

This distance can tell you how fast that person can put a decision into action; that is how fast that person can put his plans or feelings into actions. Eye to Eyebrow Distance in face reading Someone with a big distance between eye and eyebrows The 'wait and see' approach : Such a person would follow the wait and see approach; he never rushes in things. When he goes shopping for example he may drop by all the shops and might end up not downloading anything.

He might then come back few days later to download. This person would be relatively slow when it comes to socializing. If you're a very social person he might back off a little until he gets used to you. When this person hesitates don't try to push him but just allow him to take his time so that you dont bother him. Someone with a small distance or almost no distance The 'just do it' approach : Such person is the personal favorite of sales people because when he goes shopping he downloads on the spot without hesitation.

He may even download stuff quickly only to discover later that he doesnt even need them!! This person cannot wait to try something new. If he decided to do something the next day he might not be able to sleep that day because he just can't wait!! How can both types get along? People from the second category may know you for just a day or two but act as if they've known you for years. That's why when this type meets people from the first category for the first time things may get pretty uncomfortable.

When both of these types of people meet the guy with small eye to eyebrow distance will always interrupt the other one while speaking and he may even get bored of him because of his slow speed. People with big eye to eyebrow distance should try to be a little faster while talking and making decisions in order to communicate well with guys who have small distance else problems may arise.

The guy with small eye to eyebrow distance may lose his temper fast unlike the other guy the one with big distance who is less likely to lose it upon facing the same situation. If you dare challenge this statement, then check the 2knowmyselfs Face reading section and you will discover it yourself.

The book, How to make someone fall in love with you is one of the 2knowmyself. The book will dramatically increase your chance of having someone fall in love with you The Forehead's profile in face reading In face reading The forehead's shape determines the method of thinking that the person uses not intelligence.

In face reading There are three types of forehead profiles when viewed from the side view the sloped, the straight and the round. Below is an explanation of each type according to face reading and the personality trait associated with each of them. Types of foreheads The straight forehead The progressive thinker : This person follows a progressive style in his thinking; he can't jump to the third point without first knowing the second.

Sometimes he is misunderstood as a child and thought of as dumb, but in fact he may be very intelligent. It's just his progressive style of thinking that needs to be taken into consideration. This person may not have a fast reflex action for example if he dropped something he may not be able to catch it before it reaches the ground.

He may have problems working under pressure as he needs more time to think progressively and as result he may lose control in the last ten minutes of exams. The slopped forehead The fast responder : That person builds conclusions fast to the extent that he may interrupt you many times while you are talking because he keeps on guessing what are you about to say.

This person may get bored when talking to someone with a straight forehead because of the speed difference between them. The response of such a person is very fast and that's why you will find most skilled football and basket ball players with slopped foreheads.

You're also most likely to notice how players with straight foreheads arent that good because of their slow responses and again I repeat this is not related to intelligence at all. One final thing about such people is that they are fast decisionmakers which may cause them many problems.

The curved forehead The creative : This person is very creative, just notice how the forehead of those who study fine arts looks like and you will notice how most of them have curved foreheads. That person hates restrictions and rules, he likes to use his imagination and would probably hate math and accounting but excel in arts. When the forehead is curved and in the same time occupies a big section of the head then this means that this person is very intelligent or even a genius.

You'd be safe asking that person for help if you are in need of a creative solution to any problem you're facing. Combined forehead profiles In real life many people will have a combination of more than one forehead profile. For example you might find a person with a slightly slopped forehead. The closer the person is to a certain facial feature the closer he will be to the personality traits associated with it.

If someone's facial feature lies in between two facial features then he might posses the traits of both facial features. The book, How to make someone fall in love with you, is one of the 2knowmyself.

Face reading and lips Is your personality connected to your lip shape or size? According to face reading you can determine a person's personality from his facial features with a good accuracy. Before you can master face reading you first need to learn how to pay special attention to facial features so that you can recognize the difference between the different types of ears, lips, eyes, chins Once you do that you can then learn face reading.

If you want to start from the beginning then use the link below to reach the face reading main page. In this article i will tell you about the significance of the size of lips and their shape in determining personality Face Reading personology : Lip size Big lips in face reading: A person with big lips tends to be very talkative and will hardly ever be silent. This person likes to talk a lot and to tell stories.

When you want to ask for directions in the street pick someone with big lips because he will give you the full details Small lips in face reading: A person with small lips tends to be less talkative. He tends to keep his private life away from others and may hide his inner emotions and feelings. He can also hold on to secrets for years, unlike the guy who has big lips who can hardly hold a secret unless of course he's bound by some strong influencing force like religion for example A thin lipped person may be very cautious and not an adventure-lover.

Balanced lip: Because human beings are different you can't categorize every person you meet under the two major categories of big lips or small lips but instead you will find many people falling in between the two large categories.

The more the person is close to one of these categories the more likely he will have the personality traits associated with it Face reading, lip size and personality Face reading is not a simple science.

Trying to judge a person by just taking a quick look into one of his features such as lips might result in less accurate readings.

In order to make the best out of face reading you must learn how to look at all face features together instead of just looking at each one of them separately. The book How to make someone fall in love with you is one of the 2knowmyself. Face Reading personology : Lip Lines The lip line, in face reading, is the imaginary horizontal line you can see passing between the two lips when the mouth is closed.

That line can be straight, straight with its ends pointing downwards or upwards. Straight Lip line with its ends pointing downwards: The person who has a straight lip line with ends pointing downwards is a pessimistic person and he will always expects the worse. Make sure you take that into consideration when taking his opinion. One of the great benefits this person can provide you with is to notify you about all the problems that can ever occur because he can expect them all before they happen.

If you are about to start a new project for example and want to know all the possible risks that you might face then ask that person and he will for sure pin point every single problem you're going to face. Straight lip line with its ends turned upwards: The person who has Straight lip line with its ends turned upwards is an optimist. This person always expects good things to happen.

He can encourage you much if you told him about a new idea. You can consider taking his opinion to get some motivation but be aware not to be lured by the very positive outlook he may have. There may be some kind of problems and bad future expectations that he is ignoring or not taking into consideration Straight lip line: The balanced; this person has got a balanced outlook for future events.

He may be optimistic if conditions are good and pessimistic if things seem bad. That person could give you the most balanced opinion for a future project provided that he has all the necessary details.

Lip line, face reading and accuracy You must put in mind that some people fall in between these types. For example you might meet a person who has a lip line that is slightly pointing downwards. The more prominent the face feature is the more close the person will be to the specific personality traits of that face feature. The person who has a lip line that is slightly bent downwards will be slightly pessimistic and so on.

Face reading the full picture One of the big mistakes people do when they try to understand face reading is that they judge a person's personality based on one facial feature and this is completely wrong. In order to make the best use of face reading you need to put in mind that looking at the whole face together is the right thing that should be done. Some facial features dampen the effect of other features and that's why its sometimes hard to understand the feature without looking at the whole face.

In other cases other facial features can further reinforce a certain trait and this can help you get more accurate results when guessing someone's personality.

The book, How to make someone fall in love with you, is one of 2knowmyself. Face Reading personology and Eye Distance When talking about the distance between the eyes in face reading I am actually referring to the horizontal distance between the tips of your eyes.

This distance, in face reading, determines the person's concern for details. If the distance between the two eyes is small then that person may have a high concern for details while if it was large then this means that the person may be more interested in the bigger picture.

To check whether the distance is big or small you'll need to observe whether the distance between the two eyes is enough for a third eye to fit in.

Try to imagine whether your friend can be an alien or not : If the space is big enough for a third eye to fit then it's considered big and if not then it's considered small. People with broad face tend to have big eye distances while people with thin faces tend to have small distances. That's why the first group is usually less concerned about details than the second group Types of eye distance in face reading Someone with a small eye distance: That person has a very powerful ability to concentrate.

When he concentrates, he becomes very focused , hates to be disturbed and may easily become stressed as a result.

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That person has a deep interest in details. If you are telling him a story, then make sure that you include small details that other people may have no concern for. That's the beauty of face reading! People with small eye distance may find it very hard to tolerate temperature changes, traffic jams and external influences. This low tolerance acts as a multiplier to external stressful influences which in turn results in making them angry more often. Someone with a large eye distance: This person may have trouble concentrating for long periods of time.

He is relaxed by nature and doesn't care much about small details. He only focuses on the big picture and this might make him a good manager. Try focusing on the facial features of the managers you meet and you will notice how almost all of them fall in this category.

Managers usually have broad faces because a broad face makes it more likely for a person to have big eye distance. Such a person is much more tolerant than the person who has small eye distance. Face Reading personology and Nose Shape Big noses: If you think that your big nose makes you look bad or if you don't really like its shape then cheer up because according to face reading your big nose can help you leave a better impression!

People with big noses hate receiving orders and like being their own bosses. They don't like doing small tasks and prefer making bigger contributions than others. That's why these people will hardly ever be your bar tenders or your receptionists. People with big noses like to move higher in ranks and may fight for them.

People with big noses get bored easily from systematic and repetitive work. If you are a manager then handing off donkey work to these people would be a great mistake. Small noses: A person with a small nose does not have problems dealing with repetitive and systematic work. You are most likely to find secretaries and people who work in similar jobs having small noses. Of course they may get bored of routine work but not as fast as a big nosed fellow will.

Eagle nose: The hooked nose or one that looks like the eagle's hook from the side view is one i am talking about. A person with a nose like this one has the same characteristics as that of a big-nosed person but with a bit of exaggeration. To get along with such a person make sure you respect him and make him feel important.

The helper's nose: If, from the side view, the nose is concave with a round tip, then this person has a helper's nose. He is called the helper because he has a natural tendency to help others. He may join charity groups for the satisfaction he feels when he does these kinds of activities. The only draw back is that he is sometimes taken advantage of by his friends.

When nose tip is round : If the nose tip is round when observed from a front view then this person is nosy!! He likes to know about everything that is going on and he may try to get all information out of you If there's something that he knows little about. Don't make him feel like you are hiding something if you want to get along with him.

What's pretty funny is that the word nosy here is related to the nose which shows that this word may have had a face reading origin. Nose profile going up: When, viewed from the side, the horizontal line at the bottom of the nose can be pointing upwards. A person with this kind of nose trusts everything. He may even be the victim of scams or fall a prey to a television commercial that advertises a certain low quality product.

Take notice of the noses of small kids' and you will notice how most of them have exactly this type of nose. The good point about the person with this nose type is that he's not skeptical at all. Nose profile heading down: This type of nose is the same as the previous one but the difference is that the profile is going down instead of up so that the nose appears to be pointed downwards.

This person is very skeptical and he barely believes anything new unless he gets all the proofs he asks for. When dealing with him, bear in mind that he will ask a big number of questions before he can believe you. Nose profile is horizontal: when the same nose profile is horizontal then this person is neither a skeptic nor a person who believes in anything.

This person has a balanced approach when hearing about something new. Face Reading personology and Chin Pointed chin: A person with a pointed chin is a stubborn person just like the one with long front teeth. Having both features together means that the person is very stubborn. This person has fierce inner resistance that can be triggered when someone pushes against him. When dealing with such a person, you must depend on your flexibility because pushing against him will yield no result.

Square chin: A square-chinned person is called the challenger. That person always challenges problems by standing up whenever he falls. He never gives up until he reaches what he wants. He is usually very competitive and considers everything, even sports, as a challenge rather than looking at the fun part of it. This person has the ability of pointing out the pros and cons of any issue and this makes him a very good consultant and a debate lover.

To get along with him avoid igniting his fighting spirit and take his opinions into consideration. The small chin: A small chin is usually associated with a pointed chin. In face reading, whenever the facial features are relatively smaller to those of normal people then the person is considered a sensitive person.

People with small chins and small facial features are very sensitive to criticism and overwhelming life events. Criticize those people and they will hate you, shout at them and they may not approach you again.

In order to get along with a sensitive person try to be more nurturing than usual. Round chin: A person with a round chin is a friendly person, he is neither aggressive nor harsh. Remember the impression you got when you first saw Martin Lawrence in the movie big mama's house?

He seemed very friendly because of all round facial features he had. This person loves social gatherings and usually provides a very nice company. If you enter a new place, for example, a shopping mall and wanted to ask for help then the best one would be someone with round facial features.

If that person also has big lips talkative then he will be a perfect choice if you were looking for directions or information. Protruding chin: What is meant by a protruding chin is that the chin seems to be protruding when viewed from the side view rather than being perfectly vertical just like a witch's chin in cartoons!! This person cannot let go of things easily and holds on to them as much as he can. This person rarely quits anything midway and this applies to relationships too.

Receding chin: People with receding chins are exactly the opposite of those who have protruding ones. People with receding chins are the type of people who have got lots of semi finished projects because they find it hard to commit to anything to the end unless they really need it. Now if the opposite happened and you didn't give that person a chance to talk he might not feel happy being around you.

After all we like people because of the emotions they make us feel. This is why in book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that taking the person you like to exciting places can actually make them before more attached to you. What do you think is the best way to communicate with people? Is it being nice? The quick answer is it depends on the person you are dealing with. Each person should be treated in a way that matches his personality in order for him to be happy.

For example in the Face reading book you will get you will know that those who have angled eyebrows plus a big nose usually have a big ego and demand respect. If you neglected those people or didn't treat them the way they expect then they will not like you. Just like a certain key only fits one key hole a certain communication strategy only works with the right person. The book is loaded with pictures and illustrations.

Faces of celebrities and popular figures are used to demonstrate how faces can be read. The book is direct and to the point. Has around 60 pages that explain how to read hundreds of people's faces. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Upcoming SlideShare.

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Why not share! The science of observat Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end.Yang is hot, Yin is cold. Of course they may get bored of routine work but not as fast as a big nosed fellow will.

As we broadened our study, we also learned that each facial feature represents certain behavioral characteristics such as risk taking, anger, confidence, and so on. Of particular note was Mr. At the end of half an hour there were many disagreements and contradictions.

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