This is a “kick start” tutorial to get you started with Erlang. Everything A programming language isn't much use if you can just run code from the shell. So here is. Read "Erlang Programming A Concurrent Approach to Software Development" by Francesco Cesarini available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5. Erlang Programming. Francesco Cesarini and Simon Thompson. Beijing • Cambridge • Farnham • Köln • Sebastopol • Taipei • Tokyo

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Francesco Cesarini has used Erlang on a daily basis for Erlang Programming: A Concurrent Approach to Software Development eBook: Francesco Cesarini, Simon Thompson: site Store. This second edition of Joe's seminal Programming Erlang is a welcome update, .. the ebook version of this book and your ebook reader supports hyperlinks. Erlang was created in for telephony applications. But oddly enough, it's emerged in recent years as an increasingly useful tool for building.

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Programming Erlang 2nd edition by Joe Armstrong. Programming Erlang 2nd edition by Joe Armstrong A multi-user game, web site, cloud application, or networked database can have thousands of users all interacting at the same time. A gem; a sensible, practical introduction to functional programming.

Programming Erlang

About this Title Pages: Erlang will change your view of the world, and of how you program. You Might Also Like. What You Need. Download it from erlang.

Source code Errata Releases. Sutton, Andrew G.

Erlang and Elixir for Imperative Programmers

Beezer Advanced Algebra - Anthony W. Grinstead and J. Downey Think Stats: Probability and Statistics for Programmers - Allen B.


A Quickstart guide - Paul Swartout, Packt. Edward Lavieri, Packt. Pretty Darn Quick: Selected Essays of Richard M. Gabriel Open Advice: Downey Think OS: Demeyer, S. Ducasse and O. A piece of cake!

Smith ASP. Shotts, Jr. A Programmer's Guide - Jonathan E. David Carlson and Br.

Morelli and R. Souza and Fabio M. Adams, Packt. The Definitive Guide - Matthew A. Cooper, Jr. An Interactive Approach - Stuart C. Hoyte Lisp Hackers: Graham Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming: Understand the strengths of Erlang and why its designers included specific features Learn the concepts behind concurrency and Erlang's way of handling it Write efficient Erlang programs while keeping code neat and readable Discover how Erlang fills the requirements for distributed systems Add simple graphical user interfaces with little effort Learn Erlang's tracing mechanisms for debugging concurrent and distributed systems Use the built-in Mnesia database and other table storage features Erlang Programming provides exercises at the end of each chapter and simple examples throughout the book.

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This is a great Erlang starter and maybe the only book you'll need. It is not an academic text but is very practical and applied.

I've only just started with Erlang and am enjoying it quite a bit - other than wondering if this is another one of those flash-in-the-pan languages. Even if Erlang is not long lived, I think that something like Erlang is where computing is destined to go.

Programming Erlang, 2nd Ed.

The reason being that even our supercomputers seem to have moved away from big iron and into the cluster world.

The reason is that Erlang provides the infrastructure for running an awe inspiring number of "processes" in a multi-machine environment. Or on one machine if that's your preference. The thing that really amazes me about Erlang is how easy it is to design and build stuff that is fault tolerant and that scales unbelievably. It really is beautiful. I'm kinda wondering if Erlang is the destined to be the "glue language" for clusters.

As for direct usefulness of the book I've read chapters: In that order.Overall rating No ratings yet 0. Reload to refresh your session.

His research work has centered on functional programming: Remove FREE. Or, get it for Kobo Super Points! Elisabeth Robson.

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