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Basic Electronics Troubleshooting And Repair Guide By Jestine Yong– Troubleshooting and Repairing LCD TVs By John Preher– This ebook is written for. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Michael Jay Geier has been an electronics technician, eBook features: Highlight, take notes, and search . A Fully Revised Guide to Electronics Troubleshooting and Repair. Repair all kinds of electrical. ELECTRONICS REPAIRING AND LEARNING CIRCUITS FOR FREE This eBook shows you how to TEST COMPONENTS. To do this you need "TEST GEAR.

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Even though I get an enormous amount of mail, please write to me. This allows the transistor to amplify both the positive and negative parts of the waveform. Voltage "D" should be about v.

Electronics Repair Articles and eBooks

Voltage "E" should be the battery voltage of 12v. Measuring the current of a circuit will tell you a lot of things.

If you know the normal current, a high or low current can let you know if the circuit is overloaded or not fully operational. Current is always measured when the circuit is working i. The easiest way to measure current is to remove the fuse and take a reading across the fuse-holder.

Or remove one lead of the battery or turn the project off, and measure across the switch. If this is not possible, you will need to remove one end of a component and measure with the two probes in the "opening.

Electronics Repair Articles and eBooks

You have to get an "opening" so that a current reading can be taken. This voltage may be too high for the circuit being supplied and the result will be damage.

Measuring current through a resistor Measuring the current of a globe Do NOT measure the CURRENT of a battery by placing the meter directly across the terminals A battery will deliver a very HIGH current and damage the meter Do not measure the "current a battery will deliver" by placing the probes across the terminals. It will deliver a very high current and damage the meter instantly.

There are special battery testing instruments for this purpose.

When measuring across an "opening" or "cut," place the red probe on the wire that supplies the voltage and current and the black probe on the other wire. If you are using a Digital Meter, a negative sign "-" will appear on the screen to indicate the probes are around the wrong way. No damage will be caused. It just indicates the probes are connected incorrectly.

If any voltage is present, the value of resistance will be incorrect.

In most cases you cannot measure a component while it is in-circuit. This is because the meter is actually measuring a voltage across a component and calling it a "resistance. If any other voltage is present, the meter will produce a false reading.

If you are measuring the resistance of a component while still "in circuit," with the power off the reading will be lower than the true reading. Measuring resistance Measuring resistance of a heater via the leads Measuring the resistance of a piece of resistance-wire Measuring the resistance of a resistor Do not measure the "Resistance of a Battery" 1. Do not measure the "resistance of a battery. It is measured by creating a current-flow and measuring the voltage across the battery.

Do not try to measure the resistance of any voltage or any "supply. If the bar is thinner, the resistance is higher. If the bar is longer, the resistance is higher. If the material of the bar is changed, the resistance is higher.

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It's a bit like standing on a hose. The flow reduces. When current flow is reduced, the output voltage is also reduced and that why the water does not spray up so high. Resistors are simple devices but they produce many different effects in a circuit. A resistor of nearly pure carbon may be 1 ohm, but when non-conducting "impurities" are added, the same-size resistor may be ohms, 1, ohms or 1 million ohms.

Circuits use values of less than 1 ohm to more than 22 million ohms. The letter "E" is also sometimes used and both mean "Ohms.

The size determines the wattage of the resistor - how much heat it can dissipate without getting too hot. Every resistor is identified by colour bands on the body, but when the resistor is a surface-mount device, numbers are used and sometimes letters. If 3rd band is gold, Divide by 10 If 3rd band is silver, Divide by to get 0.

The first 3 bands produce the resistance and the fourth band is the "tolerance" band. Remember: more letters in the word "silver" thus the divisor is "a larger division. The letters "R, k and M" take the place of a decimal point. Most of the colours are in the same order as in the spectrum.What Do I Do Now?

Electronic Repair Tools. Just send me an e-mail and tell me the reason and I will refund the download price. Bench Power Supply Repaired.

This allows the transistor to amplify both the positive and negative parts of the waveform. Easier to use. Techniques and much, Much more.

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