Note: Hindupad does not reserve any rights om the 'Eenadu Telugu Calendar '. Please use it for domestic purposes. Share it with your. The calendar includes the date, thithi, Nakshatram, Varjyam, Rahukalam, Yamaganda Kalam, Durmuhurthams, Amrutha Kaalam, Ekadashi. Andhra Pradesh, Free Telugu Calendar PDF Download from January to April Monthly with Festivals & Holidays.

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Telugu Calendar - Download it free. Click here to download Telugu Calendar for the month of January , JANUARY Advanced happy new year ######### Telugu calendar & Telugu calendar allows you to view maasam, vaaram, thithi, and nakshatram. Telugu calendar and almanac app provides daily Auspicious (Good Time) and Inauspicious (Bad Time) details along with Horoscope and Festival.

Gregorian Date. Date Sunrise Sunset Pausa - Magha Shaka Year: Rahu Kalam Sun: S Shashti — S Sapthami — S Ashtami — S Navami — ND 1: S Dasami — ND 3: S Ekadasi — ND 4: S Dwadasi — ND 4: S Thrayodasi — ND 3: S Chathurdasi — ND 2: S Pournami — ND 0: K Padyami — K Vidiya — K Thadiya — K Chavithi — K Panchami — K Shashti — 9: K Sapthami — 7: K Navami — ND 4: K Dasami — ND 2: K Ekadasi — ND 2: K Dwadasi — ND 1: K Thrayodasi — ND 1: K Chathurdasi — ND 2: K Amavasya — ND 3: S Padyami — ND 4: When launched in the city of Visakhapatnam , it wasn't able to sell more than 3, copies a week.

Eenadu found itself struggling to become a daily publication ranked amongst publication. However, it was popular in regions and rivalry was still an issue.

Eenadu hired a new set of directors to be part of its key decision and management group which drove it towards what it is today: the mostly high circulated newspaper in the region. Eenadu was launched from Visakhapatnam on 10th August by Ramoji Rao , a businessman with other successful enterprises: Priya Pickles and Margadarsi Chitfunds.

At that time, the Andhra Prabha , owned by the Indian Express Group, was the leading regional newspaper. Eenadu began with a print order of 4, copies, composed by hand and produced using a second-hand printing press.

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But by the time it was admitted into the Audit Bureau of Circulations in , its circulation had already reached a readership of 48, By , Eenadu surpassed Andhra Prabha''s circulation and, by , two other rivals Andhra Patrika and Udayam folded, leaving Eenadu with over seventy-five percent of the audited circulation of Telugu dailies.

When Eenadu expanded to Hyderabad in , it divided the city into target areas, recruited delivery boys three months in advance and gave away the paper for free for a week.Eenadu was launched from Visakhapatnam on 10th August by Ramoji Rao , a businessman with other successful enterprises: Priya Pickles and Margadarsi Chitfunds.

Rahu Kalam Sun: K Sapthami — 7: S Dwadasi — ND 4: K Padyami — However, by the end of the s, there were six substantial Telugu dailies running, and the business was highly competitive.

Magha 2, Pradosha Vratam Click on the date for more Info. Bhavani Apps.

Each publication center required forty engineers to run its printing presses. Add to Wishlist.

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