Dungeon Magazine # The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please check that your browser supports JavaScript and that it is enabled in the. By Christopher Perkins This issue was a lot of fun to cobble together, mostly because I'm April I DUNGEON Owlbear Run tests are in addition to the. your eyes on the pages of both this magazine. 4 JANUARY and of DUNGEON® Adventures for possible. Masque articles and adventures.

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Dragon Magazine # - planescape bestthing.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Dungeon Magazine - pdf, , KB. file, Dungeon Magazine - pdf, , KB. file, Dungeon Magazine - pdf. Just realized you can download every issue of Dungeon Magazine for free . which is pretty high for a pdf of a product that had previously been.

These spells can be traveled in one round of normal somewhat enervated -1 to hit. Travelers must bring their own plane will discover that certain spells and touch have 1 hp added per die.

Shadow door: This spell creates an actu- corporeal. Most divination spells func. Spells that Shadow either are natives of the Shadow. Benign MC8 Escapee from the Abyss ing to regain spells.

Greater MC8 Refugee from the Baator same restrictions as priests when attempt. Cloaker MC3 natives of the demiplane can see through Cloaker Lord Menzo any shadows and will always be aware of Dark Creeper MC14 Most commonly encountered humanoid on a thief trying to hide.

The natural resistance accessory followed by specified volume of the natives to most life-draining attacks coupled with the proximity of the demiplane number to the Positive Energy Plane causes undead to seek out more appealing places. The shadowcat cre. Monster Source Remarks Both rangers and paladins fall under the Baatezu.

Psionicists can use their abilities normal- Ancestors of migrant Prime Material Plane creatures ly. A free-willed shadowcat Shadeling Dun 35 may not be hostile. Semi- Shadow MC1 Not a true elemental. Unless a ranger learned how to use his abilities on the demiplane of Outsiders Shadow. Tenebrous MC1 level of the caster. Shadow MC5 tance it may wander from the caster. Raven all types MC5 The combat abilities of fighters. Steel Shadow RoU dins. Variable current surroundings.

Complete sive shades is kept secret by the few resi. The creature may gloomy. Unlit interior room or cavern but subsist solely on shadows. In their own. Whatever endeavors they undertake. Priest-shades lose who sought out immortality by infusing weakened significantly and loses much of all access to the Sun sphere of spells. Shades are immune to disease and life-level loss. The transformation Shadowy Normal illumination on demiplane of empowers all shades with special abilities.

Any The shadow may open a gate ninth-level wealth. Once it has Center of light spell successfully completed the transforma. Bright Bright sunlight on clear day Because of this. Shades no longer need to eat. These spell-like abilities are com. The priest-shade nal creature Effects of light and darkness: Outline of faerie fire or similar spell tion. Varies of Magic. Bright No Standard. Any his mortal body with shadowstuff—the its special abilities. Shade shade is empowered with special spell-like General outlook abilities.

Varies cally depending upon the lighting of its approve of their clerics becoming shades. In area of darkness spell ally. As original creature refuse to pass through the gate and is ward solitary behavior. See below the shade. A shade is most priests almost never become shades on powerful when surrounded in shadow. Varies under no obligation to obey or fight for shades are affected in this way. Shadow Some abilities are always available.

Any demiplane of mon to all shades in addition to other affairs of mortals whose days are few and Shadow or shadowy areas abilities available to each particular class: A dual-classed or multiclassed Average No Standard. Special Only a wish Average Normal daylight with shade or clouds spell may prevent this change.

Those who do often worship It is agreed by most sages that a shade is areas of bright light or extreme darkness deities whose sphere of influence lies with a once-powerful human or demihuman where shadows are scarce. As original creature chance of success.

The infusion of shadow. As original creature specific creature that the shade personally their beings invariably brings about a THAC0: As original creature knows ally. When employing these skills. The powers dwelling either in the Inner Planes them in their endeavors. Given the fact that success. A loss of control will dispel the their deity.

Priest-shades are limited to the and devoid of earthly riches or other from evil. Rogue-shades work avoiding curious adventurers and other mate shadow and shadowform even if the solely for themselves and have never been questioning folk. The transforma. Wizard-shades add one shade. A warrior-shade only the most devoted and powerful cler. These tended and stocked stables. Seemingly being shadow double will fight or move as di- or in the demiplane of Shadow if any such able to dissolve into the shadows at will rected by the warrior-shade and will re- exist in your campaign to receive spells and then surprisingly reappear soon after main until dismissed by the warrior-shade above second level.

A shadow double is an exact level priests would forsake their deities to physical duplicate of the warrior-shade become shades unless given permission to Combat: Rogue-shades fight as they did with regard to armor class. Rangers who become shades are no shades may.

This change in Dexterity points adjusted downward appropriately. They spend Rogue-shades are cunning oppo. At times. Wizard-shades suffer none of strengthening their mental abilities Paladins and rangers who become the spell limitations that normal wizards through dedicated practice.

If seri. The encountered. Any subclass of viewed as a much more pleasant option flee using its innate shadow walk ability. When employing shadowharm. The rogue-shade home plane and on the demiplane of aging the target as if affected by the 6th. A few are psionicist-shade never rolls a 20 on its unwanted visitors. Warrior-shades are of their sect. A psionicist-shade may use shady castles on the Prime Material Plane.

Only thieves—not bards—are eligible to Shadow and the ability to hide in shadows. In their keeps and cas- psionicist-shade does not have access to known to serve a master. Psionicist-shades rare. Upon becoming a A paladin or ranger who undergoes the allowed. The priest-shade must physi.

Any subclass of wizard may into physical combat. Rogue-shades enjoy eternal warriors. Psionicist-shades are their Strength ability with a maximum of maximum of Rogue-shades travel more than any nation.

In shadowy areas. When priest-shades travel to areas. Priest-shades residing on the demi. Since psionic effects fear of old age and its infirmities that become a wizard-shade. Once a shade permanently gains 20 to 80 thieving guilds on several Prime Material battle has been finished.

They primarily tles. The warrior-shade Warrior-shades were once formidable The wizard-shade Combat: With poor hand-to-hand com. On the demiplane of Combat: A warrior-shade is formidable Shadow or in areas of similar illumination. This is primarily acquire riches through their thieving great battlefield to aid some cause or due to the secretive nature of psionicists ways. Items found within a always desert a master who becomes a their class.

Oddly enough. Rogue-shades have been known to run their adventures with others. Of all the charac- are not hampered on the demiplane of eventually turn all stalwart warriors into ter classes. A psionicist. Spells that deal with shadows turbed at all, or else the spell will fail. The when cast by a wizard-shade will have caster must additionally cast shadow walk, double strength and a double duration. The lure of long life, this spell is cast on the demiplane of the love of magic, and the desire to pursue Shadow.

A percentile roll less than or a deeper understanding of their magic are equal to the survival chance indicates that the primary reasons that wizards become the subject has been transformed success- shades.

Their immortality allows for near- fully into a shade. Failure means that the ly limitless research and creation of spells, subject dissolves away into shadow—lost magical items, and an artifact or two. Any attempt even by a wish to Wizard-shades prefer to stay locked up in return the subject to normal will automati- their towers to continue their arcane cally fail.

A few wizard-shades have been It is possible for a character to have his known to live in towers of solid shadow- alignment changed by this spell. Roll d10 stuff situated on the border of a Quasi- for any changes: A wish spell may be rarely been known to accept strangers used to prevent any change in alignment.

Some wizard-shades After the spell is cast, the caster loses ld6 keep in touch with old comrades on the Constitution points and loses conscious- Prime Material Plane and have been re- ness for 1d8 days also aging five years if a ported to aid friends in times of need.

Character subclasses of unique If not for the fact that this spell is dan- worlds: DMs may opt to allow character gerous to both the caster and the recipi- subclasses unique to certain worlds the ent, shades might be more numerous. These special Only a free-willed wizard can cast this subclasses would fall under the appropri- spell successfully. The material compo- ate class heading an Athasian gladiator nents for this spell are 10, gp worth of would become a warrior-shade, a templar powdered onyx, 10, gp worth of pow- would become a priest-shade, etc.

The powdered onyx and diamond The transformation are consumed during the casting of the A shade may be created in one of two spell, while the amulet is used to draw ways. One is by the use of the new ninth- forth the necessary amounts of shadow- level wizard spell create shade, which is stuff and planar energy from the demi- described below.

A shade created in this manner immediately undergoes an align- ment change to neutral evil due to an imbalance caused by tapping the Negative Energy Plane when casting energy drain. Create Shade Alteration Level: V,S,M Range: Special CT: None Area of Effect: This powerful spell infuses one being with shadowstuff from the demiplane of Shadow and transforms him into a shade.

The subject of this spell must be a single- classed human or demihuman psionicist, priest, thief, warrior, or wizard only of at least 10th level. The casting of this spell is a long, deli- cate, and highly complex procedure. Welcome to Sigil, the Cage, the city of Doors.

Whatever you call it, Sigil is eternal. You know the chant. I could tell the moment you stepped through the portal just by looking at you.

Issue 213 | APRIL 2013

For just a little jink a little more than that, berk! Step inside The Friendly Fiend and browse. He has a pleas. From the mundane to the magical.

In the absence of facts.

To the contrary. He arrived mysteriously as are buried in the Lower Ward. He looks like a robed human Some of the berks who hold with this story with the head of a war dog. Unusual items from across the multiverse fill the shop. He knows where all the skeletons ber of years. While Bloodgem Road. How close some of door identifies the shop as The Friendly this fantasy comes to the truth.

A moment after a berk steps through the door. Cagers A picture of a smiling yugoloth over the tend to invent fantasy. Enchanted items and goods from far-off planes can be pur- chased here. Which side does he work for?

In all of these cases. She the vast amount of information that ar- shy of a portal. In return. But with a mission. Deep down. He hopes are completely clueless. AC A friendly fiend? MV She started to investigate someday to return to Gehenna.

If a body enters The Friendly Fiend looking for a deal. Plenty of berks come end of the multiverse to the other. Int He just hides it well for sure and as clueless as you can imagine. ML Lissandra arranged to have herself these bubs believe. She arrived in as all his brethren. A body can believe that insanity and violence go hand- in-hand.

Fl 18 B. The arcanaloth. Lissandra soon ventured out to against the natural order. If you want to know where to find a Sigil and its connection to the rest of the climate improves. Soon she was sifting through all of their eral has come to terminate his exile— records pertaining to portals.

SA Poison cumulative -1 attack roll penalty per successful claw hit. THAC0 9. These bubs tween the infinite distances capable of conduct personal research.

The truth. After getting used to the local condi- embrace. They believe that one day a Lissandra the gate-seeker gates. She spent months poring remains alert and ready to strike before idea of the infinite planes.

Most who fussing and forms. Take Lissandra. Spell-like powers: Alter self. Lissandra hooked up with a few Guvners exterior hides a terrified castaway. Lissandra went about doing what contrary to fiendish nature.

Lissandra is very systematic. River Oceanus or plans to visit a unique than watch portals. She watches the known into what she knows. She completely safe one. River Styx. Need to know what key opens a answered truthfully as truthfully as a the portal on the other side look like?

How planar gate? Go ask Lissandra. MV another part of the city. Gossips in Sigil coddled. She maps stationary portals. Exact prices vary with Lissandra might ask or be persuaded to adept at determining what fee will usually campaigns and DM styles. If she ances. THAC0 Need the location of a portal? Go ask amused by her investigation.

AC 0 her investigations take her to bracers AC2. As almost baatezu ever does. In addition to a temporarily join a party. Lissandra is attractive. She tracks In pursuit of knowledge. Like everything else. A layer of Nessus. Portal of Mechanus or the Infinite Stair- patterns so she can predict future appear.

Mount Olympus. Lissandra has become though. Lissandra may have her own ing with gate keys. He also adventuring around the planes a nasty making nice to an ogre. The same icon as and dangerous.

When she couch. The worth my while. Planar Trade Consortium. She fol- climb toward a plain wooden door. On the clients think. Estavan wears expensively tailored B. Each seems to have a slightly differ. A body has to thing sometime. But you know that. Estavan simply ready to hand out the jink.

Dungeon Magazine #213

Kylie clothes with a definite oriental flare. The narrow stairs door inside his office is actually a portal to of her business. A for instance. When once per day: Like all touts. The ogre mage eous form. Str For news. If a body tries It was inevitable that Kylie became a tout.

Maybe turn down substantial amounts of it. Dex She points them toward dered. Most of his clients believe that the Kylie figures that information is the core tween its neighbors. Somebody always wants duck beneath the swaying sign. Cha The Consor. This is the icon of the If a body needs to get out of the Cage.

An ornate polearm called a nagi. Everybody needs to find some- The room appears huge.

On some lege. Just another the unique service Kylie sells. As such. If you need something— harshly. Kylie watch- behind the desk or stretched out on the Estavan the merchant lord es the portals for new arrivals. Wis This is Estavan. This is one accept is useful information. On others. Kylie was born and raised in the Cage. Estavan can put a body in one of Growing up in Sigil taught Kylie a valuable huge chair.

There are at least two other Consor. She never he is ruthless in business dealings. If asked. Arcane icons get the goods to their destination. Four times out of probably the best way to go. If a body wants to leave helpful to everyone she meets.

Fl 15 her or it and offers her unique services. No bit of stairs opens into a richly appointed office planes and to many of the backwaters. Con juggles many tasks in a given day. A door on the far wall work during the trip.

Dungeon Magazine

Used at will: If a body deals fairly with meet the diverse beings who come and go. Estavan can be gracious and polite. Kylie likes to be paid in by any of the merchant lords in the city. Her advise her of news and happenings manner is friendly and easy-going. Kylie is whip thin and slight of build. DN her dream is still far from becoming reali. For more on the path- information source with an extensive spy willing to join her developing network.

To that end. Special abili- afraid of factions or proxies or powerful ties: One day she hopes to find one Harbinger House. She still has to build a sizeable base of Con To rectify this deficiency. Backstab x 3.

Even a roving group can be attacked.

Kylie has two other weaknesses to overcome. Thief abilities: Are the local dungeon and wilderness has encountered powerful forces of the becoming too familiar? There may be times Since these encounters are special.

These represent various They know all the monsters in the books. You Prime Material Plane. Once in a while you can pull a events. Traveling throughout the multiverse in Fantasy literature. For the DM. But remember the advice. When one is attempting to just make the players come up with crea- travel between worlds. List 3. For The spells and devices that allow interdi. If you subscribe to the theory that in.

I would not go wrong. This will restrict the use of high-level and controlled. Playing strictly by the rules tions the most common problems encoun. The that the party has traveled to an unusual entity who quested them might be willing. When Some of these encounters result in the an error occurs. If the spell has been hurried or recommend using the following encounters disrupted slightly. Use this list sparingly. Plenty of planar-encounter possibilities by Larry Granato Artwork by Terry Dykstra re ordinary monsters getting a bit bor.

Sometimes they pop back years later. A quirk of the uni- verse has changed what was. Interdimensional destination. It may siphon PCs or their magic groups with a sense of humor and imag. Teleport or planar fatigue. The mystery nexus triangle.

If the displacement is temporal. When using 2. An energy vortex appears venturers additional quests. Characters pulled ideas on the fly.

Needless to say. Energy displacement involves the draining or gaining of charges from magical items and any technological items. A temporal. Too much dimensional travel wears out the party.

Random destination. A planar displacement puts them in another universe. A hole to another dimension opens up. Debris comes out at the rate of ld4. Upon return- ing home. The party also can go through. They may not use any teleporting or dimension-shifting spells for ld4 days. All those lost items like lost socks and keys end up here maybe even things the PCs have lost.

If the party is traveling astrally or ethereally. This gives the DM a chance to change some- thing that has been causing problems in her campaign. This will cost the ad. The rift is unstable. Strange creatures and items also can be met. Items totally drained of charges crumble to dust. Its origin is on another These encounters are suggested only for traveling astrally or ethereally by some plane.

Miscast spell. Visitors are greeted with hospitality. The barriers between the uni- astral artifact. Is that Elvis over there? These objects usually only appear for damage. Is it Megabreath. The cosmic wheel of fortune. The balance of the planes. In that case. These openings often appear as mir. This entity. It is permanent l-3 points days.

The eternal city. The party could be party encounters a group of plane-shifting restored trapped in such a place until it stopped nonplayer characters. The Dimension-traveling Backfire. The Random spell affects the party tune. Some are one-way only. The sweet- looking little girl who is the most powerful and chaotic psionicist in the multiverse?

This is a tranquil 9. This could be an Nothing spheres. As an alternative. The conjunction of the million plane to their location. An opening to another Has one ability score raised sure. Roll percentile dice: The agency responsible for balancing the levels of magic in the multiverse has found an account overdrawn.

A magi- it. The unwanted conflict to this peaceful locale. If they fail. The plane-shifting vessel. These NPCs are Loses a good magical item somewhere familiar.

The PCs have done something to upset the balance. The auditing department. The effects de. Also known as the celes- happen. Pure Good will PC to give away all of his possessions to giant pinball machine. The magical sinister carriage that flies through the air. This intelligent. The well of wisdom. The creatures can track you Nights and usually does. Extremely Chaos force acting against lawful and less remnants of humanity who are be- rare astronomical conditions make the chaotic characters—a lawful PC either is sieged by evil forces.

Strange encounters horror. Bar between the worlds. For a score of 16 or The PCs may have counterparts the year range. He can make any dream come true. The gives lawful PCs a temporary raise in of dreams. The party comes 4. Effects stuff. The only hope of avoiding it is always full of interesting people from all mortal beings with a Wisdom of 18 or through the use of a wish unless the party of space and time.

The traps phenomenon and will disappear in 1d4 of making a some kind of deal. The fountain of youth. For a score of 13 through offense. Unless you plan on ending your campaign. This re.

The anti-universe. This add 1d6 points. The megacurse. The 3. PCs must survive as best they can. The place where what you dream pouting and whining. One drink allows characters guided by a headless driver and pulled by squirts of face-dissolving goo. After drinking giant abyss opens in the surface of the everyone who was good-aligned before is a sip. The black coach. A dungeon to beat member.

This is a dark. The party comes chancel. Anyone who Overhead. It is unaffected by any magic or hospitable tavern can be reached from While characters are here. Neutral-aligned PCs will be blasted for humans may be conscienceless technolo- the DM will have plenty of chaos to spread 5d4 points of damage.

It has come to take a PC eat brains. Examples are a The DM is encouraged to be particularly either. The effect on characters varies Land of Dreams. The labyrinth out who caused it and will take revenge. Neutral PCs will be minimum damage. He occasionally can be distracted.

The stars are right. Level drains cannot be super-item. An alter- are reversed for a Pure Evil force on good native to the megacurse is the cursed and evil characters.

The guru. In short. The night of nights. Characters who 2. The fa. After using a cal weapons from being used.

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A princess might and ability checks. The city at the end of time. The effect on them varies with curse of extravagance. The possession to a homeless orphan. For a Wisdom of between 7 and Pure Law The land is ruled by Morpheus. What the PCs dream appears to 5. Anyone who takes a horde of creatures from the underworld. The crack of doom. The labyrinth. Land of dreams and night.

Such creatures start at 20 HD. Anything can happen on a Night of attack. Is it object the PCs need at the moment or have hurt the party. The chair may appear to PCs in distress and offer to rescue them in return for several difficult quests.

Casino of death. Only the pure of heart. For your approval. The siege perilous. One character in my land got with the same penalty the PCs have dished Cleanli- is useless. You can use torch. Take us to your leader! The condition may the PCs know it may hang in the balance. They usually have some scheme This full of the most powerful magical items critical moment in her lifetime. They are all-powerful in their medieval adventurers are thrown into a itself into anything takes the form of an sphere of influence and either can help or strange.

A strange oddity of ties as Liberty lady with a book and of conquest. The rest disappear in a burst of flames. A PC exchanges dwarfdom.

A creature that can transmute Goofy. This ordinary- looking village or old house. The roller coaster tends to leave the track. One campaign I played in was genetics affects the party. Arrogant superbeings from Water flows uphill. Carnival of doom.

It appears 9. A magic show hosted by demons? The battle of the while no more than one adventure. You like to gam- ble? This is the place. One PC is selected to confront a The secret place. Insufferably righteous One problem: The aliens are hostile and very characters will be squashed like bugs. Mental transfer. There are some problems with the rides. The imp of improbability. The fate of the world as sheep. The characters undergo a startling transforma- bility is the possession of a character by a trial will not be fair.

Plague diseased guy on a pale save their world? Examples are changes in race. These are the party. It looks like an ordinary 20th-century amusement park. The Imp hangs around until he gets bored be permanent. It looks ordi- Somme?

The sinking of the Titanic? The being will get bored with that form and nary. To be allowed to exit. Bazaar of the bizarre. The powers that be. Greed Ebenezer Scrooge. The accommodating circum. The zone of diminished illumi. The DM must formulate the mystery.

A moronic game always wanted. Will they survive? No doe-doo-Doo-doo. A flying saucer descends on and weak-minded. The DM should devise a where he is. Almost before he that it fails to succeed convincingly at any Nancy McKenzie can blink. In this case. Arthur Conan Doyle. Frost robs his premise of any ence.

Dungeon Magazine #213tombofhorrors

One can imagine. There are elements of high adventure As in many contemporary yarns. For Rosemary Edghill place in the context of a fantasy game— all the flaws in its conception.

As much or quently tempted to give one or another of so by various of the characters. Of the two. Holmesian resonances still leaves the book These events are not. Their contests can be devious and in some cases deadly to less skilled participants. Only the best of the best are encouraged to participate.

F Griss recalls five previous tournaments, including a magical obstacle course made of illusions, a subterranean race through a labyrinth of abandoned mine shafts, a sea battle between five ships and a kraken, a jaunt into the Feywild to attain a gift from the archfey, and a competition where the contestants fought one another while the wizards polymorphed them into various creatures.

If the characters ask, Griss can tell them what he knows about the leaders of each team detailed in each Leader entry in Competing Teams. F The nobles and ambassadors of the dukes court enjoy betting against one another. In the end, the duke awards wealth, honor, and fame to the winning team. When the characters have finished speaking to Griss or a competing team at the crossroads, proceed to Encounter 2: Telvorn. As the characters head for Telvorn, read: You take the road south to Telvorn, a small town nestled at the base of a low, sloping mountain thick with forest.

Today the road to Telvorn is crowded with travelers, and the towns outskirts are lined with the tents and striped pavilions of wayfarers from abroad. In the center of town, an inn, a general store, and a church form the perimeter of a bustling market square packed with merchant stalls where money and goods swiftly change hands and the festival attendees wear garlands of flowers in their hair.

The characters can go straight to the market square or choose to explore the town first. If they choose to explore the town, they might visit the church, the general store and stalls, the inn, the pavilions on the outskirts of town, or the owlbear pens.

When the adventurers are ready to learn the details and rules of the contest or decide to sign up, they can proceed to the market square. Church: The church is dedicated to Avandra, goddess of change, luck, trade, and travel. The characters can pay the high priestess, Galea, to cast any ritual they can afford. General Store and Stalls: At the general store, the characters can download standard equipment from the Players Handbook.

Certain stalls of traveling merchants might offer special or magic items as you see fit. Inn: Representatives from each competing team in the Owlbear Run can be found at various times in the Grumpy Gryphon inn and tavern. Here the characters can meet the leaders of each team and form early alliances or rivalries.

See the Competing Teams section. Pavilions on the Outskirts: This is where the sponsors can be found. Each sponsor has a stake in an owlbear and holds court under a pavilion in his or her own encampment. See The Sponsors. Owlbear Pens: The characters can view the various owlbears available for the competition in the owlbear pens, a converted horse stable reinforced for the captive owlbears.

The individual owlbears are detailed in The Owlbear Pens. When the characters go to the market square to sign up for the competition, read: At the center of the market square stands an elevated table beneath a raised pavilion.

Two portly, balding middle-aged men lounge in plush chairs behind the table, whimsical smirks on their clean-shaven faces.

Upon their black velvet doublets they each wear the silver standard of Duke High tower. The two appear to be brothers, if not identical twins. Last-minute entrants? All I see is owlbear chow, replies his twin. The men chuckle together, and after a moment they compose themselves. Please state the name of your team, says the first brother as a quill pen materializes between his fingers.

As well as your specialty, adds the second, plucking a scroll from the empty air and sliding it beneath his brothers pen. The wizards are Dirkendrick and Delzarian Rumsharkel known affectionately as Dirk and Delzar or less affectionately as the Ramshackle Twins , the designers of the contest.

They inform the characters about the rules and details of the race. Dirk and Delzar are highly intelligent though somewhat bumbling, and they amuse one another easily. The brothers are essentially indistinguishable and interchangeable unless you want to differentiate them. If the characters ask either of the following questions, roleplay the responses below. The characters ask what the wizards mean by specialty. Dirk says, Its exactly what it sounds like. Whats your specialty as a team?

What is it that you do? The characters can come up with any name and specialty they want. Since its off the cuff, dont be surprised if the players come up with something silly. The characters ask about the duke. Dirk and Delzar tell them that their esteemed employer is busy organizing the event at the finish line in the town of Milvorn and cannot be consulted prior to the race. F The teams must run the race using the network of old mining trails on the mountain.

No team can teleport, fly over, or circumvent the mountain. Watchers and guards will be posted to ensure that no one cheats. F The teams can use any means at their disposal to get ahead on the trails, short of killing another contestant. Murder is grounds for disqualification and a subsequent trial. F The entry fee is 5, gold pieces per team. F The team that wins the contest wins back its entry fee plus half the entry fees of all the other participating teams an additional 7, gp if all three NPC teams participate.

The victors also receive bragging rights, fame, and an audience with Duke Hightower. The team that takes second place wins back its entry fee.

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The team that places third receives half its entry fee. There is no reward for the team that finishes last. F Each owlbear is sponsored by a noble or diplomat from Duke Hightowers court. The teams can view the owlbear pens or interview nobles in any order. In the past, the sponsors have had the power to overtly impact the contest, so a good sponsor might be a key to victory.

F To gain a sponsor, a team should impress that individual and prove why the team should represent that sponsor. F A sponsor pays the 5, gp entry fee for a team he or she supports. F If the characters cannot gain or do not desire a sponsor, they can use the owlbear named Rolling Boulder, but they must pay their own entry fee. F After each team has selected its owlbear and sponsor, each team receives a map of the mountain trails to plot its intended course.

F Before the race begins, the teams can download any equipment they think they need, or they can visit any of the locations in town, gather information on the other teams, and so forth. When the characters have made their owlbear and sponsor choices, plotted their route on the map, and made all their preparations, proceed to Encounter 3: The Race Begins. T he Sponsors Five nobles are in attendance, each with different motivations and goals.

Prior to the race, the characters can interview the nobles at the nobles pavilions on the outskirts of town and seek their sponsorship for the Owlbear Run. The characters can also ask around town to learn basic information about the sponsors Streetwise DC Each sponsor owns a stake in a specific owlbear. A sponsor pays the 5, gp entry fee for the team escorting his or her owlbear in the race. If the characters gain a sponsor, that sponsor gives them each a badge bearing his or her symbol.

During the race, the characters will experience one random encounter in which a sponsor tries to inf luence the race. Play the sponsors according to the brief descriptions given here and your imagination. If the characters need prompting, Sir Tomire sends a page to summon them to his pavilion in hopes they will escort his owlbear, Terrible Tharizdun, in the race. The characters can interview as many sponsors as they like, but they can gain sponsorship from only one of the nobles.

The noble sponsors participating in the Owlbear Run are described below. Good Lady Fazgahrd serves her people as a diplomatic envoy to Duke Hightower. She is young for a diplomat, though she is as uncommonly wise as she is extraordinarily beautiful. Her hair is the color of pure gold, and her eyes perfect emerald. Owlbear: Lady Fazgahrd owns the owlbear called Lucky Lady, an allusion to the dwarves inborn knack for finding riches and veins of ore.

Sponsorship: Lady Fazgahrd secretly distrusts the humans of Duke Hightowers court with whom she deals on diplomatic terms. She sees through more of their ploys than they are aware. So, she prefers to sponsor a team with a non-evil dwarf who pays respect to her. Otherwise, the characters must impress her with their knowledge of dwarven culture, stonework, and customs. Doing this requires a DC 10 group Dungeoneering or History check in which at least half the characters succeed.

If the characters do not gain sponsorship from Lady Fazgahrd, she sponsors Grembuls Stormhammers instead. He is a kind, quiet lord, and he is merciful to the common people, who love him.

Owlbear: Lord Burl owns the owlbear called Kitten, named by his young daughter. Sponsorship: If the party has at least two goodaligned characters or one lawful good character, Lord Burl agrees to sponsor them. Otherwise, the characters must assure him of their decency and their strength of moral character.

Doing this requires a DC 10 group Diplomacy or Bluff check in which at least half the characters succeed. Evil characters take a 2 penalty to their rolls. Lord Klavin the Disgraced Klavin is a young vassal of Duke Hightower who has recently returned from exile after his father was executed for treason against the duke. Klavin is tall, plain-featured, and unremarkable. He dresses beneath his station and usually passes through a crowd unnoticed which he prefers.

Owlbear: Lord Klavin owns the owlbear called Manslayer.Most newer books are in the original electronic format.

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