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Later he worked for the municipality as a network analyst. We were hurt by the fire, but we continue to move forward. When he was a new agent in , the real estate market in Fort McMurray was crazy busy.

The value of condos has come down 50 per cent since the peak prices of to Rental prices as well are down 50 per cent. And singlefamily homes are down about 20 to 25 per cent. We find a way of adjusting. Florez has noticed that there tends to be a five to year rotation. I put in the time. But January is also an excellent time to plan for the future and reflect upon the year that passed.

We listened, and we took action in by hiring an independent consultant and launching a formal review of the MCE program that asked all of our registrants to provide feedback.

I look forward to sharing key findings of the MCE review with you in the near future and discussing next steps. We have work to do together. Many local board members and brokers of record said they appreciate the work RECO does to oversee the real estate brokerage business because it builds public confidence in their profession.

They understand the industry needs rules, and they ask us to do everything we can to ensure those rules are clear and understandable. I see their point: drivers know that red and green lights are easier to interpret than a flashing yellow; we are working to provide greater clarity with plain language communications about the issues our registrants care about. Most registrants understand their duties and responsibilities when it comes to lockboxes, but we saw the need for a clear message to help everyone better understand the importance of using them properly.

We expect brokers of record to take a leadership role in ensuring compliance with the REBBA and the Code of Ethics across their brokerage. I find that very encouraging.

He is in charge of the administration and enforcement of all rules that govern real estate professionals in Ontario. You can find more tips at reco. Hi, Craig Proctor here. Just juice the income a little.

I mean: STUN everybody else in your office — and the flashiest loud-mouth braggart at every meeting. Confusing to others. With me. Needing a financial advisor, a private banker, a wealth manager. I mean: actually living like the people who download million dollar luxury homes from you. Getting Crazy-Rich in real estate without having a disappointed and disapproving spouse and family. What you need is a system that works.

Not a bunch of ideas. Not walking on hot coals or a bunch of motivational psycho-babble. I have an absolutely proven system. A real system. That works regardless of market conditions. Any time. All the time. This year. Next year. Maybe my consistency and constancy is boring to some, but the most successful agents in many franchises, over agents with 7-figure incomes, and thousands of agents transformed from years of struggle to success … all of them are using my system.

Dragon Magazine #355

But this is NOT for most agents. Contrary to widely held belief, Henry Ford did not invent the horseless carriage or gasoline engine. He developed a functioning assembly line to make the damn things, and a dealerfranchise system to get them sold. Two systems. Implementation, not invention. Fred deLuca at Subway did not invent cold cuts, the sub sandwich or franchising — but he brought a system to it second-to-none, and got crazyrich.

Dark fantasy role-playing games

I did NOT invent anything in my System. Much of it came from outside of real estate and was revolutionary in real estate, but each piece I put together already lived successfully elsewhere. Most agents think and act like worker bees, buzzing about, flower to flower, idea to idea, fad to fad, made-in-minutes guru to guru. They never create businesses. Just jobs. You have to think like a builder and developer, not a pirate. Or just a salesman. You have to think like a guy who owns 50 Subway shops or the whole company, not the guy who owns one, or the guy behind the counter making the sandwiches.

If these agents do four, five, maybe ten deals in a year, they are good 3 You have to be able to focus and employ self-discipline, to stick with a winning plan once you get one. I had a completely unique business model that I knew was neither sustainable nor could it be duplicated. My adult children now work in the business in senior positions and we are building a family legacy that will continue to grow. You can be making a good income in real estate and still be losing.

Starbucks, the self-control of Donald Trump, and the self-discipline of a puppy.

Warren Buffet has not changed his investment selection system one iota in at least 20 years. Their system for successful storytelling has never changed or wavered. Flitting about has you starting over, over and over and over again. If so, investigate, explore, learn. Attend one of my upcoming Free Discovery Days by registering at: www. Go there now. This is serious. By Connie Adair S ome people will only download a house if they get to walk through it several times.

But there are other downloadrs who will download a house sight unseen. In some cases, not only are the houses unseen, so are the clients. A large percentage of Asian downloaders download this way, he says. They will have a family member or a representative visit the home and will download it without seeing it for themselves. Hammond says his clients receive quality visuals, including floor plans, movies, descriptions, professional photographs, booklets of features and information about amenities, from shopping to schools.

That way the representative can translate, and if the potential downloader has questions, they can be answered on the spot, Hammond says.

Having a trusted friend or family member look at the house also helps because even though the potential downloader may like the way a house looks, they may not be familiar with the area and street. downloaders may be away on vacation, one of the principal decision makers may be away on business or parents may decide to download a condo instead of paying rent for the four to six years their child would attend school.

downloading sight unseen happens in all price points. When we give them the thumbs up on capital appreciation, whether houses or condos for investment purposes, they are more willing to download sight unseen. Whatever the price point, having a trusted agent is key. downloaders want to know how you do business, McDadi says. Do you have a good reputation? We saw 10 or 15 properties in one day. I summarized everything, pros and cons, in a Google document.

Ask the person communicating on behalf of the downloader about the budget, whether financing will be required or if they will need further connections, such as lawyers or financing options.

With interest rates so low, most downloaders take advantage of financing, Hammond says.

Have information about schools, especially private institutions, on hand. Be honest about the negatives. Lasswell also suggests taking aerial pictures to show what could be coming up in terms of development beside the condo they want to download. When looking at a property, they may be emotional and only see the positives. Listing the pros and cons takes the emotion out of the situation, Lasswell says.

The ritual permits the character to retain all of its memories, personality, and abilities. In addition, the process alters a character's abilities, conferring many of the powers seen in other types of undead monsters, including paralyzing touches and summoning other, lesser forms of undead.

In the Forgotten Realms setting, Gold or Sun elves are the most likely to pursue this goal, but first must find the approval of various groups, sometimes including the Seldarine. To become a baelnorn instead of a lich , a character must be of a non-evil alignment usually Lawful Good.

Dragon magazine

However, a baelnorn may become evil after the ritual, as seen in the character Tordynnar Rhaevaern, detailed in the supplement Lords of Darkness. Baelnorn characters usually appear in the role of champions, guardians, and protectors.

In the novel Elminster in Hell , Elminster consults with a number of baelnorns beneath the ruins of Myth Drannor. In the Pool of Radiance novel and game, the protector baelnorn Miroden Silverblade is kidnapped by a cult. The character Tordynnar Rhaevaern is detailed in the supplement Lords of Darkness as a baelnorn archmage who has become evil and shows hatred for humans.

The bloodhulk is an undead being that was originally an evil, fanatical, shamanistic human or similar creature whom others had come to worship as a god, and had too many sacrifices made to them.

When it dies, the gallons of blood from those sacrificed to the bloodhulk begins to run in its veins, and it arises as oozing, hulking, misshapen abomination. Bloodhulks resemble humans, albeit very vaguely. So full of blood have their muscles, skin, sinews and such become that they look nothing short of mutated and their identity is completely lost.

Their veins bulge through their thick, red, rippling skin, struggling to pump blood to their gargantuan upper mass. Their heads are incredibly disproportionate to the rest of their body, being shriveled and wizened and tiny at the top of their massive torsos.

Dragon Magazine #355

Under Second Edition rules, Bloodhulks are described as incredibly bestial creatures with no desire other than to roam around and obtain the blood of any who would encroach upon what was their territory in life. For each victim the Bloodhulk kills with their brute strength and powerful fists, they consume the remains and become stronger from the blood.

Eventually their hearts can no longer take the strain, however, and the creatures shrivel and die. For some reason, Bloodhulks are often depicted with other, smaller Bloodhulks, possibly clerics or such which had also received a small portion of the blood from the Bloodhulk's sacrifices in life. As of Third Edition, Bloodhulks seem to have lost their clerical background, their blood-consuming ability, and their vulnerability to cardiac failure.

They are essentially on par with zombies, although with increased size and hit points and a vulnerability to piercing weapons. Most Bloodhulks cannot speak. The few that can speak speak Undercommon. The bloodhulk crusher, bloodhulk fighter, and bloodhulk giant appeared in the Monster Manual IV A bodak is humanoid in shape, with smooth grayish-black skin and a featureless face. Its gaze kills living creatures.

A bodak is always chaotic evil. It is said that humanoids who die in some of the most evil places of the Abyss return as bodaks. It also appears in the 3. The boneclaw is an undead creature [10] which can be used by Dungeon Masters as allies or enemies of the player characters. In the game, they resemble humanoids who are half skeletal and half without skin, with their sinew and muscle exposed.

The most prominent feature of the boneclaw are its claws; its three, bony fingernails seem to grow and shrink randomly between two and ten feet long, and are razor sharp. They are constructed using a secret magical ritual to hunt and kill living creatures [10]. Though they often grow and retract as they please, the Boneclaw can take full control of the length of its claws, and attacks by sneaking into the range of a foe and then lashing out with a claw growing at the speed of lightning, and skewering them through the heart.

Boneclaws speak Common and, in 3rd edition, Abyssal. Boneclaws in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting were created by Szass Tam to protect Thayan enclaves. Boneclaws in Eberron were created by Droamite necromancers working for the daughters of Sora Kell from ogre magi. The boneclaw appears in the Monster Manual for 4th edition. The first, simply called "Boneclaw", was a Rare miniatures in the Deathknell expansion.

Brain in a Jar is simply put, an undead brain in a jar of preservative fluid. It is a live brain in a grimy jar filled with preservation fluid with powerful psionic abilities. The brain in a jar is a masterpiece of preservation—but where alchemical preservatives leave off, necromancy picks up. An animated brain in a jar is, in truth, an undead creature.

Additionally, a brain in a jar possesses potent mental powers psionics. Merely removing the brain of a zombie or some other undead creature and storing it in alchemical preservatives is not enough to create an undead brain with psionic ability.

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The ritual of extraction, the spells of formulation, and the alchemical recipes of preservation are closely guarded secrets held by only a few master necromancers. The creation of a brain in a jar is difficult and fraught with danger, because once its mental powers are fully developed, this undead creature is adept at controlling the thoughts and minds of other creatures, especially living creatures.

It is not unknown for a brain in a jar to take control over the necromancer who created it. The Brain in a Jar uses mainly psionic abilities to do what its lack of moving parts would otherwise prevent: Its main attack is Mind Thrust, an assault upon the mind of another creature. In addition to this, it can also drive mad anyone who magically or psionically detects it, and it can control and rebuke other undead. The Corpse Gatherer is an undead creature that appears as a giant made of earth and stone.

Upon closer inspection, one can see headstones, dead hands and heads protruding from its bulk. The monster is essentially an animated graveyard. A corpse gatherer can swallow any creature in its grasp.

The victim then takes bludgeoning damage from rocks, gravestones, etc. It can also increase its mass by absorbing corpses. When a corpse gatherer is destroyed it falls apart into its component corpses.

The undead's animating force converts these corpses into zombies.

It appears as a vaguely humanoid knot of fog, with arms, a torso, and white glowing eyes. Its lower body trails off into indistinct vapor. A crimson death is always neutral evil. The crimson death is an incorporeal undead. However, it can drain blood from any creature it touches. The crimson death first appeared as "Death, crimson" in the first edition in the original Monster Manual II The crimson death appeared in the second edition in the Monstrous Compendium Forgotten Realms Appendix , reprinted in the Monstrous Manual under the "mist" entry.

The crimson death appeared in the third edition Monster Manual II They are commonly leaders of undead forces, often serving as the second-in-command of a lich. The effigy is an undead hybrid of a ghost or specter and a fire elemental , it is an envious undead creature that hates living creatures and lusts after the life energy they possess. It possesses the bodies of living creatures and takes over their lives, but eventually the possessed body catches fire from the inside from the corruption, turns into a flaming zombie, and is destroyed, and the Effigy must find a new host.

An effigy appears as a ghostly, translucent humanoid shape with a fiendish face and composed of burning, multicolored flame. Its eyes glow white within the flickering fires of its insubstantial body, but it has no other discernible facial features. Clawed, fiery arms can also be made out. The Effigy's preferred form of attack is to possess a living body and then use this body to attack.

A creature infused possessed with an Effigy does fire damage, and has an energy draining touch. A wisdom check can be made against an Effigy to drive it out of a host, or to prevent it from entering in the first place. The Wrackspawn is an undead being. Wrackspawn are incredibly ugly: They are completely mindless, seeking only to kill everyone they see with their bone spears perhaps made of their own bone in order to exact morbid revenge on what they may mistake for their tormentors in life.

Wrackspawn are far too mindless to speak [ original research? They are Neutral Evil in alignment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources: This section is empty.Red Lotus: Inhaling this dust causes intense hallucinations for five to eight hours. Clawed, fiery arms can also be made out.

If the domain had a different name, it was put in, even if it was very similar to another. Its mandate is to promote, educate and disseminate information concerning residential rental and strata management, he says.

The Singular Band: The undead's animating force converts these corpses into zombies. Plus you only need to take exotic weapon proficiency once to be proficient with both versions. Very nice.

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