in the available books on the subject of digital Digital Electronics: Principles, Devices and App Foundation of Digital Electronics and Logic Design. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. Digital electronics: principles, devices, and applications / Anil Kumar Maini Digi. PDF | On Jan 1, , D.K. Kaushik and others published Digital Electronics. The book Digital Electronics contains twelve chapters with comprehensive.

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Digital Electronics: Principles, Devices and Applications Anil K. Maini and product names used in this book are trade names, service marks, trademarks or. This book is printed on acid-free paper. Chapter 2 Numbers We Use in Digital Electronics .. textbook, an experiments manual, and online resources. Combinational logic circuits. – Sequential logic circuits. – How digital logic gates are built using transistors. – Design and build of digital logic systems.

A Transistor magnetic core digital circuit Hogue, E.

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W Online Pages English This book covers the following topics: Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory Prof. Anantha Chandrakasan Online NA Pages English The course note covers the following digital design topics such as digital logic, sequential building blocks, finite-state machines, FPGAs, timing and synchronization. Digital Systems Design Dr. Jeff Jackson Online NA Pages English This note introduces digital systems design with hardware description languages HDL , programmable implementation technologies, electronic design automation design flows, design considerations and constraints, design for test, system on a chip designs, IP cores, reconfigurable computing, digital system design examples and applications.

Boyd PDF 34 Pages English This paper concerns a method for digital circuit optimization based on formulating the problem as a geometric program GP or generalized geometric program GGP , which can be transformed to a convex optimization problem and then very efficiently solved.

Table of contents

Introduction to Digital Systems Dr. Nathan B. Free Digital Circuits Books. Basic Electronics.

Analog Circuits. Analog Electronics.

Circuits Theory. Electronic Circuits.

Amplifier Circuits. Operational Amplifiers.

Instrumentation Amplifier. Power Amplifiers.

Digital Circuits. Analog to Digital Converters.

BJT Circuits. CMOS Circuits.

JFET Circuits. Communications Systems. Comparator Circuits.

Transistor Circuits. Floating-Point Numbers Binary Codes Non Weighted Codes Binary - Gray Code Conversion Gray Code - Binary Conversion Gray Code Applications Seven-segment Display Code Error Detecting Codes Error Correcting Codes. Boolean Switching Algebras Boolean Algebra Theorems Minterms and Maxterms AND-Logic Gate OR-Logic Gate NOT-Logic Gate NOR-Logic Gate Universal Gates Realization of logic function using NAND gates Realization of logic gates using NAND gates Realization of logic function using NOR gates Realization of logic gates using NOR gates.

Tristate Logic Gates Schmitt Gates Karnaugh Maps Minimization Technique Example of 2-Variable K-Map groups Example of 3-Variable K-Map Example of 4-Variable K-Map Multiplexer Design of a 2: De-multiplexers Mechanical Equivalent of a De-Multiplexer Boolean Function Implementation using Mux and de-Mux Arithmetic circuits-Adders Full Adder Carry Look-Ahead Adder BCD Adder Subtracter Full Subtracter Parallel Binary Subtracter Serial Binary Subtracter.

Comparators Encoders Decimal-to-Binary Encoder Priority Encoder Introduction to Sequential Circuit Concept of Sequential Logic Input enable signals Logic Families. Your Comments About This Post. Email or Customer ID.

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