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After a powerful earthquake nearly destroyed all of Tokyo, a prison known as Deadman Wonderland rose from what was left of the city. Privately-run through the. 12 || [Psychology Book] PDF ↠, Framed for the brutal murders of his Deadman Wonderland Manga Rock After a powerful earthquake nearly. read deadman wonderland manga read deadman wonderland manga pdf. The FBI is committed to providing access to our enterprise electronic and information .

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Deadman Wonderland Mangas

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Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikiquote. This page was last edited on 27 March , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Deadman Wonderland. Adventure , thriller [1].

NA Tokyopop former Viz Media. Anime television series. Original video animation.

NA Funimation. Anime and Manga portal. As Ganta Igarashi and his classmates plan for a class trip to Deadman Wonderland, a privately owned prison that also serves as an amusement park, a mysterious "Red Man" appears, killing his entire class and thrusting a red stone into Ganta's chest. Being the only survivor out of the entire class, Ganta is charged with mass murder and, due to the overwhelming and doctored evidence against him with no way to prove his innocence, he is sentenced to death and sent to Deadman Wonderland's prison.

As some of the higher ups plot to kill Ganta in an "accident", Ganta meets a strange white-haired girl named Shiro , who manages to read his heart and understand him.

When a bunch of bullies start attacking Ganta and Shiro, an explosion causes a large object to fall towards Ganta. However, Ganta's desire to keep living so he can kill the Red Man activates the powers that were implanted in him, allowing him to control his blood to save himself as well as Shiro. He learns of a "dog race" in which he can win a big prize, which he and Shiro decide to enter. In the locker room, they encounter a fierce inmate named Kazumasa Kouzuji who drives fear into the others until Makina , the prison warden, silences him.

Ganta realizes that in order to survive, he needs to win the race in order to download a new one, but he soon learns the course is littered with actual death traps. Thanks in part to Shiro's innocent manner, Ganta and Shiro make it to the final stage against Kasumasa, where they have to hold onto a ball and avoid falling into a spike pit.

Ganta decides to stand up to Kazumasa, who eventually falls to his death. In the closing moments of the round, Ganta is forced to sacrifice the ball, and the prize money, in order to keep Shiro from falling and keep their promise of eating the runner up prize together. Then, Ganta tries attacking the Wretched Egg using his own abilities, but the Wretched Egg escapes not long before Ganta falls unconscious.


After waking up, Ganta hears from the other witnesses that they keep the Wretched Egg locked up in the G-Block of the prison, so he and Shiro head towards there. Deeming him dangerous, Makina puts the facility on lock-down and sends a fierce security robot after Ganta. As Shiro confronts the robot, it is destroyed by the arrival of another inmate with the same powers as Ganta. Believing him to be the Red Man, Ganta attacks the strange inmate known as Senji Kiyomasa , but falls at a disadvantage against the blades Senji can form with his blood.

After learning the nature of his power called the Branch of Sin, Ganta launches a counterattack. Ganta soon realizes that Senji is not the Wretched Egg, but one of several "deadmen" with the Branch of Sin.

As Ganta is examined, he comes face to face with Tamaki who reveals he rigged Ganta's jury verdict to get him sent to Deadman Wonderland before revealing Ganta will face off against Senji in a battle the next day, tempting him with the prospect of coming face to face with the Wretched Egg. As Ganta is tortured with footage of what a "carnival corpse" entails, Makina decides to confront the chief director concerning the mysteries of G-Block.

Makina is halted by Chan and En , bodyguards of the chief director, preventing her from entering his office. Ganta is thrust into his carnival corpse match with Senji and is at a disadvantage as his projectiles use too much blood and cause him to develop anemia. As he becomes helpless, he recalls memories of Shiro and manages to stand back up, using the environment to get a hit on Senji.

After Ganta recovers from his victory, he is horrified to find that Senji is forced to have one of his eyes removed as a result of losing. Ganta offers to help Minatsuki escape, but soon learns she is his opponent in the next carnival corpse match.

When the match begins, Minatsuki's personality changes completely and attacks with her whip-like Branch of Sin, revealing she had manipulated him into taking an injury prior to the match. Nagi and Karako invite Ganta to join their gang. As Minatsuki goes through her penalty game, Nagi arranges it so that she only loses her hair.

Just then, Genkaku appears and attacks Ganta and the others. Ganta is saved by the arrival of Shiro, who is back under control by the lullaby, to which Genkaku decides to retreat. Afterwards, Ganta is introduced to the other members of Scar Chain, who oppose the prison and are plotting to expose Deadman Wonderland's secrets on inspection week. Makina also plans to take advantage of to find out what secrets are being hidden from her.

However, Ganta becomes a little distrustful when his claims of his Branch of Sin being stopped by Genkaku differ from what the security cameras show and takes his leave. Ganta later learns from Senji about how Genkaku killed Nagi's wife, also hearing from Nagi about how each member of Scar Chain has their own ideas of freedom.

Ganta decides to join Scar Chain, who begin their operation to leak information about the deadmen to the outside world.

As Nagi and Rokuro go to the security room, Ganta and the others are chased by an acid spewing robot, to which Karako opts to stay behind to save the others. After recalling the time she joined Scar Chain, Karako defends herself from the acid spewing robot and destroys it, falling down with it.

Meanwhile, Nagi is betrayed by Rokuro and confronted by an Undertaker named Hibana Daida , who uses a special weapon to neutralize his Branch of Sin. As Hibana starts slicing off bits of Nagi's flesh, he provokes her into chopping off his arm by mentioning of her abusive mother, giving him the opportunity to activate the elevator Ganta's group needs to take.

However, Ganta's group is confronted by Genkaku and his men, leaving only Ganta and a few others left alive to carry the chip containing the information. While bleeding to death, Nagi makes a call to the hideout, which is heard by Shiro who catches up to Ganta and throws the chip into a fire. Ganta becomes angry at Shiro for throwing away the data chip, telling her he never wants to see her again and proceeded to punch her. Meanwhile, Makina investigates Tamaki's office, overhearing a conversation between him and the defense secretary concerning the deadmen.

As Karako and the others discuss their next plan, Rokuro appears and reveals the data chip was actually a bomb he had made before announcing that the group is being held hostage unless Nagi agrees to become an Undertaker. As Rokuro decides to execute Ganta first, Senji appears on the scene, managing to fight back against the Undertakers using sonic blasts. As Shiro laments her situation with Ganta, she meets Toto Sakigami , the one who told her about the bomb.

Detesting his weak self, Ganta asks Senji to teach him how to use his Branch of Sin to fight. Meanwhile, Karako attempts to infiltrate the Undertakers by disguising herself as a guard. Mockingbird pops out of nowhere and he's supposed to be an important character. Barely any development. Hints of a possibility of manufacturing Deadmen and all of a sudden they are ready to take the stage? All the Deadman are ready to fight cuz of Tamaki's extremely transparent trick?

No questions asked? And all of a sudden the prisoners have a concept of "us"? Oookay again. And why the heck does Ganta sometimes treat Shiro like a kid and other times like an adult?

Really confusing.

Deadman wonderland manga pdf

Srsly, any drama that develops fails to have an impact cuz I can't decide if Shiro is mature enough to understand any drama is taking place in her life or not.

And just cuz Ganta is the MC, the author expects me to feel sorry for him even when random stuff happens and he makes a face? No sir, you gotta put more development in there.Retrieved May 3, The Fake Face. Carnival Corpse. This page was last edited on 27 March , at After his ability is discovered, Ganta is forced to participate in brutal gladiatorial death matches known as Carnival Corpse, whose anonymous spectators pay large amounts of money to watch.

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