_HFT2 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. 웨이트. Chad Waterbury. and that brings me to the third rule of HFT2. One of the. Chad Waterbury Hft2 Build 2wice the Muscle PDF 59c4add75c9c8cc0f - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Muscle. What's different about HFT2 compared to the original? Chad Waterbury M.S. The Adobe Acrobat PDF files are instantly downloaded to your computer and.

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HFT2 – – Build 2WICE the Muscle – Chad Waterbury Click Image To Visit Site I'll bet your Hft2: Build 2wice The Muscle Pdf Free Download | Users. Feb 02, · Hft2: Build 2wice The Muscle Hft2,Build,2wice,The,Muscle. Sign In * Build 2wice The Muscle PDF eBook by Chad Waterbury 23 Nov Download: HFT2 - | Build 2WICE the Muscle | Chad Waterbury (PDF).

You won't add reps with every workout. There will be some stock-market like fluctuations. And just like the stock market, all that matters is you finish significantly higher than you started. I don't stake any claim in creating the simple concept of training more often to build muscle.

Arnold figured it out, and many other lifters probably did long before him. But HFT has been altered, modified, and sometimes watered-down to the point where it's no longer anything more than just training an exercise a bunch of times per week in hopes that something magical will happen.

I know how Dr. Tabata must feel when he sees a YouTube video of droll fitness folk doing shoulder presses for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest labeled as the "Tabata Method.

Some make sense; others miss the target completely because of a fundamental misunderstanding of the principles it takes to get the right ratios of volume, intensity, and recovery.

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The appeal of HFT is huge, so it's easy to think that it'll work equally well for building strength, adding muscle, burning fat or increasing your speed. Therefore, it's important to know what new principles I've learned since my last article. With this new information you'll learn how and when you should use HFT, and when you shouldn't use it. So let's get started. HFT is ideal for the following three goals.

The same is true with push-ups or 20 single leg squats. If you're weaker, your goal might be to achieve 20 full range-of-motion dips for the first time. Basically, I'm talking about adding reps to any exercise that only requires your body weight for resistance. If you currently fall short of your rep goal, this info is for you.

There are typically two schools of thought when it comes to boosting your reps with a body weight exercise. Chad Waterbury Hft2 Build 2wice the Muscle PDF 59c4a3481723dd75c9c8cc0f

I'll use the pull-up for the sake of this discussion. The first school looks at the muscle groups involved in the pull-up and sets up a workout of exercises that target each muscle group. So you're looking at sets of isolation exercises on top of everything else you're doing in the workout. That's fine if you don't have a job and your recovery and nutrition are stellar. However, even if you do have those luxuries, it's still not ideal.

From a neurological perspective it's wise to make the muscles contract in a way that's specific to the exercise. The pull-up, or any other movement, requires a precise firing combination during different phases of the movement. This is called a motor pattern. The lats aren't always maximally involved throughout a pull-up.

Neither are the biceps or rhomboids since they fire at different rates at different joint angles. A straight-arm lat pulldown is a good exercise but it doesn't challenge the lats exactly like a pull-up does.

This, by the way, is why leg curls have little to no impact on boosting your sprinting performance. But don't misinterpret what I'm saying. When the goal is maximal strength or hypertrophy with strength, you must do exercises that strengthen key muscle groups. The glute-ham raise is great for boosting your squat, and the lying triceps extension is effective for increasing your bench press.

However, when the goal is to increase the number of reps with a specific exercise, it's imperative to develop the nervous system with practice — perfect practice. Getting big and strong for the sake of being big and strong isn't the same as achieving 20 pull-ups for the first time.

The second school of thought relies on the law of repetition, which states that practicing an exercise more often will boost your performance. It does so faster than isolation exercises because you're training the motor pattern, not just the muscles. Each time you repeat the motor pattern it makes that neurological blueprint stronger as a result of feedback and feed-forward mechanisms.

This is why it's essential to always do each rep with perfect form. Push-Up IS a. Swimmers have exceptional development but their approach is impractical. Gymnasts that do the rings earn the top spot as they usually do on this list.

If you prefer. Rings gymnasts combine brief. The parameters are the same whether you choose the Slide-Out or the Fall-Out from rings. Rest 2 minute between sets. Rest 3 minute between sets. Wide-Grip Pull-up a. Slide-Out or Fall-Out p. Wide-Grip Pull-Up p. Slide-Out or Fall-Out a. Frequent bouts of intense muscle activity that recruit the high-thresold largest motor units. Sprinters and powerlifters. If high-rep training built the glutes.

The glutes thrive on frequent training because they can take a lot of abuse. Rest 90 seconds between sets. Monster Walk p. Monster Walk a. Hip Thrust p. Hip Hinge p. Hip Thrust a.

Foot and Shin Roll Ball foot roll: The calf and ankle take a ton of abuse each day. Ballet dancers. Landing from a jump or being up on the toes for an extended time works well. Through a combination of frequent. Inversion and Circles Ankle Inversion: Rest 90 seconds between sets no rest between left and right.

Rest 1 minute between sets no rest between right and left. Single-Leg Calf Raise p. Single-Leg Hop a. Single-Leg Hop p. DNS Calf Squeeze a. DNS Calf Squeeze p. This foam roll drill must be performed very slowly without holding any tension in the quads. Either through long-duration contractions cyclists or high-tension strength exercises O-lifters.

Speed skaters. Olympic lifters and cyclists. Work to the edge of the most sensitive spots. The quads will grow with very high reps long sets or heavy loads but heavy training will wear you out. Half-Kneeling Parameters: Rest 2 minutes between sets no rest between right and left.

If the reverse lunge causes knee pain. If this exercise causes pain, you can do a step-up from the highest possible box for the same parameters listed above.

If this exercise causes pain you can follow the same parameters listed above for the bottom portion of a reverse lunge knee slightly off the ground. Goblet Squat p. Reverse Lunge or Single-Leg Squat a. Reverse Lunge or Single-Leg Squat p. Single-Leg IS Squat a. Single-Leg IS Squat p. The hamstrings are packed with large motor units that grow when the stimulus is brief and intense.

Sprinters and powerlifters hit those big muscle fibers each time they train. To get the greatest growth stimulus from this exercise.

You could replace this exercise with the glute-ham raise if you have the machine available. Shift your body forward and lower as slowly as possible. Rest 3 minutes between sets no rest between right and left. Push back to the starting position. Nordic Hamstring or GHR a. Swing a. Swing p. Nordic Hamstring or GHR p. Single-Leg Deadlift p.

See above. The ones with the best diets. Rest 90 seconds between sets no rest between right and left.

The hanging leg raise can be performed from rings or a pull-up bar. Stir the Pot p. Hanging Leg Raise p. Hanging Leg Raise a. Side-Plank with Leg Lift a. Side Plank with Leg Lift p. I know some of you with plenty of energy and drive will want to add two or more. After that time if you feel your energy and recovery can withstand an additional body part specialization. At least 6 hours before or after the full-body workouts. You can do the Targeted workouts at the beginning or end of the full-body workout.

This program is killer. Full-Body V. Version 1 V. So for the first weeks of the V. This system includes two full-body. When should you perform the Targeted Training workout?

You have a few options: At the beginning or end of the full-body workouts. The V. Minimal Prep Work Golf ball foot roll Stir the pot Monster walk Side plank with leg lift 30 seconds each foot 5 slow reps.

The full-body workouts in this program are tough. This allows you to repeat each exercise with more strength since the rest period before repeating a specific move is sufficient. Considering how valuable those drills are for performance and injury prevention.

You just have to print the page. Everything is worked into the tables. The tables read vertically and contain a place to write the actual load and reps you used for each set 7 sets or circuits below. Ramp up increase the load of each set. Ramp up the load of each set. Ramp increase the load of each set. This is a deload week to help with neural and joint recovery. Lower the intensity of all sets down to 7 on a scale of Ramp increase the load of each set and end with a level 7 rating.

Start with 2 reps for first 4 sets. Ramp up. Ramp up the weight and do 5 reps per set. Start with 3 reps for first 4 sets.

Any variation on that theme will work. Some guys. One example: Workout 4 of the V. What matters is that you follow the full-body structure of each workout. Different exercises. As an alternative.

They can be a bit menacing at first. Rest 10 seconds and do a onesecond squeeze followed by one rep. There are many progressions in the plan. Rearrange the start day however you want but do your best to adhere to 2-on.

Write the load and actual reps you might miss one or hold time in the spaces to the right. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document.

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Pec Minor Ball Roll Parameters: Sphinx with Reach click image for video page Parameters: Ben Gibson. This won't seem necessary in the early days when the volume is low, but once you keep adding reps day after day and reach 60 reps or more it becomes invaluable and necessary to spread the sets throughout the day.

There's no excuse for sloppy technique when you're doing half as many reps per set as you actually could be doing. Here's a list of some of the top exercises to use for the HFT methodology explained in Rule 1. Whatever exercise you choose should be removed from your current training program the one you do in the gym.

Pull-up: Ideally, perform them from rings. If rings aren't an option, use a hammer grip palms facing each other. If you want bigger biceps, use the narrowest hammer grip possible.

Push-up: Any variation will work. For greater triceps development, do a diamond push-up. If overall shoulder growth is your goal, do the judo push-up aka divebomber or handstand push-up. Dip: Perform them from rings if possible. If not, be very strict with your form and only use parallel bars. Never do the version with your hands placed behind you on a bench or chair. Keep in mind that dips are off-limits for anyone with AC shoulder joint problems.

Lunge: Any variation will work. I prefer a reverse lunge or lunge with the rear foot on a slider. Single-leg squat: Any version is fine. Most guys don't have the mobility to perform HFT for the pistol, so a single-leg squat off an elevated surface is usually fine.

Single-leg deadlift: Hold a dumbbell in each hand, or in the hand opposite from the leg that's working. Always err on the lighter side when choosing the correct load.

When your primary goal is hypertrophy you should be thinking in months, not weeks. I want a day fix as much as you do, but that's often not realistic.

When I did the six-month HFT plan for the pull-up, my best gains came within the last two months. It definitely wasn't easy to always find time to spread or more pull-ups throughout the day, but it was worth it! So how long should you stay on an HFT plan?

As long as it takes to get the size you want from the muscles you're training. You might reach it in eight weeks, or it might take four months. Keep at it and take care of your soft tissue.

Switch up the exercise variation if you need a change of pace. Now, if you stay on a targeted HFT plan for say, the pull-up, for many months, you might get to the point where you don't have enough time to finish your rep goal for the day.

Let's say that number is 80 reps. If you feel that's your limit for available time, keep doing 80 reps per day. The trick to making sure those 80 reps keep adding muscle is to finish those 80 reps in fewer sets.

Make that your new challenge over the next few months.Muhammad Hamza. Ramp up increase the load of each set. You can do this drill one leg at a time. The main reason it is beneficial to train more frequently is because you can perform a higher volume of quality work. Give them the thumbs up to train calves or biceps five times per week and they're as giddy as Kirstie Alley in a doughnut shop.

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