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pdf cele 7 deprinderi ale persoanelor eficace - all - cele 7 deprinderi ale persoanelor efi cace lecții importante pentru schimbarea personală „cartea cele 7. Cele 7 Deprinderi Ale Persoanelor Eficace Book Mediafile Free File Sharing Massey Ferguson Service Manual File Type Pdf Hpcsa Exams Papers For. pdf cele 7 deprinderi ale persoanelor eficace covey - cele 7 deprinderi ale persoanelor efi cace lecții importante pentru schimbarea personală „cartea cele 7.

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Se Hizo Hombre has 22 ratings and 1 review. Vernon McGee 1 J.

Hoekema 1 Anthony No, read in order to live. Put together these motivated me to use more and more the transdis- two kinds of empirical research and transcendental ciplinary methodology in almost all my courses at knowledge, it comes that we are studying things at a George Bacovia University.

One of my master de- higher level of reality. As a result, I obtained a new ology as a research transdisciplinary tool applied to knowledge continuum called empirical research-art- research activity.

All these I changed not only its name, but its content as well. The EMMY Case Much of the debate focused on how to obtain malism and maximalism are presupposing each other, more new info, new knowledge, new methods and so it is possible to speak about a mini-max cogni- new methodologies is, as a matter of fact, and first tive vision, i. As a result, of meaning. These differentiations may cause paradigms.


A lot of confusion was growing instead of confusions in a much globalized world. It is not only heaving more clarity and simplicity.

That is why, at about words, but about meanings and their very my first visit in Western Europe, at Paris, Sorbonne clear definition. The confusing terms science, so- University, in August , at the First International cial, knowledge, information etc. Rugina, in Boston, larly, the excessive support offered by state to this - I communicated my older proposal to rede- sector is one of the principal causes for generating fine the essential concepts and the main disciplines confusion, for lack of preoccupation to really adding studying the human behavior.

I multiplied half of A4 something new to the already acquired knowledge sheet of paper with the following content: Transdisci- three former distinct disciplines are similarly with plinary thinking is part of this revolutionary change a trilateral pyramid: Here is of the pyramid are quite identical as compared one a very good description of this cognitive context with another, although every one is situated in a in which transdisciplinary thinking may and must different place.

For sure, this abrupt way of radical develop as quick as possible: But, little nizes the changed world in which we live.


A world in by little my theory EMMY was more and more which: It is not my intention to claim any priority or merits.

My declared end is to be of some help in improving the effectiveness of teaching and learning, 2. Otherwise, my vision could simplicity. In a convergent vision, mini- knowledge. In my opinion there der inherent to them laws, invariants, consisten- is no real conflict among these two visions. To let them disciplines, theories Alhadef-Jones, p. In my opinion, to every discipline, i. My answer is: Finally, my proposal is not to reduce strated a. Let me take the example of Economics.

As a result under the name of Economic function of their own beliefs, contexts and audiences. These three disciplines are easily to Value is a presupposed quite clear concept, but be seen and considered as ONE or as a continuum, discussing on added value, surprisingly, there ap- concerning ALL human aspects, but only through pears a lot of meanings and definitions of value.

For their common essences. I also applied here the example, in my vision any value is defined by the transdisciplinary solution of getting a higher level of ends goals, purposes, targets, aims etc. Of him and with the editors of the book that includes course, personal desires are important for everyone, his article. Writing this article in. There are desired ends that are destroying a lot concerns a lot of human dimensions: Finally, writing an from Romanian edition [8].

My conclusion is that article has its own history and this article will be Heyne is making a plea in favor of general knowl- history soon, no matter if published or not , has edge on human, not in favor of a quite specialized its psychological and sociological dimensions etc. But, my point of view is not to etc.

Fortunately, in Romania there is a bigger and less disciplinary, essentialized and compacted kind bigger quantity of experiments, articles, pleas and of knowledge. Nowadays, specialization I mean 2. It is interesting to mention here that it is At a course lesson on transdisciplinary methodol- not about a fight against disciplines but about an ogy, two years ago, I insistently asked students to intelligent and useful equilibrium between disciplines put questions, be those strange ones or complicated and transdisciplinary vision.

A student put the meant instruction, knowledge. Many laughed at, some tried to explain how an extra argument to the necessity to name all of simple is this problem to solve, and I remembered them with a single word: They seriously worked Heyne, explained why there is not a good and offered interesting and lucrative hypothesis and economist that one who is only an economist.

He demonstrations. Students were a bit amused and a bit with literary critics, art historians and cultural an- disappointed that the answer was so naive and well thropologists. If you intend to continue your studies, known But I denied this answer and told to stu- then you should not ignore and completely eliminate dents I simply did not agree it. Post- excessive good impression about him Immedi- modern times after tried to deconstruct this ately, I used the transdisciplinary methodology with way of obtaining new info and proposed a synopti- its three pillars founded by Basarab Nicolescu.

I cal and synthethical vision, in which not only the said that the answer is not acceptable just because opposites were on the first plane, but the third we may ask: In such a way a it? Who was the primordial HEN to create at least dyadic view was replaced by a triadic one, with an egg? The answer offered both by any schoolboy a deeper and better understanding of things. Al- or schoolgirl and a strong team of scholars was gen- though this view increased complexity, this is to erated by a linear thinking at one and the same level be preferred just because complexity may be solved of reality.

But, at a superior level of reality we may with the help of new soft and technologies. See, in find another answer.


So I did, and invited students this respect, a Romanian contribution to complex- to climb up at a superior level. I suggested them to ity problem: At that level we are living in a three-dimensional space and a of reality it is a nonsense to ask which part of that three-dimensional time. As a result transdisciplinarity is based on a and so on.


All components co-existed simultaneously special triadic logic called logic of the third included. So, we have to compare environment.

For short these triads are: Information-Energy- succession appeared. In this new level of reality the Substance ancient question makes sense and the logical answer is based on this.

It is easy to are better understood and interconnected by a third observe that the first component of every of these one that links the previous two. This eternal seeking seven triads appears as most important to us, but for harmony was delayed by the binomial thinking the middle term is the unifying one and it may be and the study of the opposites.

Modern times ac- considered as the third included, a third one element celerated this disjunction tried to separate things which is the common essence of all three. This ex- in order to better know them analysis although plains why our world is built as it is known to us. But it is quite interesting Minister of Education.

All these didactical exper- because all three elements are part of a unified entity. This kind in the field of the high-school education. These ex- of thinking is not necessarily a postmodern contri- periments proved that transdisciplinarity is not a bution, but as Basarab Nicolescu recently said in an utopia.

In my opinion, the most Aristotle and Stefan Lupasco [11], Boldea, Some of these questions are: Could we practice the transdisciplinary ing transdisciplinary teaching not at the academic methodology within the frame of a disciplinary de- and post academic levels, but at the gymnasium signed curriculum?

Which would be the correct relation among sus transdisciplinary non-specialized teaching, but information, competences and values in the educa- most important is to use specific ways of combining tional process? The alterna- country. Muresan, M.

stephen covey eficienta in 7 trepte pdf files

It is worth tatea de la un experiment spre un model didac- mentioning that a specific structure was created tic, Junimea, Iasi, with a foreword written by ad-hoc. The first one started in and its 3. Here is her contribution nothing happened since then.

When things apply the classes I teach a series of workshops which are not going well the main cause is found in the enable students to perceive different levels of real- education court.

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That is why even American ed- ity, to develop the types of intelligence: Here is an announcement acknowledge the existence of diversity in unity and of of this kind recommended to future entrepreneurs: In The lyrical text: As an Educator, or someone that works with Ed- the lyrical universe appears to be at first reading. In ucators, you probably recognize the changes needed The perception of the lyrical text through the in our educational system.

The tion of the lyrical text through the senses, varying dropout rate is massive. Generation Y are moving the methods of perceiving the poetic message, inter- back into their parents homes after college. We must It is interesting to observe that the pro- prepare for the new economy by creating self reliant, transdisciplinary activity in Romanian education visionary entrepreneurs, which provide opportunity under the guidance of Professor Basarab Nico- for themselves and others. How can educators ef- lescu generated a lot of preoccupations to imple- fectively teach students how to successfully move ment the new transdisciplinary vision in teaching in into entrepreneurship, and take this control of their this country.

Even the concrete measures are still futures, when they have never been an entrepreneur, to be taken, the Minister of Education, professor and are only trained in traditional forms of employ- Ecaterina Andronescu [13] seems to be in favor ment? Our Multi-Award Winning Curriculum offers of transdisciplinarity in recent declarations since Oc- proven, dramatic results which will prepare students tober The difference between the two con- idea of finality, instrumentality, and subsequently, cepts consists in the fact that the first one is mainly of adequation between the aimed finalities and the quantitative while the latter is mainly qualitative.

I cal and synthethical vision, in which not only the said that the answer is not acceptable just because opposites were on the first plane, but the third we may ask: From andragogy to heutagogy.

By Sue L. This new hypothesis has determined ments of human being, of human action respectively. But I denied this answer and told to stu- then you should not ignore and completely eliminate dents I simply did not agree it.

These three pillars of transdisciplinary methodology are used in the in manuscript form in and sustained only in sense described by Basarab Nicolescu. Of course, transdisci- plinarity and its new visions are not panacea, but [11] Boldea I.

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