In graduate school I browsed many books on consulting case interview preparation. Developed by Marc P. Cosentino, author of Case in Point: Complete Case. I would highly recommend this book to anyone considering interviewing with top strategy consulting firms. Outstanding prep for case interviews. Case in Point is. Editorial Reviews. Review. When in Doubt, MBAs Turn to the MBA 'Bible.' Case in Point is the best selling business book you never heard of --The Wall Street.

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You will face something like this. Q&A, your questions. 5 - 10 minutes. Case. 20 - 25 minutes Here tree from Cosentino's book Read Cosentino's “Case in Point” CASE IN point omplete Case Interview Preparation. MARC P. Download HTML5 Tutorial (PDF Version) - Tutorials Point Pdfdrive:hope Give books away . Case in Point. A powerpoint summary of types of cases as presented by Marc P. Cosentino (4th ed.) By: Helen Lee. For the Caltech Consulting Club. The Case.

They are concerned about the spate of Novichok incidents in the Salisbury area which has resulted in one fatality and three serious injuries in the last four months. They are also keen to avoid bad press and insist that the approach to this problem be low-risk, high-impact. England is scheduled to host the upcoming G summit taking place in August and our client wants to show major progress by then.

How would you go about advising the client and delivering on their 3-pronged criteria for success in this case? Illustrated Critique This, friends, is your Case prompt.

This, friends, is also a realistic scenario on which a consulting firm could be called upon to advise. Or perhaps the 4Ps might do? There are always the 3Cs to consider or are there 4cs now?

In those case, frameworks would have failed. Alternate Perspective How, then, should I design my prep. Design your prep. If all of the above sounds about woolly and theoretical, it probably is…at this stage.

Case in Point

There are much MUCH better resources that explain this better than I have tried to do above but the key is this: when you learn to conceptualise and structure problems on their own merits based on protocols rooted in logic, and adopt pragmatic diagnoses and recommendations in finite categories, you will quickly see the inferiority of standard frameworks and wonder what the fuss is all about.

These resources do not necessarily teach you how to crack the case. Rather, they teach how to think about problem-structuring in an independent, non-theoretical way. Live workshops at top Business Schools are admittedly less accessible to a mass market.

Every year, at the start of the recruiting season, the top consulting firms roll out their best and brightest to the top business schools usually September through November to provide teasers on what optimal Case interview preparation looks like. High performing Case partners with access to newer Cases would be another resource I would recommend.

When I was a candidate, I came across two sets of Cases: the standard business Cases that could be solved with frameworks I never came across any such Case in my actual interviews ; and the really interesting Cases that provided me the opportunity to test the independent, problem-structuring approach recommended by Victor Cheng. This books Case in Point 9: SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search.

Case In Point

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Some brainteasers have a definite answer; others are more flexible in their solutions. As a career officer at Harvard University for over eighteen years, I've helped more than ten thousand of the nation's top students prepare for case interviews. It's a good study companion. You'll know that you crossed that line when the interviewer says to you, "What do you think?

What type of work does an entry-level consultant do? Answer from a macro level and move the answer forward.

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