This article is aimed to compare the properties of MTA and Biodentine analyzing the research work done in this field so far by various researchers all across the. PDF | Biodentine is a calcium-silicate based material that has drawn scarce number of review articles that collates information and data obtained from these. Another section includes the review of studies on Biodentine as a vital pulp treatment material and the article is finalized with the summary of.

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This article highlights Biodentine™ (Septodont,. Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, France) and its suitability for various clinical applications. Biodentine™: the dentine in. Biodentine is a calcium-silicate based material that has drawn attention in recent years and has been advocated to be used in various clinical Visit for more related articles at Journal of Oral Hygiene & Health · View PDF Download PDF. Biodentine material has been recently introduced in dentistry in order to provide dentin substitute for coronal and Visit for more related articles at JBR Journal of Interdisciplinary Medicine and Dental Science · View PDF Download PDF.

Authors are the souls of any journal, and deserve much respect. To publish a journal manuscripts are needed from authors. Authors have a great responsibility for producing facts of their work in terms of number and results truthfully and an individual honesty is expected from authors in this regards.


Reviewing a manuscript is also a very responsible and important task of any peer-reviewed journal and to be taken seriously. It needs knowledge on the subject, sincerity, honesty and determination. Although the process of reviewing a manuscript is a time consuming task butit is expected to give one's best remarks within the time frame of the journal. Salient features of the JCDR: It is a biomedical, multidisciplinary including all medical and dental specialities , e-journal, with wide scope and extensive author support.

There is fast growing authorship and readership with JCDR as this can be judged by the number of articles published in it i e; in Feb of its first issue, it contained 5 articles only, and now in its recent volume published in April , it contained 67 manuscripts.

This e-journal is fulfilling the commitments and objectives sincerely, as stated by Editor-in-chief in his preface to first edition i e; to encourage physicians through the internet, especially from the developing countries who witness a spectrum of disease and acquire a wealth of knowledge to publish their experiences to benefit the medical community in patients care. The compound exhibits poor bonding to dentin, mechanical instability and continued resorption after placement.

Biodentine-An Alternative to MTA ?

Thus, innovative materials have been employed as pulp capping agents and include hydrophilic resins, resin-modified glass ionomer cements, ozone technology, lasers, resins combined with bioactive agents and mineral trioxide aggregate MTA. It shares both its indications and mode of action with calcium hydroxide, but does not have its drawbacks. The powder mainly contains tricalcium and dicalcium silicate, the principal component of Portland cement, as well as calcium carbonate.

Zirconium dioxide serves as contrast medium. The liquid consists of calcium chloride in aqueous solution with an admixture of polycarboxylate.

The powder is mixed with the liquid in a capsule in the triturator for 30 seconds. During the setting of the cement calcium hydroxide is formed.

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The consistency of Biodentine TM reminds of that of phosphate cement. With the chief complaint of decay in the lower left back tooth region.

In the initial examination revealed a deep carious lesion. The teeth were tested positive on pulp vitality and negative on percussion. Radiographic evaluation showed a deep carious lesion involving enamel, dentin and approximating the pulp.

The diameter of bacterial inhibition zones around each well was measured to the nearest size in mm with a digital caliper.

Results: Inhibition zones formed by Biodentine against S.


Conclusion: From the present study, it can be concluded that Biodentine and MTA have antimicrobial activity against S. Comparative evaluation of the antibacterial activity of two Biocompatible materials i. Biodentine and MTA when used as a direct pulp capping agent against streptococcus mutans and Enterococcus faecalis- An in vitro study.

Direct pulp capping in cariously exposed pulp of young teeth has yielded, especially high success rate. Mineral trioxide aggregate MTA has excellent biocompatibility, which stimulates the formation of the hard tissue, which acts like a barrier and preserves the vitality of the damaged pulp, and thus eliminate the need of a root canal treatment.

The composition includes CaSiO4, bismuth oxide, calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, and calcium aluminate. However, as its setting time is long 4—6 h , chances of staining of tooth structure, poor handling characteristics, low resistance to compression and high cost are some of its disadvantages.

The liquid contains calcium chloride in aqueous solution which accelerates the hydration reaction, with an admixture of polycarboxylate instead of water, which decreases setting time 9—12 min , also reduces the amount of water required for mixing by improving its handling properties. The aim of this study was to investigate and compare the antibacterial effects of Biodentine and MTA on Streptococcus mutans and Enterococcus faecalis.

The antibacterial activity of Biodentine and MTA was evaluated by the agar diffusion method against E. Agar-diffusion method The bacterial stock culture E. Inoculation was performed by utilizing sterile cotton swab brushed over the media.Silva, J.

However, in procedures such as liners, bases, or dentine replacement, the material is generally kept dry which might pose a problem in terms of porosity and result in the formation of gaps at the interface, leading to bacterial passage. Dejou, and I.

Gjorgievska, J. Sixty 1 cm long polyethylene tubes were filled with MTA and biodentine.

Kokate, and R. Every one of us: authors, reviewers, editors, and publisher are responsible for enhancing the stature of the journal.

MTA versus Biodentine: Review of Literature with a Comparative Analysis

Biodentine favorably affected healing when placed directly in contact with the pulp by enhancing the proliferation, migration, and adhesion of human dental pulp stem cells, confirming the bioactive and biocompatible characteristics of the material [ 42 ].

Suzuki, and S.

Polymerization of calcium silicate hydrate gel occurs to form a solid network; also calcium hydroxide is released to increase the alkalinity of the adjoining medium.

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