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Invocation Displaying Vaar 1, Pauri 1 of 49 ' Vaar 1 Vaar1: Ikonkaar Satigur Prasaadi One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True. Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji Steek Vol II Singh Sahib Giani Mani Singh Punjabi - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. .com/books/ Steeks_and_Teekas/Bhai_Gurdas_Ji_Steeks/

The world is only illusion which carried with it much of birth, death and sufferings. Those who have caught hold of the feet of the Guru have been liberated through the true Word. Now being full of loving devotion they celebrate the gurprubs anniversaries of the Gurus and their acts of rememberance of God, charity and holy ablutions, inspire others also. First of all, when no breath and body was there nothing was visible in the pitch darkness.

The body was created through the blood of mother and semen of father and the five elements were joined judiciously. Air, water, fire and earth was put together.

The fifth element sky void was kept in between and creator God, the sixth one, invisibly permeated among all. To create the human body, five elements and twenty five qualities opposite to each other were joined and mixed. Four life originating mines egg foetus sweatborn , vegetation and four speeches para, pasyanti, madhyama, vaikhari were assimiliated into each other andthe drama of transmigration was enacted.

Chauraaseeh Lakh Joni Oupaaee 2 Thus eighty four lacs of species were created. Of the eighty four lacs life classes, birth as a human is the best. Eyes behold, ears listen to and the mouth speaks sweet words. Hands earn livelihood and feet take towards the holy congregation.

In human life alone by the rightful earning, out of one's savings, other needy ones are fed. Man by becoming gurmukh- Guru oriented, makes his life meaningful; he reads Gurbani and makes others understand the importance of bani. He satisfies his companions and takes the holy water touched by their feet i.

Humblytouching of the feet should not be repudiated because in the dark age, this quality is the only asset of the human personality.

Aapi Taray Gur Sikh Tarayhee 3 People of such a conduct will swim the world-ocean and also get along other disciples of the Guru. All prevading Oankar through His One Word created the whole expansive cosmos. Through the five elements, as the quintessence He permeated in the three worlds and their denominations. That creator could not be seen by anyone who to expand Himself created the infinite nature prakrti. He made myriad forms of nature. In His each one hair He gethered up millions of worlds.

And then in one universe He comes in tens of forms. He has created many a dear personality such as Vedavyas and Muhammad dear to the Vedas and the Katebas respectively. Kudarati Iku Aytaa Paasaaraa 4 How wonderfully the one nature has been expanded into many.

The four Ages yugs were established and the first three were given names Satyug, Treta, Dvapar. Fourth one was Kaliyug. And four castes came to be known as the kings of four ages. Brahmin, kshatriya, vaishya and sudhra became predominate in each age.

In Satiyug, Vishnu is said to have come to earth as Hansavaar and explained the problems pertaining to3 ' :. Metaphysics The story is there in the eleventh canto of the Bhagvat Purana , and nothing but one soham-Brahm was discussed and pondered upon. Getting indifferent to maya, people would praise one Lord. They would go to forests and pull on life by eating natural vegetations.

Though they lived for lacs of years but they would construct the palaces, forts and grand mansions. Ik Binasai Ik Asadiru Gaajay 5 On the one hand the world was passing away and on the other the life current would go stably. It was in August of At the conclusion of Asa ki Vaar, he expressed his wish that when he breathed his last, all present should repeat 'Waheguru, Waheguru', and no samadhi in any form was to be erected for him.

Disperse the ashes in the river Bias. Guru Hargobind was present to see him go, declaring that he was incomparable. When he was alive, Guru Hargobind had always made him sit by his side on the Akal Takht.

When carrying his bier, Guru Hargobind himself gave his shoulder. Thus passed away Bhai Gurdas. I must confess I knew nothing about Bhai Gurdas. Hadn't even heard his name. I'm in my early 20's and have attended a number of Sikh camps over the course of my "growing up". Probably my fault - but maybe we aren't structuring our children's education in a systematic fashion.

It's still being done by amateurs who mean well but shouldn't be doing it, I'm sorry to say! So, thank you for this piece and for putting it up as your new topic of discussion.

Look forward to it! Yuktanand Singh ji another valued participant posted comments on some threads from last week's discussion on the last stanza of Kirtan Sohila. We will return to some of those concepts that Yuktanand ji raised but view them through Bhai Gurdas' lens - in the weeks to follow.

Pinkie ji: Your candor is refreshing indeed. I am much older than you are, but my knowledge of Bhai Gurdas is quite limited - which is one reason we picked him as the subject of this week's discussion. In the weeks to come, we hope to get better acquainted with Bhai Gurdas through his writings and exposition on Sikhi. The Vaaran of Bhai Gurdas are readily available now. Where can I find his Kabits online with English translations?

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From the comments so far, two clarifications are pertinent. I value immensely Yuktanand's erudite and analytic writings on gurbani but, in fairness to him, I should confess that the contents of this column on Bhai Gurdas are mine and not his.

Often, popular printings still append this Vaar at the end of the works of Bhai Gurdas I. This is erroneous but not uncommon. Bhai Gurdas II is also the author of the deservedly popular composition that goes "Pargatyo mard agamrrha I have tried to clarify these matters in my column.

For a quick reference, I refer readers to the 4-volume Encyclopedia of Sikhism published by Punjabi University. Misunderstandings in these matters are not uncommon. My column here is an exploration of the life and works of Bhai Gurdas I who remains a seminal figure in Sikhi.

He was given the new name by his father, Guru Hargobind Sahib ji when he showed extreme bravery in battle - Tegh means sword. Balmeet Singh ji: Try www. I do sincerely apologize to Dr. Singh for the inadvertent error in crediting Yuktanand Singh for the authorship. As a mild excuse, may I attribute this to the macular degeneration of my right eye that made my left eye see both nearly as same.

I promise to be more careful in the future. My humble apologies. Surinder is totally correct. The earlier name of the Guru was Tyag Mull. My error. Bhai Gurdas studied Sanskrit and Hindu scriptures at Varanasi.

Guru Ram Das initiated him into Sikhism. For his love of learning and devotion, he was recognized as the Guru's disciple. During the process of compilation, Bhai Gurdas learned a lot from Guru Arjan, as they both worked together on the volume, which was completed in August Several sloks were distributed in Vaars through the Adi Granth, with matching pauries, under the guidance of Guru Arjan.

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The title of each chapter, raags and maintaining link of each shabads including numbering, Bhai Gurdas also carried out through instructions of the Guru. Bhai Gurdas composed his 40 verses, which are valued for their vivid exposition of the teaching of the Gurus, now known as Varaan Bhai Gurdas. Guru Arjan put his seal of approval on it as the "key" to the Holy Scripture. Bhai Gurdas also contributed his labour in the excavation of the foundations and pool around the Darbar Sahib with Guru Arjan and Baba Budhha.

Guru Hargobind also appointed him to teach his young son Tyag Mall later, Guru Tegh Bahadar mainly the arts of archery and horsemanship. At Kartarpur, Tyag, at the age of 12, fought all alone with a couple of Mughal sainiks with his tegh sword.

Pleased with his bravery, the Guru henceforth called him Tegh Bahadar. Bhai Gurdas, who never married, died at Goindval, in August Singh's assertion that Bhai Gurdas was silent on Guru Arjan's martyrdom might appear questionable in the light of how some scholars - in particular, Dr Jodh Singh and Shamsher Singh Ashok - have interpreted, the 24th Var, PauRi "Rehnde gur dariayo vich meen kuleen het nirbani Darsan dekh patang jio n joti andar jot samani Sabad surat i liv mirg jio, bhirh payee chit avar na jani Gur Arjan vith u kurbani [Vaar 24].

True, Sikh teachings are timeless and universal, not bound by history, but Sikh lives are - our collective memory history shapes us very significantly, and it would be hard to believe that Bhai Gurdas would gloss over such a seminal event in Sikh history. I wonder what Dr. Singh thinks?

Ravinder, you raise some interesting issues. The point is that many of the most significant events in Sikh history that shaped Sikhi received cursory, tangential or passing notice and reference, absolutely not the detailed treatment that we might think they deserve.

This is true in the writings of Bhai Gurdas as it is true in Guru Granth as well. In contrast, one can find detailed historical notes, often mixed with the folklore and mythology of the day, in the scriptural writings of many other faith traditions.

To my mind the reason, as I said, is that Sikh scriptural writings focus on timeless matters, not contentious historical details or a parsing of their causes and consequences. This issue, I hope, would morph into an independent topic for a future essay.

There is certainly a historical narrative in the scriptures of other faith traditions that is absent in the Guru Granth.

But the question is: how much of that historical narrative would pass muster as serious history by today's standards? On the other hand, any historian writing about Guru Arjan would have to use Bhai Gurdas as a primary source. I am struck by the lack of literature on Bhai Gurdas - at least in English. In looking at the International Bibliography of Sikh Studies compiled by Rajwant Singh Chilana at the University of Illinois, Urbana the listings as of June on Bhai Gurdas occupied barely half a page - counting books, articles, journals, proceedings, etc.

And there wasn't even that much on Bhai Nand Lal.

In examining Bhai Gurdas' Vaaran a little more closely than I have in the past, I feel like an in-depth study of Bhai Gurdas would be an interesting project - apart from his exposition on Sikh philosophy, he offers us quite a window into the conditions surrounding our first six Gurus. An invaluable source. Jodh Singh and Max Macauliffe.

Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji Steek Vol II Singh Sahib Giani Mani Singh Punjabi

Ravinder ji, Dr. Kuldip Singh, in his "The Vaars of Bhai Gurdas", clearly indicates that Bhai Gurdas was fully conversant and proficient in the art of history writing.

There is no doubt that he was either asked to, or decided, not to write about contemporary events. Many contributions of Bhai Gurdas to the Sikh faith have been recognized. For an intellectual, he did much more than a normal human being could accomplish in one life time. After the Sikh gurus, he is one of those held in the highest esteem.

Varaan Bhai Gurdas Steek - Pandit Narain Singh

His 'vaars' poems are considered as shabads and recited in our daily practice, valued close to the hymns in Guru Granth and quoted frequently in religious discourse. This aspect poses a concern for me.Once again Bhai Manjh had nothing with him.

Singh thinks? Reflect thou in this in they mind. I am much older than you are, but my knowledge of Bhai Gurdas is quite limited - which is one reason we picked him as the subject of this week's discussion.

Varaan Bhai Gurdas Steek - Bhai Vir Singh

Guru Hargobind was present to see him go, declaring that he was incomparable. We will return to some of those concepts that Yuktanand ji raised but view them through Bhai Gurdas' lens - in the weeks to follow. The body was created through the blood of mother and semen of father and the five elements were joined judiciously.

Last year, celebrating Vaisakhi in a local gurdwara, a Bhai ji singing a Bhai Gurdas shabad, recited a dialogue between Guru Nanak and the Siddhs and he described Guru Nanak having performed a miracle to show guru's divine knowledge and miraculous capabilities, to the Siddhs. Rehnde Gur dariayo vich, meen kuleen het nirbani Darsan dekh patang jio n joti andar jot samani Sabad surat i liv mirg jio, bhirh payee chit avar na jk Gur Arjan vith u kurbani Bhai Gurdas, Var By using this site, you agree vaaan the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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