Primeira HQ do Batman feita pelo Frank Miller, responsavel pela aura dark que Batman Ano Um - Frank Miller Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Uploaded by Junior Bastos. Copyright: Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for. Batman: Ano Um. 7 de March de Tacitus Costa No Comments. David Mazzucchelli diz que fãs devem boicotar nova edição da HQ. Autor diz que a edição.

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Nesta HQ temos a versão idealizada pelo seu criador, recentemente .. dos Lanternas Verdes* enfrentam o diabólico *Dr. UBIX* *CBR - Mediafire - 2. Ano Um (Ed. Abril) Baixar: Batman - Ano Dois - 01 de 04 Baixar: Batman - Ano Do. Carmine "O Romano" Falcone é um criminoso fictício do Universo DC, inimigo de Batman. Foi criado pelo prestigiado escritor Frank Miller para a série Batman - Ano Um. Falcone . Imprimir/exportar. Criar um livro · Descarregar como PDF · Versão para impressão. Feira da Fruta é o título de uma paródia, através de uma redublagem satírica, também conhecida como Bátima Feira da Fruta, na qual um episódio da série do Batman dos anos ("Um Essa versão em quadrinhos ganhou o 25º Troféu HQ Mix, em , na categoria "Web quadrinhos". A história da redublagem foi.

This is a fine collection. Can always ask for more pictures. I take PayPal. Thanks for looking. Plenty more where these came from! Come down and check them out! He saved that cat.

Then used up what credit i had at my fave used book store to get the batman books as well as some filler issues. Art by jorgefornes batman batmanyearone frankmiller davidmazzucchelli dccomics comics comicbooks - 11 days ago. Foto del recuerdo. Scarecrow Batman Year one. Modeled after Vito Corleone in thegodfathermovie , Falcone held a stranglehold on Gotham's criminal element.

Falcone was one of Batman's first foes with his story unfolding in the fantastic Batman: There are many references to Falcone, his family and hisvempire in several video games including the batmanarkham City and Origins installments and DC Universe Online.

Arkham Underworld Jon Polito and in the Batman Begins video game with Tom Wilkinson reprising his role after portraying Falcone in his only live action film depiction to date.

Falcone's sole live action television appearance is one of my favourite renderings of the character with John Dorman giving a great performance in gothamonfox. The Roman is a unique Batman villain given that he was one of the Dark Knight's first foes and his classic portrayal of a straight-up villain without gimmicks, funky weapons, strange costumes or odd hangups. Given his experience with these types of roles, the actor I can picture perfectly in this role is the great Robert De Niro.

De Niro is a household name and his many iconic roles give credence to his exemplary acting. I think it would be awesome to not only have the character of Falcone portrayed by such an incredible actor but also to have De Niro play in a role he originally helped to inspire. Who would you cast? Next time, we'll cast a Batman ally who spent time as both a Robin and Batgirl: Stephanie Brown aka Spoiler!

I never thought it would be as successful of an account as it has been, and I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time out to like my content. Also, April Fools. What does your ManCave look like? What books are you Reading? Happy 80th batman batman80 batmanyearone frankmiller davidmazzucchelli richmondlewis dccomics popculture forcesofgeek - 13 days ago.

Happy belated 80th Batman. It was my birthday weekend too, I got distracted.

Ano Um. Just got some new comics. I genuinely need to slow down and read what I have.

Dark Knight's 80 year of existence. This is my take on one of my favourite Batman's versions, the Year One Batman. Sunday mornings are for classic comics.

Before these comics my only knowledge of the character was movies. Snyder sold me on the Bat.

The way Stan had me Sold on Spider-Man. I was a bit busy today, but today was offically Batman's big 80th birthday. Lost Girl. Discover ideas about Constantine Hellblazer.

Like a Batman encontrou este Pin. Troque suas hellcoins aqui! Server Status. Her experience with Email Constantine Kanavos.

Stant Spells. This feature is not available right now. John Constantine, o mago, o bruxo, o louco.


Lost Song. My favourite character with supernatural abilities in DC - constantine. Disponibilidade: Em estoque. A Bruxaria respeita as Leis da Natureza, ensinando-nos a viver em harmonia com elas. Les Revenants.

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Tu non conoscerai mai la mia magia, Constantine. Io credo Bambola, vinile, gothic vamp, originale, Constantine, 46 cm. Hellblazer: 1. Ano, Social Networks.

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Arma Carregada com balas de sal. Ilcation of in the year. O conjurador divino do grupo: Seja amigo e mantenha-se amigo deste personagem.

Willianz: Quando o FoxWorld passou a ser hospedado em um servidor Servidor novo baseado no antigo FoxWorld, focando no PvP, com o famoso pvp dedinho runas crosshair e as magias?? Life on Mars UK. Veja como Usar espelhos em casa e A Magia dos Espelhos.This is my take on one of my favourite Batman's versions, the Year One Batman. Art by comiccall.

After waiting for over a year I finally hung nine posters on a 53 degree wall thanks to help from carrosene and my dad. O que ando lendo recentemente.

Ano Um.

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