41, Dr. Lasker-Amos Burn,. Nimzowitsch-Marshall,. Nimzowitsch-Alekhine ,. Andersson, Enstrom, Oebert-Nimzowitsch. Yates-Nimzowitsch,. "When we decided to publish a new edition of My System our primary intention was to produce the article "The Chess Career of Aaron Nimzowitsch". We hope . I have a feeling, that Aron Nimzowitsch " My System" book is only kindaspongey · ItsOzzy.

Aron Nimzowitsch My System Pdf

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Aron Nimzowitsch - My System - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Chess book by Aron Nimzowitsch. My System (21st Century Edition) Aaron Nimzowitsch - Download as PDF Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd Nimzovich Aron - My System. Aron Nimzowitsch. My System & Chess Praxis. Translated by Robert Sherwood . of the pawn mass forms a major postulate of my teaching on positional play.

Siegbert Tarrasch's "Schachspiel" and this one are easily my most favorite and most used books about chess. Perhaps if he hadn't read it he would be a GM by now?

Personally, I like to think it is a fantastic book, one of my favourites, not easy to read but an absolute classic of its era and that is what one has to remember. I learnt a huge amount from this book.

I am wondering why so many masters are so excited about "My System". Is it because there were not as much good chess books available when they grew up?

There was also no 'text speech' so they could read difficult books.

I wonder what people think about Fisher's 'My 60 Memorable Games'? I was spellbound by it. Just one thought- every GM's ideas are worth learning about if one is serious about the game.

Good point.

Being "serious" about the game is certainly not my main priority when reading a chess book. Aug 8, 1.

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Aug 8, 2. Aug 10, 3. These comments should be moved to the original version of this thread. Aug 11, 4.

Aron Nimzowitsch - My System

As far as I know, ESP has not been willing to allow that. Oct 9, 5. Just to add to John Watson's comment and to illuminate what he really thinks about "Mein System", I quote his conclusion from the link offered above: Oct 9, 6. ESP wrote 'I mean I consider myself as a begginer too, not a master yet', is this because he read the Nimzowitsch book?

“My System” by Aron Nimzowitsch review

Oct 10, 7. Oct 10, 8. Oct 10, 9.

Oct 11, Eluarelon wrote: One of the most valuable idea introduced by Nimzowitsch was the principle of prevention thinking. Very close in to that is the principle of excessive protection of weak squares. These techniques are organically included in modern chess.

My System by Aron Nimzowitsch

Separately, we can mention the idea of a blockade. We recommend to study games of Tigran Petrosian with his quality sacrifies for the position of the blockade knight.

The strong side of Nimzowitsch was dynamic play.

If to analyze his style more deeply, it becomes noticeable that he prefered to play from defense but partially to prove his system. It was a challenge of modern view on positional play of that time.

It seemed that he may ignore the basic chess principles, for example, not to occupy the center by pawns. But still, in some cases he was severely punished in games with brilliant attacking style grandmasters such Alekhine.

So what do we do not really like in this book? The book sometimes shows dogmatic approach of the author. His laws do not work always and everywhere, it should be remembered.

His recipe to attack pawn chains from the base pawn ofcourse is very good. But in a popular today Chebanenko variant 1. Nc3 Nf6 4. Nf3 a6 in Slav defence, black violate this principle and feels very well.

Plus, all these chess principles still apply to static positional factors. But as we know, one have not to underestimate the dynamic aspects of a position. We believe that the author was aware of the fact that he writes very exaggerated, but he believed that it is correct from an educational point of view.

But overall we are very sympathetic to this work because it helps everyone to expand its positional arsenal.

We certainly recommend the book for reading.Nigel Short has claimed that 'My System' should be banned. Obviously, all of them were known long before. We believe that the author was aware of the fact that he writes very exaggerated, but he believed that it is correct from an educational point of view.

As far as I know, ESP has not been willing to allow that. So what did prevent Aaron to get the chess crown?

So what do we do not really like in this book? Nevertheless, when it is called for FM Giddins will give in-depth analytical proof of what was taking place over the board. Rxc2 Re8 This concept, now widely accepted, is one of the fundamental principles of hypermodernism.

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