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Have you seen? On the Day of Judgement when the Hell would be opened, how dreadful and frightful will be that spectacle? Imagine it! Currently sun is years away from the earth with its back side towards it but on the Day of Judgement, the sun will be only at a distance of one mile and its front will be facing us.

On that day, brains will boil and people will be sweating so excessively that the sweat will be soaked through www. The sweat that the earth is not able to absorb will start to rise.

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Some people will have it rise up to their ankles, some will have it up to their knees, for some it will rise up to their backs or up to their chests. For yet others it will rise up to their necks and for the non-believer, their sweat will rise up to their faces like they are held by reins. They will be paddling in it [to stay afloat]. In this state of [extreme] heat, the level of thirst is beyond words.

Their intensity of punishment will be dependent upon the severity of sins. The bridge of Siraat is thinner than a strand of hair, sharper than the edge of the sword and has been placed upon the back www.

The person who is weak and anxious due to the fear of Allah will succeed in crossing the bridge of Siraat. Al-Budur-us-Safirah, pp.

As the Hell-fire is dark, so Pul e Siraat will be plunged into darkness and slipping off in it will lead to bottomless darkness of Hell. Therefore, keep seeking refuge from Hell.

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With which will melt what is in their bellies, and their skins. And for them are rods of iron. Whenever they wish to come out of it due to suffocation, they will be returned to it again and it will be commanded, "Taste the punishment of fire! You have just heard how admonitory treatment will be meted out to hell-dwelling people and they will face such extremely painful torments in the hell. Sahih Muslim, Hadees Remember! This fire of world is one-seventieth part of the fire of Hell.

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Sahih Muslim, The hellfire was sited for one thousand years until it reddened, then it was sited for one thousand years until it whitened, then it was sited for one thousand years until it became blackened, so it is dark black.

Ibn Majah, But it is very surprising that human performs deeds leading to hell, and does not fear that fire, from which even worldly fire also fears and seeks refuge.

How deep the hell is only Allah knows. Sunan-ut-Tirmizi, Hadees If a large ball of lead equal to a head of human is dropped from the sky to the earth, so it will reach the earth before night, though it is the travel of years.

Sunan-ut-Tirmizi, Hadees www.

Imam Ahmad Bin Hambal, Hadees The pus which oozes from the body of hell-dwelling people will be made to drink. Durr-e-Mansoor, pp. Sunan-ut-Tirmizi, Hadees And it will stuck in the neck. Tafsir-e-Mazhari: pp. Then it cuts up their bowels as so as it would make its way in stomach. Sunan-ut-Tirmizi, Hadees And they will flow like soup and will come out from foot side.

Part 26, Surah Muhammad, verse 15 It has been narrated that the person, upon whom the lightest torment of Hell will be inflected, will feel the pain of this torment so much that he will think that the most painful torment is being inflicted to him alone, though it is contrary to the fact. Just ponder that no one can bear the worldly fire so how could the fire of hell be born?

Not only will there be this fire but there will be many other torments as well. Therefore bearing in mind terrors of hell, difficulties of passing over Siraat Bridge and the terrible spectacles of the hereafter it is better for us that we should do something for our safety. Undoubtedly, Allah does not gather two fears in His bondsman, therefore whoever has the fear of these terrors of Hereafter in the world, will remain safe from them in the hereafter.

Furthermore, fear does not mean to weep like women that tears stream down and heart becoming sad when you hear about it, then after sometime, upon forgetting it, you become preoccupied with your worldly activities. This state has nothing to do with fear, instead whoever has the fear of whatsoever, runs away from worldliness and whatsoever he hopes asks for it.

Therefore you will attain salvation from that fear which prevents you from the disobedience to Allah persuading you to His worship and obedience.

In fact, the fear of Allah should be like the one which prevent us from sins with the fear of displeasure of Allah ; however, being overwhelmed by the emotional crying and sincere repentance benefits too.

Besides this one should have this mindset as well that I must make my efforts to perform good deeds in my sinful life,. But damned Satan will never let us remain steadfast on our this intention and will put these evil thoughts as advice in our minds that emotional decision is not good; gradually reform yourself; do not become a Maulvi all of a sudden; emotional decision are not good etc. All these satanic thoughts are very dangerous.

There is only loss in making your mind to reform yourself gradually. It will increase your sins and there is no guarantee whether you may get time to repent or not, because death does not approach only elderly ones, cancer or heart patients etc. Allah knows, each day a number of young people become the victim of traffic accidents and die suddenly. Therefore, before we hear the steps of death or this noise erupt that he has passed away; call the funeral bath-giving person immediately; funeral bath-giving person is coming carrying a plank; funeral bath is being done; then he is being lowered in the dark grave.

Prior to facing all these, seek repentance as soon as possible. One of the best means of preventing sins is that, we have fear of Allah keeping in mind the disgrace and insult on the Day of Judgement upon committing sins. Because fear of Allah is the only medicine through which the cure of sins is possible. As long as we are deprived of getting this blessing, it is almost impossible to hate sins and love virtues. The fire of Hell will not touch two eyes: one that which weeps any part of the night due to the fear of Allah and second one is that standing on guard in the cause of Allah.

Sunan-ut-Tirmizi, Hadees 2. A person humbly said: How can I be safe from the Hell? Attargheeb Wattarheeb, pp. The eyes of three men will not see the Hell. One that guards in the path of Allah , second that weeps due to the fear of Allah and third one that stops rising towards the things which are made Haraam by Allah.

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Weep, if you cannot weep, so try to weep, because hell-dwelling people will weep in the Hell, even their tears will flow on their faces as if they are streams, until their tears will end up; then their blood will start to flow and the blood will flow in so much quantity that if a boat is sailed in it, it will sail in it. Besides having the fear of Allah one of the deeds leading to Paradise is the deed to protect the honour of any Muslim brother.

Therefore in front of you if any one talks about a mistake or any defect of an Islamic brother either in his presence or in his absence, so immediately bearing in mind the respect of Muslims and with the intention of earning the reward of the Hereafter protect the honour of your Islamic brother provided that there is no Shrai reasons in listening to it.

Thus, preventing others from backbiting earns great rewards and failing to stop others from backbiting could result in harsh and severe punishments. Give up sins immediately instead of slowly Dear Islamic brothers! If you become emotional and start crying sincerely, even if it is just for a moment, , you will gain benefit. Many people would go " Mast " when he delivered his speeches.

He made intensive tours of the country to generate support for the AIML. He advised his followers to work for the AIML and emphatically declared that he would not lead the funeral prayers of any devotee if he had not participated in the Pakistan Movement in any capacity. His sincere campaign in the election of —46 resulted in grand success of AIML candidates.

The nine of them had decided to initiate a democratic movement; As a president of Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan Abdul Ghafoor Hazarvi was one of the nine. The trial lingered on for two years. Ultimately, the case was taken back by the government, for lack of evidence.

You can dip into this sea of knowledge by visiting this section. The new translated version of this historical Fatawa consists of 30 volumes and more than pages. Reading this fatawa with care and memorizing the principles mentioned therein, can take the reader to a big height in Islamic Jurisprudence.

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The trial lingered on for two years. Though the preferable time for paying Sadaqah-e-Fi r is that it be paid on Eid after Subh-e-Sadiq before offering Eid Salah, if it is paid on the night of Eid before Subh-e-Sadiq or any day during Ramadan or even before Ramadan it will still be valid.

Az-Zawajir, pp.

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I had already heard that the prayers of the travellers of Madani Qafilah are answered. You can read it on line from our website as well as you can download it in PDF format.

Currently sun is years away from the earth with its back side towards it but on the Day of Judgement, the sun will be only at a distance of one mile and its front will be facing us. On that day, brains will boil and people will be sweating so excessively that the sweat will be soaked through www.

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