Page 1. Viva Polonia! The BC Family Concert. A very easy to grow clematis, 'Viva. Polonia' has cheerful cranberry-red flowers accented with a white star. It flowers in June and July, then again in late summer. As what we offer you right here, this Viva Polonia Asl Deutscher Description: Ebook Pdf Viva Polonia Asl Deutscher Gastarbeiter In Polen contains important.

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viva polonia steffen m pdf. Leben. Steffen Möller ist der Sohn von Christian Mö ller, einem mittlerweile emeritierten Professor. für Evangelische Theologie an. Viva Polonia live in Berlin Audible Audiobook - Goodreads Author. Steffen Möller was born in Germany in and studied philosophy in Berlin. Accessed 23 October, globalcities/reports/ docs/ Möller, Steffen. Viva Polonia. Als deutscher.

The pieces of German origin will potentially be sung throughout the tour. Some of the Polish sacred music will possibly be sung in the German concert as well.

The secular pieces will be sung in the Baltic concerts. For the first time in our history, we will be working with an accompanist provided by Club Tours.

Specific observations. Please read carefully J. Bach - Sei Lob und Pries mit Ehren — This piece was performed previously in so some of you may know it. Mendelssohn — Mass for Double Choir — We will sing only the first choir part. The organ will cover the second choir. Given the number of choristers we have, this is the only practical way to perform this piece. Two versions have been provided.

One with the text in Latin and one with 2 sections in German.

VIVA Poland

I would prefer to do the entire piece in Latin. However, Michal Svarc tells me that he has made arrangements for us to sing in the Thomaskirche in Leipzig. The church may require the middle 2 sections sung in German.

Agapito libr. Vagni, mus. Scalmani; , Il Console in Egitto libr. Ottoboni, mus. Scarlatti or F. Amadei; Fasti e miserie di una famiglia reale polacca tra sei e settecento — , Rome , pp. Maria Casimira Sobieska, in: Viaggiatori polacchi in Italia, ed. Viaggiatori polacchi, pp. I am grateful for the numerous suggestions made by Berthold Over during the revision of the article.

In addition to being an excellent vehicle for propaganda, wealth and status, serenatas, as Stefanie Tcharos notes, were a useful tool for building and strengthening political alliances. In doing so, she was underpinning her own status and prestige in the Eternal City. The growing number of disputes with the Roman Curia over matters of protocol is another indication of her diminishing status. Platania, Gli ultimi Sobieski cf. Barocco romano e barocco italiano.

Sight, Sound, Ritual, and the Signification of Meaning, in: Journal of Musicology 4 , p. Capece used the familiar mythological theme of the friendship!

In addition, two pieces survive which were described by the librettist as cantatas, but which are in fact serenatas: There are no musical sources for these pieces. Only a musical fragment survives of a two-part serenata entitled Clori, e Fileno ,7 discovered in the United States by Francesco Degrada.

I discuss this piece in a separate article, cf. Polish Baroque, European Contexts. Domenico Scarlatti Mro di Cappella di p.

Il Saggiatore Musicale 2 , p. Girolamo Amati, Capece Carlo Sigismondo , in: Bibliografia romana: Dizionario biografico degli italiani, vol. Capece, mus.

Artaserse (Vinci, Leonardo)

These pieces were aimed at the foreign ambassadors in Rome, seeking to publizice the plight of the! Oblio e recupero di un librettista settecentesco: Carlo Sigismondo Capeci — e il melodramma arcadico, in: Nuova Rivista Musicale Italiana 1—2 , pp. The girl quickly became a favourite with Queen Marie Casimire who took her to Rome at the age of four.

In she and her grandmother left Italy for Blois in France. Several attempts were made to marry her off but they all proved unsuccessful. The countess found life in the provincial Ohlau suffocating and her relationship with her father was tense.

Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies

She died in , probably of tuberculosis. Besides, the Elector, who had a claim on the Spanish succession through his son Joseph Ferdinand, also hoped for Bavaria and the Wittelbach family to gain an upper hand on the ruling Hapsburgs as a result of the war. Serenatas and Politics of Remembrance young scions of the Sobieski family, who were descendants of the heroic defender of Christendom. Its contents suggest that the piece was intended for performance in January or February , despite the contemporary ban on public carnival celebrations.

Dori — the nymph of the river Po, Nise — the nymph of the Apennines, and the river Tiber, symbolizing Rome. The nymphs, whose lives have been rudely invaded by the fury of Mars, are deploring their sad fate.

They have fled to Rome looking for respite, but there are still dangers lurking around them. However, the flames engulfing their homelands are bothering them. The Tiber calms down the nymphs, explaining that it is accompanied by peace and innocence, effective antidotes to every mor- tification and injustice, which will make Europe celebrate joyfully once!

Ruspoli , Rome Oktober , ed. Musikwissenschaft im deutsch-italie- nischen Dialog.

Friedrich Lippmann zum Geburtstag, ed. The star is part of the coat of arms of the Albani family. Dori pays homage to two Polish women presumably the two Marie Casimires , and the Tiber invites everyone to join in festivities so that dance can calm the memory of their former tribulations.

The nymphs stand for regions of particular importance to Italy, namely the river Po called the Eridano in Rome and the Appenines, two regions deeply affected by the war and held by enemy forces Turin and Milan, the two major cities on the river Po, had declared for the imperial coalition. Dori and Nise are extremely upset because the years — were a period of success for the anti-French alliance in the War of the Spanish Succession,20 resulting in much destruct- tion to northern Italy.

Creative Actualization Mcdonald H P

For Maria Casimiera the occupation of Bavaria in came as an additional shock. Marie Casimire the Younger loved dancing and did it well: Staffieri, Colligite Fragmenta cf. By playing Aurora, the princess would have followed a family tradition: Her grandmother had often happily played Aurora in similar entertainments in Poland.

This is a problem which can no longer be resolved with certainty.

Rome in the Eighteenth Century, in: Art in Rome in the Eighteenth Century, ed. Rishel, London , pp. Acta Musicologica 4 , pp. This is emphasized by the joint dance scene, where the untroubled Tiber invites the nymphs to join in a ballo, a cheerful eruption of naive joy destined to turn to despair before long.

An occasional piece, it was one of the three works presented in Rome by the supporters of the French faction. We do not! Agostino Steffani and His Music, Oxford Posterla, mus.

Scarlatti with a sinfonia by A. Corelli , performed on 22 July at the Piazza S. This text, too, consists of seven arias and recitatives, and a single duet sung by the Sun and the Seine.

In the opening lines the Sun is identified with Helios, the solar god who daily rides in a golden chariot pulled by winged horses.

The Seine sees Helios and asks him to restrain his solar steeds to join it in admiring the birth of royal offspring. A fourth lily has been born in France, the Seine sings, a small child who is the hope of the land three lilies being part of the royal coat of arms, the fourth is the new one, recently born.

Steffen Möller

The Seine and the solar god ask Clotho, one of the Three Fates and spinner of the thread of human life, to spin more slowly and preserve the life of that magnificent monarch before he goes to his place in the sky as appointed to him by Helios, Mars and Zeus. The Seine and the Sun wish a long life to Louis XIV and to his great-grandson, hoping that the baby is braver than Achilles and lives longer than Nestor.

In the event, their wishes turned into nothing as the prince died less than a year later, but his birth provided an opportunity to make a public show of support for France and Louis XIV in the ongoing war. From the viewpoint of the patron, the most important elements of the work were the allegorical and metaphorical references to current events, which must have been easy to read for a handful of listeners and readers familiar with the convention.

The god stops by the river Tagus, flowing through Spain and Portugal, a stop on his itinerary which must have referred to the recent enlargement of the French sphere of influence: In Rome, Marie Casimire presented herself as a loyal supporter of the Sun King and an admirer of the French court and its customs.

Buonaccorsi, mus. Serenatas and Politics of Remembrance dances, and she surrounded herself with her fellow Frenchmen. Her extravagant praise of the French king was a petition to help liberate her sons: We know that the Queen Dowager celebrated the anniversary of the battle with further pieces in previous years, but we only know about them from brief references in contemporary chronicles.

Its text makes it appropriate to sing on the Baltic portion of the tour as well. I will do my best to get help with the pronunciation but you may have friends who can help you with it. Finlandia: Our only Finnish piece. Wade in the Water: Since we began this program, I have always included one of my arrangements or original compositions. So, I continue.


Please note. This music is being sent electronically for ease of the singers. Most of it is in the public domain. I received no response to my request. I have downloadd multiple copies.

If any of you have problems about printing these pieces, I am more than happy to mail you copies at your cost. We have 9 hours of rehearsal before our first performance.

If you are new, then I invite you to prepare as much as you are able. There is no requirement that you do so. But it sure helps when we are getting ready for the performance.We have 9 hours of rehearsal before our first performance. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link.

I am grateful for the numerous suggestions made by Berthold Over during the revision of the article. I have now chosen the music for Paradigma Ottoboni I will do my best to get help with the pronunciation but you may have friends who can help you with it.

The idea is to leave no doubt about the historical significance of the Sobieski family and of the influence of the Queen Dowager, and to build this awareness through systematic acts of comme- moration.

With no interest in politics and a close relationship with his mother, Alexander seems to have enjoyed life at Rome, where he was free to pursue his numerous affairs and artistic interests more easily than he could have done in Poland

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