For years, Old Gregory has been the Spook for the county, ridding the local villages of evil. Now his time is coming to an end. But who will take over for hi. Capturing witchesBinding boggartsDriving away ghostsFor years, Old Gregory has been the Spook for the county, ridding the local villages of evil. Now his tim. The Spook's Apprentice (Revenge of the Witch) (UK). Home · The Spook's Apprentice (Revenge of the Witch) (UK) Author: Delaney Joseph. 28 downloads.

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Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF I was going to be the Spook's apprentice, so I'd have to get used to places like this haunted house. It went with Still bound to her bones, a witch like that tries hard to get back into the world. It's as if they Then she'd come looking for you, lad, and she'd want revenge.' 'That would. Apprenticeship: a system of learning the skills of a craft or trade from experts in the field by working with them for a set period of time. The apprenticeship system . Joseph Delaney - The Wardstone Chronicles/The Last Apprentice 1 - The Spook's Ap prentice/Revenge of the Witch (pdf.).

This forced Gregory to face his fears. With the first trial of spending the night in the house completed, Gregory takes Tom to his present home in Chipenden.

He begins to teach Tom about hunting witches and evil spirits. Gregory shows Tom that he has a witch imprisoned in the garden.

The Spook's Apprentice (Revenge of the Witch) (UK)

The witch's name is Mother Malkin. Witches are very hard to kill, and many of the methods are inhumane. This limits how Gregory is able to deal with witches. While traveling through the town, Tom meets a young girl named Alice. She helps save him from a group of bullies. He promises to help her in exchange for what she did to help him against the bullies.

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After a month, Gregory gives Tom the chance to leave. Tom initially accepts, but he changes his mind after talking to his mother.

When Tom returns, Gregory is out hunting a witch. Alice calls in her favor and has Tom deliver three cakes to Mother Malkin on behalf of her mother, another witch named Bony Lizzie. While in town, Tom figures out that there are several missing children from the town.

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Tom eventually figures that the children were baked into the cakes he was feeding Mother Malkin, which has enhanced her strength. He stops feeding her the cakes, but the damage is done. She is able to escape. Tom chases her down and manages to kill her, using her weakness to running water.

Even though her physical body is destroyed, Tom learns that the spirit of a strong witch can survive and possess someone else. Tom goes after Bony Lizzie knowing she has another child kidnapped. Alice protests, but Tom ignores her and rescues the child.

Alice later lures Tom into a trap where Bony Lizzie and her son, Tusk, bury him in a pit. They poison him as part of their ritual, but Tom manages to shake off the poison.

He manages to convince Alice to save him, seeing the good in her.

The two escape but are pursued by the witch. Fortunately, Gregory arrives and imprisons Bony Lizzie. The Catholic publication Malleus Maleficarum compiled by Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger, gave Church authorities sweeping powers to eliminate witchcraft from society.

And the new Protestant denominations were even more vigorous in their 1 reprinted from Kris Swank. Historians currently estimate that the number of people who died during the European witch-hunts of the 16th and 17th centuries ranged from 40, to ,, most of whom were women, particularly widows and spinsters. According to Guiley, every town and county in Britain had its own professional witch-finder who was paid on a per-person basis for every suspected witch found guilty.

Witch-finders roamed the countryside offering their services, many of them clergy-men who competed with one another to condemn the most witches.

Most employed torture to coerce confessions, and thus increase their own earnings But by , legal proceedings against witches were dwindling in England, and as the general sentiment of society moved away from belief in witchcraft, some witch-hunters themselves fell afoul of the law. In , Thomas Colley was executed for raising a lynch-mob against a year-old couple he claimed were witches.

The wife died when Colley ducked her in a pond performing an ordeal by water Ankarloo and Clark, Tom shows a particularly 21st century sympathy for his targets that I doubt most real-life witch-finders had. Yet Delaney infuses his fiction with history. All in all, the series portrays both witches and witch-finders realistically — some are good, some evil, but most are somewhere in-between.

San Francisco: Pandora; HarperCollins, Gaskill, Malcolm. Guiley, Rosemary Ellen.

Maxwell-Stuart, P. Stroud, Gloucestershire: Tempus, Darkness was all-powerful. He broke a bit off and handed it to me.

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There are worse things than getting your ears boxed. They lived with something just as scary though. I noticed that the Spook never went too far away though, and he always seemed watchful and alert, telling me you could never take chances with boggarts even when they were bound.

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