The Earth and. Its Peoples. A Global History. THIRD EDITION. Richard W. Bulliet. Columbia University. Pamela Kyle Crossley. Dartmouth College. Daniel R. Download the Book:The Earth And Its Peoples. A Global History (5th Edition) PDF For Free, Preface: THE EARTH AND ITS PEOPLES presents world history in a. western Asia, and northwest Africa, peoples and cultural systems that had little direct contact considerably larger than its predecessor, the Assyrian Empire.

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peoples, the Babylonians believed that distant lands were home to legendary beasts, . Her words and actions signal some of the traits of civilized life in ancient. Experience our interactive, profoundly engaging digital publication!. THE EARTH AND ITS PEOPLES, Fifth Edition, presents world history in a balanced, global framework, shifting the focus away from political centers of power.

Daoists believe that the world is always changing and is devoid of absolute morality or meaning. See also Confucius. Third ruler of the Persian Empire r.

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He crushed the widespread initial resistance to his rule and gave all major government posts to Persians rather than to Medes. He established a system of provinces and tribute, began construction of Persepolis, and expanded Persian control in the east Pakistan and west northern Greece. Their work was first made known simultaneously in Before the transition, both birthrates and death rates are high, resulting in a slowly growing population; then the death rate drops but the birthrate remains high, causing a population explosion; finally the birthrate drops and the population growth slows down.

This transition took place in Europe in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, in North America and East Asia in the mid-twentieth, and, most recently, in Latin America and South Asia.

He was the first African elected to the French National Assembly. During World War I, in exchange for promises to give French citizenship to Senegalese, he helped recruit Africans to serve in the French army. After the war, he led a movement to abolish forced labor in Africa. Jews, for example, spread from Israel to western Asia and Mediterranean lands in antiquity and today can be found throughout the world.

Characterized by the use of illegal imprisonment, torture, and executions by the military. Pioneered in the pottery works of Josiah Wedgwood and in other eighteenth-century factories, it greatly increased the productivity of labor and lowered the cost of manufactured goods. See also Wedgwood, Josiah.

They provided education, mediated disputes between kinship groups, and were suppressed by the Romans as a potential focus of opposition to Roman rule.

See also Celts. It was introduced in England and North America in the s and s and replaced telegraph systems that utilized visual signals such as semaphores. See also submarine telegraph cables. It provided the grant holder with a supply of cheap labor and periodic payments of goods by the Amerindians.

It obliged the grant holder to Christianize the Amerindians. Its outcome checked the growth of royal absolutism and, with the Glorious Revolution of and the English Bill of Rights of , ensured that England would be a constitutional monarchy.


The Roman emperors allied with this group to counterbalance the influence of the old aristocracy and used the equites to staff the imperial civil service. The calling of the Estates General in led to the French Revolution. Ethnic cleansing was used by both sides in the conflicts that accompanied the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the s.

Replaced by the European Union EU in In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, European and American nationals living in certain areas of Chinese and Ottoman cities were granted this right.

The British made him king of Iraq in , and he reigned under British protection until See also Mussolini, Benito. The Temple priesthood conducted sacrifices, received a tithe or percentage of agricultural revenues, and became economically and politically powerful. The First Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians in B. They set goals for the output of steel, electricity, machinery, and most other products and were enforced by the police powers of the state.

See also Stalin, Joseph. In the late nineteenth century, free-trade imperialism characterized the relations between the Latin American republics, on the one hand, and Great Britain and the United States, on the other. In — he led the first naval expedition from Europe to sail to India, opening an important commercial sea route. Mahatma — Leader of the Indian independence movement and advocate of nonviolent resistance.

After being educated as a lawyer in England, he returned to India and became leader of the Indian National Congress in He appealed to the poor, led nonviolent demonstrations against British colonial rule, and was jailed many times.

Soon after independence he was assassinated for attempting to stop Hindu-Muslim rioting. Genghis Khan was the founder of the Mongol Empire. They sought greater political rights and later supported the Haitian Revolution.

Respected for their education and expertise, these officials became a privileged group and made the government more efficient and responsive than in the past. The term gentry also denotes the class of landholding families in England and France below the aristocracy. Also the modern West African country once known as the Gold Coast.

It was based in southern Russia and quickly adopted both the Turkic language and Islam. Also known as the Kipchak Horde. His liberalization effort improved relations with the West, but he lost power after his reforms led to the collapse of communist governments in eastern Europe. It was begun in the Han period and completed during the Sui Empire.

Guilds were also important in other societies, such as the Ottoman and Safavid Empires. The formula, brought to China in the s or s, was first used to make fumigators to keep away insect pests and evil spirits. In later centuries it was used to make explosives and grenades and to propel cannonballs, shot, and bullets.

After , the party was headed by Chiang Kai-shek, who turned it into an increasingly authoritarian movement. A powerful Indian state based, like its Mauryan predecessor, on a capital at Pataliputra in the Ganges Valley.

It controlled most of the Indian subcontinent through a combination of military force and its prestige as a center of sophisticated culture. See also theater-state.

He conquered many city-states in southern and northern Mesopotamia and is best known for a code of laws, inscribed on a black stone pillar, illustrating the principles to be used in legal cases. It was located on the northwest frontier of the zone of cultivation in modern Pakistan , and may have been a center for the acquisition of raw materials, such as metals and precious stones, from Afghanistan and Iran. She dispatched a naval expedition down the Red Sea to Punt possibly northeast Sudan or Eretria , the faraway source of myrrh.

There is evidence of opposition to a woman as ruler, and after her death her name and image were frequently defaced. Most of the extant text was compiled by members of the priestly class in the fifth century B.

The period ended with the fall of the last major Hellenistic kingdom to Rome, but Greek cultural influence persisted until the spread of Islam in the seventh century C.

He came from a Greek community in Anatolia and traveled extensively, collecting information in western Asia and the Mediterranean lands. He traced the antecedents of and chronicled the Persian Wars between the Greek city-states and the Persian Empire, thus originating the Western tradition of historical writing. He was captured and executed in In occlusion since ca.

It was used for official and monumental inscriptions in ancient Egypt. Because of the long period of study required to master this system, literacy in hieroglyphics was confined to a relatively small group of scribes and administrators. Cursive symbol-forms were developed for rapid composition on other media, such as papyrus.

Hinduism has roots in ancient Vedic, Buddhist, and south Indian religious concepts and practices. It spread along the trade routes to Southeast Asia. The bombing hastened the end of World War II. With wealth from the trade in metals and military power based on chariot forces, the Hittites vied with New Kingdom Egypt for control of Syria-Palestine before falling to unidentified attackers ca.

See also Ramesses II. Some 6 million Jews perished during the Holocaust, along with millions of Poles, Gypsies, Communists, Socialists, and others. It lasted from to Hoplite armies—militias composed of middle- and upper-class citizens supplying their own equipment—were for centuries superior to all other military forces.

Waged war on Iran from to His invasion of Kuwait in was repulsed in the Persian Gulf War in He wrote a detailed account of his visits to Islamic lands from China to Spain and the western Sudan. It controlled much of Iran and Iraq. It was especially popular in Latin American countries such as Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil in the mid-twentieth century.

It proved successful for a time but could not keep up with technological advances in Europe and North America. Originally composed exclusively of well-educated British men, it gradually added qualified Indians. Its membership was middle class, and its demands were modest until World War I. Led after by Mohandas K. Gandhi, it appealed increasingly to the poor, and it organized mass protests demanding self-government and independence.

See also Gandhi, Mohandas K. The first president elected by universal male suffrage, he began his presidency as a reformer, but later became conservative. The advent of iron technology began at different times in different parts of the world. Allied first with the Dutch and later with the English, the Confederacy dominated the area from western New England to the Great Lakes.

In the tradition of Judaism and Christianity, and sharing much of their lore, Islam calls on all people to recognize one creator god—Allah—who rewards or punishes believers after death according to how they led their lives. See also hadith. The modern state of Israel was founded in See varna. Jesus ca.

A Jew from Galilee in northern Israel who sought to reform Jewish beliefs and practices. He was executed as a revolutionary by the Romans. Hailed as the Messiah and son of God by his followers, he became the central figure in Christianity, a belief system that developed in the centuries after his death.

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