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Evangeline Anderson is the USA Today Best Selling Author of the Brides of the Kindred and Born to Darkness series. She is thirty-something and lives in Florida . Download: epub mobi site pdf more Online Reader rtf lrf pdb txt. Assignment 01 The Assignment - Evangeline - Ebook ebook site pdf. Deal with the Devil by Evangeline Anderson - dokument [*.epub] Deal with the was why he'd drawn the plum assignment of working with the new star client.

The realization came with a burst of relief. He might not be able to neutralize the tiger as easily as he had the little birds, but at least the black iron he wore kept it from attacking him. And maybe with a little more help… Slowly, thanking fate that his left arm was free, he snaked his hand down into his pocket.

The ice-cold shape of the magic-null collar came to his fingers like a cool blessing, and he gripped it tightly. Well, at least if he died, it would be trying to fulfill his destiny. The beast threw up its head, its mouth open in a silent roar.

Thrain felt its claws digging into his chest, doubtlessly leaving furrows that would bleed and scar. And what if they do? What other man can say he was mauled by a magical beast in the bedchamber of a Fairy queen?

The Assignment by Evangeline Anderson

And then, as quickly as it had appeared, it was gone. Thrain was on his feet in an instant. Before the obviously surprised Queen Alaina could move or utter another syllable, he clapped the thick black iron collar around her slender white throat and snapped it shut.

She put a hand to her throat uncertainly, her face pale.

Why have you come for me? We did your father no harm. And I have not come for you. It is your son I want. I believe he has the chamber next to yours, yes? What kind of mother would do such a thing? I never had a mother myself.

He is nothing to you. Instead she let out a piercing shriek. Now you may both die.

Your foolish screeching will bring my brother here in moments, and we have orders to kill you both. Now go! He was not nearly as composed now as he had been during the dance, however. His lovely golden eyes were wide and frightened beneath his tousled mop of black curls, and his breathing was fast and jerky.

He fought it down. There would be time for many amusing games later. For now he had to concentrate on keeping Elias alive. He sensed a movement behind him and stepped out of the way just as a vase that had obviously been meant for his head crashed to the flagstones to his left.

I have been told so by a very reputable source. Leave now, or you both die. I will…be fine. Show me. There was a low grating sound, and part of the wall to one side of the fireplace slid away. Let me go! Outside the chamber door the tromping boots were louder. They had only moments before they were discovered. Since the queen seemed to be beyond reason, he turned to Elias. But Elias surprised him. Instead of trying to join her, he pushed his mother back into the narrow stone crawl space with unexpected strength.

I will return for you. Thrain pulled the younger man back and looped an arm around his neck once more.

Are there peepholes in the stone? Elias stiffened in his arms. What…what are you going to do to me? A massive tower of a man with the brawn to match his height, he was a fearsome sight—especially now, covered as he was in splatters of blood. Thrain lifted his chin. And why does her whelp still live? They must all die. You always did have a soft heart. But there had been no time. I said you could fuck him. And that, only if you hurry. Besides, the lad is no threat to us.

He has no magic of his own. But he did take time to work things out. Thrain just hoped he could see the sense of what he was saying. So go on—shove it in. Or would you prefer for me to do the honors?

Till Kingdom Come

As if he wanted him because he…wanted him. In which case I should kill you both now and save Father the trouble.

Gods yes, he knew exactly how it would end if Baynor took the young Trueheart prince.

So what were his options? He could fight Baynor, but his older brother had a distinct advantage in such a confined space. And even if he killed Baynor, the men were loyal to Baynor, not him. It was certain they would turn on him if they saw him kill his older brother.

No, he regretfully acknowledged, there was no way to get both himself and Elias out of this alive other than to do as his brother said, though it made his gut churn to break the old oath he had made to himself years ago.

Thrain glared at his brother. He could feel Elias trembling against him, but there was no choice. He would have to go through with it. He crushed it hard, like a bug beneath his boot heel. There was nothing to do but get this over with so they could go.

With the other, he pulled out the flask of oil in his pocket and flicked out the stopper with his thumb. Till Kingdom Come 15 Across the room, Baynor guffawed. You really are besotted with the little brat. Why not just shove it in? If you struggle, I might tear you. Trust me, Elias. He wanted the boy—there was no denying that. But to force himself on Elias like this made his stomach clench like a slick fist.

He had sworn not to, and for good reason. But now he had no choice. Outside, there was a sudden clap of thunder, and lightning split the sky in a jagged, glowing fork.

And the night so fine and dry up till now. Beneath him, Elias shivered like a broken thing, and outside, the sudden storm raged as rain began to fall in sheets. He barely even noticed when the black iron circlet of magic null began to burn his temples again. The lad was too tense, too tight. Thrain was afraid he was tearing him with every thrust.

Elias came alive, struggling under him. Thrain recognized what had happened at once and felt a surge of relief. Good, now I can make us both come and finish this damn thing. Deliberately shifting his angle, he made sure his cock bumped over the same spot again and again as he fucked him deeper and harder.

Going to come. Gods, going to come so hard! He worked them both harder, feeling the cum surging in his balls for release and knowing that Elias was right on the edge as well. He was close—so close—and then, finally, he came. Thrain hated himself. His heart clenched like a fist, and he pushed the thought away—it was a vain hope.

After tonight Elias would never give himself willingly. He would hate Thrain forever, and well he should. As if to punctuate the thought, he felt a fierce surge of blinding heat from the magic-null circlet, and then there was another rumble of thunder and a crash of lightning. The stained-glass window shattered inward, spraying them with glass. A driving sheet of rain followed, drenching Thrain to the skin. Are you satisfied?

He brushed the shards of glass away from his arms and face, feeling the slices of a Till Kingdom Come 17 thousand tiny cuts as he did so, but they were nothing to the pain in his heart.

Trying to be gentle, he pulled out of Elias completely and helped the boy to stand on wobbly legs. This is my home. As hot as the blood they had shed this night in the service of their father, the king. Thrain felt another spasm of self-hatred twist his gut. He tried not to let it show in his eyes as he followed Baynor out of the bedchamber, dragging his unwilling victim along with him.

There was a cold circle of metal around his neck, like a chain made of ice. He reached for it, his fingers scrabbling blindly at the unfamiliar restraint.

Gods, where was he, and how had he gotten here? What had happened to him? He blinked, trying to remember, although something told him the recent past was better left forgotten. Jerking upright in horror, he tried to get away from Thrain, who was bending over him, watching him with a patient, calculating look.

Suddenly everything came back to him. The fear and horror as he felt himself react to the intimate, unwanted touch. His face was hard, but there was something in his eyes that looked like regret. He was filled with rage and shame—a mixture that bubbled like hot bile inside him. I hurt you, and for that I am heartily sorry.

Madness took him, and he squeezed as hard as he Till Kingdom Come 19 could, wanting to choke the life out of the Blackwater prince, to see him limp and dead on the bed before him. For a moment Thrain lay still under his assault.

His fingers tightened until Elias felt the bones of his arms begin to creak. His hands went numb, and suddenly he was unable to squeeze anymore, no matter how much he wanted to. As I am yours. Not yet.

Thrain gave him a cold and level look. I have no magic—you saw it for yourself. If I had magic, do you think I would have let…let you do what…what you did to me?

That storm that broke when I was taking you—it was only over Castle Rowan. Your part of Castle Rowan—the west wing. Elias closed his eyes, wondering if Thrain could possibly be right. His mother had always said that it would take some great or traumatic event to unleash his buried power. Could it be when Thrain had…had taken him…?

See a Problem?

He squeezed his hands into fists. Not if I want to stay sane. Are you so eager for the throne? To null my magic? Thrain nodded. You were invading our home. Elias was surprised into speaking the truth. He was always the first to jeer at my lack of magic. I saw the collar around her neck. You had neutralized her magic. She could not have stopped you. And that is an act you could not have forgiven.

I have an ointment that will help if you are torn. I will leave the pot of ointment in the bathing chamber. You can use it yourself.

Evangeline Anderson PDF

His chest was marked with long, ragged gashes that looked strangely like claw marks, although what animal could have left such sizable wounds was beyond Elias. Why should I act the part now? But touch me you will. He squeezed gently, ignoring the tremor that went through Elias at the physical contact. Now get some warm water and bathe my wounds. He even had a bathing chamber of his own, which was supplied with already heated water by a natural hot spring that ran beneath Castle Black, but after a while, the sameness of it all nearly drove Elias mad.

She was a patron of the learning arts and supported several monasteries that specialized in them. Elias believed his mother was right, and reading was still one of his favorite ways to pass the time. He never would have pegged Thrain as a reader, but his extensive personal library spoke for itself.

He found one small volume especially interesting—it had been hidden behind several larger texts, and it was mostly about dragon magic. Dragon lore had been of interest to Elias since he had first learned to read, and he had studied it extensively.

For were it not so, no magic should remain. Dragons are the keepers of the old enchantments—they both feed and are fed by the mysterious powers that some men wield. The day the last dragon dies, then shall we see the end of magic in our world forever. He looked up to see Thrain reading over his shoulder in the last light of the setting sun. But there is enough useful information to make it worth the risk of keeping. Thrain gave him a level look.

Me for having a book on magic in the first place, and you for daring to read it. In the days and weeks following his capture, he had refused to talk Till Kingdom Come 23 with Thrain as much as he could, and Thrain, for his part, seemed content to allow it.

He seemed to be patiently waiting for Elias to forgive him for what he had done— something that Elias was sure would never happen. His captor insisted on it, and as Thrain was faster and stronger, his will must be obeyed. Suppressing a sigh, he began helping the taller man out of his chain mail and then moved to untie the linen shirt he wore beneath it.

Elias felt his cheeks grow hot. I hate it when you do that. He tried not to notice that the other man was at least half-hard when he pulled them down and helped Thrain step out of them, or to watch as his long, muscular legs came into view.

So now, though he disliked it, Elias no longer feared their nightly routine. Elias sighed inwardly as he followed him to the bathing chamber. They lowered themselves carefully into the steaming waters of the sunken pool—Elias had learned the hard way not to just go charging in. The water was almost too hot to stand, and it had to be gotten used to gradually. It was waist-deep, but there were smooth outcroppings of rock carved around the sides where a man could sit and relax—if he could stand the heat.

They soaked for a few moments in silence at opposite ends of the circular pool, and then Thrain beckoned him over. Assignment 01 The Assignment - Evangeline Anderson. Will you get off my case, Kurt? I demanded, whirling to face my annoying stepbrother. For the last time, I know what Im doing. Sold into a life of prostitution by her greedy edible and medicinal plants pdf uncle, innocent Gisella Trelain finds herself a prisoner in a dark and ominous dungeon.

Chained to the wall is a. Paranormal Romance site eBooks site. As second wolf in the Lunas Locas pack, Paul Kraskowski has power and prestige. Books Found by Evangeline Anderson. Blood Kiss by Evangeline Anderson. Hunted by Evangeline Anderson. Healing the Broken by Evangeline Anderson. Freeing the Prisoner by Evangeline Anderson. Seeing with the Heart by Evangeline Anderson. Stone Cold Fox by Evangeline Anderson.

Cougar Bait by Evangeline Anderson. Bonding With the Beast by Evangeline Anderson. Buck Naked by Evangeline Anderson. Unbound by Evangeline Anderson. Uncharted by Evangeline Anderson. The Assignment by Evangeline Anderson. Cougar Christmas by Evangeline Anderson.Not that it does me any good since I can't change at the full moon.

Almost as touching as your faith in my intelligence," I snarled as the brush snagged a knot in my hair. Just because there was no real blood tie between us didn't mean that getting hot and bothered about my stepbrother was in any way acceptable. Luz is desperate-she takes Jude up on his offer.

Feb 9, One leads to glory and one to death. Attorney Boner-I mean Banner-is waiting. Which means that I'm the werewolf in this little scenario.

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