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Telechips Tcc GHz Support hardware OpenGL 3D graphics . I was reading an ebook and wanted to enable airplane mode via the power button to. Modifications, firmware archive, and development for TCC platforms .. I was reading an ebook and wanted to enable airplane mode via the power button . download Telechips TCC GHz Android MID 7 Capacitive ×& Touch 3D game, Gravity Gensor, GPS, Google Market, ebook, HD P Play back.

We wish Augen had thought to include physical volume buttons since neither the stock music player nor the YouTube app include volume controls.

Google probably assumes 9rightly that devices will come with physical buttons. Heat We noticed while using the GenTouch78 that the back has a tendency to get warm, especially if we set it down on any surface for a few minutes.

While not scorching, it was hotter than we'd like: after streaming a YouTube video at full screen for 15 minutes, the middle of the screen was 97 degrees Fahrenheit, and the back right where your fingers would go was a toasty degrees.

Touchscreen and Display Given that the GenTouch78 is low-end by definition, it's not surprising that it has a resistive touchscreen as opposed to a capacitive one--which means no multitouch gestures.

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However, there is a discernible space between the top layer and the display that we could both see when we pressed down and sometimes hear when attempting to tap letters on the keyboard. Though this is how resistive works, quality screens don't have such an obvious gap.

Unfortunately, the resistive touchscreen on the GenTouch78 is literally resistive to touch. Tapping and scrolling took far too much effort, and at least half the time the screen didn't register our inputs.

Using the pad of our finger was almost completely useless. We had only slightly more luck when using our fingernails or the stylus tucked away on the top left edge in back of the tablet.

When attempting to enter text in any field that used the operating system's spell-check dictionary, we were beyond frustrated that the GenTouch78 had imported the names or IM handles of our contacts and made them the default choice ahead of more common words. For example, whenever we typed "is" the tablet changed it to "Isabel," "the" became "thelittlefox," "are" became "mary.

Beyond these problems, the 7-inch, x pixel matte display has decently wide viewing angles and offers rich, though somewhat muted colors. We were pleased with the quality of the images we loaded, as well as YouTube videos.

Still, we prefer the Archos 7 Home Tablet's screen, which has much better accuracy. Not only is it loaded with stock Android 2. There's a fly in the ointment, though: the Android Market doesn't work yet. We were able to search for and select apps, but not download or install them. Augen claims that a fix for this issue is on the way.

Apps we acquired and sideloaded installed just fine, so we suspect there's a disconnect somewhere between the tablet and Google's servers. Or maybe Google doesn't want to grant Augen access to the Market using this poor device. Many of these apps are useful, but we found ourselves wishing for a working market so we could download replacements for iReader it won't read EPUB files , MaplePlayer overcomplicated UI , and DroidLive wouldn't connect.


Even the apps that technically worked often presented us with frustrating problems. As the tablet doesn't have an accelerometer, users are trapped in landscape mode unless an app randomly decides to switch orientations to portrait. Some apps and menus--Skype and the notification bar being two prominent examples--don't work with the display's size and confine themselves to a half-size box in the center of the screen.

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We've noticed this before when we've loaded apps made for smart phones on large-screen tablets. However, it's odd to encounter this drawback with preloaded software. Multimedia The small speaker on the back of the GenTouch78 pumped out a surprising amount of volume, though the quality is only middling.

Still, we could hear full volume audio clearly even with background noise in the room.

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Watching YouTube videos was more enjoyable than we would have expected; both HD and standard definition clips played without a hitch over Wi-Fi. Pixels weren't always smooth, but this wasn't distracting. The Captivate's video was blocky and indistinct, while the GenTouch78's quality was closer to the Evo 4G. On the latter devices we could make out details, faces, and colors much better.

Given this video quality, we were disappointed that the tablet doesn't come with preinstalled codecs such as on the Archos 7 Home Tablet. It's running v2. But as an Android device it's like most budget tablets - underpowered but still adequate.

The keyboard and trackpad are quite usable, and really the only problem with it is that it needs better drivers to make it act more like a netbook. For example, it lacks the keyboard shortcuts you might expect. Tab doesn't work to jump you from one field to the next in a form and other things like that.

Second Tablet in development from Encipher

But I do like that they did some customization. And Ctrl-Alt-Del shuts it down. BTW, I initially had trouble with the Wifi but as it turns out the Genbook didn't like my home network. It's not the first device to object, but that does render the Wifi support iffy.

Once I got the site Appstore installed, I had no trouble downloading and installing apps. I had trouble installing the site app at first, but after I downloaded the update from site the problem fixed itself.

The short of it is that this netbook comes with most all?

And they mostly work well with the trackpad. Video This was a surprise. The video performance was very good for the specs. Sound was decent tiny speakers , but the video - it upgraded a x video to full screen and kept it sharp with no fuzzy spots or faded colors. Battery It's specced at 2.

Augen Genbook 108: the little Android netbook that (almost) could

Turn off the Wifi and it should exceed 3 and a half hours. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a sleep mode.

If you press the power button briefly you will turn off the screen, but the Genbook won't actually be asleep.Battery In our use the mAh battery didn't last longer than three hours when connected to Wi-Fi. It is a cute little netbook. Powerful configuration The new D10 android tablet laptop equipped with Google Android 2. Still, we prefer the Archos 7 Home Tablet's screen, which has much better accuracy. Moreover, it can supports external 3G networking card.

We can see hackers and tinkerers potentially gravitating toward the GenTouch78 as a cheap Android testbed, but for general consumers, it's not worth the investment.

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