Taken by Midnight. Home · Taken by Midnight Author: Lara Adrian. 27 downloads Views 2MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD EPUB Taken by the Prince. AT THE CROSSROADS OF DEATH AND DESIRE, A WOMAN TASTES A PLEASURE NO MORTAL IS MEANT TO SURVIVE. In the frozen Alaskan wilderness. Book 8 in the New York Times and #1 internationally bestselling Midnight Breed vampire romance series. AT THE CROSSROADS OF DEATH AND DESIRE.

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At the crossroads of death and desire, a woman tastes a pleasure no mortal is meant to survive In the frozen Alaskan wilderness, former state trooper Jenna. Taken At Midnight. By: Mark Hayhurst Media of Taken At Midnight. See larger image. Published: Format: PDF eBook (Watermarked). Edition: 1st. Taken by Midnight book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. AT THE CROSSROADS OF DEATH AND DESIRE, A WOMAN.

I wish I could say I loved this book.

I wanted to love it. I waited with baited breath for it. Perhaps that's why I didn't love it. Too much anticipation. Brock's immediate response to the traumatized human created a "hmmmm" situation. Further developments in this book regarding what happened to Jenna while she was with the Ancient created so much potential for This review assumes you are familiar with the storyline.

Further developments in this book regarding what happened to Jenna while she was with the Ancient created so much potential for storyline development outside of the inevitable romance.

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Unfortunately not much beyond the romance developed. There were one or two interesting events in the long story arc but the question about what was happening to Jenna physiologically due to her time with the Ancient was never answered. It was far and away the most interesting aspect of this book and was treated as an also-ran side mention. I understand this series is a romance series and therefore the romances will be the driving force in the books.

But if a romance is repetitive from one chapter to the next and the non-romance aspects of the book, including the long story arcs, are more interesting then for god's sake go with it instead of just repeating the same "issues" and foreplay from one chapter to the next. I have never found the heroines of these books to be particularly strong or smart. This book wasn't too much of an exception. Typical of this series the heroine must run away in an ill-advised bid to "gain her freedom" while actually just trying to avoid her reality.

You can count on at least one of these scenarios in every book and this blithering idiot of a walking wounded heroine was no exception. For this review I will eschew spoilers and it's not possible to discuss the book that could have been without spoiling. I'm happy to discuss particulars about what I thought should have been the primary plot development in the comments, though.

Taken by Midnight had all the ingredients to be a truly great book for this genre. Instead we ended up with a tepid bodice ripper and not much else. View all 3 comments. I loved Jenna when she is introduced in Shades of Midnight. Now, she has her own book.

At the end of the last book, I was dying to read this one. Ended up being bored to death. I also wish her "evolution" was better explained but oh well.

Dec 13, AJ rated it really liked it Shelves: Book 8 of the Midnight Breed series, and still going strong! From the first moment he saw her, Brock felt drawn to her, and that intense protective nature is carried over to their story. He barely leaves her side as she is bought to the compound to recover from her ordeal.

Remaining with the Order for further testing and observation, Jenna becomes drawn into the world of the Breed and the mission of the women of the compound to locate and rescue missing Breedmates that are being held by Dragos. All of this, while she and Brock tentatively explore the strong connection between them. I loved the relationship between Brock and Jenna.

Jenna is still suffering from the tragic deaths of her husband and daughter four years ago, so in addition to everything that is currently going on in her life, she is still dealing with their loss. Neither she nor Brock, dealing with a loss of his own in his past, are expecting or prepared to fall for somebody else, and so they try to keep things simple between them, caving into the feelings they have, but without the entanglements of romance. Holy freaking hotness, these two steam it up!!!

And through it all, Brock is absolute perfection! Strong and dependable, he is also incredibly gentle and tender with Jenna, and he absolutely stole my heart!! More of you. And I loved the twist in this story, that for the first time, the heroine is a human, not a Breedmate, so there is the added complication of them contemplating a life together even though Jenna is mortal and they cannot have the bond that the other couples do. My heart broke for Brock as he came to his realisation.

Not because of the fact they would never have offspring together. Not even because of the absence of a blood bond, which would connect them to each other inexorably for as long as both of them lived. She was his mate already, in all the ways that mattered.

In other parts of the action, Drago continues to be an evil bastard - taking hostages, attacking Darkhavens and plotting an almighty strike against our beloved boys. We also see a bit more of the other sides of Chase and Hunter whose stories are yet to come and are introduced to Lazaro and Kellan Archer, as well as Corinne, the heroine for the next book. This was a really exciting addition to the series.

I freaking love these books!!!! View all 6 comments. Jan 05, Mrs. Badass rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm going to start with a star breakdown because the book needs it.

Writing Prose: Jenna 4 Breed Hero: I loved both Brock and Jenna as characters. I felt for Jenna being a wife and mother myself, my heart ached for her I never quite got into Brock's self-loathing.

It didn't ring true enough for me because his young charg I'm going to start with a star breakdown because the book needs it.

It didn't ring true enough for me because his young charge was well Then she was gone and I can see how his honor would have him still beating himself up for his failure, but not fear of falling in love, but that's me. The action was good, well paced and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the breedmates kicking ass in this installment.

YAY Women: P I am sorely dissapointed with the conclusion of this. Not knowing what is happening with Jenna, no real conclusion to her and Brock's love and whether she will weather the storm are annoying.

Corrine was glossed over and I feel like it could have been done a bit longer to torture us readers as to what Brock would do. Call me a masochist. It's OK. LOL Can Tess have her baby now? Feels like it's been a long time coming. Can we have some more information on Jenna please?

I mean for real. Cuz, that would be way cool! Overall, I enjoyed reading the book and read from start to finish, stopping only to sleep. Nov 05, Ronda Tutt rated it really liked it Shelves: Cleverly Written! Wow, the plot thickens as the goal of ridding Dragos and keeping him from reeking his evil habit upon all the breed, their mates and humanity. This book was totally different from what I was expecting. It wasn't one of Lara Adrians usual hot romances.

No, it was a book necessary to build the series up for more books in the future. There was some erotic romance but not like usual but that was ok for me because the story line was excellent. Jenna and Brock's romance was short and s Cleverly Written! Jenna and Brock's romance was short and sweet but the main story of rescueing the breedmates that had been held prisioner by Dragos had my full attention along with the new Gen One "Archer" and his grandson now apart of the Breed Order.

Jenna's story was awesome. I can't wait to find out if she ends up being a Breed Vampire or considered a Gen One Vampire too especially with the Ancient's biotechnology chip in her that seems to be changing her body drastically.

I kept waiting for her to grow fangs but she never did. I also kept expecting Tess to have her baby. So many things happened and several things have been building up.

I really enjoyed this book. I read it in one day. I look forward to the next book to find out how every thing unravels. Sep 25, Kathrynn rated it really liked it Shelves: The eighth book in the Midnight Breed series and I enjoyed it. The main characters, Jenna Darrow and Brock, were both good souls. Jenna had a horrific tragedy and her story started in an earlier book.

Felt some of the metabolic changes Jenna went through were left unanswered. Wanted to know more about her transformation. Would she be able to do the normal things a breedmate does? The information just wasn't there.

The epilogue had me in tears, and I could have done without it. I wanted more info The eighth book in the Midnight Breed series and I enjoyed it.

I wanted more info on Brock and Jenna's future Frequent updates on past characters and the build-up of characters for future stories were all packed between the covers.

This was an interracial story with some very depressing "stuff. Aug 31, Rhonda rated it really liked it. I don't wanna say much since a lot of my friends haven't read this yet. Brock and Jenna's story was great! I really love their characters, and the development of their relationship.

Brock is absolutely smexalicious! This story picks up right where Shades of Midnight left off. There is lots of action, and the Order's ladies really stepped up in this one! Great continuation of the story, I loved it!! View all 10 comments. Sep 25, Christine rated it really liked it.

I found myself more interested in the plot and implications for future books than the romance. I couldn't get into Brock and Jenna. Their scenes were fine and I believed their relationship, I just wasn't feeling it.

I am excited to read Hunter's story next though. Sep 27, B. Brock is amazing and I always want more of Jenna and her story. Oct 06, Cindy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Great read. This is a direct sequel to Shades of Midnight where Jenna and Brock's story actually starts.

The paranormal storyline continues the fight against Dragos that has been going on for several books now. As usual, Lara Adrian does a superb job of balancing the action with the romance. The action is intense as the Order struggles to track down the missing Breedmates and destroy both Dragos and the plans he seems to have put in place.

The chemistry between Brock and Jenna, who both have enou Great read. The chemistry between Brock and Jenna, who both have enough relationship issues to kill any normal romance, is simply overwhelming - to the characters and to the reader.

Front and center in the romance is Jenna - she is NOT a breedmate [as the previous heroines have been] but a human victim of the Ancient. It seems the Ancient left a bit of himself inside her and that 'bit' is changing Jenna in ways no one can predict - especially her. Many of the changes have proven beneficial but this portion of the storyline is left unresolved - she is still a 'work in progress' at the end of the book. As the Order lives and works together, we get glimpses into the lives of characters from earlier books; which is one of the great things about a well written series!

And speaking of order Would I recommend reading these in order? A definite yes! Could you read them out of order?

Yes, but you'd lose something of the depth and there is definitely a series-wide story arc. Could you read this one without reading any of the others? The storyline really begins in Shades of Midnight.

Great book. A keeper - and now I'm waiting [none too patiently] for Deeper Than Midnight Midnight Breed 1. A Kiss of Midnight 2. Kiss of Crimson 3. Midnight Awakening 4. Midnight Rising 5. Veil of Midnight 6. Ashes of Midnight 7.

Taken by Midnight

Shades of Midnight 8. Taken by Midnight 9. Deeper Than Midnight Oct 04, Melindeeloo rated it really liked it Shelves: I have to say that Taken by Midnight was one of my favorite Breed books in a long time. The Jenna in Taken by Midnight is no longer the despondent almost suicidal woman she was in the previous book.

Having decided to live when the ancient who kidnapped and fed from her made her choose life or death, the Jenna she becomes - as she starts to recover the self she was before tragedy struck and as she starts to change physically from the ancient's machinations - is one of Lara Adrian's better heroine I have to say that Taken by Midnight was one of my favorite Breed books in a long time.

Having decided to live when the ancient who kidnapped and fed from her made her choose life or death, the Jenna she becomes - as she starts to recover the self she was before tragedy struck and as she starts to change physically from the ancient's machinations - is one of Lara Adrian's better heroines. I was happy to see that she ends up something more than just another birthmarked Breedmate.

And Jenna has a good love interest in the emphathic Breed Warrior Brock, who was just a great big lethal sweetie pie. Since much of the story takes place back in the Order's compound there are some good interactions between Jenna and the Breedmates and Brock and the other Breeds, it is always fun seeing more of the past starring pairs.

But my favorite part Taken By Midnight was that I just really liked how the relationship developement between Jenna and Brock flowed, and it really helped that the circumstances which put the pair in close proximity was more natural than in some of the other books.

I also liked that the pair have common ground in the guilt that they carry over lost loved ones and that the obstacles to their HEA are external ones and not belabored. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Taken by Midnight, so of course I want more.

There is a tease for the next book and I am not sure but it looks like the book will be Hunter's. That could be fun - watching the emotionless killer who sees no need for softness in his life awake to love. Can't wait. Jan 30, Norma rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm not really sure how to rate this.

Like the other Breed stories, the writing is wonderful and I love being a part of this world. Lara Adrian is an auto-download for me and this is a series that I go back to again and again.

A Taste of Midnight: A Midnight Breed Novella

This book pickes up right where book 7 ends, so you may want to re-read the end first so you're not lost I was a little at first. I definitely enjoyed the story and the characters. However this book has no real conclusion. It definitely keeps the series going though.

New story I'm not really sure how to rate this.

New story lines are introduced and I believe it keeps the reader involved. While Brock and Jenna are definitely commited, we'll have to keep reading to find out what happens with her. Perhaps the most mysterious of them all is Brock, a brooding, dark-eyed alpha male whose hands hold the power to comfort, heal.

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Read An Excerpt. Paperback —. download the Ebook: Add to Cart. Also in Midnight Breed.

Product details Mass Market Paperback: Dell; 1st edition September 28, Language: English ISBN Start reading Taken by Midnight on your site in under a minute. Don't have a site? Try the site edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention taken by midnight midnight breed lara adrian breed series brock and jenna next book looking forward jenna and brock state trooper even though years ago paranormal romance love this series wait for the next jenna darrow highly recommend husband and child another great fast paced love story.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. site Edition Verified download. She was a former state trooper for Alaska. When the ancient found her in a cabin all by herself he attacks and I almost believed her dry. But he gives her a choice live or die. She wanted to die since her husband and her child had died but when she was asked that question and was at deaths door she could not admit she wanted to die so she begged to live.

When she was saved and taken to the headquarters of the breed they found that he had put something inside of her body which made her something more than what she was before. All these books of been pretty good take it slow and parts that notebooks do anyway.

Dell downloadd: I loved how this book was a huge catalyst in pushing forward the story of the fight between Dragos and The Order.

Most of all though, I love the story of Brock and Jenna. This is probably going down as my second favorite love story in the series. Both of them had so much they needed to heal from past relationships and so much they had to handle in the present, that theirs was such a classic love story. Could love conquer all? She was not a breedmate only human, neither were interested in love, and most of all were the ramifications they were having to deal with based on what happened to Jenna at the end of the last book.

I won't give anything away but their journey to each other was just a wonderful read! What I Liked: We got to reconnect with all the Breed and their Breedmates. The book personified why I am a series reader, I love seeing what characters I care about are doing now.

This book also opened up a huge realm of possibilities on where the series can go from here: I am excited to see what happens next. I wasn't a big fan of the abrupt end but I kind of see where there was no other choice. I will be waiting for the next book! Why I gave it a 4: I realize this book is one that mostly just pushes the story forward but to me it is one of the best love stories of the series.

Brock and Jenna are the reason this book is so good. Their story is well worth the read as well as the leaps forward the overall story takes.

Who I would recommend it too: PNR readers. However, I will say this. If you haven't read the rest of the series, you can read this one but you won't get the richness of the bonds all the characters feel towards each other.

Lara does an excellent job of giving you the background story without hitting you over the head with it but you would be missing an excellent progression of story if you just skipped ahead to this book. Read the series, it is well worth the time!

Author Website: Mass Market Paperback Verified download. Other reviewers and the product blurb do a great job summarizing the plot This book is part of a series about a secret-band-of-warrior-vampires-living-apart-from-the-rest-of-their-kind-while-acting-as-the-protectors-of-the-race. Not exactly an unheard of theme in the realm of paranormal romance. But do the other authors add in the aliens-from-outer-space plot-line???No, it was a book necessary to build the series up for more books in the future.

Brock was there with her, and immediately felt something pull him towards Jenna. In this book the women of the Order were some big time heroes. Open Preview See a Problem? For more information, visit our exam-copy area.

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